"Surfing AIDS" - Trevor Noah - (That's Racist) LONGER RE-RELEASE

Trevor Noah
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6 Jun 2019

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Comentários 522
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Mês atrás
Thanks for watching! 🙌🏾Subscribe & turn on notifications to find out when I upload new videos!
Rohan Tapkir
Rohan Tapkir 6 dias atrás
Love from India.... awesome stand to see you in india...
ChocHo0o 8 dias atrás - Trevor you need to link up, please!!!
Sirei Shirosenshi
Sirei Shirosenshi 15 dias atrás
actual sharks do not eat ppl at all. why? cause if there are enough fish and seals not one death per shark was reported on islands in fish reservates. humans are too big for sharks. but not for orcas lol
Joe Neman
Joe Neman 16 dias atrás
One Book, One School : Born a Crime - Veritas High School - Hey Trevor! Help us kick off your book with our students!
Gamer Chika
Gamer Chika 18 dias atrás
Love your humor.
digital subliminal messages
S T O P RA P E I N G. B a B I E S See i get that // honestly it was a surprise // yun ,huh // i bet we taste weird ,...but they don't care / they have to catch the marta // // haaa //
Orapeleng Tawana
Orapeleng Tawana 21 hora atrás
President Jacob Zuma took a shower after raping an HIV positive woman 7:05
Chasoba 37
Chasoba 37 Dia atrás
Rytah_Ug Dia atrás
Hey Africa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fanny Ditomene Sekwenda
I still don't get the part with shower and south African president. Can someone kindly explain? Many thanks
Fanny Ditomene Sekwenda
@Gezimuthi Ngwenya you got to be kidding me 😂
Gezimuthi Ngwenya
It is alleged that South Africa's previous president (Jacob Zuma) had intercourse with an infected individual and took a shower immediately after to prevent being infected......allegedly
felix felicis
felix felicis 3 dias atrás
Heey americaaa?
Brandon S
Brandon S 3 dias atrás
Fun fact Bull Sharks are the only known type to actually purposely eat humans other sharks only attack us when they are irritated or in heat
Imbongi Yeqiniso Ngcobo
Trevor Noah you are the living legend...# my role model
Sneakyvolta 4 dias atrás
Title should be "Trevor Noah ANNIHILATES liberal"
J Denmark
J Denmark 4 dias atrás
Trevor Noah providing a forum and safe place for bigots all over the world. Well done.
Ruschka Pocklington
Ruschka Pocklington 4 dias atrás
Still one of my favourite stories you ever shared. Education is a valuable resource, folks XD
Iulia Pintrijal
Iulia Pintrijal 4 dias atrás
jabulani theron
jabulani theron 5 dias atrás
"black people don't like crime" I relate
Dinna campbell
Dinna campbell 5 dias atrás
😅😅😂 Omg I love this
A•Z Anime
A•Z Anime 5 dias atrás
Honestly I don't hate sharks neither do I like them but they're just trying to survive I mean we eat animals too cause we're also just trying to survive
marley kymani
marley kymani 5 dias atrás
Trevor whatever you said in this clip is true the type of question white people sometime ask people from Africa is just funny.i had to like this clip and your very funny that's a fact
Ochre Wave
Ochre Wave 5 dias atrás
I have the absolute same shoes he's wearing.
Camila Mardones
Camila Mardones 6 dias atrás
OMG what is it with people in the US? I met a girl from NYU once studying in the UK and she honestly asked me if we had shoes in Latin America or if we walked barefoot everywhere. Seriously. A college student. From NYU.
Venessa Mckenzie
Venessa Mckenzie 6 dias atrás
Epic very funny 😂
Prince Acha
Prince Acha 8 dias atrás
Hey Africa Err hey America
Ange Journals
Ange Journals 9 dias atrás
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂my sides hurt
dc in rb
dc in rb 12 dias atrás
🚿 Shower🚿
sur-taka 12 dias atrás
honestly, when it comes to sharks vs humans, i can imagine how the kill count looks like.(ok, after writing this, i googled, it aint pretty), so i am not sure if you should make fun of people defending them, human supremacy is a thing too you know. and it is a pretty legitimate argument that sharks are really primitive creatures who just follow an ancient killer instinct. and at the same time i am glad if noone is using the same argument to "defend" black people.
Tali Lkr
Tali Lkr 12 dias atrás
1:45 "not their fault they just poor" I can so relate here 🤣
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 12 dias atrás
AIDs is not an STD, you can't catch or give anyone AIDs, it is a SYNDROME, the long-term result of decades of abusing your organic botanical body. Drug abuse, alcohol, sugar, GMO, vax, supplements, prescription meds, anything you put in (or on) your body that isn't water or food is a long-term health risk. Get daily exercise, eat Organic Botany and get some sun (vitamin D repairs your BRAIN BONES & BLOOD. The new HIV strain that leads to AIDs, from corrupt lowest-bidder Dutch Vax Labs in Africa used cheaper Simians, humanity was immune to HIV before big pharma came along, fucking billionaires just want to watch the world burn.
Marilyn Thomas-Surr
Marilyn Thomas-Surr 13 dias atrás
Sounds made up
Dr Medicus
Dr Medicus 13 dias atrás
what are his shoes? i like them
MonstersInsideMe 13 dias atrás
Noah, dont joke about the sharks because people take it seriously and think it's okay to kill them.. they are as important as everyone else.❤
High School-Er
High School-Er 13 dias atrás
7:05 i dont get that reference
Jarred Naidoo
Jarred Naidoo 11 dias atrás
High School-Er It was a reference to our ex-president (Jacob Zuma). People thought he had AIDS due to all his wives. To combat the allegations he said he had a shower. I recommend searching the other dumb stuff he has done.
Death's Daughter
Death's Daughter 11 dias atrás
High School-Er I'm pretty sure it was something the south African president said 'that you can get rid of aids by taking a shower', I think but I'm definitely not sure, but I saw it somewhere else in the comments
Abraham Wilberforce
Abraham Wilberforce 14 dias atrás
One time I was in the USA and I talked with people there and told them that I was from Germany. The legit asked me: Do I think Hitler wins the next election against Merkel? How did I came over the Berlin Wall? Can we see the moon? Do we have water and electricity?
Noni-Ayanna Gobern-Roach
Sonic the fan 99
Sonic the fan 99 14 dias atrás
How did you get here Trevor: I use my monkey grip under the plane. That killed me
Hlengiwe Zungu
Hlengiwe Zungu 5 dias atrás
Taylor Gonzalez
Taylor Gonzalez 14 dias atrás
Am I the only one that got really mad when she asked if Africa had waves? Like excuse me South Africa has some of the best surfing in the world!
J Denmark
J Denmark 4 dias atrás
@Taylor Gonzalez I'm from Maine, I live in Hawaii, I have traveled extensively around the world. I am used to getting silly questions from ignorant folks from all over, no one area has a lock on that honor. When a person that has never left their home island/city/rural community, I don't tend to extrapolate from their questions, a generalization of an entire population. But then again, I am not a politician or comedian. I am not a surfer, but having been around a few, my experience is when they ask about waves, they actually mean really good surfing waves. I am a kayaker and have been using surf skis since the "80's. A lot of kayakers/canoe rs aren't aware of them. I don't feel like they are ignorant in general, just because they didn't know surf skis originated in SA and Australia as lifeguard aids. And finally, surfing has been around forever in Hawaii, spread to Cali, FL, AUS and SA then made its way to the colder regions of the globe. Did you know that we have great waves in Maine? Clean barrels every incoming tide. Plus tidal bore waves you can ride every twelve hours. Or that we have tides of up to 50 feet? Four times a day?
Taylor Gonzalez
Taylor Gonzalez 4 dias atrás
J Denmark I mean just because she casually surfs doesn't mean she knows all the good surf spots around the world. Many casual cali surfers don't know that there are places in Europe with amazing surf spots they mostly think California, Hawaii, and Australia.
J Denmark
J Denmark 4 dias atrás
And you really believe a girl that surfs is unaware of that? Mr. Noah is not one to let truth stand in the way of a good joke.
M TK 14 dias atrás
Trevor Noah demeans everyone but his small bubble of life. honestly I don't understand why he is so angry at everybody.
J Denmark
J Denmark 4 dias atrás
Think of how difficult it is to be trapped in a body that is 50% white when you loathe white people. The internal conflict is going to kill him.
Charless 14 dias atrás
Ever tried making a joke and you accidentally make another joke in it
Kim Rob
Kim Rob 14 dias atrás
I say this&its a fact kevin hart has no shit on trevor, trevor is way better than kevin in standup comedy
A R 15 dias atrás
Sharks dont eat a lot of people? when your joke is based off something thats just flat out not true it takes a lot of the humor away
Odelia Soyen
Odelia Soyen 15 dias atrás
Never ever listen to Trevor while eating😂😂
Lulu Chanel !
Lulu Chanel ! 15 dias atrás
😂😂 omg!!!
Ariam 15 dias atrás
Just take a shower 😂😂😂
Ares 15 dias atrás
Sharks kill less than 10 humans a year and we killed 100 million of them every year
Devi Zakura
Devi Zakura 15 dias atrás
Guess that would explain why people in empoverished countries die of AIDS in great amounts - they don't have showers. :')
Smiley 15 dias atrás
Ah yeah if you are poor it's okay for you to commit crimes.
J Denmark
J Denmark 4 dias atrás
Well apparently only if you had white people oppressing you.
MillioniarePenguin 16 dias atrás
South Africa actually has some of the best waves in the world, along with a well established surf community. The world tour even makes a stop there.
J Denmark
J Denmark 4 dias atrás
yes and every airheaded surfer from cali is aware of that.
Joe Neman
Joe Neman 16 dias atrás
One Book, One School : Born a Crime - Veritas High School - Hey Trevor! Help us kick off your book with our students!
Daniel Kolesnick
Daniel Kolesnick 16 dias atrás
That was painful .The dash of Political incorrectness made it slightly more tolerable.
Stanley Debarrister
Stanley Debarrister 16 dias atrás
trevor > hart
Abdullah Abdullahi
Abdullah Abdullahi 16 dias atrás
Awesome keep it up 😂
Tominzay 16 dias atrás
I get flashbacks when he switches to the British/Australian accent. I had a teacher who spoke exactly like that.
Tyrone Mawela
Tyrone Mawela 15 dias atrás
thats a Cali white girl accent
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