Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

League of Legends
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Kurt Rozentaun
Kurt Rozentaun 43 minutos atrás
Rubick the Unchained
furico gamer
furico gamer 46 minutos atrás
Isso é o demônio
Jeph Hora atrás
rubick is that you
DXHaseoXD Hora atrás
So next is a champ with every ability in the game, right?
samyel osman
samyel osman Hora atrás
türkçe versiyonu daha etkileyici
Jiego Mariano
Jiego Mariano 2 horas atrás
O ik now at the end sylas steals lux ult
labargan 21
labargan 21 2 horas atrás
mobile legend is number:1
Ghilman Mutalib
Ghilman Mutalib 3 horas atrás
looks like he couldn't be more shackled
jc stink estocado
jc stink estocado 3 horas atrás
Zoe steals sums. Neeko steals appearance. Sylas takes ults. New champ will steal nexus?
Leonard Furtado
Leonard Furtado 4 horas atrás
when's the theme coming?
Rawen 1
Rawen 1 5 horas atrás
We need Crimson Sylas skin fighting with kusarigama
Teach Guy
Teach Guy 5 horas atrás
GG Thanos LOL has arrive
Joca Stepanovic
Joca Stepanovic 7 horas atrás
Im getting some gnarly Stalin vibes from this.
LunarEnclave 8 horas atrás
please don't add more broken stuff to the game, please just balance what you already have. This game is literally unplayable why are you adding more stuff to add on to how unplayable it is? Are you people even thinking about how broken this is actually going to be? You do realize that champions like Neeko, Mordekaiser, And even Nasus are starting to get way to strong. Please just stop adding champions to the game until you have balanced the champions that are already out.
Plorin 12 horas atrás
I’m exited to play tank Sylas support.
Amber Ortigas Estrella
Amber Ortigas Estrella 15 horas atrás
How broken can this get 🙃🙃🙃
Max Strecansky
Max Strecansky 16 horas atrás
I hope that the next champ will steal other players lp
Spicy_boyyy 16 horas atrás
Can he also steal our virginity ? Like fortnite is doing??
Kairi Skiller098
Kairi Skiller098 16 horas atrás
Kratos already took care of the gods of Olympus, Atlanteans, Egyptians, Nordics, those of mortal kombat, and now comes to the world of lol to kill those gods (garen, darius, lee sin, udyr, aurenlion, zoe and atroox) that is missing?, that kill the gods of the dragon ball
Ňāţívĕż118 16 horas atrás
How do you get sylas?
Pho King Flame
Pho King Flame 18 horas atrás
They added the villain from Iron Man 2 to League
Ken San
Ken San 18 horas atrás
why did i cry ?
shadow lol
shadow lol 19 horas atrás
When he will be available?
K. Cadaemos
K. Cadaemos 19 horas atrás
What if 2 Sylas ult each other...
K. Cadaemos
K. Cadaemos 4 horas atrás
+he he well thats awkward lol
he he
he he 7 horas atrás
K. Cadaemos you cant
SquadFamJones 20 horas atrás
imagine playing this champ on one for all OUR ult
IAm NoOne
IAm NoOne Dia atrás
Now create a cinematic with him and a few others. Entitle it with *BROKEN*
Mel Cardines
Mel Cardines Dia atrás
It's funny seeing teemo being hit by his own ult
Alejandro Pérez
Alejandro Pérez Dia atrás
So he escapes using lux´s power?
Noah Ha
Noah Ha Dia atrás
Fotis96 Dia atrás
So basically Death from Darksiders combined with a bit Kratos
Theo Quinn
Theo Quinn Dia atrás
looks like a warcraft 3 trailer
CPG Ace Dia atrás
What is his connection with lux?
VampireFlower1 Dia atrás
So basicly they release a character that could transform into other champs then they release a character that can steal R ability... at this point they could just mix champions abilities and call it a new champion.
Furiosa, Imperator
Ummmm, can he leave Xin Zhao alone please? He's my main and I'd greatly appreciate it
ilaygo Dia atrás
ITS A TAKESHI FROM MKX, take my money!!! we want a scorpio!!!
Yumi Dia atrás
Aatrox+Kayn+Neeko/Zoe. Right.
I'm in love with this video
Z3Back Dia atrás
next champ will be ditto
Daniel Ryan Tatualla
And now riot has to update this champion everytime they release a new one... unless he's the last
Burak Can Keçeci
Burak Can Keçeci 2 dias atrás
i hope ivern's managers are not getting same pay..
SerialKillerBarbie 2 dias atrás
why are they breaking the gameeeeeeeeeeee
Alex Lau
Alex Lau 2 dias atrás
we got a champion that clone summoners spells (zoe), so we got a champion that clones appearances (neeko), now we get a champion that clones abilities
Prince Unknown
Prince Unknown 2 dias atrás
Ultimates actually. Not all of the abilities
Rafael Cordeiro
Rafael Cordeiro 2 dias atrás
Rmk Teemo pls
Prrooxxyy Nope
Prrooxxyy Nope 2 dias atrás
*C O M U N I S T*
Der Gesichtslose
Der Gesichtslose 2 dias atrás
lordofbarocky x
lordofbarocky x 2 dias atrás
I love him 😍🇨🇳
Крепость Графоний
Réad Boudjellaba
Réad Boudjellaba 2 dias atrás
i went to buy this champion
Maskim Galgo
Maskim Galgo 3 dias atrás
ILOVEBENCHES 3 dias atrás
Cool and what does mobile legebds have badang?
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