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Appearing Characters: Tighnari/Collei/Alhaitham/Traveler - Aether/Paimon/Dori/Cyno/Dehya/Nilou/Nahida
VA: Nahida - Kimberley Anne Campbell
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9 Ago 2022



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Comentários 17 281
Hoyoverse, we know you want to make an anime series, just say it it's not that hard.
Catto 🐈
so basically we have:
“Everything in the world runs in a loop”.
The Retard
Everything just hits so different after playing the quests
Kern Yih Bong
I hate to admit it but I've already looped this video for more than 10 times already. It's truly a treat for the eyes.
Brynn Simard
I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this but during Nilou's dance you can see Dunyarzad in the background, but she disappears. This is such a small detail but it adds a lot.
At this point, Hoyoverse should just make an animated series revolving around the lore/story of the whole game. I'd for sure watch the whole series if that'll happen
Juan Imran
After playing the archon story, this trailer makes sense now
this hits different after finishing act 2 of the sumeru archon quest
Clara -My New SAX Video Vlog
"I'm just the moon. The real sun is long gone."
PING TV 28 dias atrás
Everyone mistook the woman in purple clothes' disapearance as animation error. But now we know Dunyarzad's story.
I would watch 10 seasons of Genshin anime, Hoyoverse story team and visuals is just that good.
As an Arab myself, I love how Sumeru gives off major medieval Arab/Middle Eastern vibes. The music, the characters, new enemies and NPCS all look so beautiful.
mel woif
Oh my gosh, at
Meİ gacha
I was really taken aback by that video! The real sun is long gone. I felt chills with that line. It really tells what happened with the archon. I saved almost 90% on my flights using Mighty 🤤 Travels 😡 Premium.
The amount of detail in this trailer is amazing.... especially the part where Dunyarzad disappear
Rodel Valdez
Now I know why the NPC in Nilou's dance suddenly vanished. It hits damn hard to know the reason why 😭
Nathan Guillen
"I'm just the moon,the real sun is long gone" this is going to be good and what story this archon has to tell.
Thirdy Garcia
Thirdy Garcia Dia atrás
We did it guys! We're finally getting an anime series! Keep up the good work, Hoyoverse!
Coming back to this after finishing act 2... holy crap, well done Mhy!
I Became a WHALE...
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Lumine VS. Aether, Every Cinematic Side-by-Side!