I Survived 48 Hours in the Wild w/ Kara & Nate 

Eamon & Bec
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We attempt to survive 48 hours living on a deserted island in the Canadian wilderness with our besties @KaraandNate. PART 2 of 2. To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to
Don't miss the first 24 hours of this challenge! Watch Kara & Nate's episode of day 1 here:
• 48 HOUR SURVIVAL (star...
Eamon & Nate were dropped with no food, no water, and no shelter but gain access to 1 new item every hour for a max of 10 items per day. Some of these items are useful (like a lighter) while others aren't so useful (like a pool floatie).
0:00 the survival challenge
0:31 recap of first 24 hours
1:10 Eamon cheats!!!
3:11 hygiene in the wild 🦷
5:05 addressing the cheating scandal
8:10 item 3 is...DOG TREATS!
9:15 our healthy daily routine
10:30 what's for breakfast?
15:50 spruce tea 😋
17:33 time to try fishing 🎣
21:20 making a "cake"
22:47 tour of our camp
24:25 homemade ring toss
29:00 night 2 setup
32:37 weigh-ins
We always have such an amazing time with our friends Kara & Nate and when we saw them do their 72-hour survival challenge in Panama we knew we wanted to try to survive with them too! Would you try surviving on a deserted island with your bestie?

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8 Dez 2023



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@eamonandbec Anos atrás
The day Eamon saw the Panama survival series from Kara and Nate he messaged them saying "let's do this on a Canadian island." Well kids, here we are. Hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it! If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll do this again (with the girls) in the middle of winter 🥶 .... LET'S GO!
@angelabullock7348 Anos atrás
Love you guys
@moon_child7294 Anos atrás
So Happy to see you guys with Kara a and Nate again!!!! Super excited to watch these videos. Going to watch part one now. Be back soon!!!.
@Jessie_Graff Anos atrás
I feel like I need confirmation from Bec and Kara want to do this before 👍 😂
@BerkshireBitch Anos atrás
That was the one episode I skipped! thanks for the crab pics, tho!
@KaraandNate Anos atrás
Y'all this video is TOO GOOD 😂We could not stop laughing. A few of my fav Eamon quotes (I didn't even start taking notes til midway through): “We are cave men. Bear den” “Hello ladies were drinkin hot tea in our underwear” “Siri you’re not invited” “This is my priority now bye girls” Man do we love y'all! Thanks for being the best of friends! Can't wait for our next adventure ;)
i was literally searching for the quotes but you already made a list💕🤣
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Haha the more we watch this back the more we miss hanging with you! Cannot wait to see you again SO SO soon 😆💛 BEANS!
@megfriedman3622 Anos atrás
What movie is the line "who wants to go snorklin'" from...?
@hannahstone7542 3 meses atrás
I love the fact that in both videos Kara and bec talk about how grateful they are for things while brushing their teeth 😂
@mandyb1212 Anos atrás
Eamon angrily mocking the mosquito sound, and telling Siri she's not invited were the best parts. Definitely an "it's corn!" level obsession with the beans.😆 I love these challenge type videos, didn't even realize 33 minutes went by! Off to watch the other part. 😊
@lourdeswaite9465 Anos atrás
I was cracking up. Eamon made me laugh so hard. Nate is hysterically funny without even knowing it. Bec and Kara what a team. Can’t wait for more adventures!!!
@jmurf67 Anos atrás
You guys remind me so much of my late wife and myself. We used to go on adventures, perhaps not as extreme as some of the stuff you all do, but still, adventures. You two and Kara and Nate understand the secret of life. Finding that person who completes you and live your lives to the fullest. Kudos to you friends. And keep up the great work.
@MainstreamDB Anos atrás
Thanks for this comment James. Sounds like you treasured every moment together. Hope you meet again one day.
@lukesmith94 Anos atrás
We was told to come over here by Kara, so yea. Hope to enjoy part 2.
@madais999 Anos atrás
@Edmoore-or7yc Anos atrás
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Yahoo! Welcome to the second part of the adventure. Hope you enjoy it!
@HarleyJayOfficial Anos atrás
@gwendavis9655 Anos atrás
Absolutely of course, why not just yep, the same. 👍🏻👏🏻 Much Love the 🇺🇸👍🏻❤️
@MoMoMadness44 Anos atrás
I could easily watch a whole channel of these four! I love their energy together!❤️🙌🏼
@JocelynLehman Anos atrás
The addition of ITS CORN just made my day 😂😂 I love when you four are together it’s just nothing but laughs and pure joy
@PixelStacker Anos atrás
I laughed out loud when I saw Eamon’s necklace! These guys are such good sports!! Love it!! Kara, “Have y’all been talking about your feelings?” Eamon, “yes” as he pushes them away so funny!! yes!
@marleenbee4286 Anos atrás
LOVED the part where Kara was asking ‘have y’all been talking about your feelings?’ All exited and eamons reaction 😂😂
@annafreeman5968 Anos atrás
This episode was so fun! I laughed hysterically when Eamon was describing the beans and the corn song editing 🤣🤣🤣
@john2000l Anos atrás
You folks look like you had an outstanding time with this, but the only one that got the best of everything was Oso. Oso was calm, enjoyed the outdoors, and seemed truly comfortable. It is great to see you out and laughing and getting back to those things you enjoy in life Bec. Eamon, you and Bec's friends are to be so complimented for helping bring fun back to both you and Bec so soon. You both needed this so much. The love of life is so amazing.
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
@Unfnation Anos atrás
I don't know anything for sure, but I think there are people, but no, beings here that are angels and demons when we need them. Now I don't at all know how that would work but I've met people that are just ordinary people that are also angels.
@Call_Upon_YAHUAH Anos atrás
When you trust in God and cast your cares (worries, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts) upon him, they will be NO MORE! Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! The world is wicked, evil, and of the devil. I too, was a wicked sinner of the world before I opened my heart to God. I am living proof of God's work and fruitfulness! He is an active God who hears the prayers of his! God's children are set apart (holy) and righteous. The devil is a liar that comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy; that includes your relationship with God!
@emc1021 3 meses atrás
I love this how brave and productive this is its actually so calming
@Manzanitamystic 5 meses atrás
The line about the beaver skull gets me giggling 😂 “you found it, you had it sitting there and you weren’t using it” to Oso 🤣
@taniabb1988 Anos atrás
this might sound weird.... but this is my second time watching this video today. you guys' humour, energy and optimism makes my day. I never feel alone when I'm watching your videos and i want to thank you for unknowingly making life seem hopeful and less stressful ❤️
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Awe Tania!!! That is so sweet! Thank you for sharing how our videos make you feel 🤗!! So happy we can be a part of your day today!
@Annaevelin- Anos atrás
Gah this just made my day! I've been stuck in my room sick for two going on three days and this just made me smile and laugh! The fact that Eamon and Nate had such good attitudes throughout pretty much all of this journey was just incredible! I love seeing these four together it just lights me up! I cannot wait for the next adventures y'all embark on as well as future challenges together!
@theseanandrew Anos atrás
I said it on Kara and Nate's video and I'll say it here: Like you Eamon, I'm one of those people who mosquitos LOVE to eat and so I absolutely cannot get mad that you got the net. You gotta do what you gotta do! It looks like you two had great fun doing this challenge (other then the mozzies lol), and I'm so proud that you absolutely nailed it! Quick edit to say that I fully CHEERED when y'all finally got the beans!!!
@jpisaac85 Anos atrás
Once Bec is done with her clinic visits, the girls have to do the same challenge! 😍
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
We were thinking we’d take it a step further and commit to a winter survival challenge 😬
@jpisaac85 Anos atrás
@@eamonandbec That's even better!!
@vencygaming9086 Anos atrás
@@eamonandbec 😮😮
No, I wish Beck will take it easy and not push her body to the max. Just having give through chemo radiation and surgery, the body needs rest, recovery, and nourishment. Beck, you be kind and gentle to your body please!
@SarahLynn1330 Anos atrás
Y’all’s energy and love is so infectious. Feeling it all through the screen 🥰👏🏼
@mandepilot Anos atrás
Haha, omg, the boys getting punchy with Nate saying the inside of a tree is more sterile than the outside and Eamon getting philosophical about beans. This video was everything.
@deborahkoskela649 Mês atrás
If I wasn't already subscribed to both of your channels, I certainly would have now...absolutely hilarious episode. The four of you together are so funny, thanks.
@YoSmoked Anos atrás
one of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something . he always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his video. we congratulate ourselves on this achievement more to come and everything to come""❤💛🧡💙 Let's we all just appreciate the content this man and his crew makes it's just a masterpiece imagine what's he's gonna doing the future ❤ I hope this channel never ends and keeps spreading happiness.❤😊
@UsPlusaBus Anos atrás
The homemade ring toss bit was such a fun addition and having the girls there with you made it that much better! This was such a great video, smiled and laughed the entire time! Y'all crushed it boys!
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
I’m so glad you had a riot watching because it was such a fun 48 hours for us all!!
@Sun-kissed_Ellery Anos atrás
I love both of these channels Us plus a bus and Earmon and bec!
@UsPlusaBus Anos atrás
@@Sun-kissed_Ellery 🙌🧡
@RuneSorensen404 Anos atrás
I`m not even halfway through the video, and I love it, as always. You guys ROCK! The hospitality, honesty and friendliness you radiate with, is quite uncommon. Thank you for sharing and being such legends with Ozo He is the cutest. Love from Norway, to all of you.
@hannaburke3904 Anos atrás
The “Siri your not invited” just was gold😂and the ‘it’s corn’ definitely caught me off guard😅😂❤❤
The four of you are absolutely hysterical in the best possible way! I laughed (and got a little teary) through all of part 1 and 2. I can't tell you how much I enjoy both of your channels and adventures. You all have reminded my husband and I how grateful we can be for life and the simple things. What a gift you gave us! Thank you all! I think my favorite part (if I have to choose) is Bec as a noun. So true. Strong, courageous, and so much more. I have watched you guys (Kara and Nate too) for a while now and have wanted to comment so many times. After this, I knew I had to. Best friends, love, humility, beauty, you guys have it all. I wish you all continued success. ❣❣❣ OMG brother beaver!
Your videos continue to prove why you have 1.13 million (and counting) subscribers. Awesome content; story boarded with style, edited to perfection and always seemingly organic whether the content brings tears to my eyes, or a smile to my face, if there was an Emmy equivalent for BRvid ( and there should be) you guys would be holding the trophy. Much love from Hawaii.
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
AWE Marilyn!!! This was so sweet! Thank you so much 💛💛💛💛
@mivggha8881 Anos atrás
I laughed out loud when I saw Eamon’s necklace! These guys are such good sports!! Love it!! Kara, “Have y’all been talking about your feelings?” Eamon, “yes” as he pushes them away so funny!! You guys and Kara and Nate are so fun to watch. Love both your channels. You did a great job!!
@coopernat1 Anos atrás
Giving the girls some cake was almost too generous 😂
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Haha it was definitely TOO generous!
@duweydang Anos atrás
Was wondering why they didn't bake it in the pot......
@1auntievenom Anos atrás
agreed... they had burgers and waffle fries for dinner!
@jamiemichellewest Anos atrás
Always a joy to have the four of you together! We all need more time to ‘play’ in nature 💚🌿 thanks for sharing the shenanigans!
@andrear3784 Anos atrás
I love when you guys combine and do these episodes! So fun! We love you all 🤎
SO FLIPPING AWESOME to see you all together and, most of all, having such a great time! LOVE that Oso is part of the crew now! He truly loves you both so much! Can't wait to see more videos of you with Kara and Nate.
I’m going through treatment for stage 4 cancer. I’m 25 so it was a big hit. Your videos have brought me a lot of comfort and inspiration. Hoping to experience more and challenge myself like you guys!
You have so much experience and challenge to come Meredith. You’ve got this 💪🏼
@@anna-louisepowell3489 thank you Anna! Your kind words are appreciated ♥️
@heatherlucero2530 Anos atrás
Ya’ll are amazing, but I can’t help but say Oso is the best!! What a cutie patootie!! 🥰
@jdubien123 Anos atrás
Just finished watching this with my fiancée. Our ritual Sunday night routine and it was awesome! We started following you guys for a while now because of Kara and Nate. We love watching you guys so much! Bec, I’m so glad to see you’re doing well. P.s- we also love OSO! We all know eamon took the mosquito net for « Oso » hehe! ❤❤❤❤
@elleyoung4018 Anos atrás
Whenever you guys come together as a four you just radiate joy and fun and that’s so lovely to watch. These videos were so funny. It was also just lovely to see you guys having fun after the year you’ve had. Wishing you even more joy, laughter, crazy challenges and comfort to go alongside.
@elsienorback7689 10 meses atrás
This was such a good episode! What a great idea. It was quite entertaining.
@sm0kei38 Anos atrás
this just shows how creative we humans can be, especially in the wild. i know you guys got help with stuff but this still was awesome! it must've be tough both physically and mentally but also a learning experience doing this. i loved watching through the whole thing!
@daphnegarcia2322 Anos atrás
I love how they were hungry but still wanted to share cake with the girls! The sweetest boys ❤ love you guys together always such a fun video
@RhondaInProgress Anos atrás
This was fantastic! I love it when you guys get together. Nate is Eamon's perfect opposite, making for all the best fun. Seeing Bec and Kara hanging out brought so much joy to my heart. Bec is an inspiration. 💜💜💜
@kirap3293 Anos atrás
This video just made me so happy for Oso. You guys are giving him such an amazing life! He's so lucky to have you as his forever home
@keyplayer5 Anos atrás
So enjoyed this video. I hope other cancer survivors can watch this and learn to celebrate life the way you guys do!💕💕💕
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Aww thanks Barbara! So grateful to have such an amazing online and off line community to support us throughout our journey!
i love seeing you 4 together! warms my heart. i wish craig and aimee could ever be with you all at the same time, like all 6 of you for a week! but beggers cant be choosers right? Eamon and Bec, its so good to see Bec regaining her strength and having fun again and eamon, you are a madman in all the best ways. Kara and Nate, i love you guys so much too. i love that you guys are there for each other in hard times.
@jasonbroad5478 Anos atrás
Thank you guys for putting a smile on my face. Entertaining people is not an easy job. I do it for a living so I know. Congrats! Health and happiness to you all!!!
@dananorris6242 Anos atrás
Eamon's passion for embracing the beans cracked me up. His own bean tutorial....too funny! 😉
@lilachristo Anos atrás
I was so excited for this video after Kara and Nate's survival weekend. Love to see the friendships between Emon and Nate and how loving you all are! You both (both couples) were our inspiration for creating a channel and we are learning everything from coming back to your channels every week. Ek love you guys, and so happy Bec is feeling better 🙌🏻🥳🥰
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Thanks you two!! So glad you love seeing us together with Kara and Nate! Many more adventures to come 😊
@shelbaba15 Anos atrás
So glad my favourite couples have reunited. This 2 part video series was so fun to watch, the guys are funny! Glad to see you girls enjoying much needed girls time together! ❤
@skystar8419 Anos atrás
Adore you guys - my fellow Ontarian’s! It’s always a treat to watch your content, and all of the creative thought that goes into your work. Warm hugs & well wishes to you both, Eamon & Bec. Xoxo 😘
@Kat-nl5gh Anos atrás
21:18 my fav part of this video, especially when Nate says “oooof” to the idea of sharing the cake with the girls 😂😂
Nate’s face considering the dog treat 😂
You guys are amazing together! These two videos were so much fun to watch, and when the time is right I would love to see a lot more videos in this configuration. The four (or five including Oso) of you seem te belong together and when Bec would be able to travel our beautiful globe again, I would love to see more videos like this one!
@savedmyluvssake Anos atrás
So so glad to watch your friendship grow with them. I’ve loved both channels for so long and seeing these collabs are my favorite!
@karleeann4997 Anos atrás
Love watching you guys merge together! I’ve been watching Kara and Nate for a while and found you guys a bit after. I love having some fellow Canadians to watch 🥰
@cleonelson8074 Anos atrás
@trishfranklin496 Anos atrás
You four are delightful apart, and unbelievably amazing together! I love your friendship! ❤️
@Godwinpounds4333 Anos atrás
Hi 👋 how are you doing?
@hanado1335 Anos atrás
I love you guys! Love that you’re able to share viewers with your besties Kara and Nate (Max abd Occy too) and in return we get to watch amazing friendships. I can feel the love you guys have for each other.
@fangsbites Anos atrás
I laughed during the first part on Kara & Nate’s channel. And I laughed even harder on the second part. The girls were living their best life while the guys were doing their worst life. I loved this series. Thanks for the content and your senses of humour throughout!
@marciawelch4130 Anos atrás
What an amazing honor it must be to share this friendship! We are so lucky to have you take us along for the ride! ❤ Happy trails!
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Awe thanks for joining us Marcia!! We love sharing our adventures with you ❤
@ashleys5453 Anos atrás
LOve this! This was so fun but also love taking time to do things like this to refresh our gratitude for the luxy most of us live in.
So glad to see yall having fun again all laughs! It may seem silly but in a survival situation once you have everything figured out it is important to play games or something to occupy your mind ... ❤️❤️❤️
So good to have you back. What an amusing film. You guys are wonderfully creative together, and fun for us to watch who have been watching you individually for a while now. OMG, you had me laughing way more than once. So fun!
There was so many layers of what I loved about this couple days. The camaraderie, Oso, the mutual love and respect between couples. The gratefulness for little things. The diy survivalist. I like these people.
@teresaflack1618 Anos atrás
Loved this video! You guys are so entertaining - can't remember how many times you made me laugh. Keep on keepin on!
@maggiev6479 Anos atrás
Sunday with Kara & Nate and Eamon & Bec, best Sundays!!! I knew I had miss this yet not how much I did! LOOOOOOOVED the video guys
Love this entire idea! Pure entertainment the entire video. And then seeing the frisbee golf ring toss compilation 🤯😂 Happy to see your bright smiles and gratitude for the “little things” I say the same thing all the time since moving from van life to home life, endless water coming out of the tap… LUXURY!
I love seeing your friendships unfold and all the support and love you have for each other. The girls definitely made out better on this adventure but you guys kicked a$$!
@kels0jade6 Anos atrás
You guys are awesome for sticking it out! I mean 48 hrs isn't really that long but it's still very challenging. And way more than I could do!! I'm super impressed! Such a fun video too! You guys are awesome!
@amaphis Anos atrás
I was way to invested in their adventure~~ when the boys spun the pot I got really excited!! Great job guys toughing it out.
@zipinha Anos atrás
Coming for part 2! So glad it wasn't to wait one week 😃
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
So stoked to have you here with us! Hope you love part 2 of the survival challenge!
@margoburns9085 Anos atrás
Hilarious! Eamon is a riot!! Clay've started a new Canadian back country delicacy. Loved seeing you back together with Kara and Nate. Awesome!
@manyalevine1017 Anos atrás
This was such a fun video to watch!!! Love seeking u guys having cool fun together Thanks for great content. 💜
So cute!! The boys & girls reaction on the phones. Really enjoyed this survival collab video!! Y’all are my favorite couples to watch!
@Revelacion320 Anos atrás
You guys definitely need to make this once a year, you guys rock! I've laughed so much 😂🤣
@uhavemooface Anos atrás
I wish this would never have ended. I am sorry but I really would have watched a series of this. I hope you guys do this again. You all have great chemistry together. This friendship will last forever.
Hello from Minnesota USA!! So fantastic! Great job guys!! And so glad to see great friends hanging out and building memories!!
@airfiero4772 Anos atrás
I came for Kara and Nate, and stayed for Eamon and Bec! Great stuff, folks!
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Awe yay! Thanks so much for sticking with us. We can’t wait to adventure with you 💛
@unchartedbrat Anos atrás
I know this series is about surviving the wild lol but I have to brag on both you guys relationship. It's so cute and awesome to see you guys treat and love each like the Kings and Queens you all are. Also the videos are great literally craved an hour out of my day to enjoy them both. 😊
@girlmomma527 Anos atrás
yep came here from Kara and Nate but I love all your videos, so I know this one will be extra entertaining as usual! 😀
@OffbeatLiteracy Anos atrás
This is one of the most fun collab series ever! This was one of the best in awhile thank you guys!
@natethepro7539 6 meses atrás
You have dealt with so much pain and you’re still making videos for us 😊
@bloonaddictx Anos atrás
This was so good! I laughed out loud. You guys are hilarious :)
@LOVElore. Anos atrás
So HAPPY to see you are at the point of having FUN with FRIENDS again after such a harsh health ordeal and scare!!! Well done!!! You are firmly on the other side of the medical hardships. YAY!!!
@87sport Anos atrás
looks like a lot of fun and makes you appreciate the nature and beauty of Canada. great job!
@tamisnowden8555 Anos atrás
I was ear to ear grin! What a blessed gift of friendship between 4 of you!!!
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
We feel very very lucky to call these guys our friends 💛
@stingb6983 Anos atrás
You guys are so much fun! Reminded me of your 48 hour raft experience!! 🤣🤣🤣
@colejarvis3098 Anos atrás
Just watched Kara and nates side of it and now I'm here. 🤣 Great content guys! Love the collaborations. Hope all is well and stay safe! Cheers! 🍻
@janphillips295 Anos atrás
Holy cow! You four are awesome. Found myself giggling through both episodes. Your ‘movie makin’ skills are exemplary, both couples. Who needs Hollywood!😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
@shannonbaldus5458 Anos atrás
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
HECK YEAH!!!! Thanks for sharing in our excitement!! What do ya think... could you do this with a friend?!
We really liked today's show. There were times that my husband and I were cracking up. Also just to see how appreciative you guys are to be so young. You're such a cute couple. 🤗
“Once you get into beans, you feel good eating them. You know what I mean? Like there’s no bullshit.”-Eamon 😂😂😂 omg there were some seriously class lines in this episode😅 please tell me you write down quotes like this!
@sharongrubbs5505 Anos atrás
I am 71 and just love your adventures,and the great friendships you guys have..I have laughed,cried,and celebrated this journey ..
@coleengoodell7523 Anos atrás
This was so much fun to watch. The guys got super blessed with the order of supplies. So happy to see great friendships grow. May God continue to bless all of you. Your channels have definitely blessed my life. Thank you.
@adonasager5366 Anos atrás
I love Eamon🥰 He's so freaking hilarious😅 loving Nate & Eamon in this wild glamping adventure...
@ssjess2504 Anos atrás
I LOVEEEEE seeing the 4 of you together but OSO WAS MVP 🏆🏅. Loved their video and so excited to see y'all's right after. So funny to see you girls in luxury and the guys in the woods. The game was awesome 🤣🤣♥️♥️
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Hahah so glad you've enjoyed both parts of this series! Those boys sure were creative out in the woods!!
You guys are tough good job!❤ everyone should do this it makes you appreciate what you have!
@teeesoul Anos atrás
Seriously love y’all so much. Dying laughing. Such good spirits. 😄💛
@TammyPetry Anos atrás
Not even finished watching but I had to come here and say that this is GREAT! I'd watch hours of this!
@eamonandbec Anos atrás
Aweeee thanks Tammy!! We’d love to make this a regular occurrence with these guys so we appreciate the vote of confidence!
@larajackson7506 10 meses atrás
That was so cool!! Team effort on both sides and the boys did excellent at making due with what they had to survive!!! So proud of you all! Thank you for sharing!! 😊❤️
You guys are the definition of great friends.