T-Pain - Mashup (To The Beat with Kurt Hugo Schneider)

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T-Pain performing a mashup of his hits from his appearance on "To The Beat with Kurt Hugo Schneider."
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Music video by Kurt Hugo Schneider.
Violin by Gabriel Wheaton
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17 Jul 2017



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Comentários 100
Manolis Trampoulis
Manolis Trampoulis 2 horas atrás
Why are you wasting your voice using autotune? You are great!
Mpalo A
Mpalo A 3 horas atrás
2020 here
NSG WILLOW 4 horas atrás
Dis is beautiful
Grain of Sault
Grain of Sault 10 horas atrás
When you slay with auto tune and without *FREAKING LEGEND*
Damon Lavallee
Damon Lavallee 13 horas atrás
People saying this man needed auto tune, people really praying on niggas downfall i swear.
DestRoyErSz hackS
neverending story
CA3P2R Dia atrás
Tell me why I thaught he was wearing a Faze Chain
The rap game disrespected #Tpain so bad all he made was hits and the crazy part is he could actually sing unlike most of your favorite rappers today.
andrew guizlo
andrew guizlo Dia atrás
Man has the voice of an angel
Lucas Jay-Solomon
Has anyone tried this video In 1.25
BankRoll Plays
BankRoll Plays Dia atrás
No lie didnt know he was this different
Grace Bayan
Grace Bayan 2 dias atrás
priscila hurtado
priscila hurtado 2 dias atrás
leong daniel
leong daniel 2 dias atrás
AlwaysBeRandom 3 dias atrás
This came out 3 years ago and I have just found it now? Get some reaction guys and girls on this to blow it back up, billions of people in this world still more to go
Cody Frazier
Cody Frazier 3 dias atrás
Im in love with a striper that hit so different 😍
Joshua Brady
Joshua Brady 3 dias atrás
“In the bed like ooo oooo 👆🏻ooooo 🤯
William Hays
William Hays 4 dias atrás
Just in case people have Apple Music
Showit Kiflom
Showit Kiflom 4 dias atrás
Sean John
Sean John 4 dias atrás
T-Pain? Hell no T-Rex 🦖
Takeisha Lalanne
Takeisha Lalanne 4 dias atrás
Yue PDF 5 dias atrás
Isn't the pianist the guy from the Try Guys video where they try to beat a chess master...?
Gio Morales Perez
Gio Morales Perez 5 dias atrás
My man T-Pain should make a love song without auto tune like foreal
pontyntutuka Nhinhi
pontyntutuka Nhinhi 5 dias atrás
AshMusic 5 dias atrás
Anyone know what mic that is??
Y Wrry
Y Wrry 5 dias atrás
Didn't realize the depth of his voice. This is beautiful 🌸.
Reed Abdul-Haffidh M. Sangki
eyyy 2020 of september whos listenin?? t pain is a legend
Ur moms uber
Ur moms uber 6 dias atrás
I would buy an album even with the cheesy instrumentals
Kenny Sleaze
Kenny Sleaze 6 dias atrás
Never forget 🔥
Fidel Mercado
Fidel Mercado 6 dias atrás
Wait....he could actually sing the whole time...? Damn
Deane Wollen
Deane Wollen 7 dias atrás
kevin l
kevin l 7 dias atrás
Sounds so much better with out the auto tune bro.
Lilly V
Lilly V 7 dias atrás
live his buns, he really can rock it so cute
Lilly V
Lilly V 7 dias atrás
almost at 2 million wtf
Jan Edric Pimentel Brain Damage
T-Pain is the best
Danny Bode
Danny Bode 7 dias atrás
2020! ❤️💪🏻
Lilly V
Lilly V 8 dias atrás
he's flashy
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 8 dias atrás
He never even needed auto tune. He just showed people that you can use it and still have talent
Morgan Thompson
Morgan Thompson 9 dias atrás
Artur Kalunda
Artur Kalunda 9 dias atrás
He can definetly cure Corona with this kind of voice...😃😃
Kahlil Rainey
Kahlil Rainey 9 dias atrás
This shit makes me mad like......why didnt you make this one first bro? Fuck the auto tune, you have a great voice
Diego Ribeiro
Diego Ribeiro 11 dias atrás
Que voz
Michael Caraballo
Michael Caraballo 11 dias atrás
T pain my idol
Shayla Adams
Shayla Adams 11 dias atrás
Barbara Valdiviezo
Barbara Valdiviezo 11 dias atrás
I’m dreaming 🤍🤤
AntiGrxxn 11 dias atrás
If auto tune wasn’t a thing t-pain would be t-heal
Brittany Miller
Brittany Miller 12 dias atrás
His voice is everything 😩❤
Josef Gordon
Josef Gordon 12 dias atrás
Hahah, LESS auto tune, there is still obvious auto tune on these vocals. I guess it's understandable going from 2,000% alteration to like 20% correction would fool most people. Great song still.
Sunshine the Cockatiel
Sunshine the Cockatiel 12 dias atrás
Such an excellent voice!
GoonCoon18 13 dias atrás
Who know you could make a song called "I'm in Love with a Stripper" sound beautiful
Porshia Collins
Porshia Collins 13 dias atrás
I love this song so much , it put me in a good mood EVERY SINGLE TIME
DeMarco 13 dias atrás
Offset must be feeling good being in love with a stripper 😅
Pres Esguerra
Pres Esguerra 13 dias atrás
T pain can sing "touch bitches" without getting anyone offended. That talent.
Blesson George
Blesson George 14 dias atrás
I can watch this 💯 times
Bryan Buss
Bryan Buss 14 dias atrás
He can sing this is legendary
Emily Cox
Emily Cox 14 dias atrás
Kurt, your work has always been phenomenal. I am SO happy to see you continuing to improve as the years go on despite all the setbacks and curve balls life has thrown you. You are truly amazing. Never stop.
MK 11
MK 11 14 dias atrás
T pain doesn't need autotune🔥🔥🔥🔥😔😔
Caitlyn Phillips
Caitlyn Phillips 15 dias atrás
Im inlove with his voice🥰
Joy Newsroom
Joy Newsroom 16 dias atrás
solid music i love it
Fresh 17 dias atrás
Greatest MashUp of all time! TPain = GOAT
Marcellus Sims
Marcellus Sims 17 dias atrás
Killed em' wit the falsetto...
Adam Perry
Adam Perry 17 dias atrás
Wow 👏🏾
Mojo MUFOLO 17 dias atrás
T-pain autotune music=Good song if T-pain didnt use autotune=platinum awards all round year after year
Lemuel Gerilla
Lemuel Gerilla 18 dias atrás
my childhood was ruined with this song.. AMAZING!
Artlyssa72000 G
Artlyssa72000 G 19 dias atrás
Man I love his voice, very lovely
Junior Edward Music
Junior Edward Music 19 dias atrás
3 years later and still love this song! 🎶🔥
Erykah Gray
Erykah Gray 19 dias atrás
We love you immensely ❤️❤️❤️❤️
George Elli Ortiz
George Elli Ortiz 19 dias atrás
I actually memorized this song when I first heard it 3 years ago! I always played this in loop. And here I am no... Ah, here we go again in loop.
LadyQthePoetess 20 dias atrás
I love this forever, his voice is awesomeness! What a great mash up. 😊
Pareng Java
Pareng Java 21 dia atrás
Finally 30 million views and counting for this legend!
AKHIL Muhammed
AKHIL Muhammed 21 dia atrás
His voice is smooth as my girlfriend's Ass
Barron F
Barron F 21 dia atrás
I showed this to a girl i went on a date with, she said, "Meh, he sounds ok."....We will not be going on another date.
Chels Wels
Chels Wels 4 dias atrás
Don’t! His voice is beautiful
KingTvT 4 dias atrás
Yeah she's cut. She's gotta go
Ashman Sao
Ashman Sao 12 dias atrás
@Stephanos Adamou t pain help them numb the pain amen
Stephanos Adamou
Stephanos Adamou 12 dias atrás
@Ashman Sao I hope too. That be a hell of a love story
Ashman Sao
Ashman Sao 13 dias atrás
@Kris Degs i hope both of you took it to the dms
Drew Jones
Drew Jones 21 dia atrás
The dislikes are all the other artists who’s careers T-Pain ruined with this one song.
Drew Jones
Drew Jones 21 dia atrás
Keep coming back here every other day to binge listen at least 5+ times
Gabriel Tremblay
Gabriel Tremblay 21 dia atrás
Literal goosebumps
Queen Winter
Queen Winter 21 dia atrás
Cures my corona everyday!!!
Young Yolii
Young Yolii 21 dia atrás
T Pain, Neyo, Akon and R Kelly are the best RnB singers of all time
justin gray
justin gray 22 dias atrás
That switch to falsetto 11/10, like, that's the thiccness
Puellos _
Puellos _ 22 dias atrás
I didn't know Chris Pratt played violin
Lal H k i p
Lal H k i p 23 dias atrás
His voice lifted my soul
Denyetsuツ 24 dias atrás
Whoever said T Pain can't sing without autotune you are 100% correct and that's just facts
hassan rezzoug
hassan rezzoug 24 dias atrás
anyone knows what shades he's wearing ??
Two.38z 24 dias atrás
Canelo on the violin
Joseph paul
Joseph paul 24 dias atrás
funny how this came out when all the new rappers and singers were using auto tune. when i heard this i was lit and drunk had to come back a few years later to hear it again.
Nancy Kamau
Nancy Kamau 24 dias atrás
Beautiful 😍❤️
A D 25 dias atrás
If this didn’t make your entire week Then you don’t deserve to be watching
Preston 25 dias atrás
Soundtrack of a generation. Best thing that ever came out of the 850
Ruba Mohiuddin
Ruba Mohiuddin 25 dias atrás
Danny G
Danny G 25 dias atrás
Yall talking about his immaculate voice but man the tone really transform the song compared to the original
Jill Pierson
Jill Pierson 25 dias atrás
I listen to this atleast twice a week.
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson 25 dias atrás
I love how classy everything in this video is except his swag 😂❤
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 25 dias atrás
1:19 that
Noheart Babyboy
Noheart Babyboy 26 dias atrás
This went hard
jessica g
jessica g 26 dias atrás
jaclyn hill
Faze Reezkhan
Faze Reezkhan 27 dias atrás
T pain can cure people with his voice man seriously 😬
smith spears
smith spears 27 dias atrás
Dato black
Dato black 27 dias atrás
The father of Autotune
BluuBunni Gamer
BluuBunni Gamer 27 dias atrás
who else wants Khalid and T-pain to do slow song together
Nyla Tv
Nyla Tv 27 dias atrás
I still listen to this it’s been 3 years
Lefika 28 dias atrás
T-Pain would make a great Gospel artist.
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