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15 Ago 2022



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@BennySoliven Anos atrás
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@nadithslife2295 Anos atrás
The fact that your mom includes your brother's from your dad's side says alot about her! My respects to your momma 💯🙌 happy birthday to your grandpa 🎂💛
@Bella-mo3eg Anos atrás
the “she doesn’t even go here” part took me out 💀💀 baby benny is so adorable 🫶🏻
I know your grandpa has always meant so much to you , I’m glad your able to bless him like this , many more blessings for you and your family ❤️🙏
@harleyquinn1311 Anos atrás
You are truly blessed to still have ur grandpa. I wish I still did 😭 Happy Birthday to ur grandpa and many more years to come 💜 Much love !!
@diosaazteca5 Anos atrás
That was so sweet that he brought his lil bros and that his mom's family accepts them 💜
@lisaniespino2280 Anos atrás
Aww Benny your mama raised a very good man you’re so sweet! Love to see you giving back to your grandma and grandpa because they were there for your mom when she was young and when she had you! PS WE NEED MORE VIDEOS 🥺💚💚💚
@jeninamazon3359 Anos atrás
Happy Birthday to Benny's Grandpa! He is still young & looks healthy. Stay Blessed Benny 🙏♥️
@NejatBesher Anos atrás
I love how close Alondra is with your family, exactly how it should be! Healthy relationships.
@christygarza2824 Anos atrás
When you hear Benny's mom tell his brothers "hi guys" and completely interacts with them knowing that Benny's dad wasn't always there and she could hold a grudge yet instead welcomes his new family that just shows you 1. The real reason Benny's is so damn kind and loving and 2. That family and your childrens feelings come before anything. $CCGARZA15
You and Alo are amazing people. I love how you all don’t forget about y’all’s family and always give back to them. My freaking goal! Your family is beautiful. I pray God continues to watch over you all and keep the blessings coming. Shout out to your mom for raising a real one. I have 2 boys and I hope to raise them just as good as your mom did with you. I get emotional just thinking about it ‘cause this world is full of negative and hate.
@ChiquisEspinoza Anos atrás
So heartwarming to see you include your lil brothers 🫶🏼
@vgarcialuna86 Anos atrás
The clip with baby Benny laughing while playing with your mom's dog was too sweet!!
@Corinacc825 Anos atrás
That is so cute that Benny went to get his baby brothers ... LOVE YOUR FAMILY BENNY 💞
I love that Benny included his little brothers. What a good guy!
@cocogal4550 Anos atrás
I feel Benny is more himself and happier when he is with all his familia
Love how you guys stay united as much as you can 🙌🏼 nowadays people forget to even call the grandparents!!!
@patriciamota7892 Anos atrás
The baby brothers are so adorable 🥺🥺🥹 they really love Benny you can tell 😭
@mermaidjacky9480 Anos atrás
I love the family vlogs & I love how arianna is getting more comfortable Vloging 😭😭😭& That’s soooo cute baby Benny playing with the dog !!! 🥰
@Juanitalpz Anos atrás
Felicidades a el Don Chuy!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳