Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert

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16 Mar 2019



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Comentários 100
Almofti Mindalano
Almofti Mindalano 3 horas atrás
Where is that
Champion Blaze Gaming
Champion Blaze Gaming 3 horas atrás
In which desert you are where no snakes are bro
Nabil Papu
Nabil Papu 4 horas atrás
Which country is this?
Solas 4 horas atrás
Without sunscreen I'd burn red completely in half an hour out there lol.
David Mahler
David Mahler 5 horas atrás
Does Chris moisturize !
Ronith Shetty
Ronith Shetty 5 horas atrás
Should make a vid- counting every single grain of same in the desert 😅😅😂
iiaralix Roblox
iiaralix Roblox 6 horas atrás
Btw I sub to any9ne that subs to me :D
R B 7 horas atrás
5:56 is such a bruh moment
Millad Mozfarai
Millad Mozfarai 8 horas atrás
Brandi Brown
Brandi Brown 9 horas atrás
BeastBunny Gaming
BeastBunny Gaming 9 horas atrás
8:47 Look at Chris
Mega 9 horas atrás
At 8:46 you see Chris smoking
Michelle Wang
Michelle Wang 10 horas atrás
Me thinking about how much sand is in their nails:
Eddy Vargas
Eddy Vargas 12 horas atrás
They just did 24 hours and there already at each other necks lol
Emilio Posada
Emilio Posada 14 horas atrás
I think chandler didn´t survive
Silas Hewson
Silas Hewson 15 horas atrás
Chandler is stuck in the desert
Kayla Does Gaming
Kayla Does Gaming 15 horas atrás
you guys should do something ahahahahahahaha
Emmanuel Leal
Emmanuel Leal 15 horas atrás
You Can See Chris Smoking in the background of 8:40
Frementitis Ioannis
Frementitis Ioannis 16 horas atrás
I don't have a fortnite account.
Jayden Yoder
Jayden Yoder 19 horas atrás
Feel so bad for you guys
Double T
Double T 19 horas atrás
What is the song in the beginning called?
ちはこんに 20 horas atrás
اجانب هطوف
Asia Hertt
Asia Hertt 20 horas atrás
Come to Cricket Wireless in Turley Oklahoma 6230 N Peoria Ave
hashir jamal
hashir jamal 21 hora atrás
Chris is a good person.Because he literally did everything
Youtube CEO
Youtube CEO 21 hora atrás
This how my father decribe his past life
cremium plus tv
cremium plus tv 23 horas atrás
bad for you lungs
cremium plus tv
cremium plus tv 23 horas atrás
Y'all just crossed line I know y'all grown a man put y'all just crossed the line
cremium plus tv
cremium plus tv 23 horas atrás
And somebody was swearing
cremium plus tv
cremium plus tv 23 horas atrás
If you look at the background Chris is smoking
Matthew 6 horas atrás
He's an adult
Depo Dia atrás
Where did his Viking go?
isla mae gameplay
You poor man :(
cv mine
cv mine Dia atrás
Ommara Raza Ali
Ommara Raza Ali Dia atrás
"What am I supposed to do look at memes on my computer?" PewDiePie has left the chat.
khunn than cho 7E
Messed Up Hina
Messed Up Hina Dia atrás
I'm the Chris of my group
Uday Teja
Uday Teja Dia atrás
Mr beast please do jungle survival
Jason Roth
Jason Roth Dia atrás
Switzerland during ww2 3:29
Dustin Ysasaga
Dustin Ysasaga Dia atrás
Martinez Dia atrás
Can Chris Moisturize2
Kidz Vidz
Kidz Vidz Dia atrás
Mister beast chandler STOP eating chandler ok I use restroom Mister beast STOP use ing the restroom candler ok also him 🥺
Anderson Portillo
Puppet Vids
Puppet Vids Dia atrás
Challenge ideas Last to leave haunted house
MclarenP1Brian RBLX
The jommy
Panda PootyPie
Panda PootyPie Dia atrás
I subscribe to you but if I didn’t I wouldn’t care about my fortnight account lol
Garrison Holmes
Garrison Holmes Dia atrás
i love you guys mb is my favorite
Messay Yonathan
Messay Yonathan Dia atrás
did you guys see chris smoking
Aijaz Ali Zaidi
Aijaz Ali Zaidi Dia atrás
At 8:48 see Chris at back smoking
Alangameryeet 1234
Is Chris on drugs guys look at him in the back round there is smoke at 8:45
Let's Gaming
Let's Gaming 2 dias atrás
In Saudi Arabia we stay 3 days in , for have a fun time 😅
Legodude665 2 dias atrás
I want MrBeast to have as many Subscribers as there are grains of sand in that desert.
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 2 dias atrás
Morgz is so stupid that if he copied this he would fly to Antarctica
II BLXSSED II 2 dias atrás
I’m still waiting for him to go to the moon
Hazel Megyesy
Hazel Megyesy 2 dias atrás
i see chris smoking in the background
andy ng
andy ng 2 dias atrás
anyone watching in 2021?
gamerbrendon Loois
gamerbrendon Loois 2 dias atrás
Lilian Micollar
Lilian Micollar 2 dias atrás
ok delete my acount
Woshin bellz
Woshin bellz 2 dias atrás
Bruh this comment section is just borin
SRT707 2 dias atrás
What is that place called? Can you bring dirt bikes and trucks there? 🤔
Athish 2 dias atrás
anybody else noticed Chris smoking at the back?? 8:45
Woshin bellz
Woshin bellz 2 dias atrás
He was vaping
Mateo Nuncio
Mateo Nuncio 2 dias atrás
But i need my fortnight account
steele haslam
steele haslam 2 dias atrás
good vido
malilk whitfeld
malilk whitfeld 2 dias atrás
enbondy chis smoking 847
DogeGaming1549 2 dias atrás
bro mre are so good
Doom Guy
Doom Guy 2 dias atrás
How is he the beast?
JK8E JK8E 2 dias atrás
Lol 5:01
Anton Badushov
Anton Badushov 2 dias atrás
Why did they bring a boogie Board?? In the first hour Montage there was a boogie board in the shot?!?!
GAMINGLORD7 2 dias atrás
He told if we didn't subscribe or he will delete our fortnote account but lol I don't have a fortnote account lol
Kikikat09 2 dias atrás
Chris is the mom of the group \( - )/
Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj 2 dias atrás
you are the best youtuber man your awesome
Chelsea Dobson
Chelsea Dobson 2 dias atrás
Who did this first Ben Alzert or jimmy
CLAUDIA ACEVES 2 dias atrás
Grown men in a desert and are dying but are depending on one guy
Yaro Teugels
Yaro Teugels 2 dias atrás
8:46 look you can see hes smoking in the background
StealthySilver Fox
StealthySilver Fox 2 dias atrás
everyone: surviving Chandler: marking his territory by his poop
Tom Cooks
Tom Cooks 2 dias atrás
8:47 Is Chris Vaping??
Woshin bellz
Woshin bellz 2 dias atrás
Faryal Salar
Faryal Salar 3 dias atrás
Bruh where did chan chan go
Juniper Enos
Juniper Enos 3 dias atrás
Go to the Children’s Hospital and pay everyone’s medical bills (copy this to make it happen)
Movies_ ForYou
Movies_ ForYou 22 horas atrás
Donate your own money.
Aashir ψ
Aashir ψ Dia atrás
Alot of the money does go into hospitals
Gayathri NS
Gayathri NS 3 dias atrás
why is chandler only known for pooping?lol
anonymous guy
anonymous guy 3 dias atrás
@3:50 Chandler pooped twice
عبدالرحمن التميمي
you are now arabic طيب انا عربي
Rody Valencia
Rody Valencia 3 dias atrás
Wonder what desert were they in ??
Shreeyaj Durvasula
Shreeyaj Durvasula 3 dias atrás
What happen to chandler ?
Teagan Harbison
Teagan Harbison 3 dias atrás
I don’t play Fortnite
Spaghetti Benji
Spaghetti Benji 3 dias atrás
Legend has it that Chandler is still out there
Bruk Asmelash
Bruk Asmelash 3 dias atrás
Hah poopy I just tricked u to pining me.
SKINNYBONE 3 dias atrás
Next time you should do surviving 24 hours in my moms basement.
Trey Jochims
Trey Jochims 3 dias atrás
Did u notice at 8:48 Chris is smoking
Rc Master
Rc Master 3 dias atrás
Relic Abstract
Relic Abstract 3 dias atrás
Chris: What did you do Chandler : i Came
natalie reading
natalie reading 3 dias atrás
I sub cause i love fornite
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 3 dias atrás
edit: thanks for 22k
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 3 dias atrás
i pooped when chandler shouted manically
Jonathan Richards
Jonathan Richards 3 dias atrás
I challenge you guys to a week long survival in the woods of Pennsylvania during the fall or winter 😎
Asadbek Maksumov
Asadbek Maksumov 3 dias atrás
Who counts how many TIMES chandler POOPED????
Zafiro Martinez
Zafiro Martinez 3 dias atrás
Rmarcos5 3 dias atrás
Where was the desert
Mackytacky 3 dias atrás
Chis smokes
Mackytacky 3 dias atrás
Chis smokes
Mackytacky 3 dias atrás
Chis smokes
Mackytacky 3 dias atrás
Chis smokes
Mackytacky 3 dias atrás
Chis smokes
Mackytacky 3 dias atrás
Chis smokes
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