Sylvester Stallone on His Old Beef with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Sylvester Stallone sat down for Variety's cover story and discussed how he likes to stay out of politics despite being mislabeled a Republican for portraying patriotic characters like John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. He also touched on his former beef with fellow star Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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9 Ago 2019



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Comentários 2 887
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts Dia atrás
Woah.. Stallone hasn’t aged well.
NoobSlayer 69
NoobSlayer 69 Dia atrás
They both look old now..😭😭
Howard Murphy
Howard Murphy Dia atrás
Holy shit he is old
Jago Gittos
Jago Gittos Dia atrás
Jesus how fucking plastic is he
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 2 dias atrás
Love him and his movies, but dam that plastic surgery didn’t age well.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 6 horas atrás
Frank Tenpenny yes look at his face
Frank Tenpenny
Frank Tenpenny 13 horas atrás
He been on plastic surgery ?
Nowendern YT
Nowendern YT 2 dias atrás
Why does he look like denisdaily the roblox youtuber
Grim Lock
Grim Lock 2 dias atrás
Hes so old
tonybob101 2 dias atrás
Dude why is he wearing an assload of make up?!?
Rafael Del Villar
Rafael Del Villar 2 dias atrás
Rocky wasn't original. Dumb interviewer!
Crazy Horse12
Crazy Horse12 2 dias atrás
Swell guy
dorathedrugexportr 3 dias atrás
0:53 what was that last part
holdmebackbrah 3 dias atrás
Holy shit he looks old now
Yeimi Pichardo
Yeimi Pichardo 3 dias atrás
My 2 Heros 💋💋
I’M CHILLZ 3 dias atrás
1:30 “battle royal” All 9 year olds watching this “FoRtNiTe ????!!!”
lawrence msthang
lawrence msthang 3 dias atrás
When he said arnold's name in subtitle it said arnold shots and nigga
vivek chemmannoor
vivek chemmannoor 3 dias atrás
Arnold and Sylvester are true inspirations. Both of them started with nothing, worked their asses off and found success and they are still superstars in their 70s. There had never been such actors ever in the history of this world.
fazed_uchiha 3 dias atrás
Captions:(shots an nigga) wtf😂
lawrence msthang
lawrence msthang 3 dias atrás
Or commented
lawrence msthang
lawrence msthang 3 dias atrás
The thing you said
fazed_uchiha 3 dias atrás
@lawrence msthang copied what?
lawrence msthang
lawrence msthang 3 dias atrás
I copied you
fazed_uchiha 3 dias atrás
@lawrence msthang ?
Punkindustry Gaming
Punkindustry Gaming 3 dias atrás
Guys please watch this video with subtitles its the most hilarious thing ever
New change unlisted_viewer
His cheeks so red and teeth so white that crazy
Matt Phelan
Matt Phelan 4 dias atrás
Too much Botox is getting its revenge, Sly!
TheRealAce 4 dias atrás
I want more of them making movies. So sad that they are the next in line
Kenneth Cheek
Kenneth Cheek 4 dias atrás
OffBeatBerry 27
OffBeatBerry 27 4 dias atrás
If these 2 beefed, the universe wouldn’t be able to contain the action
Oh No ItsTheElundisCore
Aging did not treat this guy well.
Waste place
Waste place 3 dias atrás
Oh No ItsTheElundisCore he’s 73 lol, cut him some slack
Boss 5 dias atrás
It’s hilarious cause as a kid, me and my brother thought these two were the same person hahaha
Pipe dream plumber
Pipe dream plumber 5 dias atrás
What the fuck is with his face?........ it's like a chewed up pair of bollocks 😂😂😂
Everyone know the beef between these 2 was just all for the media i mean if you think about it arnie and stallone is comedy alone its almost like banter there basicaly gettin payed to beef with one another plus there not gettin any younger the older you get the wizer you get its clear the beefin is fun for them comedy if u like im sure arnie and stallone are not particurly the best of freinds but enough to be wize and not childish about there meetings. Arnie and stallone you guys will always play a big part in my life weather its fittness or never giving up rocky told me tht and so did arnie
Cuhster 5 dias atrás
Bruh he kinda flabby doe
Erik Cook
Erik Cook 5 dias atrás
he looks "bad" cuz he actually looks really good for a 73 yr old. dont see that very often
thahll dajj
thahll dajj 5 dias atrás
Arnold is still picking his nose when Sly is answering Qs at the show up, as if we don't already know that Swigg takes the back but he lewdly reminds us in every nuance of his obsession with bringing up the rear as sly the tip of the spear gets poked when Swigg reminds us that Sly's rabbit nostril is some real hard pun shit muther fucker,
Acezgodly 5 dias atrás
Naruto and sasuke
Zelro 5 dias atrás
BIG14 GAMING 5 dias atrás
Both are beasts
Mr. Physco
Mr. Physco 5 dias atrás
it makes me so happy they’re friends
Frankey B
Frankey B 5 dias atrás
It would have be so awesome if Arnold Schwarzenegger was playing in one of the Rocky movies. What a boxing game that would have been. The Italian Stallion vs The Terminator.
snorted cheeseburgeur
snorted cheeseburgeur 5 dias atrás
See the title Me: *scrolls to see for rambo vs terminator*
OmnipotentConqueror 5 dias atrás
He looks like a talking zombie
Mr Freeze
Mr Freeze 6 dias atrás
I just now noticed that he has lisp .
Boere Seun
Boere Seun 4 dias atrás
Mr Freeze not bad though
Malphas 666
Malphas 666 6 dias atrás
I’m glad I’m not late on this video. I love both actors that’s a fact. They’re both good guys that’s a fact. I’m my own opinion I would love to see the films they create now with a real friendship & no battle royal lol
SnarlyG 6 dias atrás
Mortal Kombat 11 Rambo DLC
Monric 6 dias atrás
Next Movie: Rambo, Last Blood Drop Next Next Movie: Rambo, Last Blood Cell Next Next Next Movie: Rambo, Blood Reborn
Lulster 10
Lulster 10 2 dias atrás
I was gonna make the joke about the multiplying of cells but forgot what it's called lol
Dude With tude
Dude With tude 4 dias atrás
Monric Rambo new blood donor
Monric 6 dias atrás
Arnold is Batman and Sylvester is Superman. Was arch enemies and then became partners
Edwin Martinez
Edwin Martinez 6 dias atrás
Damn rocky needs to lay off the face lifts
Chris Divin
Chris Divin 6 dias atrás
But I love Stop or my mom will shoot :(
LabCrab 6 dias atrás
The two best people in the world
Jasper le marquand
Jasper le marquand 6 dias atrás
Both are terrible actors
MajinKJ 7 dias atrás
Damn time has passed it sucks.
ultra instinct
ultra instinct 7 dias atrás
Who's better Arnold or Sylvester
Bow Bow Bow Bow
Bow Bow Bow Bow 7 dias atrás
Sly old now damn
Leo llc
Leo llc 7 dias atrás
Dude umm what did he ment non hispanic?
fatasspig shsgd
fatasspig shsgd 7 dias atrás
Aron Va'asa
Aron Va'asa 7 dias atrás
Arnolds last name has the N word pass
Elijah Medina
Elijah Medina 7 dias atrás
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both so awesome
thedankmen dankness
thedankmen dankness 7 dias atrás
god he's so old
ToxicSkull0 7 dias atrás
Two absolute legends just throwing at each other till they become good
Who GivesAPunk
Who GivesAPunk 7 dias atrás
Im glad theres still rambo movies in this day n age
Isaiah Chavez
Isaiah Chavez 7 dias atrás
That guy probably smells like unseasoned cardboard
Ian Hoswell
Ian Hoswell 8 dias atrás
Looking really good for 73!
iRonikz Evo
iRonikz Evo 8 dias atrás
Feels bad these guys are in their 70s now. I want more of these guys so bad
The Doctor
The Doctor 8 dias atrás
I know he is getting old but damn them wrinkles
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