Suns, Clippers & Heat emerge as primary suitors for Kevin Durant | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Kevin Durant has reportedly requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. This news comes on the heels of Kyrie Irving flirting with the possibility of leaving Brooklyn for LA to join LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Irving opted into the final year of his Nets deal however Kevin Durant has asked the Nets to trade him just days later. Ric Bucher, Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho speculate which team will land KD.

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Suns, Clippers & Heat emerge as primary suitors for Kevin Durant | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself

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29 Jun 2022



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Speak For Yourself
Kevin Durant will play for
Sand Man
Kyrie absolutely sabotaged and skinned the entire franchise. People forget that Kenny Atkinson built a terrific culture and took a group of kids and role players to the playoffs. Kyrie and to a lesser degree KD didn’t want him to be there. It was all down hill from there on out.
Gard Texas
In the end Kyrie was right: The Nets don't need a coach.
That Clippers analogy was on point 👉
Just seems like KD and many of these other players just searching. It’s kinda 😞. I like the flexibility of players but I agree with Wiley sometimes you are just walking around not realizing you had everything you needed already. He left OKC to win a chip with GST. He left GST in search of everything he already had in GST. He went to BKN not ready to leave. I hope he finds what he is looking for, I would like to see him in Miami.
Emotional Intelligence
The Brooklyn Nets have been a clown show the last few seasons with Kyrie Irvin driving the car. Harden said ft this is my stop let me out, KD has finally escaped the honeymoon and realized he's overdue for an annulment. You as an organization bring in a problem child aka Simmons to add to the other problem child aka Irving, Nah dawg romper room time is over, I gotta go.
Rasheed Hawkins
Brooklyn has all the leverage in the trade. You have to give up key pieces to get him. Why would teams that are playoff teams (including both number 1 seeds) break up their entire team?
David Webster
Why does Brooklyn have to trade KD, he's under contract for 4 years. He doesn't. Brooklyn has the leverage not KD
kyle anderson
Portland would have been perfect if they hadn’t traded all they’re major assets
Spencer Deane
These guys are fundamentally misunderstanding the haul that KD is going to garner. It’s a top 15 player plus picks or the deals isn’t getting done.
Mark Walton
Man I love this show. Their various perspectives and their personalities are unique and real. Keep it going boys!
Edward Emmanuel G. Libunao
It would be best for KD to stay in the East, and hope to challenge the Dubs or the Lakers in the finals. That would answer a whole lot of questions about him and his legacy.
Drizzy uzumaki
It’s gne be tough no matter where he go they gne have to give up a lot to get him
Galen Marek
KD is lowkey not including the Celtics in the mix because it will be OKC-GSW once more. LMAO!
Arnabi Arnab
Nets get Ayton to team up with Simmons will go down as the lowest motor team ever built 😂😂😂
Blake Walters
Heat is probably the best spot (unless he somehow goes back to GS) and Memphis would be my dark horse of what would be a good fit they got Ja who can create and get buckets and also have a team that can defend which is needed for championships. Ja being a number 2 would be perfect for Memphis given that he has injury problems and his game is based on athleticism you can ask him to do a little less if KD is there and take some of the wear and tear off Ja helping him long term
I’d sling PG13 and whoever else (besides Kahwai) for KD.
Sign and trade for Lavine, plus Vuc and maybe a pick for KD to come to Chicago and have a good 3-4 year run with Demar as a 1-2 punch. It'll never happen though bc Reinsdorf has never and will never do that...he's basically waiting for another Jordan to come along smh
If KD goes to Phoenix, they will be an absolute problem for everybody.
I don't know if they have the cap room or anything like that but it sounds good if he could go play with Luka could probably dominate Together because he definitely needs another superstar with him to try to compete for a title
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