Suspect in custody after police chase through Chicago; 1 dead, multiple officers injured

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A man is in custody after leading police on an hour-long police chase throughout Chicago, leaving one woman killed and several officers injured.

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4 Jun 2020



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Comentários 80
Irenee Shubert
Irenee Shubert 4 horas atrás
Material for a Chicago Fire episode
TS 24 dias atrás
As predicted, the democrats of Chicago are setting up the cops to take the blame for the death caused by the murder suspect. When will democrats learn who their friends are, and who are not? No democrat-controlled city ever became a better place after they took over.
JM FURIOUS 27 dias atrás
City of Chicago is deeply disturbed because of these criminals. And they found the excuse to get out of control than ever before.
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
I don’t know how he got away at that gas station 🤔
Brian D
Brian D Mês atrás
In this case the police have every right to use deadly force. This individual putting people at risk constantly
James Worthy
James Worthy Mês atrás
Remember your mayor wants to defund the police
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Mês atrás
but he's black you can't touch them anymore 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
kolim jone
kolim jone Mês atrás
BLM demands you riot over this.
Francisco Garfias
Francisco Garfias Mês atrás
Hopefully Kim Fox and Lightfoot don’t let him out
Crisis Mês atrás
Sucks for that cop, he’s gotta face some consequences for continuing the chase after it being called off though.
Mike Haws
Mike Haws Mês atrás
2 week old bullet wound. Ran from the po po...blm please come protest for this gangbanger...
delo Last
delo Last Mês atrás
Just come up to Canada if you can. Peaceful place . Our cops are getting blamed for how they approach mentally ill people but the excessive force thing is almost unheard of
HowDidUFindMe Mês atrás
HowDidUFindMe Mês atrás
The MacZ1
The MacZ1 Mês atrás
Too many innocent lives being lost
TheEnd Mês atrás
Damn police killed that woman. Dont they have driving training, IDOTS
Zombl337 Mês atrás
poor woman lost her life and never seen it coming
14 88
14 88 Mês atrás
It wasn’t a white guy right? Because we typically don’t riot, loot, and steal cars while running from police then kill someone. And they wonder why they are thrown to the ground when they resist. They feel the cops have no authority and continue to push the issue. If we want peace we need to take control. Beware of black privilege!
Brian Fike
Brian Fike Mês atrás
BLM demands you riot over this.
Ryan Mars
Ryan Mars Mês atrás
Sounds like the police will be paying for that women's life since the chase was called off but then the officer still chased
Ellie Sebastian Music
Me and my family was watching this on the tv. We were so anxious
Ernest Perri
Ernest Perri Mês atrás
Jayson Mês atrás
Another law suit for Chicago. Wonder why they are broke all the time. The cop killed her right? They said to terminate and didn't.
Anthony Holliday
Anthony Holliday Mês atrás
Smfh the police were not going to stop until somebody died rip
Will Dill
Will Dill Mês atrás
Did her life matter?
Calmer573 Mês atrás
i thought you can legally shoot car jackers ?
Calmer573 Mês atrás
lawsuit .
Alfredo Patiño
Alfredo Patiño Mês atrás
UnoriginalAsshole Mês atrás
I'm sure theres a racist white person to blame for this
Bernie Cohens
Bernie Cohens Mês atrás
Those bro in Chicago go hard but with all that racism and hate in that city I guess you have to
Jarek Kwietniewski
Jarek Kwietniewski Mês atrás
Hundreds police officers and one f..k criminal Chicago Police “brawo”
yexela Mês atrás
Why can't cops have a remote kill switch for every car?
Toasty 9399
Toasty 9399 Mês atrás
DeFuNd tHe pOLiCe
WMD Mês atrás
WMD Mês atrás
The Nerve News
The Nerve News Mês atrás
Suspect crashes into nobody, cop crashes into 2 vehicles killing one after chase was called off, did the cop break the law or does he get away with it?
Rasyay P
Rasyay P Mês atrás
They made it sound like he killed the lady🤦‍♂️🤔🤷‍♂️he was trying to get away that's all and he at least knew how to drive .....the police hit and killed the women but they gonna charge him with the murder 🤦‍♂️not the cop that hit the lady🤔 ...they shoulda stopped the chase caught him later or just let him escape...he probably didn't do much of anything to begin with...the police aren't suppose to continue in chasses thru crowded areas with innocent bystanders
Steve Detlof
Steve Detlof Mês atrás
Yah let the guy violently car Jack some. And blame the only people that tried to prevent this thug from harming possible killing an innocent person. Would you want the cops to let him if it was your brother being car jacked by this coward?
The Left Hates America
Where’s BLM now? Silent.
AvryQuick Mês atrás
Such professionalism being displayed lol
Joey Torres
Joey Torres Mês atrás
F****** idiot cops haven't learned by now to back off when the suspect reaches high speeds.....way to go cops.... You had a helicopter in the air to follow them wherever they go.....HELLO
supportmytroups7 Mês atrás
So much for that termination
Dennispool Mês atrás
Should've called Lester.
But white lives or anyone else's (except for black lives) don't matter.
D Staff
D Staff Mês atrás
22 years old Daaaaamn sucks to be him. He locked the Fxck up Blown, mad, Sad Knowing he boutta Serve Some real time if Not the rest his life!! Hopefully he'll like Busting Bussy cuz that's all he has now.
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Mês atrás
He caught a body just that quick. Damn.
Chris A
Chris A Mês atrás
Cops killing more people figure that
Oklahoma 12 Guage
Oklahoma 12 Guage Mês atrás
Well, diversity is our strength, right..?
WhyThisYT Mês atrás
Welp... America is getting worse and worse
uni blab
uni blab Mês atrás
this is what happens when cops are afraid to shoot criminals. btw, the reporter is H. O. T.
Brian Ruiz
Brian Ruiz Mês atrás
Man really think it’s a GTA server
Robin Thao
Robin Thao Mês atrás
TuckFheIlluminati Mês atrás
What is this GTA? The cops even drive like they do in GTA. And the cops are the ones who wrecked into the woman and killed her? Talk about unnecessary collateral damage. *Breonna Taylor disliked this.* If only they were better trained, there wouldn’t always be such collateral damage left in their wake. We can spend billions training foreign police in other countries but can’t train our own. Sad truth.
Jenna Taylor
Jenna Taylor Mês atrás
Those cops need training on chasing. They should have kept a distance, why be on the cars ass, back off you will still get them while keeping themselves and the public safer. I am sorry that someone paid with their life. Hope it was worth it.
Denton Bruintjies
Denton Bruintjies Mês atrás
a Hummer... in 2020?
Airraan Mês atrás
Free the cuz he ain’t do nun 😡
Tristan Cloud
Tristan Cloud Mês atrás
So wait the chase was called off and they still chased and caused a fatal crash...once again police not policing right RIP to that innocent victim.
Denicholas Gray
Denicholas Gray Mês atrás
So i ask the cop was catching him that important
doge 3649
doge 3649 Mês atrás
Not being racist but no wonder why black people are treated differently because the bad ones are not settling a good example for how nice they can be trust me I have black friends myself
AJ Dixon
AJ Dixon Mês atrás
It’s fucked up fr, but how the suspect in serious condition now and he was just running on foot..
George Washington
George Washington Mês atrás
this people of color are such rascals
American Misanthrope
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Mês atrás
They beat the crap out of him damn lol
Zeuses Coven
Zeuses Coven Mês atrás
The host damn, the buttons can’t hold her.
Lag Swag
Lag Swag Mês atrás
BLM am i right? LMFAO
Gino De La Fuente
Gino De La Fuente Mês atrás
So what about the officers who failed at driving an took a innocent womens life???
Steve Detlof
Steve Detlof Mês atrás
That hero was trying to prevent a violent car jacker from killing someone
Howard Lovecraft
Howard Lovecraft Mês atrás
Step 1. Show his Jr High photo instead of a current mugshot. Step 2. Have his mother explain how he was a good boy. Step 3. Anchor discusses how black men are arrested at higher rates than whites. Step 4. Explain the need for tax money to go to liberal programs. Step 5. Follow up story with a video of a racist white person. Repeat until 13% of the population is afforded 51% of the power.
Tina W.
Tina W. Mês atrás
He must be WHITE not one photo of the suspect 😶
Donna Koval
Donna Koval Mês atrás
Yet another example of police taking things entirely too far.
dymenchuns Mês atrás
So your saying the cops killed a person and then hurt 2 other people instead of calling it off, the negligence killed those people..
shane Never
shane Never Mês atrás
Remember black lives matter only if they get killed by a cop
Dennispool Mês atrás
No, that's because you don't know how to differentiate 2 totally different situations. Is everyone in the comment section this stupid 😂
ResortDog Mês atrás
dannex98 Mês atrás
If he got killed BLM got his back ryt?😵
Mario Armas
Mario Armas Mês atrás
And people out there protesting for this kinda people smh
Rakia Logan
Rakia Logan Mês atrás
Every racist white person coming on here to bash and be disrespectful you are RACIST so remember that I will so look in the mirror Because the problem is YOU black people fighting for JUSTICE is not a hand out or favor it's a RIGHT that's over due Black people want JUSTICE define JUSTICE read the dictionary it's not a favor it's a RIGHT EVERY INNOCENT BLACK person racist white cops took from our BLACK community our BLACK families got us to this POINT right here FIGHTING for JUSTICE our RIGHTS
Arland F.
Arland F. Mês atrás
Sucks how the officers gotta watch what they're doing now. Any sudden move means racism apparently? But hey? We still gotta glorify criminals because they don't do no harm
Mark Small
Mark Small Mês atrás
If the police helicopter is monitoring the location why did they keep chasing? Seems like the police may have caused the situation to escalate rather than reducing risk to citizens unknowingly in the way. Shame!
Michael D
Michael D Mês atrás
Looked so innocent to me! Racist to pursue him!
Jacob Wellington
Jacob Wellington Mês atrás
Oooo look, its one of those lives that are always mattering again!
Watching Movies
Watching Movies Mês atrás
Catch that minority
Raymond Galvan
Raymond Galvan Mês atrás
Should've shot him at that gas station so that innocent victim could've still been with us BUT let me guess Black Lives Matter especially the one's committing crimes ⁉️
Speedking_A1 Mês atrás
Lock your car folks
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