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Suni Lee and Sasha Farber dance the Jive to “STAY” by The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber on Dancing with the Stars 2021 premiere!

Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and Stream on Hulu!

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20 Set 2021



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Mary Mcbay
Mary Mcbay 17 horas atrás
She's an Olympic champ & is a natural at dancing too. So very talented Suni-Lee and I hope you win! We're supporting you all the way from the UK 🇬🇧❤
Tasha 17 horas atrás
Suni lee's career is booming! First the Olympics and now DWTS
This performance 🔥❤️
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson Dia atrás
She absolutely killed this dance!
debbie jackmen
debbie jackmen Dia atrás
Sasha had a lot to work with here and he used it well!
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson 2 dias atrás
Still my favorite dance of hers! Love Justin's song with the choreography!
Ronald Cammarata
Ronald Cammarata 4 dias atrás
If Suni Lee is attending Auburn, does that mean they've got the gymnastics championship in the bag?
London Stewart
London Stewart 12 horas atrás
No, next season it's gonna be literally Florida's to lose (if you watch college gymnastics yk what I'm talking about) plus theres gonna be 16 other counted scores other than Suni so probably not, but maybe in 2023-2024 they'll win
Katie Hanson
Katie Hanson 7 dias atrás
if anyones ever bullied her they’re rly gonna be jealous now from the olympics to now
Irene C.
Irene C. 7 dias atrás
Go Suni!!!! We love you!!!
hnubqubci channel
hnubqubci channel 8 dias atrás
Wow million views
nao yang
nao yang 9 dias atrás
caleb chia
caleb chia 10 dias atrás
she is so good >
inanotherworld17 10 dias atrás
go Suni! You are doing it amazing! HAVE FUN ✨
Txujcilomzem Channel MLSY
Very good to densing suni lee I love you too much 👍👍👍👍👍
ZajNtsuab Channel
ZajNtsuab Channel 13 dias atrás
suni lee
Fong Thor
Fong Thor 14 dias atrás
Suni lee
Yang Lee
Yang Lee 14 dias atrás
wow that was great!
dina bing
dina bing 14 dias atrás
i am loving dancing with a stars coz of this girl hehe... 😅
Gracie Kromke
Gracie Kromke 15 dias atrás
WOW 😍😍😍😍
Avi Galper
Avi Galper 16 dias atrás
Andy Donnelly Manheim
Andy Donnelly Manheim 16 dias atrás
Mark Macintyre
Mark Macintyre 16 dias atrás
She is so adorable
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson 16 dias atrás
So cute! Love her dance! Way to go!
Renee Coons
Renee Coons 16 dias atrás
That was a bad song choice for a jive. But the dancing was great.
Alec Doolin
Alec Doolin 17 dias atrás
She's really good. The only thing she's gonna need to work on a little more is relaxing. I know the nerves is part of it, but also the type of precision in what she's used to, gymnastics, is a lot more of a stiffer precision
Kiran Joshi
Kiran Joshi 17 dias atrás
This song so good and she dances so well and easily
M C 17 dias atrás
WE ♥️ You SUNI & Sasha 💃🏻🏆
Trish 17 dias atrás
Wow, shes amazing
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim 17 dias atrás
Honestly no hate to her, but her facials were weak. However, love love love the technique and flexibility and please please please let her make it to the finals♥
Brenda Sophanavong
Brenda Sophanavong 18 dias atrás
that split was so smooth
Trust In God
Trust In God 18 dias atrás
Vote just don't watch
I OFFER YOU THIS 19 dias atrás
Shania Ching
Shania Ching 19 dias atrás
Judges are repeating the same old narrative meanwhile letting Jojo distracting mediocre quickstep in flowy pants pass. Suni dont let them Kristy Yamaguchi you, start showing youre a contender for the top spots and they make excuses as to why you cant win. “Oh shes good but she doesnt have personality” “Oh shes got the technical but shes not relatable”🙄😪 girl bye to the white narrative and bye to these racially biased shows
miradonfbd 19 dias atrás
Jive is the most difficult dance.
tracytrebilcox 19 dias atrás
She's adorable. One of the only reasons to watch this season.
hana shi
hana shi 19 dias atrás
whyd they have to put her and jojo in the same season 😩😩 i love them both
Tianruo Yang
Tianruo Yang 19 dias atrás
Legit thought this was Lana Condor
Fun Master
Fun Master 19 dias atrás
Suni is so cute and adorable,on the dance floor
Kaja Ytrebø
Kaja Ytrebø 20 dias atrás
I keep coming back to rewatch this
Ka Bao Moua
Ka Bao Moua 20 dias atrás
Proud of you Suni Lee❤️❤️❤️
J MK 20 dias atrás
Effortless- it’s only going to better- can’t wait to see it!!
César Morales Degante
César Morales Degante 20 dias atrás
bella2019 20 dias atrás
Zzzz- she I don’t think has had any romance
shanae dennis
shanae dennis 20 dias atrás
Who sing this song
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 20 dias atrás
Suni has a better toe point than LVP did, and flexibility. Why is that?
Jo Momz
Jo Momz 20 dias atrás
She's so fluid!
Chloe Chloe
Chloe Chloe 20 dias atrás
She is so good! I hope she wins 😁
Majo Coll
Majo Coll 21 dia atrás
Her and jojo are my favs this season
Majo Coll
Majo Coll 21 dia atrás
Please do not put the CC, the first line caught me off guard 😂😂😂
A Bo
A Bo 22 dias atrás
Sunisa lee..... sunisa lee every goods....
A Bo
A Bo 22 dias atrás
Yes......i like sunisa lee every goods.....
ced ed
ced ed 22 dias atrás
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O Mada
O Mada 22 dias atrás
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Vince Haylem
Vince Haylem 22 dias atrás
Hazelnut karmixa
Hazelnut karmixa 22 dias atrás
I was literally singing along this whole video.....
Chronically Cheryl
Chronically Cheryl 22 dias atrás
Go, Suni!
Morgan Herman
Morgan Herman 22 dias atrás
CLTserendipity 22 dias atrás
Suni, you're great! Just loosen up and have fun. You have endless talent and skill. Enjoy the ride and smile, smile, smile!
CLTserendipity 22 dias atrás
She's very talented! I love the new set format. Just a few tables near the dance floor filled with the other dancers. The crowds of past seasons really detracted from the dance floor and routines. This is MUCH better!
Mia Avellan
Mia Avellan 22 dias atrás
i so want suni to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
林笑里 22 dias atrás
Can we just talk about how amazing she did in this very footwork-heavy choreo in HIGH HEELS when she is a gymnast used to having her feet fully on the ground at all times? Damn.
Angela Barnes
Angela Barnes 22 dias atrás
Yes 😊
dlxe 22 dias atrás
I hope she wins!!!
Taylor Girard
Taylor Girard 23 dias atrás
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Keng Y
Keng Y 23 dias atrás
Hope she win !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙☝️
Lee Moon Thor Vanaphialuang
1babywishes 23 dias atrás
Go SUNI!!!!!!
tsheej thoj thoj Channel
Suni ua tau zoo heev thov nw muaj yeej tau zeeg 1 nawb suni
Allison 23 dias atrás
this is her first dance
Chihuahua Gyna
Chihuahua Gyna 23 dias atrás
She is so stiff . needs to enjoy the moment and have fun.
rudeboymon 23 dias atrás
Damn shes fine as hell
Kylie Taranto
Kylie Taranto 23 dias atrás
song choice is immaculate
LEO 23 dias atrás
Technique is good..she just needs to have more fun
Rumman Nasiri
Rumman Nasiri 23 dias atrás
Can we all agree that these random remixes are not appealing
Girlie life
Girlie life 23 dias atrás
Suni looks so young and beautiful and talented .She doesn't really need make up. She looks beautiful without it
Haiv Hmhoob Tiam Neej Tshiab
Counting the public votes is absolutely unfair for any of the contestant because they are from different size of community. That idea needs to be reconsidered asap.
Gina Her
Gina Her 23 dias atrás
You go girl….You did an fantastic job….Fighting!!!!👍❤️🔥👑
Yajyuam Thoj
Yajyuam Thoj 23 dias atrás
Very well done
bohemelavie1 23 dias atrás
You can see that she is still REALLY thinking about every move and hasn’t relaxed yet, but all of the moves are there and once she gets used to dancing she is going to be so freaking fantastic
John Bluncao
John Bluncao 24 dias atrás
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Bianca Leon
Bianca Leon 24 dias atrás
Yes!!!! They use the song stay I can’t believe it
NetflixNerd99 24 dias atrás
I mean she's amazing 😊💞
buddy77587 24 dias atrás
nkauj ntsuag hawj Channel
Very good 👍
Ivan Mejia
Ivan Mejia 24 dias atrás
DWTS is getting worse and worse, the dance are less than 1:10 minutes. Too bad.
Kathy Austin
Kathy Austin 24 dias atrás
It's just not the same without Tom. Tyra, I wish you all the best, but I wish Tom were back.
Priceless201 24 dias atrás
Derek jamming in the background 😄
DJcyberslash 24 dias atrás
They did great
Aksis Granted
Aksis Granted 24 dias atrás
The song didn't match well with the dance style in my opinion, but I thought they did great!
Sara S.
Sara S. 24 dias atrás
She is sooo good and loked gorgeous! love her❤
Girlie Life
Girlie Life 24 dias atrás
Encore in first dance
Angie Jennings
Angie Jennings 24 dias atrás
gorgeous! she's so pretty
gurujr 24 dias atrás
It's tough facing athletes with their never fail attitude on DWTS. B rated reality stars pretty much are dead meat in the dancing competition.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 25 dias atrás
This is Sasha season he deserves that Mirror ball it’s long overdue! 🏆 Should’ve been the highest score of the night still trying to figure out why Jojo was!
Zoë Loves Gymnastics
Zoë Loves Gymnastics 25 dias atrás
Are these lyrics different??? 🤔
Suzette Henderson
Suzette Henderson 25 dias atrás
Am I the only one who thinks this was horrible music for a jive?
𝐎𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞 𝐉𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐚𝐧
the music was terrible it made the dancing seem boring but it wasn't its weird.
gnvw 25 dias atrás
whaaaaaaaaat! amazing!
gnvw 24 dias atrás
@asioe kiou good to know. still amazing!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 25 dias atrás
It’s dangerous for gym athletes to wear this kind of high heels
Alessandra Congiu
Alessandra Congiu 25 dias atrás
Well... she's really good but I really don't like the music 🤔😢
Jan Clement
Jan Clement 25 dias atrás
She looks uncomfortable
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