T1 vs WBG | THE GLORY | Finals Tease | Worlds 2023 

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Countless hours. Endless nights.
The grind has led to this moment.
A chance at ultimate glory.
Tune-in to #Worlds2023 live at to watch it all unfold.
Play-Ins: October 10th - October 15th
Swiss: October 19th - October 29th
Quarterfinals: November 2nd - November 5th
Semifinals: November 11th - November 12th
Finals: November 19th
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17 Nov 2023



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@AIisaWeeb 20 dias atrás
I literally cried when faker said the fourth trophy is for my teammates. 😭😭😭
@icecub3 20 dias atrás
@elliotmedia 20 dias atrás
@cutieflan6009 20 dias atrás
@quanghuynguyen3499 20 dias atrás
@@ndnd7614waiting for people to fail? that sounds pathetic
@foxthroat3410 20 dias atrás
same bro 😭😭
@hankyc7402 19 dias atrás
In this season, story makers, script writers, video editors.. are just insane. All the teasers and the stories were masterpieces.
@arthurchen6464 17 dias atrás
I donno what changed, but these are truly next level teasers. I used to think the League esports teasers and trailers are never quite there compared to old OGN Brood War teasers/trailers. Worlds 2023 is the first time they really surpassed those old videos and by a lot.
@ArdentThings 10 dias atrás
@@arthurchen6464 we need opening ceremony from VCT and scriptwriter/video editors from Worlds to do all competitions going forward
@yoidon 8 dias atrás
@@arthurchen6464 Phil Choi it's the difference. An Emmy Winner is the director of all this teasers.
@gooddeath3816 17 dias atrás
"It is not LPL vs LCK, it is T1 versus the LPL, and they like those odds!" gives me chills everytime
@fenrir7286 16 dias atrás
same and "its the king at home, Respect the name,Faker,the greatest of all time" made me shiver
@Songinjoon 16 dias atrás
Really, I repeat that part for 10 times over everyday
@breakneck777 15 dias atrás
Ruler. Goes. Down. Gumas. Just. Better!
@ExzcellionGamma 14 dias atrás
Hey, don't forget the... "Faker stays standing! T1 stays standing! The last -line- light of the LCK burns bright! AT BUSAN!!"
@bassyey 14 dias atrás
@@ExzcellionGamma That's my favorite. It has the weight that T1 is carrying. LoL casters are built different.
@myanvo1446 20 dias atrás
I was extremely touched when I heard Faker say that the fourth worlds trophy is for his teammates, which meant he really appreciated the journey they had got through and he wants to express his appreciation for hiss teammates by achieving the fourth trophy😭😭
@francisreidpalmes3348 19 dias atrás
Also means he cherishes this particular squad and he feels like he owes them this worlds win.
@SirCuackL2 19 dias atrás
If you see, after they win. The first thing that faker does is to look at their teammates. While all of us were happy for him, he was happy for his friends.
@francisreidpalmes3348 19 dias atrás
@@SirCuackL2 Its safe to say that for him, this worlds campaign, was for them
@greym935 18 dias atrás
Kinda true tho, all of the previous championship Faker won. He just want prove something now that even without the 4th trophy alot of people already acknowledge him as the GOAT. He grew up and matured and appreciate the 4th trophy with his teammates that has been with him through ups and down.
@guilhermenakao2289 13 dias atrás
Back in 2019, when they won the LCK finals, Faker cried in his interview by saying that he failed with his old teammates (Wolf, Bang, Peanut, Huni), that he didn't played like he used to and they couldn't win because he wasn't enough, and said that he was so sad about everything that happened with that old Worlds 2017 finals squad. We can say that he learned a lot from that point to here, after last years finals when they lost to DRX and he saw Keria crying, he probably felt that he was going to make the same mistakes, so he couldn't let that happen again.
@Nengumin 7 dias atrás
The grind, The Glory 라는 월즈 주제에 완벽한 티저다.. 각자 선수들의 아픔,지난한 과정 그리고 영광을 대비랑 연출로 완벽하게 보여주는 듯
@rafayetrasti6191 19 dias atrás
"The fourth one.. is for my teammates" is prob the best line in one of these teasers ever. I got straight goosebumps. This team is so close and they absolutely deserved to win it all.
@chopanfok1046 5 dias atrás
Huge respect to the production team on this teaser - the tempo, the iterations of the theme song, its all soooo perfect
@lolesports 20 dias atrás
WELCOME TO THE WORLDS 2023 FINALS! Who will win it all?
@stalebread570 20 dias atrás
T1 ! ! !
@endlesspor0dox843 20 dias atrás
@user-bd2gg4bh1n 20 dias atrás
@GG-nt9qp 20 dias atrás
@mqqp7494 20 dias atrás
@Amy-kz7vx 19 dias atrás
5:05 I love when Faker smiles at his teammates, and they come on heading to Faker. “The fourth trophy is for my teammates.” The line, the scene, and the bgm just give me goosebumps. I have been a fan of T1 for 9 yrs, and Faker has changed a lot. He was once alone on the throne, but now he has his teammates, a motivation to win. So proud of your growth, Faker! and I will always support T1❤
@mclovin8301 18 dias atrás
love the hype, not to be a picky hater but if you gonna quote something plz dont be wrong lmao, it's the fourth trophy not third
@khue6767 18 dias atrás
not third 🤨
@user-bw9rq5dy7m 18 dias atrás
Fourth 🙃
@ryanrosario2429 3 dias atrás
Im T1 fan since 2015 mate.
@OverAccel 19 dias atrás
5:01 That transition was sick af. Crazy how much Faker has matured since 2017. LET'S GO T1 !!!
@dmar3651 8 dias atrás
Yep. It was beautiful to see. When a boy, becomes a man. When a star player, becomes a Leader. When a God, becomes a Legend. He was finally at peace with himself. He had finally forgiven himself for his mistakes, and decided to no longer shoulder the burden and go it alone...but to trust his team, and walk with them into the light, Together. That is why they won. What a beautiful end to a legendary tale.
@Vlaize 19 dias atrás
This part 5:05 is just straight up goosebumps. The contrast between him being sad and distraught because of losing in the past to him now smiling because he decided to Play God once more and they did crumble one by one (BLG, LNG, JDG, WBG) Congrats to T1 for their 4th Worlds Trophy!!
@min-nc6tt 13 dias atrás
네번째 우승은 팀플레이 스타일의 결실이 아니라 정확하게는 주장으로서 매번 준결승에 힘들어하는 동생들을 보면서 속상했을거임 우리동생들 꼭 우승시켜주고 싶다는 마음이 영상으로 전달되서 울컥하게 만드는거임
@user-pn6vd9zr7j 20 dias atrás
우리 팀을 위한 것이라는 말...너무 감동적임...제오페구케 올해가 마지막일거라는 말이 정말 많이 나왔었는데...올해가 마지막이든 아니든 올해 끝에 정말 좋은 결과가 있었으면 좋겠고...웨이보 티원 개개인의 경쟁이 아닌 하나의 팀으로써 두 팀의 멋진 경쟁 구도 (스크립트라고 해도 뭐...괜찮아) 너무 멋져요ㅠㅠ 오늘 두팀다 정말 좋은 경기 보여줬으면 좋겠습니다 ㅠㅠ 화이팅!!! +) 마지막 장면에 이무기 좀...무서울지도 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@lee.86 20 dias atrás
쭉가자ㅠ 찢어지면 슬플거 같다ㅠ
@ABCDEyebbi 20 dias atrás
@STAYHARD1000 20 dias atrás
승천해서 2년 더 함께하길
@ehddudrla7704 20 dias atrás
제오페구케중에 누구 이적설 뜨고있음?
@user-jimingodeness 19 dias atrás
​@@ehddudrla7704이적설은 딱히 없던데..오너페이커빼고 재계약이고 구마유시는 소원?자체가 재계약인거보면..케리아제우스빼곤 다 T1이고 2명도 왠지 남을것같음
Faker: The third trophy was for myself. The fourth trophy... is for my teammates. This f*** line just hits hard on how Faker has grown. I'll literally cry either if they win or lose.
@angulinhiduje6093 20 dias atrás
15 years later: "The 11th trophy was for my aunt, the 12th is for my barber"
@lemonguy745 20 dias atrás
@@angulinhiduje6093 BRO 😭
@userjinx 20 dias atrás
@@angulinhiduje6093 Give me back my emotion
@28Elmar 20 dias atrás
@@angulinhiduje6093 holy sh** hahahahhaha, how to ruin a moment in miliseconds
@Lucifer-fj7mg 20 dias atrás
The teaser is really nice ngl, very nice narrative
@everest1298 16 dias atrás
I keep re-watching this teaser and it's incredibly well made I think this functions so well as a representation of our sport, compared to some of the other styles we've tried. I think the teams having stare downs and striking tough poses at each other isn't always our best look, it works when there's conflict between teams or individual players but I think this is where we shine. True passion, the fact that these players live and breathe the game and every opportunity might be their last one for years. Absolutely marvelously done and hope to see more like it
@swiside7722 15 dias atrás
@badonpurpose8930 19 dias atrás
that transition at 5:02 blew me away, and it was how i knew how this series was going to end. faker so confident, collected, ready to win with his team.
Faker and T1 has been the main antagonist up until the semifinal teaser and now it turns out he's the main protagonist in this series. I'm so happy they win. Faker securing his 4th summoner trophy feels like Messi winning WC to me. Congrats again Faker and T1.
@maxtor6416 16 dias atrás
what a plot twist
@johnmichaelreyes1419 18 dias atrás
This is the best Worlds Finals teaser. Whoever wrote, direct, and edit this vid deserves a raise. Congrats to T1 and Weibo!
@enigmaorion5964 20 dias atrás
The third trophy... was for myself But the fourth trophy.... is for my teammate. I'm crying even before the game starts
@imsakamoto4430 20 dias atrás
You are not alone bro. It's okay. I cried as well. 😅
@ZchinoZ94 14 dias atrás
Crazy how after all these years, me and thousands of his fans wanted Faker to win a fourth time, when all Faker wanted was for his team to win their first. Amazing video.
@olsenfernandes3634 11 dias atrás
Millions... Millions of fans
@privacy4813 20 dias atrás
"세 번째 우승은 나 자신을 위한 것" = 솔로 캐리의 종말의 시작점 "네 번째 우승은 팀원을 위한 것" = 팀 위주 플레이 스타일의 결실
@user-wk3ws5kx8i 20 dias atrás
개지린다. 롤이 이토록 심오한 메타포를 지닌 게임이었다니. 내 인생에서 가장 후회하는 두 가지 중 하나는 내가 롤에 너무 늦게 빠져들었다는 것이다. 나는 롤을 인류의 후손에게 반드시 물려주어야할 최고의 정신적 문화유산 중에 하나라고 굳게 믿는다. 롤은 그 정도의 평가가 아깝지 않은, 정말 말도 안되는 전설적인 게임임이 분명하다. 그 게임의 외재적 요소를 장식하는 전설적인 선수들이 그것을 자증한다.
@l_1_1 20 dias atrás
근데 실제로 16년도까진 페이커가 솔로 캐리형 선수였고 17년도까지도 그랬는데 그때는 솔로 캐리로는 우승할 수 없는 환경이 됨 그 뒤로 쭉 죽쑤다가 팀플레이의 정점에 이른 작년이랑 올해에 드디어 다시 결승에 오르게 됨
@yjj6745 19 dias atrás
@@l_1_1 18년도 딱 1년 부진 했지 뭘 쭉 죽쒔냐 월즈 못간 20년도에도 우승 한번 했구만 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그렇게 따지면 쵸비 같은 애들은 프로 때려쳐야겠네 88848이니까
@gumbbbyyy 19 dias atrás
This might be the greatest season and Worlds run imo, LPL was destined to takeover this year since all LCK teams were out except for 1, then T1 cleans out the entire LPL teams, BLG in swiss, LNG in quatarfinals, ADG in semifinals and WBG in the finals. Beautiful story writing and teasers made this season unforgettable and Faker gets his 4th championship, making him the only player in LoL history to have that amount.
@KhenlyCellero 18 dias atrás
I only watch Faker and T1 games since 2013. I keep cheering for them every time I watch them play live. Last year world final was the most heartbreaking moment for me. My mood was down for weeks. But this time, witnessing Faker and T1 winning worlds and lifting championship trophy is legendary. I’m so happy for Faker, to the team, and to all of us true T1 funs this is for all of us. Cheers to T1 and especially to Faker!
@lIIllIl 19 dias atrás
매번 악역만 되다가 온 국민들의 응원을 받아본건 티원팬으로서 너무 값진 경험이었습니다. 감사합니다 잊지않을게요
@ebkim1473 14 dias atrás
현실은 님보다 다 예전부터 티원 응원한사람 많아요. 당연히 중국팀이랑하면 응원하죠 ㅋㅋ혼자 홍대병ㄴㄴ
@michaelsung297 13 dias atrás
@MekuMikz 20 dias atrás
@offthegrid777 20 dias atrás
T1 ❤ Fight!
@TristanaFlamenguista 20 dias atrás
Anticipated finals was T1 vs JDG
@ndnd7614 20 dias atrás
T1 finals chokers 😂
@pheodz581 20 dias atrás
T1 vô địch, 3-0 cho t1, fan t1 và fan đội đánh với wbg điểm danh nàoooo
@alexisjohncabides 20 dias atrás
@@ndnd7614 Choked vs LCK team but not vs LPL
@sabeath21 20 dias atrás
The Fourth, for his teammates. This team is so deserving congratulations to them for finally making it happen
@yijun111 20 dias atrás
2023 월즈는 티저도 그렇고 테마곡도 그렇고 걍 존나 전설이다... 서사 완벽하다. T1 평상시 모습 나올 때 왜 이렇게 울컥하냐 ㅠㅠ우승하자 T1 믿습니다 ❤❤
@kinabaru4913 20 dias atrás
4:53 faker saying this time the trophy's for his teammates gave me actual goosebumps.. good luck to them
@user-dt7vi5bi8t 20 dias atrás
"The third trophy... was for myself.The fourth trophy... is for my teammates." The last lines by FAKER gave me BOTH CHILLS AND TEARS. WTF ?!!!!
@SketchStyle 20 dias atrás
아 .. 너무 감동적인 결승 티저 영상이네요 .. 선수분들 포함 티저 메이킹 하신분들 진짜 리스펙합니다 ..
@user-st9vk6fi9m 20 dias atrás
@salazar2441 20 dias atrás
Jesus, I almost cried seeing that scene where the caster said that this might be the last time we get to see this T1 roster. Hope they finally win. My heart wouldn't be able to take it if they lose again. I'm not ready for this worlds to end :((
@salazar2441 20 dias atrás
Also, it's been a while since I've seen an intro like this. Jeez, whoever's getting paid to make this should be getting paid properly
@STAYHARD1000 20 dias atrás
이 티원 로스터는 앞으로 최소 2년은 더해야 합니다 제발
@agungpabayogurang7290 20 dias atrás
​@@salazar2441will faker play again or retire? 
@agungpabayogurang7290 20 dias atrás
will faker play again or retire? 
@XiaolongbaoMM 20 dias atrás
When Faker says the 4th trophy is for his teammates and it showed a photo of their backs together, then they played the caster saying it might be the last time this roster plays together, followed by his teammates walking forward together...🥺❤️ my heart cannot take it!!! I can really feel you winning 🏆!! 화이팅 T1 lets go!! ❤
@mgsBicycleO9 19 dias atrás
It's a crime that whoever is producing these teasers is not given credit in the description. The teasers have been fantastic this year.
@stevenhuang7294 20 dias atrás
看到 faker 說第四冠為了隊友而戰,都快哭了,這個前導片讓人很期待冠軍戰雙方可以帶來精彩的演出,T1 WBG 加油!!
@foxthroat3410 19 dias atrás
From 0-3 first hard lost to 3-0 clean win 💪👊 I hope Riot makes a movie or documentary of this man's moment.
@napsih2295 20 dias atrás
I remember when I used to hate T1 because of their dominance. It seemed like they couldn't be defeated. However, after all this years, after all the defeats, and everything they went through, I admire Faker so much, especially for being so loyal and for staying in the same team. I want him to win his 4th title, he deserves it.
@user-sd6zc5eo1o 20 dias atrás
와 보는데 눈물이 주륵주륵 난다.. 양팀 모두 이길 자격은 충분하다고 생각해요 T1 WBG 두팀 모두 화이팅 하시길 바랍니다
@LOL_korea 20 dias atrás
웨어강 웨어강 웨어강 웨어강 웨어강
@maximilianod690 20 dias atrás
the production team for this year's worlds videos are top tier. props, the hype is real
@shuhuimok3814 20 dias atrás
This is insane. I literally cried from the teaser 😭When Faker turned around, and behind him were the boys. Please Please Please T1, play with no regrets today! I will cheer for you guys and pray for ZOFGK and the coaching staff to lift the Summoners Cup!
@user-dhgs1b5fhvs 20 dias atrás
페이커가 세번째 우승은 나를 위한거였지만 네번째 우승은 팀을 위한겁니다 할 때 진짜 순간 울컥해서 눈물났다..
@felwinter7538 19 dias atrás
"This is not the LCK against the LPL, this is T1 against the LPL, and they like those odds" Finally, the cup and the throne back in the hands where it belongs.
@ike7708 20 dias atrás
Many tears were shed when Faker said that the fourth trophy is for his teamates 😭 T1 FIGHTING!!
@okiokkok 20 dias atrás
@GamersOfAll 20 dias atrás
@jimmemo090 20 dias atrás
I teared up, come on T1!!
@user-yo3dp7kk7q 20 dias atrás
When Faker laughed, I shed tears.
@rishchoi3473 20 dias atrás
@Michael.Gunner 20 dias atrás
It did but it went away once the 'anthem' started playing
@tarasdiary 20 dias atrás
the message showing a contrast between autumn and winter is so beautiful, it shows how much every player has changed throughout the years just like the seasons
@VR_win 20 dias atrás
Best trailer for an e-sport ever! It captures all the hype and emotions. Great work Riot!
@jhonathabenites3864 16 dias atrás
This LINE UP deserved a world title and they sought congratulations t1 you deserve it
@Seokang 11 dias atrás
4:59 *This might be the last year this roster play together* The transition from last year to this year. Wow. JUST WOW.
@LOL-GALDCUP 17 dias atrás
와.. 티저 다시봐도 너무 레전드네.. 너무 감동이다.
@daniel_alvarado_d1709 20 dias atrás
"El tercer trofeo, era para mi... el cuarto trofeo, es por mis compañeros." SPTM Juro que solte una lagrima, vamos T1, Vamos Keria, Guma, Oner, Zeus y Dios Faker traigan esta 4ta a casa!!
@tideon6547 20 dias atrás
Faker se está sacando las mejores lirics este año
@Alexander-OConnell_ 19 dias atrás
Ya la trajeron, ganaron Easy gg
@morel1796 19 dias atrás
​@@tideon6547 jajajajajaj
@SirCuackL2 19 dias atrás
No suelto lagrimas por nada y este faker me hace llorar. Como se siente todo desde que faker vio a Keria llorar en la anterior final a como Faker ve contento a Keria y a sus compañeros luego de ganar esta final. Como el disfruta de ver a ellos coronandose
@chococat-nim 19 dias atrás
5:00 Pero no entiendo porque dicen que podría ser él último año que jueguen juntos?
@Yuki-sTiramisu 20 dias atrás
5:02 GOOSEBUMPS Let's go T1!!
@bchung9 14 dias atrás
최고의 결승 티저..cgv에서 보고 눈물 찔끔..😢
@sama7777 20 dias atrás
I'm in shambles and the game hasn't even started yet. This T1 roster is LITERALLY family. What an incredible journey it has been with this T1 roster, thank you
@DonKey496 20 dias atrás
I hope WBG wins. I don't even like them. I just want to see all the Faker fanboys cry 😂.
@sussyangel821 20 dias atrás
@@DonKey496did you cry?
@ashterielle1070 19 dias atrás
​@@DonKey496did u cry 😂
@RaymondOlgado0 19 dias atrás
​@@DonKey496Did you cry?
@user-eo4tc7nc5c 20 dias atrás
와.. 4:52 네번째 우승은 우리 팀을 위한 것입니다 액자에 제오페구케 보자마자 울컥하네ㅠ 이기자 T1!!
@pkjohnson7477 10 dias atrás
It took me 9 rewatches to notice this but check this out ! TheShy: The *first* trophy - I was too young to appreciate TheShy: The *second* trophy - I will savour every moment Faker: The *third* trophy - was for myself Faker: The *fourth* trophy - is for my team. THAT'S SO HYPE LETS GOOO !
@georgecloony9411 10 dias atrás
That is actually pretty cool
@Mangor100 7 dias atrás
Question is how it took you 9 rewatches to notice that :D haha
@ryanrosario2429 3 dias atrás
I was so hype in this part too. It feels like "A champion carries a different weight in this shoulder than his enemies." And faker won because it was for his teammates.
@craftmachine99 20 dias atrás
Please give this T1 roster the worlds finals win...Take my energy Edit: Im so happy they won! They deserve it
@DonKey496 20 dias atrás
I hope WBG wins. I don't even like them. I just want to see all the Faker fanboys cry 😂.
@FaisalKhan-jl4ey 20 dias atrás
​@@DonKey496some people just want to watch the world burn😂
@FreedomMaple 20 dias atrás
​@@DonKey496imagine being a loser who only wishes for someone's failures just so you can laugh about it, you probably peaked in high school 💀
@DonKey496 20 dias atrás
@@FreedomMaple I'm in middle school, Dummy. 🤣
@DonKey496 20 dias atrás
@@FreedomMaple They haven't even lost yet you're already crying lol
@RPS_FFRK 20 dias atrás
This is what I love about LOL, the cinematography. How its conveyed, they truly know how to hype and intensify. T1 vs the LPL is such a powerful line, GLHF to both teams but I hope T1 wins this!!
@pjintoy 20 dias atrás
Whoever directed and edited this deserves a raise! *I got goosebumps for real!*
@thedecoder2022 19 dias atrás
PHIL CHOI MUST MAKE ALL TEASERS! They were amazing! Well Done Phil Choi and the Team
@yoidon 16 dias atrás
Thanks for the name.. I have to go to x to search it
@itsmerobinyi 19 dias atrás
This T1 roster is the most loved iteration! EVERYONE is elated for your win T1! CONGRATS!
@mgd4634 19 dias atrás
These videos are top tier and they push the hype so much I hope Riot keep on doing those every year
@YANGING1044 20 dias atrás
제발.. 페이커와 t1이 네 번째 우승을 거머쥐며 완벽한 서사가 완성되기를....
@Alexander-OConnell_ 19 dias atrás
Winner T1
@baonguyen-vf9fd 20 dias atrás
chết tiệt, tôi đã ngăn nước mắt của mình chảy ra khi thấy điều này , faker không còn là cá nhân nữa mà là một tập thể hoàn chỉnh , T1 fighting ❤❤❤
@user-qw6gh8so2o 19 dias atrás
네번째 우승은 우리 팀을 위한 것입니다 하고 서로를 보며 웃는 우리 선수들 모습, 지난날들의 장면을 보면서 눈물나네 ㅜㅜ 우승 축하해 제오페구케!
@kikoenaiyo 20 dias atrás
@ZuramaruNx 20 dias atrás
Haganos recordar esta final como el final feliz que se merece este roster de T1. Por favor Faker, traela a casa por tus muchachos. T1 Fighting! ZOFGK Fighting! Siempre los llevare en mi corazon aunque se separen ❤
@kwldbsh3795 20 dias atrás
와..이걸 또 이렇게 연출하네 진짜 소름돋았다…😭
@ayelll 20 dias atrás
ONE OF THE BEST FINALS TEASER! The changes of the childhood and the current pic of each players on the last part of this video was a nice touch.
@Miziru 20 dias atrás
nah jdg vs t1 was a better teaser nvm u said finals teaser
@haekla4743 20 dias atrás
@evaq3894 20 dias atrás
Actually a little bit dissapointed with this one. Too bad the semi-final one is better than the finals one.
@onigiggles8758 19 dias atrás
​@@evaq3894yeah maybe because the Semi finals match up makes more sense to be finals level than the Finals itself lol.
@BabyRoseNim 20 dias atrás
4:53 정말.. 사랑한다 우리혁. 사랑한다 T1. 제오페구케.. 얼마나 더 외칠 수 있을까 생각이 들면서 눈물 나는건 어쩔 수 없다.. 진짜 지금의 T1 정말 사랑하고 응원한다. 힘내고, 끝까지 의심하고, 끝까지 집중해서 우승컵들자! 정말 간절하다.. 사랑해! 화이팅!
@BabyRoseNim 20 dias atrás
웨어강웨어강웨어강웨어강웨어강 웨어강웨어강웨어강웨어강웨어강 웨어강웨어강웨어강웨어강웨어강
@user-rw5xr4rd5i 16 dias atrás
휴가쓰고 오늘 히루 눈 뜨면서 몇시간째 2023 티저 반복주행 하는 내가 승자다.. 시간이 순삭된다..
@user-gk3yw9vo6w 20 dias atrás
진짜..눈물난다 페이커 팬된지 10년.. 오늘 팀을위해 우승해줘!!!!!!!
@MilkzzpoT 20 dias atrás
Can we all agree that this tease is one of the best tease out there for finals.
@IIIIlllIllIlllIIl 17 dias atrás
우승하고 나니 문득, 4번째 우승은 팀을 위한 우승이라는 말과 함께 좌절하던 팀원들의 옛 모습이 스쳐지나간 후에 웃으면서 팀원들을 기다리는 페이커와 함께 흘러나와 모든 t1 팬들을 눈물흘리게 만든 gods-뉴진스가 새삼 대단하게 느껴지네.... 사랑합니다.
@user-gq7co7nh9d 20 dias atrás
오늘, 드디어 오늘이다. 상혁아 이번엔 진짜 울기 싫다. 그래서 너의 4번째 롤드컵을 너무나도 간절히 바라지만, 팬인 내가 이정도로 바라는데 팀의 주장이고 10년 롤판 역사의 장점에 서있는 너가 결승에서 진 후의 기분이 어떨지를 상상해보니 그냥 묵묵히 응원하고 간절히 바라는게 내 일이라고 생각이 든다. 지면 많이 힘들겠지만 져도 너에 대한 이 마음이 꺾일리는 없을 것 같아. 오늘 누구보다 크게 소리지르면서 응원할게 방심하지말고 감기조심하고 화이팅하자 제오페구케 화이팅 T1 화이팅
@STAYHARD1000 20 dias atrás
지금까지 보여준 모습을 보면 지더라도 감사함을 듬뿍담은 박수를 보내줄 수 있을거 같습니다 너무 멋졌습니다
@user-hv3vr8cf8q 20 dias atrás
가족도 아니고 오바싼다 ㅋㅋ 니 인생이나 열심히 살아라 게이야…
@danggeong1 19 dias atrás
​@@user-hv3vr8cf8q에휴 감성없는 ㅅㄲ; 삭막한 세상에서 감성적인걸 자꾸 배척하는 쿨찐우울증형 인간 니처럼 사는게 불쌍한거다 이 댓글은 찐팬이라서 감동적이기만 한데 뭘
@user-qc1go8pr4j 19 dias atrás
@@user-hv3vr8cf8q사람마다 느낄수 있는건 다르다고 생각함 그러나 생각이 다르다는것에 끝나는게 아니라 굳이와서 욕하는게 제일 이해 안감
@technicalleon 19 dias atrás
Man, this was such a good teaser! I loved it when Faker said the 4th one was for his teammates. They definitely deserved the championship after making it to Finals every time for the past 2 years! Go T1!
@TheWasd1234 20 dias atrás
This is going to be so huge, I'm shaking and I'm so scared, go T1 please keep fighting!!!
@user-qg7wo2yn9m 13 dias atrás
팀을 위한 것이라고 할 때 이번이 마지막 로스터일수도 있고 헤어진다는 생각에 울컥했었다
@user-bt7dk4hh6r 13 dias atrás
실질적으로 우승안했으면 흩어질거나 다름없었음... 썰로도 우승아니였으면 흩어지는 로스터라고 말도 나온적이있기도하고 출사표도 그렇고 어느정도는 선수들도 짐작하고있었을듯
@720JC 19 dias atrás
These producers need a raise, absolutely world class
@BenTheKidd 16 dias atrás
Chills. Even after it’s all over. I still get chills from this
@Broadcaster19920 20 dias atrás
😭 One of the BEST World Finals into's LOLESPORTS has ever made!!! I feel like this is one of the most important Worlds Finals we've ever seen in 10 years! ❤😭 GO T1!!!!!
@Shiriusa 19 dias atrás
wow well done, this is the first one that had me sobbing, I love T1 and this was perfect, this team is the most dear to me, thank you for this
@jaycha5668 20 dias atrás
I think not only T1 but also Weibo is deserved to be the Chamption. Both team and each member in these teams have great storylines. So no matter which team holds the title, I'm sure that the story of World 2023 will definitely be the lengend!!!
@user-nb9ow7ld6r 20 dias atrás
팀원을 위한 우승 부분에서 눈물이 흘러내렸다.
@user-en4wq2pf5c 20 dias atrás
"4번째 우승은 우리 팀을 위한 것입니다" 너무 멋지다 대상혁 ㅠㅠ 제오페구케 여의주를 물고 용이 되는 전설을 쓰길 응원합니다 결승 화이팅 우승 가즈아!!
@kingfishadapt6351 16 dias atrás
best worlds finals teaser ever, awesome opening ceremony, stage, everything was perfect. Wish the match itself delivered more than the stomp it was. I came in really wanting WBG to win and while I'm happy for T1, I would have loved if the series was a close game5 no matter who won, but it was over so fast. Best buildup of all time with the worst pay off, but congrats to T1 anyways they deserve it
@yoidon 16 dias atrás
T1 supremacy, just that was happen. God Zeus and Keria playing at their best
@yamiRic 20 dias atrás
Wow I'm tearing up. Can't believe that you squeezed out every single narratives possible from this matchup. I thought T1 vs JDG had the most narratives but this one is amazing. We got 3 times MSI champion and 2 World champion in Weibo. In T1, we only have Faker, the 3-times World Champion and 2-times MSI champion. This trailer even brought Innovation's glittering achievement into Gumayusi's story. And successfully put this T1 roster as the Last Dance.
@longnguyenhai595 20 dias atrás
Wow, I did not notice that the total number of int’l titles of both teams’ players is exactly the same.
@STAYHARD1000 20 dias atrás
@DanDanStonk 20 dias atrás
wait where did innovation appear
@yamiRic 19 dias atrás
@@DanDanStonk It is not really direct reference but there is a scene where Gumayusi is looking at his family picture. That softly implied at him looking at his brothers and sisters achievement
@blit7603 19 dias atrás
TOP GOAT is Zeus
@gulusain 20 dias atrás
아…이번 티져도 눈물나게 미쳤다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
@asdf74290 20 dias atrás
10년 T1과 Faker 서사의 대단원같다... 간절히 우승으로 서사의 피날레를 갖기를 기원합니다. Legends never die.
@k_ho_yeon 20 dias atrás
와 페이커가 이번에는 팀을 위해서 입니다 하니까 딱 울컥하네... 티원 화이팅
@HY_EIN 20 dias atrás
팀을 위한 우승.. 제오페구캐 한자리에 있는 사진 보자마자 울컥했다 😢
@jioh8091 20 dias atrás
페이커의 한마디에 울컥해버렸음 ㅠㅠ 4번째 우승은 팀을 위한것입니다 ...ㅠ_ㅠ 그저 울어요.. 여기까지 와준것 만으로도 너무 고마운데, 조금만 더 바랄께. 부담줘서 미안해.. 제오페구케 가보자!!!!
@Nightmare-og3ek 20 dias atrás
It's awesome, how much effort these guys put in a mere tease. I'm so excited that my eyes are about to burst into tears..
@user-fs4pi5nx1k 20 dias atrás
10년간 한결같이 어떤 구설수나 논란도 없이 꾸준히 최선을 다한 페이커 이번에 4번째 우승을 통해 다시한번 웃을 수 있기를 응원합니다
@ahmedbutt6639 20 dias atrás
"The third trophy... was for myself. The fourth trophy... is for my teammates" One of the best transition moment follows!
@ChihiroFx 18 dias atrás
Espero um dia poder ver qual time vai chegar ao final da estrada dourada.. é se tornar o verdadeiro dream team de todo league of legends
@_HIYA_ 20 dias atrás
T1... 우승하고 다같이 기쁨의 눈물을 흘리자!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 후회없이 경기하자!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@choiii404 20 dias atrás
Absolute Goosebumps bro! I hope this is not the last year this Roster will play men that's kinda sad and happy at the same time! Wins this one T1!
@STAYHARD1000 20 dias atrás
최소 2년은 더 해야한다
I don't know but when T1 is the one that is playing on the finals its set the league on whole another kind of level.
@ndnd7614 20 dias atrás
Better luck next time for t1
@aldzville9261 20 dias atrás
​@@ndnd7614be better in games next time because your hardstuck bronze
@Syoraka 20 dias atrás
warding here for when the Worlds is finished
​@@Syorakacontrol warding here to deny your vision 😈
@arg7380 20 dias atrás
​@@ndnd7614gonna put some wards your name so I'll be back after the finals with t1's trophy.
@ZefromXD 20 dias atrás
I was rooting for DRX last worlds because of their fairy tale journey through Worlds but now I have switched to T1, hopefully this year is their year to win it all
@lee.86 20 dias atrás
아씨 팀을 위한다고 할때 벌써 울컥하네ㅠㅠ
@STAYHARD1000 20 dias atrás
스포츠이기에 한 팀만이 웃을 수 있다는게 안타깝지만 그렇기에 매력적이고 밝게 빛날 수 있다고 생각합니다 양팀의 여정이 참으로 아름다웠고 누가 승자가 되든 승자에게는 축하의 박수가 패자에게는 아름다운 격려의 박수가 울려퍼지길 모두 마지막까지 고생하셨습니다 모든 것을 부딪혀 보여주세요 화이팅
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