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20 Jun 2022



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@alondradessy Anos atrás
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@BennySoliven Anos atrás
Thank you for blessing my mom 🥹❤️
@YouTube Anos atrás
such a sweet gesture! your MIL needed a place for her things, the bathtub storage was not cutting it!
@jayceec5394 Anos atrás
I can totally see how much comfortable you guys have gotten with each other since you had baby Benny. It’s always so peaceful having a great relationship with your in-laws ❤️
@StephaniePops Anos atrás
Your mother in law is goals. I love her. I hope I’m blessed with a MIL like her.
@palomavilla9478 Anos atrás
This was such a thoughtful gift you can tell she truly appreciates both of you . May you continue to be blessed always ♾
@calvinrosemama Anos atrás
I love how Benny’s family are so involved with baby boy. I sometimes wish I had family that were more involved but I’ll definitely be that person for my kids if they decide to have any kids when they get older. ❤️
@BIEN.XINGONA Anos atrás
As someone who BUSTED their 🍑 for over a year to buy a vanity, I cannot even begin to tell you how much this means to her! Even more than she expressed! You’re the sweetest! 🥰 $clavellexo
@lesleyxox4237 Anos atrás
Benny really said “It was Alondra not me” when his mom hugged him lmao that part had me dead!
Can we just appreciate Benny's step dad so amazing with baby legend love you all ❤️❤️
@nikkigaspar2157 Anos atrás
It is so important that baby Benny sees this type of relationship between his grandma and mom . Your baby is surrounded by so much love ❤️
@marvelousmimi87 Anos atrás
I love this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship ya have. It’s so genuine! You’re so lucky to have a great 2nd family!
Love the relationship you have with your mother in law and love the fact she always appreciated everything you guys do for her she deserves the world 💕
@AsilT-rp3bu Anos atrás
Love these little talks to us in the video!! I think it’s definitely a cute thing to keep in the others! :) God bless y’all!
@mermaidjacky9480 Anos atrás
I love how you get along with Benny mom!! I can really tell she loves you a lot ! 😭💖 it’s the bond you have with her is everything 💖
Awww yesss she does deserve her own space congrats girly! Your blessed to be doing good things❤️❤️
@lilysoliz67 Anos atrás
Why can’t we all have a mother Inlaw like bennys mom ??? I need one of her asap please 😂 I love how thankful bennys mom is ❤️
@bernicebravo9502 Anos atrás
This was such a thoughtful gift. She now has her own space to do her makeup! You’re amazing Alo! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@Amval_ Anos atrás
I always loved Alondra’s Energy
I loved the face Baby Legend made when you gave him that food. Also Benny's Mom is such a Beautiful Lady and so kind. Mother's deserve everything in life for all they do for their family.