Supreme Court Shenanigans !!! 

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29 Set 2020



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@ChengTeoh 3 anos atrás
Adults getting more recess than school kids is just messed up .... could you imagine if kids had a loop-hole they could exploit to force the educational system to give them 3 day recesses every 4 days? That would be the ultimate kid shenanigans!
@Joy-zp3bt 2 anos atrás
The one senator that doesn’t do roll call is in the unique position of accurately saying, “I am the senate”
@Neotenico Anos atrás
Boy am I happy that our nations politics is based entirely around serving its people's interests and isn't just a giant pissing contest
@lpclassic60 2 anos atrás
The image of a Supreme Court justice halfheartedly teleporting two opposing parties into the room over and over is just sending me
@Bidmartinlo 2 anos atrás
Senators on "recess": "We're so smart."
the 3 day break thing is like doing 1 easy question on your homework and then taking a break for 11 hours
@therealbeanbot 2 anos atrás
The whole Recess thing is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard about politics and it’s great
@zoisantonopoulos7999 3 anos atrás
Founding fathers : write an extremely complex constitution
@LordMardur 2 anos atrás
Schrödinger's Senate: The senate is and is not in recess unless someone asks for a roll call.
@ancientfrosty1861 2 anos atrás
This is literally like play fighting a kid, but they keep giving themselves invincibility
@starlight4649 2 anos atrás
I love how the supreme court justices always look jaded and sick of the shenanigans of the government.
@umno9830 2 anos atrás
Other kids: I want to be an astronaut and go to space and discover really cool things!
@asperRader Anos atrás
I'm so "happy" that you can accurately depict the highest branches of government as schoolgirls and schoolboys arguing amongst one another with petty bullshit.
@founoe 3 anos atrás
@EliteJello 2 anos atrás
What I understood:
@notawesomebread 2 anos atrás
I love the image of senators spending their recess time at the playground swings.
@luisgay5897 Anos atrás
The more I learn about politics the more I realize that society exists through sheer luck.
@henry875 2 anos atrás
One of my favorite things about these grey “politics” videos is that he does say anything about either party and doesn’t mention them, so we can escape partisan politics and just judge what actually happened
@orbilu2 2 anos atrás
"Full-time pay for part-time work" - the motto of Congress