TALLADEGA: Nascar's Most Feared Track

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Sweet Home Talladega.

Featuring S1apSh0es:
Nascar's Worst Inaugural Race:

0:00 Talatigi
2:21 Open for Business
9:06 The Talladega Curse
13:44 Delinquents
17:31 Underdogs
20:05 Speed
22:32 Unwelcome Territory
24:48 New Era of Mayhem
26:15 Out of Bounds
28:26 Airborne
31:35 You Can't Stop What's Coming
35:34 Manifest
36:37 Destiny
39:11 Shake 'n Bake
41:23 Runaways
43:01 We Kinda Lost Control
52:55 This is Talladega
54:59 Grief
56:36 Unconquered
57:27 Full Circle

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Comentários 5 058
Nick Hajec
Nick Hajec 56 minutos atrás
Fantastic documentary
Crazy JinX
Crazy JinX 4 horas atrás
Hit mans right in the mouth
piemeister 4 horas atrás
lemon always does all the hard work to show how capitalism comes to destroy everything it touches, but always refuses to point out that very obvious conclusion.
freeroam135 8 horas atrás
This track reminds me of Bathurst V8 race in Australia! We have V8 Supercars race around it and it’s a dangerous track! Huge crashes and car engines exploding! It’s mental!
Big T
Big T 9 horas atrás
0:37 yeah he had a habit of pitting tribes against each other
Mouse Fitz-Laufeyson
Mouse Fitz-Laufeyson 9 horas atrás
I miss watching NASCAR with my dad in the '90s
youzerfriendly 10 horas atrás
Emp, you have such a creative and unique opinion on shit, excellent video man
Connor H.
Connor H. 10 horas atrás
I learned more about nascar in this hour long video than I have in 34 years on this planet
Justin Cogar
Justin Cogar 12 horas atrás
S1apshoes is the man
stras 44
stras 44 18 horas atrás
10:41 I thought I started up TF2 by accident
Terra Nova
Terra Nova 21 hora atrás
And I still don’t know what NASCAR is..
Matthew Manogian
Matthew Manogian Dia atrás
I can't imagine the effort that was put into this video. Excellent work!
Gluschtigs Chindli
lmao the valve intro
MI Dia atrás
The things we do to the Native Americans. America truly is a lamb with a dragon's voice.
EveryDayHero Dia atrás
Some slightly woke moments but overall a great documentary.
Matthew McManus
Matthew McManus Dia atrás
I think this just became my favorite video on this platform. your video on revenge in NASCAR got me reinterested in the sport, and I've found a great community that I didn't think still existed. Thank you EmpLemon, Slapshoes, The Iceberg, and Supermega for breathing new life into the sport that no amount of advertising by NASCAR could ever achieve. I watched Kyle Larson dominate the 2021 season, and I'm waiting with bated breath to see what 2022 has in store for NASCAR and my new favorite content creators.
The three-eyed Prophet
have they ever fixed the pavement of the track or is it still that ruff shit ???
Mikel Maiza
Mikel Maiza Dia atrás
Wait, how can a Nascar track be the most feared if all of them are the same fucking oval shaped circuit? These americans...
Disco Tuti
Disco Tuti 2 dias atrás
Emplemon you should really start watching f1
Nolan Cass
Nolan Cass 2 dias atrás
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MORE NASCAR VIDEOS i need to know more about stock car racing when it was actually stock car racing pre 1985ish
Josh Derak
Josh Derak 2 dias atrás
I wonder if Lightning McQueen had a restrictor plate installed.
Ramzammer 2 dias atrás
I'VE FIGURED IT OUT. As soon as that Melee music hit at 43:12, I knew. You're hitting my Pavlovian conditioning by using a similar voice and editing style to a certain Smash content creator. Is that you, AsumSaus? Good show.
1from31 2 dias atrás
Greenville. Yes haw!
Baker King
Baker King 3 dias atrás
Usually when I tell people I’m from Alabama I get a response like “what’s in Alabama” and I usually lead off with Talladega. Good work
cameron 3 dias atrás
i love critical race theory
funnyusername47 3 dias atrás
Fucking lylat
Habeas J
Habeas J 3 dias atrás
I've never been more entertained by NASCAR. Great video
mvl666_Darkrio 3 dias atrás
30:00 Imagine how badass it would've been if he landed it and just kept driving, even if he had just driven to the pit. Edit: Kinda like the clip right after that!
Steven Mccart
Steven Mccart 4 dias atrás
I know I shouldn't but , I have to admire the guy that jumped in the pace car and took a lap ,and especially L.W.Wright. If you're going to be a clown be a CLOWN...the world loves em.
Dronemodel_101 4 dias atrás
26:38 **Lap 69** Me: NOOOO!
i don't Like doughnuts anymore-
An hour ago i knew nothing about nascar, now i want to go punch the rule makers in the face
SAMPLE TEXT 5 dias atrás
I know it's kind of unrelated to the video but at 9:07 the background music gave me some hardcore Nostalgia from Left 4 Dead 2
continentalrcinglg 5 dias atrás
That fence may have prevented Ricky Craven from doing a Jimmy Horton, but it broke his back, whereas Horton got out of his car just fine, so, it probably would've been better for Craven to exit the ballpark.
Snidbert 5 dias atrás
In a video about a sport where the goal is to drive around lap after lap, I shouldn't have been surprised that everything came full circle.
Eddie 5Z
Eddie 5Z 5 dias atrás
There was a Death in ARCA at Talkladega though I don't remember when.
MrEnder32 5 dias atrás
Brad you fucking legend
HuehuehueWolooo 5 dias atrás
America really is fucking crazy, it's unreal.
too too
too too 5 dias atrás
59:27 song name? Excellent choice by the way
LordGoomba 5 dias atrás
I dont know if anybody mentioned this already but Smith suffered the same injury as Dale Earnhardt and is only 1 of 4 drivers to ever survive it. SNIFF TV has a satellite feed that has some footage during commercial that is extremely graphic of the aftermath and what exactly a Basilar Skull Fracture does
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison 5 dias atrás
incredible video, never thought I would enjoy a nascar video
Matt Vinge
Matt Vinge 5 dias atrás
Absolutely fantastic stuff. When you get people interested in something they’ve never ever thought they would be interested in you are doing something special.
cherry bomb
cherry bomb 6 dias atrás
*watches one video about nascar* now all recommends is nascar 😂
Jackson Thompson
Jackson Thompson 6 dias atrás
Did the Joey Logano flip from bubba Wallace’s car cam get in here?
cherry bomb
cherry bomb 6 dias atrás
everyone: “this track is dangerous.” bill: “let’s throw 60 cars into the mix and see what happens” damn this shit is like gladiator. i had no clue nascar was so crazy. they truly did not give af.
Groyper Diego
Groyper Diego 6 dias atrás
Can you do a video on the commanche natives
Rusty Caplinger
Rusty Caplinger 6 dias atrás
You should do more Nascar videos
Elliot Butler
Elliot Butler 6 dias atrás
I loved the ending so much
Patrick Nintemann
Patrick Nintemann 7 dias atrás
Very nice
LyanderTheGreat 8 dias atrás
You are a rare talent.
George Herring
George Herring 8 dias atrás
Absolutely magic. Quite possibly the perfect BRvid Video. Well done.
Galladegamer 8 dias atrás
10:03 real life mario kart
Matthew Dreisch
Matthew Dreisch 9 dias atrás
leet complex
leet complex 9 dias atrás
wow that was incredible, very well one.
A Isopod
A Isopod 9 dias atrás
26:38 nice :)
SamCatEXE 9 dias atrás
45:46 WHAT
Marc 9 dias atrás
A racetrack Soo cursed that I'm shocked as to why hadn't ppl make an SCP inspired by this?
Sharrick 10 dias atrás
Restricter plate racing is the worst thing to happen to the sport ever
Hudson Reilly
Hudson Reilly 10 dias atrás
There's no way this was an hour
Macgregor Park
Macgregor Park 10 dias atrás
You are probably one of the best nascar BRvidrs out there please keep making more nascar vids
venu5 10 dias atrás
"we can design the perfect racecar, but we can never design the perfect driver" A month later this has stuck for me.
Bart -sketch
Bart -sketch 10 dias atrás
44:13 exactly
A Banana
A Banana 10 dias atrás
Somehow got me back into nascar
Isaac Satzman
Isaac Satzman 10 dias atrás
I like the firewatch music! 17:33
Charlie Films inc
Charlie Films inc 10 dias atrás
Henry Rabung
Henry Rabung 11 dias atrás
Ricky Bobby moment
God 11 dias atrás
"longest and most dangerous track in racing" *nurburgring nordschleife has entered the chat*
JustAMango 11 dias atrás
sh agy
Mercurius 11 dias atrás
WOW man you did your best again!
Tekisasubakani 11 dias atrás
At this point, I think I'm watching your videos for the segue's as much as the content. Both are excellent.
Earsplitting Pictures
Earsplitting Pictures 12 dias atrás
Great video
henry harrison
henry harrison 12 dias atrás
Duster PL
Duster PL 12 dias atrás
I know that this is kinda offtopic but I really respect you for using Gran Turismo's 4 sountrack. Love that game, childhood memories.
g 13 dias atrás
lol going in circles
SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 13 dias atrás
why would u have these drivers have to worry about a stupid yellow line while travelling at these speeds?! How ridiculous!
SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 13 dias atrás
u can't say sh!t! unbelievable!
SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 13 dias atrás
Michael 13 dias atrás
What does under green mean ?
xavimacbash productions
no yellow flags, flat out racing, a yellow flag happens when theres and incident that involves debris/ broken down cars on the track, a yellow flag mean no overtaking and travel at a slower speed this allows drivers at the back to catch up
Jrams 13 dias atrás
It still trips me out that you went from a shitposter to this. Great stuff
SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 13 dias atrás
this video might have just made me a fan of Nascar! Great work!
eins2001 13 dias atrás
Nascar fears Talladega, the world fears Alabama. Edit: I remember watching the last race Dale Sr. ran live and hearing the announcement of his death... still can't believe it. The crash didn't look that bad...
Damn Cam
Damn Cam 13 dias atrás
Nascar's a joke run by Z I O N I S T S. Wake up.
Sasquatch 7 dias atrás
The France family are not Zionist. They are probably the opposite actually.
Connor Mighell
Connor Mighell 13 dias atrás
This is a freaking masterpiece
WintermintP 13 dias atrás
So Keselowski, the guy that seemed to arrogantly sweep the win from a prospect from under the rug, actually represented a discriminated native tribe?! O_O;; AND HE WON IT FOR THEM?! O_O;;
Ben 14 dias atrás
So good, man.
Luke Skyballer
Luke Skyballer 14 dias atrás
No it's not.
daveyboy011 14 dias atrás
I mostly watch F1 and Australian v8 Supercars, however nascar still fascinated me with how crazy the races can be. Thanks for the hour of information I didn’t know I needed, great video.
Nicole'sGaming 14 dias atrás
The most infuriating part of the Fall 2015 Talladega finish imo is the fact that NASCAR had, after Austin Dillon's crash in the Coke Zero 400, ruled that there would only be one attempt at a GWC finish at the fall Talladega race, but they called the first attempt a non-attempt after a wreck before the restart area, then lined up for the attempt where Harvick wrecked the field. Like, really? I know NASCAR's inconsistent as all get-out, but a "non-attempt" and an official attempt is still two attempts! Then again, this is the same NASCAR where, after Kansas two weeks before, Brainless France was praising Joey Logano for deliberately spinning Kenseth, then would suspend Matt Kenseth after Martinsville for deliberately wrecking Logano in retaliation. Yes, the Kansas incident was a harmless spin, while the Martinsville incident was a violent impact that could've resulted in severe injury to Logano, but the point remains, you don't go from praising one driver for taking another out to suspending the driver that was taken out for getting retaliation on the driver that took them out by taking them out. To quote Dream Theater, "We move in circles/Balanced all the while/On a gleaming razor's edge/A perfect sphere/Colliding with our fate/The story ends where it began." NASCAR has struggled to balance safety and speed, while moving in circles* on the razor's edge of disaster. To paraphrase something you said, drivers go into plate races these days accepting their probable fate of a collision with the wall, the catchfence, or another driver. The last movement of Dream Theater's 2005 epic, "Octavarium", off of their album of the same name, is called "Full Circle", and it's certainly fitting that the last section of this video is titled, "Full Circle". *(I'm not trying to say that all NASCAR drivers do is drive in circles for hours. I've been watching since Dale was still alive, so I am acutely aware of the intricacies that make NASCAR so interesting.)
Erick Higuera
Erick Higuera 14 dias atrás
what a thrilling video and I know nothing about NASCAR
Mike A
Mike A 14 dias atrás
All my favorite video game songs all in one great documentary.
e 14 dias atrás
yo cuando encuentre un comentario hablando de shaggy : ⚰️
Viggo 14 dias atrás
I'll never watch NASCAR, just not my thing, but these videos are good. That's saying a lot
Rick R
Rick R 14 dias atrás
My only complaint about your videos is that I end up spending the day binge watching them. Fabulous work-
wig 15 dias atrás
Haven't watched nascar since I was 5 and I think you mightve put me back on to it
Andrejs LV
Andrejs LV 15 dias atrás
Michael England
Michael England 15 dias atrás
The mistakes of the few, are destined to spoil the journey of the many - thats a great line.
Michael England
Michael England 15 dias atrás
Good job.
TopiaSR 15 dias atrás
Somewhat similar to the Spa-Francorchamps of Formula 1
xavimacbash productions
you hear spa u think of schumacher on 3 wheels a lot of rain and huge wrecks
Jeff K
Jeff K 15 dias atrás
And to think now Brad Keselowski is part owner and full-time driver of the team he wrecked for his first win.
Erik Pederson
Erik Pederson 15 dias atrás
Those satanist💀 in the fed "bank" government did the Indians wrong.
Dylan Phillips
Dylan Phillips 15 dias atrás
Dude. Every civilization in history has conquered others. Stop with the soft bullshit. The natives got conquered, just like 99.999% of the past civilizations that ever existed. You talk about liberals being so ridiculous, but in this video, you're absolutely nothing better. What is your point? Do you want to seem "woke"? This is a genuine question. Stop talking about "the greatest sin of our country" when you know good and God damned well every single nation on this planet has done the same. For fucks sake man just tell us information, don't add your bullshit opinion on philosophical matters.
Dan Ramatan
Dan Ramatan 4 dias atrás
Damn we just got destroyed with facts,logic, and germs.
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