Suns vs. Bucks | 2021 NBA Finals MINI-MOVIE FULL Compilation 🏆 

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Suns vs. Bucks | 2021 NBA Finals Mini-Movie FULL Compilation 🏆
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23 Jul 2021



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Comentários : 1,6 mil   
@awesomesause1116 2 anos atrás
Giannis accomplished so much at just 26 that if he literally retires right now his jersey would still be retired. That’s how insane his resume is
@howzei4055 2 anos atrás
man is forsure gonna be in the goat convo if he keeps this pace up
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@finishfirst4580 2 anos atrás
What happens when his athleticism declines???
@piusbutarbutar1782 2 anos atrás
@@finishfirst4580 like all all time great he would know what to do when the times come
@alter3426 2 anos atrás
@FTC X comp juat ignore him, he spam that comment all over the place.
@arthurkim3331 2 anos atrás
"When you focus on the past, that's your ego. When you focus in the moment, that's humility" - Giannis 2021
@timcook8044 2 anos atrás
When you focus on the future, that's your pride.
@lebumcames3615 Anos atrás
Easiest superstar to root for in the league, maybe all of sports
@buhhhbye3670 2 anos atrás
Knowing the struggle of the bucks on the last 5 years, they truly deserve this Championship.
@swishkobee3639 2 anos atrás
and more to secure
@tfumpr3373 2 anos atrás
agreed hard work pays off they not get a championship handed to them like others
@KingNekro 2 anos atrás
lol You're kidding right? The Bucks of the past 5 years don't even know what struggles are compared to the Suns of the last 5 years.
@realitybites629 2 anos atrás
@@KingNekro lol right, but Giannis started out as a benchplayer on a 15 win team and took 8 years to finally reach the finals, so that is really a struggle. Booker is just 24 and he already reached the Finals
@theirishmanofficial 2 anos atrás
Deserve? No. They earned it, but definitely don’t deserve it. The Suns have never won a ring they deserved it, but the bucks earned it.
@katireei7761 2 anos atrás
50 years 50 points 50 nuggets 1 ring to rule them all 1 ring to find them 1 ring to bring them all and in the *greatness* bind them
@blackhammer4205 2 anos atrás
Funny trying to quote Lord of the Rings you are hilarious my friend😂😂👍🏿
@mtgpackcrack 2 anos atrás
Might be slight diss saying the'll win only 1 ring?
@katireei7761 2 anos atrás
Milwaukee has two championships/ring but this specific ring from Giannis is worth more than many others in the league. Giannis is the lord of the rings.
@charityadjah3001 2 anos atrás
and 50 likes
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@noahshea7341 2 anos atrás
Bucks fan here: So proud of this team. A collection of class acts like Kha$h Money Milddleton and Holiday led by a superstar who exhibits humility and an unmatched work ethic every day - someone to follow. Great story and great Finals.
@whiteybuIger 2 anos atrás
Im a clippers fan and im glad they beat the suns
@yourboyrenjr1173 2 anos atrás
love that nickname for Kash Money Middleton
@nickkane7983 2 anos atrás
Shit even tho suns never got one these bucks deserve it more than anyone that’s a fact
@xiyaoliu3834 2 anos atrás
so why Khris Middleton is called khash money?
@yourboyrenjr1173 2 anos atrás
i dont know cause when he takes a midrange in the finals he suddenly summoned the power of Michael Jordan and the shot goes in
@AD34022 2 anos atrás
I will never forget this ring... being a long time Bucks fan, I never thought we would see this day a decade ago. It’s an amazing feeling! Still feels unreal.
@milwaukeejack4290 2 anos atrás
Yea man all the years of Bobby Simmons John Salmons Cory Meggette Drew Gooden Charlie V made it feel like we would never have a chance. Special as can be.
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@finishfirst4580 2 anos atrás
Lol. You didn’t play. You had no bearing at all on the players winning
@RedtheCat2014 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 cry some more, Mr salty!! Booker got away with 8-10 fouls a game, Plus flops.
@takebackthetime Anos atrás
This is the most balanced NBA Finals in years. No superteam, No 3 point GOD, No recruiter. Just pure talent, heart and determination to win.
@candlestick6294 Anos atrás
Bring a 3 point god isn’t talent?
@mug281 Anos atrás
You know most “super teams” don’t win championships right? Subtract the heat with lebron, GSW with KD and the Celtics with Pierce, Garnett and Allen and literally every other championship is won with great team basketball. That’s literally only 5 championships with a “superteam”. Don’t even say GSW without KD is a superteam, their main core is homegrown.
@Packrunner4 Anos atrás
@@candlestick6294 who?
@michaelhession2105 2 anos atrás
"I'd rather win this way, than go somewhere else with a superteam and win 2 or 3." -Giannis Antetokounmpo
@xti7386 10 meses atrás
Thats my goat right there
@rechannel864 5 meses atrás
Same with dirk
@kokushi333 2 anos atrás
Believe it or not, the addition of Holiday, Portis, and Tucker is what completed the Bucks' puzzle to complement with Giannis' playstyle.
@fredwilliams9456 2 anos atrás
Yes they definitely made the difference.
@peterb.3981 2 anos atrás
Not to sound negative but Tucker? ehhhhhh that's a bit of a stretch. Holiday was the major difference and with the heart of Portis that every team needs, that's what equated to an nba championship.
@kokushi333 2 anos atrás
@@peterb.3981 I'd agree with you on Tucker, I only mentioned him because he was the soul of the team against their toughest series against the Nets. Him distracting KD was a huge help really.
@Sam-oe4dt 2 anos atrás
@@peterb.3981 they don’t beat the nets without TUCKER
@peterb.3981 2 anos atrás
@@Sam-oe4dt Pffffff.....his impact in Houston was barely existent that's why they rushed to trade him before he was worthless. Cmon, a great defender he might be, but a clutch player when need be he is not and it's been proven time and time again.
@NB27540 2 anos atrás
They won more playoff games than they did in the 2013-2014 regular season
@osimalosi7372 2 anos atrás
@ayomiklin 2 anos atrás
@@osimalosi7372 lol
@osimalosi7372 2 anos atrás
@@MONEY-ol8mh what did I do wrong?
@yourragesalt5533 2 anos atrás
Harden: *“I wish I could be 7 foot and just run and dunk, that takes no skill.”* Giannis: *”Im not saying Harden isn’t skilled, but I took offense to what he said about me. And I took that personally.”*
@yunopepper76 2 anos atrás
LeBron gave up
@kyriefan9782 2 anos atrás
@@yunopepper76 .
@user-vk2cd9qw7i 2 anos atrás
harden himself is 6'5" which is taller than the average point guard so idk what he's talkin about lol
@weeblewwe 2 anos atrás
@@user-vk2cd9qw7i he’s a sg not point
@manipurnimag6193 2 anos atrás
@@weeblewwe no this season he is playing pg
@noelbate505 2 anos atrás
Bro seeing them hold the trophy feels good actually even though I'm a heat fan and sad we lost, I'm happy for the players of Milwaukee they truly deserve this one
@livefromdagarage 2 anos atrás
Yall aint just lose, yall got swept.
@sheff1289 2 anos atrás
imagine being a heat fan tho
@Mrdrivereight 2 anos atrás
@@livefromdagarage swept? it went to game 6 too. You didn't even watch that series 😂
@kotarobokuto7459 2 anos atrás
@@Mrdrivereight The bucks swept them in the first round this year
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@corazonbeso 2 anos atrás
Before this postseason, i never knew what kind of man Giannis was. This finals gave me so much respect for him. This man is wise beyond his years. So sweet, kind, generous, loves his family, and all around amazing dude. But an absolute beast on the court. I hope to see some kind of film on his life in future years, his story is one where one comes from the utmost bottom, to the top of the world, almost literally. God bless you Giannis! Win more championships, and congrats on your first ring! :D
@habibaali5443 2 anos atrás
Sending luv 💓. I am sooooo loving this Man, I'm teaching my 6yr boy about him. Ethiopian luv from Montreal. Mmmwaàhhh ❤
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@shariifasad9099 2 anos atrás
okkay here is your like.
@asura3967 2 anos atrás
Cool fact: giannis is the first person in the history of the NBA to win MIP,MVP, DPOY and FMVP that show’s how much work he put into the game congrats giannis and the bucks
@OlJackBurton 2 anos atrás
He also wants a time machine just so he can go back and win ROY too...
@charliejayluban7814 2 anos atrás
hardworks,dedication and loyalty answers all of those who dont believe,like and bullies my idol. and now where is harden wish he was 7 foot tall and just run and dunk it takes no skill at all ? where is your skill now harden double step back and flopping at all time
He also got all star mvp as a little extra.
@mike1234138 Anos atrás
@igotclampsonhof6288 2 anos atrás
Giannis with a hyper extended knee is the GOAT
@suankem2875 2 anos atrás
maybe he grow a few inches from that xd
@yunopepper76 2 anos atrás
LeBron gave up
@iplaywildrift8734 2 anos atrás
@@yunopepper76 so true man. say it on his face
@ekamrr9375 2 anos atrás
@@yunopepper76 you know he won you a championship right?
@HiBye-ec8ts 2 anos atrás
Bucks front office deserves a ton of credit. Tucker was a huge pickup this season and the Jrue Holiday Trade was worth every penny. That dude is amazing and a perfect fit on this team
@josiahruffin2950 2 anos atrás
He scored zero points three times this final series and was terrible in the playoffs 😂😂😂
@anthonyseelen8384 2 anos atrás
@@josiahruffin2950 uh what? No he didn’t
@josiahruffin2950 2 anos atrás
@@anthonyseelen8384 The literal most recent game which was game six he dropped a doughnut played 26 minutes no points this man did not play good Tucker was not a huge pick up at all
@lukemeador9273 2 anos atrás
@@josiahruffin2950 we don’t need Tucker to score we got him to play defense
@makoimakur9770 2 anos atrás
All the way from East Africa, staying up till morning to watch the whole series just to witness history. And that was worth every second
@francisnezer8915 2 anos atrás
All the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA saying; We won the series already, you can go to sleep 😴 now.
@evansmeki4057 2 anos atrás
Athens, Greece*
@seunoliwo2279 8 meses atrás
From West Africa Nigeria raised in Greece …..
@MubaraqAdedayo 4 meses atrás
@@seunoliwo2279reading comprehension: 0
@MubaraqAdedayo 4 meses atrás
@@evansmeki4057did u read it buddy
I remember when Giannis said "Milwaukee is my home, my city" back when he signed the supermax contract, and he put on for his city on the biggest stage in basketball. Giannis is a great teammate who stays determined, loves his city, and will always give 110% on the court.
@Ben-um1cy 2 anos atrás
Last few minutes had me weeping. "I'm a champion! My city's a champion!" Thank you, Giannis
@tyleralten2329 2 anos atrás
Will never forget what it was like being in that arena that night.
@ianrayflora3593 2 anos atrás
I lost my voice bro lmfao
@gregorypowell5473 2 anos atrás
What an amazing feeling the building was rocking and on 🔥 🔥 🔥inside and out.
@desmondkaczynski8190 2 anos atrás
I was outside and it was nuts
@anitamae2196 Anos atrás
I was in the Deer District. It was absolutely amazing.
@noahgainer8714 6 meses atrás
I was in the Beer Garden. Absolute madhouse
@Jayman0057 2 anos atrás
Respect to Monty Williams, he's a great coach and an amazing dude.
One of the best finals series I ever watched, right up there with 2004, 2011 and 2016. It's basically a match you don't want either team to lose. It all boiled down to whoever wanted it more, and the Bucks proved they did. I wish next year's finals will be as good as this one.
@celesao555 2 anos atrás
Huge respect for Suns coach for congratulating after game 6. Real man and coach!
@katireei7761 2 anos atrás
Here after USA lost to tell you Giannis is clearly better than Durant and not just lucky. Won ring without superteam.
@celesao555 2 anos atrás
@@katireei7761 Also huge fan of Giannis, what he achieved with the Bucks and especially the way he did it, is a fantasy script for a movie...
@katireei7761 2 anos atrás
@@celesao555 Tell that to Skip, Steven A, Perkins, and the rest of USA sports media a-holes that were hating on Giannis all along and still do.
@hithere1456 2 anos atrás
Brooklyn got one coming too
@celesao555 2 anos atrás
@@hithere1456 hope so
@lonzoball8061 2 anos atrás
Giannis proved his haters wrong and was incredible in the finals and showed that he has skills to win a ring and a finals mvp
@cheeseemperor1856 2 anos atrás
Thanks Shaq
@reubeno.c.9379 2 anos atrás
Shaq spittin FAX as always. Thank u shaq
@kstv2818 2 anos atrás
Yeah u could tell Giannis was hungry for a ring
@vpa321apv 2 anos atrás
@NotWanz 2 anos atrás
Nets fans/bandwagons are just crying 😭😭😭😭
@michaelhession2105 2 anos atrás
The Bucks and Giannis saved the future of the NBA for small market teams. All of the narratives were that you had to attract superstars to your big market city were annoying. But winning the championship gave us instant credibility from fans of the NBA across the world. #BucksLevel
@buhhhbye3670 2 anos atrás
Giannis is the true definition of Action Speaks Louder than Words. He is the voice of the team and the carrier.
@sportsphenom6357 2 anos atrás
I’m a true bucks fan here and to see the adversity that all of them had to overcome is very inspiring! Giannis’s life story is one of the most inspiring I’ve ever seen, and they definitely deserve it after 50 years! Love you bucks and Giannis!
Ima bucks fan to the bucks deserve this title
@BigglesworthcL 2 anos atrás
When he said my city is a champion. All the feels.
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
@NGVD24 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 this ain't twitter bucko.
@joshramirez997 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 cringe
@juststop9379 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 get away from us
@Nightowl333 Anos atrás
This was an incredible finals. A true finals series. Two amazing teams that deserved to be there. No “super teams.” Giannis is the best player in the league and the Bucks deserved it more than anyone. Spectacular.
@sotchalk1867 9 meses atrás
Watch Holiday's looks at 27:52-28:00. Looking at teammates, the bench, the clock and back at offense in zero time, like a self- acting robot. Unbelievable action!
@seyahtan24 2 anos atrás
One of the most well deserved championships ever. Worth more than multiple rings won by shortcut loving teams and players.
@GreliBelandres Anos atrás
One of the best Individual Finals Performances by Giannis in NBA History 🔥🏆🦌
@BigHoss03 2 anos atrás
I’ve watched this a couple of times since it happened and I still get chills every time. Crazy I got to experience the ending in G6 with 80k+ fans in the deer district. Go Bucks! 🦌
By far my favorite play of this series is holiday in game 5 with the strip on booker at the end, resulting in the oop to Giannis. No trash talk no trying to get under others skins all game and all class. Love you Milwaukee
@soulman1988 2 anos atrás
These Bucks played SUCH good defense down the line. That's why they're Champions.
@659009stan Anos atrás
Undoubtably one of my favorite, If not my most favorite championship winning team that’s not my own. I’m so happy for Giannis, Middleton, holiday, everyone. And when Giannis and Coach and Middleton all embrace. It literally gave me goosebumps and a feeling of euphoria. So happy for them. And as a average NBA fan, I hope it’s not the last.
@dirtboy0077 2 anos atrás
I’m a warriors fan (call me a bandwagon don’t care) but this is one of the greatest finals series of all time no saying otherwise and Giannis’ game 6 was one of the best single player performances ever
@suck4599 2 anos atrás
LBJ 2016. down 3-1
@trisk902 Anos atrás
How are you a bandwagon for being a warriors fan
@melanatedgod5337 Anos atrás
You must haven't been a warriors fan all your life to have said that.
@dirtboy0077 Anos atrás
@@trisk902 cuz everyone assumes that now
@msytuser Anos atrás
@@trisk902 because people like the person below you are lebron stans and whine and cry about losing to the warriors
@ohyajut9112 2 meses atrás
Will never forget the memories of getting to go to game 3 and 6. Milwaukee needed that. The atmosphere and amount of people in the deer district for this whole playoff run and finals run were much needed for the city too
@sammydubs 2 anos atrás
as a suns fan, yes this was sad for me. but there’s not another team or player in the nba that i would rather see holding that trophy other than the bucks and giannis.
@boltz8609 10 meses atrás
Full and unadulterated credit to the editors of this video. This was a blockbuster, rollercoaster ride for a guy who already knew where the finish line was. Man, what a great vid, NBA!
@NeonClock 2 anos atrás
Milwaukee was becoming in danger of being relocated, and then comes the 2013 NBA Draft in which the class itself was pretty lacking. Atlanta had to wait after us to draft Giannis, but Milwaukee took him first along with trading Brandon Jennings for Khris Middleton. Years pass by, Bucks faced drama with building a new Arena, finding a new General Manager and getting a Coach to utilize Giannis. This whole process was a grind, but seeing the Bucks with a gold-tinted NBA Finals logo and not falling to the Wisconsin Sports curse, this win was cathartic.
@aldebaranalazar6529 2 anos atrás
All year of hard work and one of the greatest end. So chuffed for the Bucks. Well deserved victory!
@bingefest1799 2 anos atrás
36:47 very classy move by Monty Williams. It takes a lot of dignity, respect, and courage to do that
@maihouaxiong4411 2 anos atrás
37:55 "I'm a champion, my city's a champion." So happy for Giannis, proving so many people wrong.
@thestatusjoe9949 2 anos atrás
Giannis earned his spot. MVP, MIP, DPOY, FMVP, ASMVP, and a ring. Crazy that they got a ring exactly 50 years after the last one. Giannis is my 3rd favorite player (as a Nuggets fan Murray holds 1 and Jokic 2) because of his dedication, his talent, his humility, and most importantly his effort
@Jaxwalkk 2 anos atrás
Crazy how much faith the bucks had in him kept him for so long now hes a beast
@joinjoshoutdoors5866 2 anos atrás
I actually like how they put the Suns in the movie too and when they made runs. It made it all the more satisfying when the Bucks still ended up winning the game regardless.
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@joinjoshoutdoors5866 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 of course it's rigged every playoffs is rigged. The reason why Tom Brady has been to so many Super Bowls. The NBA needed something to win back fans so a lot of calls went the Bucks way and Giannis goal tended twice the 6th game but they needed a small market team to win not even going to lie.
@crewthief1431 2 anos atrás
@@joinjoshoutdoors5866 🤣🤣🤣 So stupid.
@joinjoshoutdoors5866 2 anos atrás
@@crewthief1431 ???What your intelligence??? 🤷🏻‍♂️ glad we can agree on something 🤣🤣🤣
@dieselpowered2150 2 anos atrás
Giannis is such a class act and incredible human being! The state of Wisconsin is lucky to have him representing them ! ‘Let’s do it again’ BUCKS!!
@jonthoma1166 2 anos atrás
He’s one of the best to play the game of basketball and he hasn’t hit his prime yet. Let that sink in
I love to see how the entire league jumped on the Suns’ narrative. They counted the Bucks out! The mini movies are all about the Suns, the league’s superstars were backing them like it was a done deal… and the only team with only one superstar took it home! LOVE IT!
@edchiang 2 anos atrás
Still full of emotion everytime re-watch this. What a journey.
@owhynot2341 2 anos atrás
Born and raised in Milwaukee. Felt good to see my hometown team win it all. Suns fans: Suns in 4 Bucks fans: Hold my beer and fear the deer 🦌
@JB-gr3mi 2 anos atrás
Congrats to both teams. Best finals for a long time!
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Worst final in sports history. It was rigged!!!
@vrint6502 2 anos atrás
Stop crying😂
@gxp6740 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 Messi is like better than 5 Ronaldos together
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
@@gxp6740 W body my idol penaldo
@@gxp6740 sure. In some another universe...
@Lonelyasmrenjoyer 2 anos atrás
Even tho I’m not a bucks fan this is one of the most historical finals I have ever seen in my lifetime I have this finals at 2nd best finals of all time behind the classic 3-1 comeback but holy is this a amazing finals to see we are blessed to see this beauty of a game evolve
@trewic8678 2 anos atrás
bulls vs jazz in the 90s are both good ass finals too
@bobmarley3147 Anos atrás
This was a great series. Even though it went 6 games. I would've been happy for either team winning the title. But very glad for the Bucks, Giannis, Middleton and Holiday.
@poeyes2022 2 anos atrás
i’ve been a suns fan for a long time and was rly upset when we lost but man, u can’t hate giannis, he loves his family, is a caring guy, and a kind person in general
@thomassankara1391 2 anos atrás
Glad to see Giannis win his 1st championship of What's likely to be more in the future. He's dominating the 2020s. It's his Era.
@dangelo31stallion Anos atrás
As a Suns fan took me 9 months to rewatch any of the finals games. It hurts so damn bad to watch, especially Giannis being my favorite non-Suns players since he entered the league barely being able to speak english and being surprised what a smoothie was. He was unstoppable from game 3 and on. Hope we get the chance to see the Bucks again in the finals this year.
@H-r-m 2 anos atrás
This mini-movie creates so much nerve-racking tension and excitement. I'm falling in love with the mini-movies and gaining a liking for Giannis. Congrats Bucks!!!!! 🎉🥳
@davidrichardson6749 2 anos atrás
Just here to remind everyone that teams that start out 0-2 lose 95% of the time and the bucks pulled it out twice this postseason after being down 0-2
@thePAULSTER1 2 anos atrás
HUNGRY for a trophy
@pflume1 2 anos atrás
There is a life lesson here
@pflume1 2 anos atrás
Aniq Smart almost is the 95%
@squadup22 2 anos atrás
Swept the heat on road! 4/5 v nets on road! close out hawks 2 straight without Giannis on road! 4 straight v suns at home! They really did have a great post season as a team.
@gregorypowell5473 2 anos atrás
@@thePAULSTER1 exactly
@sreyphon-thill3297 2 anos atrás
What a great finals this was and so much respect for Coach Monty as a bucks fan he is a class act.
@rileydotson956 Anos atrás
I'm watching this the day before the 2022-23 season a Bucks fan I get chills every time.
Muito top a entrega de Giannis na final da NBA 🥇🎖🏅😄😁🏆🏀.
@sports3117 2 anos atrás
Giannis’s story is coming to a theater near you
@basicLife7721 2 anos atrás
Imagine Giannis missing the finals because of the knee and all of us deprived of some of the best highlights in finals history Basketball Gods wanted us to enjoy this. ❤️❤️
@whiteybuIger 2 anos atrás
They should replace the last dance with giannis’ story.
@bonzobonanza 2 anos atrás
Disney+ is already making a Giannis biographical movie called "Greek Freak"
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@JonjonVeloce 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 ???
@arists1157 2 anos atrás
He lived 3 km away from me, this boy is a phenomenon, he is limitless in all aspects, Nigerian parents born in Greece discovered by a Greek coach who helped him a bit in terms of family, for me the boy is a star was born, for how he grew up for his clear ideas as a child (he had already predicted that he will be an NBA player) for me that's just the beginning he still has a lot of climbing and we don't know when he will stop I don't care if he feels Nigerian, Greek or American, or a bit of everything, this guy is a mess to copy, he is a hope for all young people who dream of becoming something, THANKS Giannis 🌟 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Sorry about the grammar)
@halfshot253 Anos atrás
This championship is much more gratifying. He didnt need to join other superstars nor transfer to other teams to create super team. Hard work, determination and perseverance. Good job Giannis. Now you really are a TRUE champion
@nunonascimento9478 2 anos atrás
We must appreciate the coach from the suns who came to congragulate them. What a man
@joeroman5636 2 anos atrás
Say what you want but this Finals were very enjoyable, can't wait for next year.
This was the most exciting Finals EVER! I'LL NEVER FORGET IT!
@quindendavison Anos atrás
Watching this live was insane. Giannis at the free throw line is one of the Goats.
@primebee00 2 anos atrás
After watching this, I therefore conclude that the Bucks Big 3 is unbelievable and Booker's shooting stroke is one of the best i've ever seen.
@SupremeLonginus 2 anos atrás
Giannis with 50 points, 50 nuggets, and 50 years for the Bucks to win another championship. How amazing... :)
@avclub2456 7 meses atrás
People keep forgetting about that game 1 block ,he had two of the best Finals black
@josegiron7008 2 anos atrás
for Monty to do that at the end shows how much class he has, after that hard of a battle and being torn to shit over the loss to put that aside for a second and congratulate the team that beat you takes guts and class bruh I'm pretty certain that he was on the verge of crying but he knew that the bucks outplayed the suns and needed a congratulations.
@michael85225 Anos atrás
As much as I hate that my Suns lost again in the finals, I gotta say that I absolutely enjoyed the 2021 playoffs and how the Suns brought back energy and hope for Arizona sports fans. I'm happy for the Bucks because they had been trying for many years to win a championship and finally got theirs after decades of waiting. I just want to witness the Suns win at least 1 in my lifetime.
@macmac4657 2 anos atrás
It hits different when they want to win it for the city even more. Congrats Bucks!!! From a Mavs fan. Much Respect, we'll deserved, 4 games earned, nothing came easy.
@SpectorEuro4 Anos atrás
And Mavs destroyed the shitty Suns!!!!!
@CommandoFighterPilot 2 anos atrás
One thing gave me goosebumps: "my city is a champion"
@thepeopleschamp9076 2 anos atrás
When he said "we only have to win the next 2 out of 3", the series was over at that point. You never put it in your teams mind that they can lose a game and still be fine.
@thestatusjoe9949 2 anos atrás
The Bucks reasserted the power and importance of playing in the paint. For a while now the NBA has been focusing on the post and the Bucks came in a showed that the paint is still a place where championships can be decided
@ambrosemilner 2 anos atrás
Congratulations to the beautiful fans of Milwaukee Bucks on winning the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!! you definitely deserve this one!!!!
@dillxdean 2 anos atrás
God bless Giannis. Such an incredible person
still can't believe after 50 years my Bucks FINALLY did it!! Still feels like yeaterday, too!
@Stacksg414 Anos atrás
We did it...... NOBODY will ever take it from us either....Bucks in 6
@MrQ-if9lx 2 anos atrás
These fans on both sides made the series so much better. I'm jealous that we didn't get that for last year but congrats to the deer district for being just as unbelievable as the team they support.
@Bobbystheboy 2 anos atrás
How did Giannis even become the mvp with that injury on his knee earlier. Mind blown..
@bobbylim3016 2 anos atrás
What a legend!! 50 pt !!! & beat the super teams!!!
@NotWanz 2 anos atrás
Bandwgonas gonna say "Harden And Kyrie injured, KD has a big toe
@Iniquityslasher 2 anos atrás
Wouldn’t say beat superteams man just keeping it 💯. But I sure don’t feel bad about players building superteam and it’s fails.
@kofi123amed 2 anos atrás
Which super team? Only one super team, the nets where injured.
@bobbylim3016 2 anos atrás
@@kofi123amed True, it's going to be a tall order for the Bucks to repeat the Championship if rest of the Super Teams are all healthy esp the Lakers. Still, it was a huge win for small market, The Bucks to win a Championship regardless of the circumstance. Legendary Performance by Giannis tho I was actually rooting for C. Pual to get one for himself. C. Paul needs to join the Lakers lmao!!!
@filsbalanga7042 2 anos atrás
@Max-lw3ul 2 anos atrás
Seeing Oscar and Kareem praising for this team is so beautiful
@spomusmo2349 Anos atrás
My eyes well up everytime I hear Giannis speak he is so humble and gives 110% every night I love his passion, drive and commitment to the game and this team.
@anero6299 2 anos atrás
I dont think any player in the history of the Finals made more important plays than Giannis on this.Amazing block in Game 3 , almost impossible winning dunk in Game 4 , 50 points in decisive Game 6..
@Castellanocreep 2 anos atrás
That end of game 5 dunk was just incredible
@johnang5194 2 anos atrás
One of the best NBA Finals after Cavs-Warriors dominating
@cr7productions955 2 anos atrás
Rigged final, this is the reason why the hood don't watch NBA no more😭😭😭
@michaelward9201 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 Noone cares what the hood watches anyway.
@ralphy1151 2 anos atrás
@@cr7productions955 stay salty
@buhhhbye3670 2 anos atrás
The Valley Oop is just a pure goosebump play.
@jamesvankirk8535 Anos atrás
DAMN IT my Milwaukee heart smiles whenever I watch this. 50 years....we had Kareem, and now we have Giannis. Single named superstars, bringing greatness to the 414. Yes, Giannis, Milwaukee is your city.
@seximexi5820 2 anos atrás
"My city is a champion". That's when you know you are a TRUE champion, when you don't just do it for yourself.
@mickeyt9190 2 anos atrás
He did it for himself. What do yall the citizens get out of them being Championship in real life?
@seximexi5820 2 anos atrás
@@mickeyt9190 Joy, happiness, amazing memories of watching our bois win a chip. Of course he did it for himself as well, you shouldn't be playing if you aren't doing it yourself. Why are you so salty?
@mickeyt9190 2 anos atrás
@@seximexi5820 omg you said your Bois?? Hahahahahahaha thank you. Enjoy. It's time for me to leave.
@seximexi5820 2 anos atrás
@@mickeyt9190 lol bye have a blessed night 🙏
@CHAN414 Anos atrás
Damn rewatching this got me emotional 😭 but I was there at Game 6 in the arena when my team, Bucks, won!! Best thing to ever experience!
@wyldhare1959 2 anos atrás
Bucks baby!! Congrats to the city and team. Class act! 👍👍
@3November953am 2 anos atrás
A true underdog series. The Bucks just turned it around in the last 2 games. Williams was the more cerebral coach. But, Budenholzer pressed the right buttons on defense while the Bucks Big 3 were awesome on offense. One of the best Finals series in years.
@richcapri7073 2 anos atrás
Congratulations to the Bucks for a well deserve championship! Let's do it again!!! Special mentioned to Brook Lopez, he fill up Giannis absent during those Hawks games during those scary injury.
@Megataco69 2 anos atrás
Damn we have been blessed this year. Idgaf who says; if nets or lakers were healthy they wudda been champions. I didnt even miss them to be honest thats how good of a finals this year was. Congrats Milwaukee from a Bulls fan.
Winning the hard way gives it a lot of emotions in their accomplishments. 1 ring worthy of 5!
Not really. This ring is worth of one, but very worthy 1 ring. The reason why this ring isn't worthy for 2 or like you said 5 because they didn't to it completely everything on the right way, yeah, it's not their fault, but they beat the Nets who weren't even 70% healthy, but less, the played against 50% Nets team, than Phoenix also beat everyone who was injured soo simply one title can't be worth for 5 when you win it is the seasons of injuries. If everyone isn't 100% healthy, than title isn't as worth as that title in 2011. But this 1 title was way more worthy than Lakers's title in 2020.
@justinreyesv Anos atrás
@@hristijandimitrovski8664 2019 ECF should be a reminder
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