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2 Mar 2022



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Comentários : 2 795   
AlondraDessy Anos atrás
AHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE I WAS ABLE TO DO THIS FOR MY SIS! thank you for the support! btw here's the link to get 15% off your Casetify order
TheSassyFamily Anos atrás
I love u ur amazing ❤️
Delia Quintero
Delia Quintero Anos atrás
Your so nice alo your going to be so blessed always
Isabel Anos atrás
God bless you and your family ❤️
TheSassyFamily Anos atrás
Each other from way back when he did that smash or pass
TheSassyFamily Anos atrás
Idk if ur still doing give aways but if u are $sassy050885 I support all of u think u guys are doing great been with u sence asshole an I swear I new u an Benny were meant for
Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven Anos atrás
You’re so sweet mamas ❤️🥲 I’m proud of you!
Abraham gutierrez
Abraham gutierrez Anos atrás
I wonder what you were going to get your sister On her birthday
monserrat flores
monserrat flores Anos atrás
We are so happy that alondra has a BIG HEART❤️ Blessing to YOU ALONDRA With alot of work and alot of BLESSINGS❤️
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Anos atrás
Alondra is so sweet 💜
🦋Melanie Marie🦋
Yes alondra what Benny said😉 thanks for making me cry though😉
LifeBeingDest Anos atrás
the bond you guys have is so pure and special something money can’t buy dang that’s so sweet I love to see it happy birthday to Evelyn!!
Amanie Gunn
Amanie Gunn Anos atrás
Yes! Eye can see it and feel it! Their bond is so strong and beautiful !
jvddeee 10 meses atrás
@Amanie Gunn egg eight rjyey
Gorgeous Girls by Gaby
Literally crying with y’all!!! What a blessing it is to be able to love your siblings and give them things we weren’t fortunate to have when we were growing up!!! Blessings upon blessings upon blessing!!! May God bless you with more Alondra… so that you can continue to bless others!!! Happy Birthday Evelyn!!!
V Anos atrás
Alondras dad and stepmom have such great energy. They’re always smiling and seem so humble. I love them!
SeaAlina Channel
SeaAlina Channel Anos atrás
Literally crying, my eyes out . the bond you have for your sister is priceless. You have a beautiful heart, and very sincere, you deserve much more. So many Blessings for you and your family. God Bless you and your family. Happy birthday Evelyn!!!!
Ana Sophia Perez
Ana Sophia Perez Anos atrás
Girl, I’ve been watching you for over 2 years, & the growth is crazy!!! You’re family is so beautiful & I wish you guys nothing but success. You’re baby is going to be a superstar ❤️ not to mention your sister!! The amount of love you have for your son and your entire family is so noticeable. You, Benny and the baby make my days better ❤️ keep doing you & keep being the rockstar mama that you are!! Te quiero amigaa✨❤️
Jazmin Gasca
Jazmin Gasca Anos atrás
When you told her you deserve the best and both of you guys started crying that part was emotional and special. It shows how close you are to your sister. Alondra you are such a great big sister. ❤️
Sage Soroquisara
Sage Soroquisara Anos atrás
"They said I can go as far as I want, ima go home" I'm dead I laughed so damn hard 🤣, extremely blessed to be able to do it yes! An happy birthday to your sister!!
alejandra Martell
alejandra Martell Anos atrás
My fav part especially when she says “ehhh” lol
Alicia Roach
Alicia Roach Anos atrás
I love how y’all are so family oriented! I feel like this generation you don’t see that as much and it’s so sweet to see people putting family together and keeping that bond strong even through the new chapters life puts us through makes it hard sometimes
Ally Wally
Ally Wally Anos atrás
Daisy Anos atrás
It’s safe to say almost every one in these comments is crying their eyes 🥺🥺🤧🤧 it’s so beautiful when you’re able to give back to your loved ones for all their help and support. Happy 18th birthday to your sister 🥳🥳🥳 #Piscesgang ♓️
Brieanna Bitzer
Brieanna Bitzer Anos atrás
I got so emotional myself. I love how you guys have each other & your such a good sister for always taking care of her & making sure she’s good. Never loose sight of that! You guys are blessed & I love you both 💕
Elsy Guevara
Elsy Guevara Anos atrás
🥺💟💟💟💟 the best big sister to the best little sister! You guys both deserve this blessing 😢💟
Amy Lee
Amy Lee Anos atrás
I remember watching y'all's channel. Elsy, you encouraged Alo to persue BRvid! And now the three are living your best life. Y'all need to celebrate 🥳
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. Anos atrás
Literally the sweetest 💜
Jenny’s Vlogs
Jenny’s Vlogs Anos atrás
When are you girls gonna collab again or do challenges with your babiesss 😍😍
Leticia Fuentes
Leticia Fuentes Anos atrás
Happy belated birthday Elsy
Stranger 2 meses atrás
You deserve the best aswell❤
Viridiana Sanchez
Viridiana Sanchez Anos atrás
Just love how grateful and genuine Evelyn is! Love it!!!
Lupe Anos atrás
Im literally ballin my eyes out !! Idk what got to me the most the bond between you and Evelyn or seeing how proud your dad is to have you both :( This was amazing !!!!
Marissa Miranda
Marissa Miranda Anos atrás
Happy Birthday, Evelyn!!! I'm extremely happy for her bc it sure does seem like she deserves it! You're such an amazing sister, Alondra! I can't wait to ve in the position where I can buy all my loved ones' vehicles, too!! God bless you, girls!
Adriana Martinez
Adriana Martinez Anos atrás
As an older sister myself all we want is to see our baby siblings happy 🖤 big sister really do take the mom #2 role 🥰 much love Alo 🖤 $arleneelias
xoxo wendy
xoxo wendy Anos atrás
Not all 🥲
Ray Chapoy
Ray Chapoy Anos atrás
Amen I love the role model you are and the relationship you have with your baby sister... blessings stay blessed
Sugarplum Anos atrás
sister of the year 💖 both of you. it’s so sweet to see you too being there for eachother and sticking together. it’s everything 🙌🏼
sara n
sara n Anos atrás
I was literally tearing up watching this ! Im so happy you were able to do this for Evelyn ! She also looks like a great auntie ! 💗
Ximena Ojeda
Ximena Ojeda Anos atrás
When your father began to cry because he was proud of both of y’all, Dam. I love how united you and your family are, reminds me to appreciate mines a bit more ☺️❤️
princesa Anos atrás
It makes me happy how Alondra has so much love for her little sister. I have an older sister but she abandoned me for her husbands side of the family. Watching these videos makes me emotional bc I wish I had this kinda bond w her 🥺 I’m soo happy for y’all !!!
Melinda I
Melinda I Anos atrás
Tania Chavez
Tania Chavez Anos atrás
As a parent i love seeing siblings love each other! This is so beautiful ❤️😩 congratulations and happy birthday Evelyn 💕
Mariah Teixeira
Mariah Teixeira Anos atrás
Alondra you have to be the sweetest person to think of your sister and help her out. I love seeing genuinely good people like you become famous and be able to help others. May your blessings double for all you do ❤️
Lixani Anos atrás
Alondra I’m happy you had this amazing opportunity to give your sister not only the best gift but something she needed as well . You also deserve the best and will continue to . A huge hug to you both and happy birthday to your sister !
fayechen11 Anos atrás
I Love How humble Alo is. She`s Never Changed because of the fame and has never forgotten where she came from
Aracely Hammad
Aracely Hammad Anos atrás
So true that’s rare
rinnnaaaa Anos atrás
but the way she said aww to the bmw like it was cute and cheap.. not hating but you can tell they got money now.
Mom A
Mom A Anos atrás
@rinnnaaaa shoot I know id get mine sibling a Honda or Toyota they last forever and bmw etc is maintenance costly 😨😨
Aracely Hammad
Aracely Hammad Anos atrás
@rinnnaaaa they got hella money
Michi Londoño
Michi Londoño Anos atrás
I literally cried when Alondra said she’s so blessed to be able to do this for her family 💗💗💗
Lizbeth Herrera
Lizbeth Herrera Anos atrás
You guys are both examples of sister goals🥺Blessings to both of you♥️Literally made me tear😢
Elizabeth Acuna
Elizabeth Acuna Anos atrás
This made me emotional because I also have a younger sister and there’s literally nothing I wouldn’t do for her so I’m glad that Evelyn has you as a sister and continue to have a blessed life
alyse caballero
alyse caballero Anos atrás
wow i love how genuine y’all are , you and evelyn deserve everything and more 😢😢
L & A
L & A Anos atrás
I love you guys so much and I’m so proud of you and so happy that you get to do this for your sister who truly deserves it. For sure a birthday and moment she will never forget 🥺💗
Familia Arias
Familia Arias Anos atrás
Absolutely loved Evelyn’s reaction. U can tell she was so grateful. As an older sister I completely understand where u’re coming from. As much as we do for our siblings as a 2nd mom to them, they help us out soo much too specially when it comes to us having kids. They’re willing to be there for us with no hesitation. They drop what ever they’re doing just to be able to help big sis. U’re so awesome for being able to do this for her. Great video ❤️
Blanca Granando
Blanca Granando Anos atrás
Your dads reaction in all your heartfelt videos always makes me cry happy tears. Only because my pops is my everything. You’re so amazing, love this for Evelyn. ♥️🙏🏻
shannon w
shannon w Anos atrás
so proud of you alo!!! you’re so genuine I’m watching this video like who cut the onions 🥲🤣
Marissa Lizano
Marissa Lizano Anos atrás
Love that Alondra shares her blessings with her family 💕 congrats Evelyn enjoy your car 🚗 💛
Melody Falcon
Melody Falcon Anos atrás
This actually made me tear up. Alondra you are the definition of an angel. You're so blessed and you just bless everyone around you. ❤
penny hall
penny hall Anos atrás
What a blessing. You’re such a good big sister! That warms my heart! All love and respect!
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez Anos atrás
Just sitting here crying my eyes out! You’re an amazing person Alondra. You can’t tell how proud your dad is of you.
Yessica Bolanos
Yessica Bolanos Anos atrás
This was so sweet. The tears had me. Such a great sister relationship
Sandii L
Sandii L Anos atrás
Literally in tears watching this😭😭 You both are so humble and deserve all the best🙏🏽🤍
Estefania Trujillo
Estefania Trujillo Anos atrás
I felt the genuine love from the screen. I have my only sister and it’s the same❤️❤️❤️❤️ ugh so proud of you both
Sierra Garza
Sierra Garza Anos atrás
I cried with y’all, such a sweet moment. So happy for you guys
Idania Tovar
Idania Tovar Anos atrás
Awww my heart!!! When she said “I feel very blessed to be able to do this for her”. I got emotional with her. 😭 Alo is so pretty in the inside & out! ♥️
chantelmoxxa Anos atrás
awwww you girls made me cry!! congrats alo for being able to do this for evelyn & congrats evelyn for your new car 💗💗💗💗
Michelle Ocampo
Michelle Ocampo Anos atrás
So we’re all crying in here huh😭 I love them so much! GOD bless y’all for being so humble and having the good vibes and energy that y’all have and sharing it with us 💖💖
Irma Rosas
Irma Rosas Anos atrás
Ya’ll I cried more over this than my own quinceañera 🥺💟 they ALL DESERVE THE BEST 💓
skater bee
skater bee Anos atrás
Y’all so humble !!! So proud of all of them . They haven’t changed one bit
Diana Rojas
Diana Rojas Anos atrás
This video made my day!!!! I felt the love, and Don Chuy is such a proud dad
Yourealb Anos atrás
No way!!! 🥺 you’re such a good sister, it’s not even about the gift it’s how you love to see her happy!
Courtney Tane'
Courtney Tane' Anos atrás
This was one of the most beautiful things I've seen. So pure and real. I was literally balling my eyes out. Blessings to you and your family.
GMeL Anos atrás
What a great and wholesome vlog. You're blessed to be able to give to your family. Love to see your humbleness and your big heart, seriously you're so underrated. Editing is fire 🔥 🔥 too!
charlenef.g Anos atrás
I’m pregnant and girllllll I’m emotional af so I’m out here crying with y’all 😭😭😭 Alo you are the best sister ever and just seem so genuine to everybody around you that’s why you stay blessed.
Rebecca Sanchez
Rebecca Sanchez Anos atrás
Yay!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Loved the entire celebration. Happy Birthday to your Sister!!
Michele B
Michele B Anos atrás
this was one of the sweetest things Ive seen the love you have for your family is beautiful 💜you are such a light Alo 💜
Cammyson Anos atrás
I’m crying like she gift me the car. Omg I love how close y’all are. Soooo happy for you to be able to give ur family everything and more!
Marcela E
Marcela E Anos atrás
Wow so freaking nice of you Alo!! So humble love y’all!! So many more blessings coming your way definitely 🙌🏼🥳
Esmeralda Dominguez
Your relationship as sisters is beautiful, reminds me so much of me & my sister 🤍 so happy you were able to do this for her & hope she had an amazing birthday 🥳
Alondra's Life
Alondra's Life Anos atrás
This was so cute!!! Such a blessing to be able to bless others 🥺💕💕💕
Faith's World
Faith's World Anos atrás
Aww yall literally made me cry 😢 That is so beautiful for you to do for her. If I could do things like that for every person that is special to me I would.. You're an amazing big sister Alondra ❤
Chiva Anos atrás
Such a blessing!😭💗 I was crying, it warmed my heart when your dad said how proud he was of you girls. I hope god continues to bless you with more, you’re a true inspiration. Stay Golden 🤍
Michele Natalie
Michele Natalie Anos atrás
Alondra you are so inspirational and just such an absolutely incredible human being … the pride your dad feels for you is so evident and it just warms my entire soul.
jessica F
jessica F Anos atrás
so pure & genuine. you’re so fortunate to be able to do this💘💘
Irma Anos atrás
I haven’t even watched the video but before it even starts I just want to say how blessed some people are to be able to do this for their family members, friends etc thank you God Congrats That’s so beautiful of you Alo
gladys morales
gladys morales Anos atrás
Awww y'all made me cry 🥲 you're an amazing sister Alo 🥰 loved Evelyn's reaction.
kimberly escobar
kimberly escobar Anos atrás
this really hit my hard i cried so bad, this is so nice 🥺❤️ what u did for her
Jeanette Pena
Jeanette Pena Anos atrás
Aww how sweet! The bond you two share is beautiful. As the older sister as well, we always want to see our little sister happy!!
Karlitax Anos atrás
Why did I cry with them??? Their such good sisters, I love their relationship. I wish my sisters and I could be as close as them two! I LOVED THE WHOLE VIDEO
Melissa Acosta
Melissa Acosta Anos atrás
Me balling at her speech what a beautiful bond and that dad and daughter hug omg 🥲🥰🥰🥰
Deisy Mendoza
Deisy Mendoza Anos atrás
Dude I can’t believe you guys made me cry sooo adorable I wish I can one day be able to provide something like this for my siblings so beautiful ❤️🥺😭
Sandy Felix
Sandy Felix Anos atrás
What a blessing to be able to do this for your sister 🤍 May god keep blessing you with all your hard work! You guys deserve it 🤍
stephany villanueva
My heart is so content for y’all! Prayers and blessing your way Alondra y’all deserve it 🙏🏻💙
Personal Acc
Personal Acc Anos atrás
Awww hopefully you get to surprise your dad one day too, he seemed so happy! 🥺
Tasha Nielsen
Tasha Nielsen Anos atrás
Had me crying like a baby over here. So so sweet. What a generous gift and her reaction was so genuine - loved it 💓
Reìgn Amer’ìe
Reìgn Amer’ìe Anos atrás
Haha same , so glad we can all witness this.
Nathalia Diaz
Nathalia Diaz Anos atrás
Your relationship with Evelyn reminds me so much of my sister and I. I couldn’t help to cry my eyes out! LOL God bless you and your family❤️
Ravennn C
Ravennn C Anos atrás
Had me in tears🥺❤️ so beautiful to see the bond y’all have. Happy Birthday Evelyn🥳
MIZZ SOLIZ Anos atrás
This is the third time I seen this video and literally cry every time you are a very good sister you both deserve the world
Noemi Angeles
Noemi Angeles Anos atrás
I can feel the love you guys have for each other i love it 🥰
Karen Salas
Karen Salas Anos atrás
Literally bawled my eyes out. Sisters are a blessing from God ❤️ I love yalls relationship so much!
Denise Prado
Denise Prado Anos atrás
You are EXTREMELY BLESSED to be able to do this for your sister . God will bless you double because you did a kind act . When it comes to family you never care how much goes into it you always help them you have a huge heart ❤️
SWEET STEF Anos atrás
Alondra is is humble I really love how she does things for her family 💕
Geneva Calderon
Geneva Calderon Anos atrás
Had me crying!! I wish I could do this for my sisters!
L.M Anos atrás
As an older sister you really made me cry and get emotional watching you gift your little sister a car is so beautiful to see. We want the best for our younger siblings and I’m sure she appreciates everything you’ve done and give her. 💖💖
Angela Ramirez
Angela Ramirez Anos atrás
This video had me in tears 😭 I’m so happy for you Alo and you are such a great sister!! Ev is very lucky 🍀 to have you! ❤️❤️❤️
Emely De La Rosa
Emely De La Rosa Anos atrás
This was so adorable ♥️ you have such a special bond with your sister❤
Ashley Lara
Ashley Lara Anos atrás
I started bawling when Alo said she’s so grateful to be able to do this for her sister! You can tell how humble she is!
Loreen Perez
Loreen Perez Anos atrás
I couldn’t help but get so emotional with this video because me and my sister once had a relationship like this and unfortunately with family drama we no longer have a relationship but I love yours and Evelyn’s relationship makes my day❤️❤️
Gabriella Chavez
Gabriella Chavez Anos atrás
i love your guys relationship ,you're such a great sister alondra! i literally cried so sweet! happy birthday to your sissy!!
Monica Parra
Monica Parra Anos atrás
This made me cry! So proud of you! Happy Birthday Evelyn!
Jamie Anos atrás
Not me crying lol! I love the bond you and your sister have it’s such a beautiful thing
Marlene Anos atrás
Evelyn in shock, Crying her heart out! Alondra emotional happy and excited she was able to do this for her sister 💞 I was crying listening to evelyn cry!
Meli Anos atrás
Girl honestly your dad made me cry like a baby, his humbleness is amazing and he's such a proud dad... ❤️
Alyssaa Anos atrás
wow I’m crying with you both you two have such a connection as siblings and unbreakable bond. I am an older sister myself and would do anything for her and seeing her happy. This video is special.☺️☺️
Day Trading with M
Day Trading with M Anos atrás
This girl has a heart of gold. It made me cry so much to see the genuineness and love she has for family. What a beautiful person mashallah
Anisa Velez
Anisa Velez Anos atrás
Ahhh this video brought me to so much tears. 🥺I love this for her. Such an amazing gift, such a amazing sister ❤️❤️🥰
Cn L
Cn L Anos atrás
I’m crying over here this is so soooo sweet I have two girls and I pray every day they grow up and have a bond like this. Oh my gosh I remember watching your videos and your sister was like 15 wtf how has time passed so fast
Living in an amazing world♥️
Everyone needs a Jerry in their life 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he’s so funny! Alo I’m so happy for you!!!
Kaylyn Henry
Kaylyn Henry Anos atrás
I always love watching Alondra and Evelyn and how they bond with each other. Y’all make me so happy. Evelyn, happy birthday and I’m so happy for everything you’ve accomplished so far. I wish I had this relationship with my sister. But please please get a car lock for your steering wheel. In September, I had gotten my car stolen and that would’ve really helped. So please, from the bottom of my heart, PLEASE GET A CAR LOCK ❤️
Estefania Monjaras
Estefania Monjaras Anos atrás
I started crying when I watched her dad cry 🥺 , he’s super proud of you both ❤️
Anjelica luna
Anjelica luna Anos atrás
Omg! I’m so happy for her! You’re such a great big sister! She’s so lucky to have you and vise versa ❤️❤️ I’m over here crying in my car during lunch break watching this
Jennifer Villegas
Jennifer Villegas Anos atrás
Just looking at the beginning I know she's gonna be Hella excited and forever grateful!!! Yall have the best bond like true siblings should #bff4life I have 2 sisters and yeah....cherish what you have 😘💕👯‍♀️