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12 Abr 2022



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Comentários 843
Proving Jerry is such a Jerry he couldn't even be helped by the most helpful creature in existence
Mike Leigh
I love how meeseeks are wholesome and kind but become murderous when they have to exist for too long
Justin Guyos
Problem with Jerry is that he picked a task he wasn't truly invested in like Beth and Summer. He did not want to be better at Golf, he just wanted something that would make him look cool.
“Is he keeping his shoulders squared?”
Chris P. Bacon
I love that the meeseeks smash through the restaurant window on a horse. It's so unnecessary and random. It cracks me up every time.
Comical Realm
Mr Meeseeks voice is the voice you hear when you're screaming internally.
I love how Jerry’s entire problem is caused by him somehow not understanding that he can do two things at once
Michael SpaceZombie
having the stickler meeseeks interrupt the end song was perfect lol
The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation
There needs to be a Meeseeks heavy eppisdoe..its one of the most fascinating things in Rick and Morty...
The scary part about this is, the Meeseeks are the perfect killing machines. They are driven by their desire for non-existence, which motivates them to do their tasks by any means necessary. And they certainly aren't above killing in order to fulfill their task. They can be damaged, but they can't be killed. And the worst part about this? We don't know how many Meeseeks can be summoned from one box, but we do know a whole lot of them can be summoned at once.
When you realize that Tammy only starts hanging out with Summer after she uses Rick's Meseeks box.
YouTube Lore
I love how it cuts off the ending 🤣
I’m Mr Meeseeks look at me
Dark Skull
Love that ending where we thought it was over and then that last meeseeks stays behind to finish the job
I feel like Mr.Meeseeks is Jar Jar Binks done right.
Mauricio De La Fuente
Existence is pain for everyone, not just Meeseks
EviL Ras
Mr meeseeks is just one of those gold ideas that comes along once in 100 episodes.
Anthony Quintana
For some reason, out of all the events, Mr. MeSeeks was one of the more frightening concepts of this show. It just seemed like a sad slave invention that could very easily go wrong.
becoming popular is such an abstract easy to fail task but he managed to do it what a champ
I'm Mr. Meeseeks (Rick and Morty remix song)