Synth Britannia Documentary

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21 Ago 2011



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Marian Beres
I have just discovered this documentary and I love it. I was 13 (in 1982) when I started to listen electronic music at the discos in totalitary regime in Czechoslovakia. Remember my favourite bands like Yazoo, Human League, Utravox and Depeche Mode. Absolutely fabolous era and still in my deck. Thanks.
Chocolate_Milk_Charlie 10 anos atrás
Thanks for posting. In America everyone thought I was really off my head being a fan of Ultravox, Kraftwerk, OMD & Depeche Mode in the early 80s. This really took me back.
TonyFlyingSquirrel 9 anos atrás
This was a fabulous documentary, a "required viewing" by anyone who dares touch the black & white keys connected to any microchip. You woudn't have 95% of contemporary music styles that exist today if it weren't for the daring sonic pioneers who took a chance to be "punk" with a keyboard rather than a guitar. I'll bet Trent Reznor has nothing but appreciation for these guys for paving the way for someone like him to be daring too. I can't recommend this enough!!!
Art Simulation
Im proud to say I was at that Kraftwerk concert in 1974. Simply mind blowing. However, one can never truly explain the shear jaw dropping moment of seeing Gary Numan on TOTPs - the world seemed to stand still - the future had arrived and it was ours.
Drum 10 anos atrás
Best documentary i have ever watched. Simply stunning! Learnt so much about a decade I was actually part of.
Alfie Blake
Absolutely brilliant! Loved every minute of this. Now someone hurry up and build that bloody time machine...please!
Brett Pannell
This was one the most insightful documentaries I've seen so far. It spoke to me of my childhood and adolescence. I was born in 1968 and I grew up with all of this. You've added another depth to the memories. Thank you for uploading.
overwhelmed by nostalgia by this brilliant retrospective documentary. Loving every minute of it!
Adrian Rosenlund-Hudson
Fantastic. I always loved Depeche Mode. Part of the soundtrack of my youth 💓
Dave Kennedy
Kraftwerk truly were the originators of 80s synth music on and the originators of electronic dance music. Plus The Model is STILL an incredible sounding track today, all these years later!
Jul But
Jul But 9 anos atrás
Neil and Chris are amazing and still so inspired, with electric, a fantastic album.
epiphany 101
epiphany 101 10 anos atrás
I wish this movement was still going and was more mainstream. God, I miss these early days on British synth.....
Tony Sheehy
Martyn Ware's comment about; "The cancerous growth of market-led A&R" is spot on. What a phrase and how well it describes what happened to the charts during the mid- to late-80s. But thankfully there were other bands and genres to pursue by then, even if they didn't dominate daytime radio or the charts.
Good Life
This is a brilliant documentary, clearly made by people who loved the music, and not just one of those 'I Love the 80s' type affairs with predictable footage and narration.
Diana Miino
I was 18 in 1980. I still feed my spirit with this. Call me a nostalgic retro lover, I still listen to (and play) New Wave. I still own (and play) my cz-101. Is there anyone like me reading this? Ciao a tutti ❤ from Italy
loud and clear
40 years later, synth pop sounds just as great as it was 40 years ago.
I must have watched this docu a 100 times now. Keep going back to it. I was 12 when 1980 started and I loved the music. I wish I had been more aware at the time of what a revolution was taking place in the music scene. Only now in my 50's do I realize what an extraordinary time that was. Still glad to have been young then. Best time ever!
Tom Curtis
After watching this documentary i think it's time to dig out my record collection Kraftwerk , OMD, John Foxx, Japan, Depeche Mode etc and re-live my youth again what a fantastic era i'll never forget it...
Mark Brown
All of Gary Numan's first three albums are absolute classics and stand the test of time effortlessly. He was the first true king of synth. Band like YES! where rock bands, excellent as they were, Numan has eclipsed them now. IMHO..
Amanda Majasaari
I love these bands and the music so much and remember all the songs from this video. And even cried for all the beauty I heard. 💓💓💓
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