Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

Dolan Twins
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We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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17 Set 2019



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Kahlyn Burnside
Kahlyn Burnside 2 horas atrás
15 y.o body builders
Kahlyn Burnside
Kahlyn Burnside 2 horas atrás
big ass 15 year olds(dolan twins) being big ass 15 year olds on camera with their friend... just a normal day , right?
Katie Velasquz
Katie Velasquz 5 horas atrás
Y'all should of invited James Charles 😂
Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart 15 horas atrás
These things are madly expensive
小恩Shaunny 18 horas atrás
8:30 moooood
Pete P
Pete P 21 hora atrás
They should do more videos together with the Dolan twins
tlcly 22 horas atrás
Jeffree: okay it's time for you to pick your car Me: alright guys pick your hot wheel
Cherry Sheeran
Cherry Sheeran Dia atrás
Jeffree: doesn’t care how much he spends Also Jeffree: if you get 10 cookies you get a discount.
Cherry Sheeran
Cherry Sheeran Dia atrás
If it’s not a cookie in the morning what is it?🍪🍪 Depression....
aesthetically anime
*✨They look STUNNING✨*
Soh Rijin
Soh Rijin Dia atrás
Nate's chillness is KILLING me 😂😂😂 Edit: Btw, why do the Dolan Twins look asian with the makeup?
Logan Chugg
Logan Chugg Dia atrás
Jeffree dresses and lives such a high class life but eats like any normal person
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson Dia atrás
They look like female WWE stars
andara.sonara Dia atrás
You looks amazing!
coc addictor badshah
I felt like it is jeffre chanel not dolans
Nice Family
Nice Family Dia atrás
I forgot this wasn't Jeffree's channel
Gaming with quilbert
I11:52 looking like sebastian bails
Victoria Rico
Victoria Rico 2 dias atrás
There jaw line😂😂😂
Jamesken09 james Kennedy real
I always in this vid I do not know who is ethen or grayson
NeeYoDeeO 2 dias atrás
They look like giant oompa loompas
The Tea and Book Lady
The Tea and Book Lady 2 dias atrás
😔 if only the wigs n make up. Sighs. Americans
The Tea and Book Lady
The Tea and Book Lady 2 dias atrás
I’m fangirlling lol just cos me n jeffree 🥰cheeseburgers lol
Delia Enya
Delia Enya 2 dias atrás
Jeffree's sooo pretty wow
Brookella 2 dias atrás
Like I know they are twins but at 26:13 they sound the EXACT same!
Bonnie &eden
Bonnie &eden 2 dias atrás
I miss the sister squad 😢
Trinity Reese
Trinity Reese 2 dias atrás
Remeber when ethan got his tounge pierced
Carly Cisneros
Carly Cisneros 2 dias atrás
why is nobody taking about how jeffree gave you milk, he’s trying to poison you guys 😂😂😂😂
meah nichole
meah nichole 2 dias atrás
L ᴜ ʜ B ᴀ ʙ ʏ
L ᴜ ʜ B ᴀ ʙ ʏ 3 dias atrás
Oop- this was posted on my birthday! :D
Ahlam Kedir
Ahlam Kedir 3 dias atrás
It’s crazy how one of jefree’s bag can stop me from dropping out of school because I don’t have tuition money I wish I was kidding
Marley baldridge
Marley baldridge 3 dias atrás
I can’t even tell them apart really
Arm Collector
Arm Collector 3 dias atrás
Ethan & gracen: CANT RELATE!!! LMFAO
Elizabeth Aguilar
Elizabeth Aguilar 3 dias atrás
Ob you no bts💀📷
Cheshire Erlinberts
Cheshire Erlinberts 3 dias atrás
"they're both gonna die, they just had dairy" dunno why i find that funny 😆
Carly Buckan
Carly Buckan 3 dias atrás
MUA Mandy Schultz
MUA Mandy Schultz 3 dias atrás
I could tell who was who just from the thumbnail. Who else?
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen 3 dias atrás
I can’t tell the twins apart when their hair went all up😂
Annie Medosch
Annie Medosch 3 dias atrás
Ok I’m sorry I didn’t know Jeffree star was that famous in public...
Jocelyn Garibay
Jocelyn Garibay 3 dias atrás
Omg they look like antonio graza
Veronica Carteaux-Dominguez
Jeffree: “Anthony, how much does this one go for?” Anthony: “uh, i think 54,000 thousand but honestly Jeffree you can’t put a price on happiness you know that.” me:*shook*
Cj’s prestige
Cj’s prestige 3 dias atrás
Jeffree: spends $64’000 like it’s nothing Me: erm $5 is too much for shipping... damn I wish lmao
Ahmed slame Ahmed
Ahmed slame Ahmed 3 dias atrás
هلووو هل يوجد متابعين عرب؟
Shanay Wright
Shanay Wright 3 dias atrás
Me : *quietly watching the video* Grayson : "oh, there it is, it's coming." Me : *doesn't think anything of it* Ethan : "Don't say that." *starts hysterically laughing for no reason*
Natalie Vazquez
Natalie Vazquez 3 dias atrás
I died when that girl flashed the crew😂😂😂😂
calvin staylord
calvin staylord 3 dias atrás
jefree : thats the cheap one. 20,000 and that 20,000 expression got me dead 😂
Jennika Ochoa-Mendez
Jennika Ochoa-Mendez 4 dias atrás
Curt Orbeck
Curt Orbeck 4 dias atrás
When jeffree spends me money on a bag then your house and everything inside😅
EmJ 4 dias atrás
Ok i have to say that they all look stunning in this but especially Jeffree...
Kiara Dwight
Kiara Dwight 4 dias atrás
I didn't know it was a wig and l like how down to earth he's acting in this video
leyla m
leyla m 4 dias atrás
i love how louis vuitton is jeffree's second house
Hanna Pope
Hanna Pope 4 dias atrás
Ethan creepily licking the dough ball kills me every time
Celina Binkley
Celina Binkley 4 dias atrás
I absolutely love how confident and open you are to doing these things. So many men would NEVER do something like this, I love that you’re not letting your masculinity become toxic. I love that you are confident in yourselves to even try this and go out in public- I know it caused some anxiety but you were honest about that & that’s important and such a good lesson and you DID it. I love that you accept Jeffree for who Jeffree is. You boys are truly amazing. I know you always get down and always say I know we are the douchebags- but there is not a douchebag bone in your body bc you’re so kind and accepting and open-minded! Being muscular and potentially ripping a shirt isn’t douchey or working out or anything! Seriously!! I love you for all that you are!!
Celina Binkley
Celina Binkley 4 dias atrás
This was absolutely the best collab EVER oh my god. Both of these videos are AMAZING. I love the Star Triplets & Jeff Dolan!!!!!!!!!
Kelli Chavahda
Kelli Chavahda 4 dias atrás
Starlets (star-triplets)
Diana Abadies
Diana Abadies 4 dias atrás
Hahahahahahahah i enjoy watching this video. Love you guys 💓💓💓💓💓
Heather Bartow
Heather Bartow 4 dias atrás
They look like drag queens you wouldnt want to fuck with 😂
Shiro Wambugu
Shiro Wambugu 5 dias atrás
Jeff knows his stuff
Shiro Wambugu
Shiro Wambugu 5 dias atrás
Jeffrey is real n himself n humble n respectful n not ashamed of where he's come from.... I have to apply those more in my life ....he's such a mood....Im a fan now
Alyssa Valot
Alyssa Valot 5 dias atrás
How tf does Jeffree have a diet like that but stay so skinny
T.H Toxicc
T.H Toxicc 5 dias atrás
Grayson and ethan look the exact same in this vid because of the makeup usually i tell by ethan with the square jaw but the makeup and hair covers it up
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