Sugar Bowl Highlights: Ohio State vs. Clemson | College Football Playoff 

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Check out highlights of the College Football Playoff semifinal at the Allstate Sugar Bowl between Justin Fields, Trey Sermon and the Ohio State Buckeyes against Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne and the Clemson Tigers.
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31 Dez 2020



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Comentários : 7 mil   
@5MadMovieMakers 3 anos atrás
This game made my dad happy so that's good
@classys-chassis6433 3 anos atrás
Ive never seen my grandpa so happy bye the end of the game
@gabrielkovacs3903 3 anos atrás
@@classys-chassis6433 same my grandpa is literally dying of lung cancer but he wanted to watch the game so badly
@justinfields9646 3 anos atrás
It made me happu
@justinfields9646 3 anos atrás
Gabriel Kovacs that sucks hope he hats better
@gabrielkovacs3903 3 anos atrás
@@justinfields9646 thanks
@mattstudsrud5676 3 anos atrás
Justin Fields took this game personal. No doubt about it.
@AxxLAfriku 3 anos atrás
NO! NO! NO! Many people say I am sick in the head. NOOOO!!!! I don't believe them. But there are so many people commenting this stuff on my videos, that I have 1% doubt. So I have to ask you right now: Do you think I am sick in the head? Thanks for helping, my dear matt
@roycegracie7886 3 anos atrás
Whats he gonna do against bama? Lol
@@AxxLAfriku I am personally sick in my head at the moment trying too get help i want ppl too relax my circumstances differ I live with other mentally ill ppI live in a republican state and ppl think I am against other races and I am not really what I am is opposed too fake behavior and betraying trust so often personally that kinda messed my life I know ppl would not care it is in their nature that is apparent too me but they may also be sick and they dont get treated and are just incredibly toxic
@dboii9741 3 anos atrás
“You break my ribs I shatter your hearts”😭
@roycegracie7886 3 anos atrás
@Chris Bly yawn. Vandy will have put up a better fight
@matty4mo219 3 anos atrás
Ngl that 50 yd bomb by Fields late in the 3rd was honestly one of the best throws I have seen by a qb
@itsnomyth144thsnd3 2 anos atrás
It was a thing of beauty....
@buckfan1969 2 anos atrás
He was standing on his own 35 and Olave caught it at the goal line. Yes; that was an awesome throw. As a Buckeye fan, he's a heckuva athlete. And he''s young; he's got some growing up to do. Tremendous potential down the road if he can stay healthy.
@Spider_7_7 2 anos atrás
LS YT I’m a Bama fan and I agree. Spectacular throw.
@mjay776 2 anos atrás
Listen to the sound when he catches the ball lol
@markrimedio5085 2 anos atrás
60 yards
@ericbarner21 Anos atrás
Justin Fields, Jameson Williams, Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson on the same field. Insane
@greggipes985 2 anos atrás
I couldn’t believe when I watched this game, the way Justin Fields really sliced-and-diced his way vs this Clemson D. Especially in the 2nd half. So glad to have this guy as the new Chicago QB!
@ghostl1124 8 meses atrás
Exactly !
@kja6336 3 anos atrás
Dabo saw this coming, he even ranked Ohio state #1 twice
@juami2905 3 anos atrás
No he didn't the man ranked them eleventhl
@ianosborne2500 3 anos atrás
@@juami2905 whoosh
@LindaBossler 3 anos atrás
@@ianosborne2500 RIIIIIGHT over his head... LOL
@miikenumba9674 2 anos atrás
@@juami2905 wow your such fun at parties
@garyschneider8700 2 anos atrás
Some in my fan base want this guy if Saban ever retires. I don't want this guy coaching anywhere near Tuscaloosa.
@x-cobra-k1ng-x935 3 anos atrás
Dabo: Ranks Ohio State 11th Fields: “and I took that personal”
@Johnny5 3 anos atrás
Fields. "Rank These!"
@tail66 3 anos atrás
If osu was 11.... Clemson shouldn't have been in the top 25
@qdav5 3 anos atrás
It'd be pretty funny if Clemson is #11 in the season-ending ranking.
@hmarc1979able 3 anos atrás
The way they got whooped and the fact they don’t have Lawrence it’s a possibility. I think that they will be ranked 4 going into the year next year Notre dame > Clemson without Lawrence
@Number3boyz 3 anos atrás
And he put cinci and Carolina ahead of them to. Both who lost.
@taepeters235 3 anos atrás
My grandpa died last year he was a die hard browns and ohio state fan breaks my heart that he couldn't witness what both teams accomplished this year 😔😢💪💯
@kyleking8241 2 anos atrás
@theodoremartin9333 3 anos atrás
Congrats to Ohio St. for playing their butts off and beating us. The Buckeyes played hard and dominate in every aspect of the game. Yes I am a lifelong Clemson fan (40 years plus some) but I have no problem recognizing a great performance like that. Hopefully see you again next year and maybe we will be able to attend the game! Good luck in the championship
@stewartallen7288 3 anos atrás
It's funny how Ohio State fans have no sure are true football fan
@cullenschreiner4694 3 anos atrás
@@stewartallen7288 shouldn’t have ranked us 11th
@stewartallen7288 3 anos atrás
@@cullenschreiner4694 shouldn't have played peewee schedule
@stewartallen7288 3 anos atrás
@@cullenschreiner4694 keep Ohio st fools think you won a championship......blind
@stewartallen7288 3 anos atrás
@@cullenschreiner4694 us?....are you a coach? played in the sugar bowl?.......didnt see you on the roster?
@PYTHONCANDY 2 anos atrás
6:06 this is gonna be Fields to Mooney for the bears
@cmo2295 2 anos atrás
@albertdadoun.937 2 anos atrás
dude that EXACTLY what i said out loud lmao
@hdhhf7786 2 anos atrás
Lol all bears fans thought this
@johncourtright1632 2 anos atrás
Preach it brother! 🐻⬇️
@theUFOpilot 2 anos atrás
@jimbeaux89 3 anos atrás
Probably one of the sweetest victories in my 31 years of being a Buckeye
@nedstewart1 2 anos atrás
How sweet was Clemson's 31-0 beating of Ohio State and OSU having a 1-4 loss record against both Clemson and Alabama?
@brandonwilson8351 2 anos atrás
@@nedstewart1 that literally has nothing to do with this beat down lol
@jnastyyeet4627 2 anos atrás
Eat a snicker Tommy
@chosengod5943 2 anos atrás
Clemson got stomped by LSU, Bama and OSU. Bama got stomped by Ohio State’s 3rd string QB and 2nd string QB.
@garneryoung9083 Anos atrás
@@chosengod5943 don’t think bama losing by 7 is stomped, alabama beating ohio stats 52-24 is tho
@vasaFTW 2 anos atrás
Who here after Justin Fields got drafted to the Chicago Bears 🔥 🔥 🔥
@greggipes985 2 anos atrás
@notsurge2321 2 anos atrás
Bears gonna waste the little talent that he has
@sebibahmandeji5176 2 anos atrás
bear tf down baby
@reesevanscoten5934 2 anos atrás
@@notsurge2321 Bro did you even watch these dimes he threw? If he had little talent then every CFB team would have qbs better than him
@umarali8082 2 anos atrás
@@reesevanscoten5934 dont feed the trolls
@_Paul_N 3 anos atrás
Let’s give the Georgia Bulldogs and their fans a long moment of silence. They allowed Justin Fields to walk away and become a Buckeye 🤣💀.
@Not730 3 anos atrás
n ohio state let joe b go
@damonbigsby2901 3 anos atrás
@@Not730 no they didn't Dwayne Haskins Won the starting Position and Joe Burrow left because of that
@davidassh1416 3 anos atrás
They like many other Football teams better get used to the fact more Running Backs will be taking over the Quarterback Position.
@darrellwilliams9168 3 anos atrás
@@Not730 tbf injuries hurt Joe and Atleast Haskins ended up being a first round pick and having one of the greatest Ohio State QB seasons of all time. Jake Fromm was just trash
@765lbsquat 3 anos atrás
Haskins didn’t win the job they just wouldn’t name it for burrow so he left.
@tredell7638 3 anos atrás
Fields had him a Field day😂
@iangray2655 3 anos atrás
Sermon was even better
@dereginaldlewis3965 3 anos atrás
Took those tigers on a Fields Trip!
@roycegracie7886 3 anos atrás
He definitely didn't tonight against bama. Lmao
@thedrewmackattack Anos atrás
As a Bama fan, I just can’t get over the TD PASS to Olave in the 3rd Quarter. That was a BOMB!
@casshastings630 Anos atrás
My favorite throw
@ghostl1124 8 meses atrás
And the next year, Jamison Williams becomes the star receiver at Alabama. Good for you guys.
@ADuckWithSwag 3 anos atrás
Dude Justin Fields is literally playing madden out there.
@apapz3245 3 anos atrás
He is trash
@ADuckWithSwag 3 anos atrás
@@apapz3245 ok lol...unnecessary
@hundredsiren559_7 3 anos atrás
Yeah fr Justin Fields was playing his heart out that game!
@GeauxHardT247 3 anos atrás
Hmmm....just like Joe Burrow...
@GeauxHardT247 3 anos atrás
@@ADuckWithSwag just ignore him.
@Cooliron24 2 anos atrás
You can never question Justin Fields toughness, watching that shot to the ribs in slow motion was brutal. Then watching him play the rest of the game like a beast just shows how tough he is.
@ernestom5836 2 anos atrás
Had to come and re-watch this game over after my Bears drafted Fields
@patricksims4607 2 anos atrás
Why not watch theire next game after this one lol 😆
@rose-jo1dx 2 anos atrás
Idk how he came later than Wilson and lance. I watched both highlights and it was boring asf
@carteryount6526 2 anos atrás
Packers-Ohio state fan- fields gonna throw over the lb for Green Bay I can tell Chicago will be a league contender
@reesevanscoten5934 2 anos atrás
@@rose-jo1dx All three are great qbs. Reason he fell was because he has bad work ethic and doesn’t give all of his effort in at practices. Also has an unnatural throwing motion that a lot of coaches don’t like, overall he’s a good qb, but wilson and lance are both NFL ready and have been proven to be great team leaders and have all fundamentals down. Hope this helped!
@zoyxing 2 anos atrás
@@reesevanscoten5934 You really believe anything these sports talkshows say.
@chucknorris2418 3 anos atrás
3:13 Nobody seems to be talking about Fields' effort sprinting downfield to throw a block. That's the kind of dude that you want on your team.
@joelgatto6790 3 anos atrás
He threw a useless block
@N8orious 3 anos atrás
@@joelgatto6790 yea but he still threw one just in case sermon broke it 🤷🏻‍♂️
@N8orious 3 anos atrás
@Jordan Kidman it was clearly targeting
@chucknorris2418 3 anos atrás
@@joelgatto6790 I never said it was an effective block I just like the effort sprinting downfield. Most times QBs walk or do a light jog/trot after they give up the ball.
@DGTH1992 3 anos atrás
He always is down field blocking. One of the best traits about him. He never gives up.
@michaelbaker9514 3 anos atrás
Thank you Georgia for Justin Fields; we appreciate it!
@spambelike9295 5 meses atrás
you’re welcome
@adrianrojas6599 3 anos atrás
Those passes from Fields were beautiful 🤩 😳
My favorite part of this game was miyan Williams a freshman trucking Nolan turner a senior, regarded by dabo as one of the best safety’s at Clemson ever
@shooei5990 2 anos atrás
One of the most dominant performances in our short history of playoff.
@Ghost_of_a_Flea 3 anos atrás
Tbh, offense fireworks was the OSU DEFENSE that was the biggest surprise this game.
@samtexsemtex6998 3 anos atrás
That lawrence and fields rivalry is gonna carry over to the next level and i love it. Not bc they dont like each other. But they always seem to meet each other on the highest stage. Hs college and soon the nfl
@jojokuki9701 3 anos atrás
Trevor will never make it nfl. Too slow and breakable under pressure, can't rush it in nfl, he'll be demolished... Almost feel sorry for him because of all the hype that's created around him and he starts to believe things that are far from reality. The reality check started with loss from LSU, continued tonight and it will finish very quickly in nfl
@christiangordon5712 3 anos atrás
@@jojokuki9701 another so called “expert” saying lawerence will suck people say this about the number 1 pick every year to make people think their smart
@pacificboy5637 3 anos atrás
@@jojokuki9701 As an Ohio st fan this might be the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen
@jojokuki9701 3 anos atrás
Christian the goat ok, let's see his career in nfl... shall we
@Ballchat 3 anos atrás
@@jojokuki9701 bet
@richardcoleman1196 3 anos atrás
I get that the skill positions get all the love, But you got to give the O-line and D-line some credit they killed it.
@Iam10f1 3 anos atrás
@beedsj roiue for the big 12 yes they don't know what defense is
@jonny4ya 3 anos atrás
Sermon gave me the Zeke vibe in this. And I feel as though he will have that same vibe throughout the playoffs.
@pinchevulpes 3 anos atrás
I got Derrick Henry vibes. He didn’t fumble why zeke? Lol
@bju1 3 anos atrás
@@pinchevulpes Stop disrespecting 2015 Zeke
@dreaz8884 3 anos atrás
Exactly! Zeke started going off in the conference Championship and carried it through the playoffs. Just like Sermon about to
@pinchevulpes 3 anos atrás
I mean they don’t even have the same style of running. Only thing in common is they went to the same school. Sermon is one of a kind.
@Iam10f1 3 anos atrás
Im pretty sure u Mean cardale jones?
@zth2851 2 anos atrás
Who else just likes to watch Clemson lose?
@Booth1667 2 anos atrás
Its captivating. Dabo's arrogance came back to haunt him.
@austieaust8605 2 anos atrás
I love to see Clemson lose
@lloydkline1518 2 anos atrás
Dabo swinney&Clemson football ❤ revenge & rematch game with Ohio state football 2021/ 2022 playoffs,, Ohio state football going to the local cemetery to be buried in a hole 🕳with Clemson tiger 🐅headstone 🪦 """ Clemson football new quarterback D.L Uiagalelei is ready l to roll for 2021 football season
@lloydkline1518 2 anos atrás
Who Ohio state new quarterback bozo or oopsy the 🤡:; 2021/ 2022 playoffs ;; Clemson football new quarterback D.L Uiagalelei is ready to roll for 2021 football season especially against Ohio state football weak secondary 2021 football season;; Georgia football can beat Ohio state football:::;;quarterback J.T Daniel at quarterback for Georgia;;: Oklahoma football will show Ohio state football to the local cemetery hole 🕳 with a headstone 🪦& Oklahoma University logo on top
@FX3user 2 anos atrás
Me. Love the Bucs
@kirbyawesome5077 3 anos atrás
I'm an Ohio State fan from Idaho. I can't wait until next Monday for the CFP Championship against Alabama. It's going to be a special night on January 11, 2021. GO, BUCKEYES!
@dane9093 3 anos atrás
11th ranked team will win on the 11th
@pokemonfan155 Anos atrás
Jameson Williams Chris Olave Garrett Wilson JSN Marvin Harrison Jr. All within 3 years is wild
@Forge8scardo7 3 anos atrás
It seemed like Ohio State had been preparing for this game since the end of last year's game, and then Dabo came in and poured gas on the fire! A classic for sure!
@u121386 3 anos atrás
Fields studied that game, and more specifically that interception to end the season, and it paid off. He just wanted to fix his mistake, and he did more than that. He even got injured and refused to let that get him down. The dude is tough and determined.
@mollieb.3368 3 anos atrás
Olave only came back to get the chance to play Clemson again. We didn’t come prepared... WE CAME HUNGRY
@ohiostate129078 3 anos atrás
That's exactly how I felt! Day has been preparing all year.
@aaronvannatta9329 3 anos atrás
Yeah! It's almost as if Clemsons offensive playcaller was quarantined. Or something. Idk. Roll Tide, all in good fun. That's what footballs for. Congrats and good luck, I just want a good, close game man.
@darriusdlandy85 3 anos atrás
They sure had the most time to prepare!
@alexdoumas9977 3 anos atrás
I have gained all the respect for Justin Fields. Didn’t let all the nonsense get to his head, and his ability to be a team player is top tier. I tip my cap to you.
@scruffd0g193 Anos atrás
This was an all-time gutsy performance from Justin Fields. Played the rest of the game with cracked ribs, diced up that Clemson defense a year after being robbed of a win vs the very same team because of a WR Route error
@thatboydre8649 3 anos atrás
Dabo: Ohio state shouldn’t even be in the playoffs Now: silence
@Nachojimtom 3 anos atrás
To be fair, Clemson has a bad defense and Trevor thinking about going to the jags. Unpopular opinion: jags are worse than the jets in every way possible.
@rcranes2227 3 anos atrás
This is why the current system is so broken. Northwestern did better against Ohio State than Clemson (an NW is not a top 10 team by any stretch). Notre Dame got creamed by Clemson. Clemson and ND are two teams that might have deserved the top 4, but if they're worthy, there's a huge argument to be made that teams like A&M (as much as I dislike them) or OK should have been in there as well, or even teams like Cinci that at least before their bowl game hadn't been taken down by anybody. Heck, the Big 12 has the best post season schedule and not a single team in the playoffs. That seems really off. The most subjective measure of how good a team is, is score. And the only way to use scoring subjectively to have two teams play. Time to expand to 8 or even 16 teams and let things actually play out in the field instead of pundits' heads.
@Ajhgh-fy6bw 3 anos atrás
@jacorianpruitt6491 3 anos atrás
@@rcranes2227 there are not 8-16 championship contenders every year. Hasn’t been, won’t be
Yes they should they beat Clemson
@ErnestJustice 3 anos atrás
If I had a nickel for every dime fields threw that game, I'd have 4 quarters
@juami2905 3 anos atrás
Good wordplay!
@marcjsolis 3 anos atrás
The final interception perfectly summed up the game
@nhekzero7147 3 anos atrás
Congrats Ohio State. All the football experts unanimously chose Clemson in a blowout.
@Alex-zi1oq 3 anos atrás
@ConnorMiller417 3 anos atrás
Dabo ranked us 11! Guess Clemson is #11 after all!
@michaelraddish7898 3 anos atrás
Zeke elliot picked osu
@bigbreezy4993 3 anos atrás
Now Alabama will have to play hard.
@gabrielhazlett69 3 anos atrás
My man Booger McFarland picked the right team
@putuhstsuj 3 anos atrás
I’ll tell you what Trevor is awesome man but as a jets fan I ain’t upset with Jets taking Fields man! That hit alone and going back out there the way he did showed me one thing you can’t teach and that’s heart.
@willian2020 2 anos atrás
How u feel about Wilson
@Jamezy316 5 meses atrás
We are finally going to see this Fields in the NFL this year and the next. The rebuild Ryan Poles has being putting together is amazing, showing the league how a proper rebuild is done. This will be the first year in the NFL for him, where he finally has weapons, a defense that doesn't allow 40ppg, and as long as the OLine steps up Fields is going to go beast mode! Crazy part is, this rebuild has always been aimed for the 2024 season. He also put the Bears in an amazing position by not only putting a team around Fields, but also made sure to get a ton of draft picks(2 first rounders) for next year, and going to be #1 in cap space(2 years in a row). So Whether the Bears kill it this year or lose, they have a huge offseason coming up next year.
@isaiah1707 3 anos atrás
This was one of the greatest performances i’ve ever seen live
@oldben1800 2 anos atrás
Ive watched this entire game 4 times
@CCJJ160Channels 2 anos atrás
Truth be told OSU outplayed them the year prior.
@nosauzamere4827 3 anos atrás
“CLEMSON BY 30”😂😂😂😂😂😂
@787greed 3 anos atrás
@jamarreid1082 3 anos atrás
I'd like to see Clemson play NW and Indiana now. Their fans talked all that noise about OSU playing them close, then OSU absolutely demolishes Clemson.
@FSUOSU25 3 anos atrás
@BROK NJ all day! Go Bucks!
@IllMatic97 3 anos atrás
@@facelesscalvin1667 bet
@jsm530 3 anos atrás
@@facelesscalvin1667 doubtful. Bama defensive looks flawed
@mosart7025 3 anos atrás
I've watched this 20 times and only just noticed that it was Fields rushing down past Sermon to try and block for him! (Pre-injury of course). Pretty awesome dude!!
@drumguy1960 3 anos atrás
Fields is a great college player and I just hope the OSU QB jinx doesn't follow him into the NFL. There has never been even a decent OSU QB in the NFL and I hope Fields can change that....He's a good kid
@regantroyer2478 3 anos atrás
The hustle by Fields to go for the block 3:09
@itsnomyth144thsnd3 2 anos atrás
Yes, and he 's just as fast as most defensive backs... I was a bit surprised
@Whyinem 2 anos atrás
So glad to see Lawrence and Fields given the opportunity to showcase their talent in the NFL!
@travissloan5296 2 anos atrás
The grit out of fields in this game was incredible.
@jerwang24 3 anos atrás
You can tell that Fields was laser focused and never getting too comfortable even with a comfortable lead. He knew Clemson had the skill set to come back (just like last year) and didn’t ever want that to happen again. Let’s see this on repeat next Monday. Go Bucks!
@shiwakuseven5859 3 anos atrás
Dabo stuck his foot in his mouth when he disrespected Ohio State. He should have known better.
@kingoffedoras9932 3 anos atrás
They literally almost beat Clemson last year with an injured Fields and JK Dobbins Dabo had some sort of memory loss or something
@thunderbird1921 3 anos atrás
Dan Mullen is even worse than him. He's still making loudmouth comments and excuses even AFTER the Gators got blown out.
@fuans7008 3 anos atrás
Clemson can't beat Buckeyes. Because Big 10 pride .They are more stronger and deeper conference than ACC.
@rj_nbk 3 anos atrás
@@fuans7008 100%
@ethanweeter2732 3 anos atrás
@@fuans7008 Clemson did murder us in 2016 though. And in 1978.
@marziolv9070 3 anos atrás
Wasn’t expecting Ohio to win and Fields wow! He’s too good !!
@dannyowens8149 3 anos atrás
Much respect from Louisiana to Ohio State
@stalebread5887 3 anos atrás
Watching Alabama, Clemson, and OSU shows what other teams like Notre Dame are missing. Freaks of nature at skill positions.
@gooncinco4340 3 anos atrás
Fields Might Be The Best Pro Ready QB Ohio State Has Had To Enter The Draft
@Tarheel13 3 anos atrás
@chrislane5145 3 anos atrás
Then he would be the FIRST QB from ohio state who is pro ready entering the draft.
@lannyseals2084 3 anos atrás
How ironic is it that the BUCKEYE'S picked off lawrence in the end zone to end the game? This was a beat down and awesome to see
@Bstonz85 3 anos atrás
Absolutely everything that happened last year to the buckeyes, happened to clemson this year. I have no sympathy for them.
@vulcanraven9701 3 anos atrás
Lanny Seals: Hows it ironic? Last yr it was much closer so there was more drama and all. To me Lawrence looked like fuk it and just threw it reckless since they lost already.
@vulcanraven9701 3 anos atrás
@@Bstonz85 No the game last yr was totally different than this yr. Last yr it was very bback and forth and brutal. This yr Clemsons defense looked really inept and couldnt tackle if their life counted on it.
@lannyseals2084 3 anos atrás
@@vulcanraven9701 clemson picks Ohio State in the end zone last year at end of the game and Ohio State picked clemson in the end zone at the end of the game this year, that's what I was pointing out, nothing to special
@kylecostlow1 3 anos atrás
Looked like a touchdown to me, not that it would have mattered.
@cordarojackson1095 3 anos atrás
The game actually was a repeat of last year with Ohio state Dominating in all aspects. Just this year Clemson didn’t have the refs in the back pockets
@fea7r_983 3 anos atrás
Yep!!! You hit it on the dot
@penguinperson7191 3 anos atrás
It seemed like Clemson still had them in their back pockets 😂😂 didn’t matter this year tho
Except refs made a bad targeting call on on open field tackle, lead with should pad. Just happened to take out Tigers best on defence. Outcome would have been the same, just a closer score.
@davidstutz2632 3 anos atrás
@@barrystarkweather2238 skalski led with the crown, and even if it wasn’t targeting, it was far closer than wade’s last year lmao
@dr.phil2jr.3iii45 3 anos atrás
@@barrystarkweather2238 that wasent bad targetting call, he put his helmet down on purpose so his helmet slammed into his ribs, not a normal tackle
@jimbeaux89 3 anos atrás
So incredibly proud of my buckeyes. This had to be one of the sweetest victories in my 31 years of being born a Buckeye. Bring on Bama!!! GO BUCKS
@rickroll7579 5 meses atrás
Still love hearing the words "The buckeyes can feel it now."
@kevinshea3991 3 anos atrás
A well deserved win 🙌 this is what it's all about team work and great coaching 👍
@iamphil84 3 anos atrás
They played like Urban was coaching. I loved the fire they played with!
@malikjesus415 3 anos atrás
The disrespect that field is ranked number 9 at the quarter back position that’s really crazy 😜
@gobigten01 3 anos atrás
Prior to this game, the pundits (draft predictors) had him as the 9th pick, not 9th quarterback.
@mattzanti 3 anos atrás
See you in 6 years when this is recommended to us again
@matthewhaslam7261 3 anos atrás
Lmao can't wait
@vincents.6066 3 anos atrás
Also the same amount of time it will take Clemson to get back in the playoffs.
@divinelove7816 3 anos atrás
@@vincents.6066 idk dj kinda raw I wouldn’t doubt them
@BeeHatGuy 2 anos atrás
It'll be when Justin takes Chicago to the Super Bowl
@@BeeHatGuy no
@pabrod2001 3 anos atrás
Trey Sermon is a beast! He opened up everything for the passing game. The O line too. Wow! Never seen a Clemson D dominated like that.
@jackcool7556 3 anos atrás
Man these guys are better than anyone expected
@FSUOSU25 2 anos atrás
I live how Ruckert does the ice in his veins motion. Good stuff. I'm going to miss Sermon. That dude is amazing. Thank God he didn't hurt his leg when the Clemson defender with the long hair twisted it. Seems Clemson is a dirty team. Skalski definitely plays dirty.
@r.j.210 3 anos atrás
By far the most exciting Buckeyes game to watch this season.
@sacking5919 2 anos atrás
Fields gonna be great on the 49ers!!!! His deep ball is vicious!!!
@vibhurola289 Anos atrás
@splashysbad 3 anos atrás
clemson fan here no excuses we still lost ggs to ohio y’all played great good stuff y’all deserved it.
@littyboilitfam112 3 anos atrás
Respect to you too
@toobusymerking8793 3 anos atrás
@BROK what’s there to complain about? He led with the crown of his helmet
@u121386 3 anos atrás
Great game. At least you aren’t one of the hypocritical fans. Respect to you to!
@jps4374 3 anos atrás
Bro respect
@Maya-xz2ez 3 anos atrás
Awww thanksss
@BubbaGumNDB5 3 anos atrás
At least we now get a rematch of one of if not the best playoff game of the Era
@lunchmoney52 2 anos atrás
This was easily the best CFB game I’ve ever witnessed
@doodiehutchison4463 3 anos atrás
I wish I could like this video a million times.
@lydiaanderson1747 3 anos atrás
@Doodie Hutchison , How are you doing? I hope you are doing good
Chris Fowler was 100% right @9:35. I was one of the OSU fans there and I will savor that memory forever. Let’s bring home the natty!
@comanchebattles 3 anos atrás
As a sooner fan I love seeing sermon still doing his thing. Soooooo underrated and hated, but actions speak louder than words
@BKbucknut93 3 anos atrás
“That’s cool, Clemson by 40” where are the clowns that were commenting this a week ago?
@spencercampbell300 3 anos atrás
Commenting “Bama by 40”
@stealthawesome1076 3 anos atrás
@alexlasky2031 3 anos atrás
Nice pot leaf
@raylenwhite4708 3 anos atrás
Their internet is out
@nicolasmertens6051 3 anos atrás
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@donaldsoles4259 3 anos atrás
Crazy strategy. OSU heavily relied on their tight ends in the first half, which I don't think anyone anticipated.
@outtahere321 3 anos atrás
As a UGA fan, I am very happy for Justin Fields..... he deserves awards and recognition. UGA was stupid in not utilizing his talents, but I am glad that OSU got him and that he has done very well there. Go Dawgs!!!
@AmericanSouthDesigns 3 anos atrás
As a die hard Clemson fan, this stung. But huge props to Ohio State and their intensity. We were a deer in the headlights. Our defense was no match and just wasn't in it this game.
@kadencemay4969 3 anos atrás
If the buckeyes are the 11th best team then Clemson isn’t even ranked 😂
@chaskernettles582 3 anos atrás
2 things one being that they only played six games so they are quite fresh and two a team can get upset a time or two every season by even unranked teams but with Ohio state being in there there really isn’t much to talk about
@sienna3031 3 anos atrás
@@chaskernettles582 Excuses. Ohio state only had the Ability to play for 6 games while Clemson had the ability to play more.
@kingdan2164 3 anos atrás
@@sienna3031 people are acting like three teams didn't cancel games what are they suppose to do
@JJJJ-he8bz 3 anos atrás
I think dabo just didn’t want to play Ohio State because he knew this was going to happen
@redjack7296 3 anos atrás
And Alabama's number 1
@strechinpick 8 meses atrás
Williams is a stud
@User-wh1mh 3 anos atrás
A rematch of one of the greatest classics of the 2010s coming up.
@ethanventresca8413 3 anos atrás
Man, I loved that Sugar Bowl. Hope this title game turns out about the same way. Tbh I don’t think OSU is out of it, but I guess we’ll see
@Antttttttttttttttttt 3 anos atrás
@ethanweeter2732 3 anos atrás
I think it could be that dramatic again too. Maybe Alabama/Clemson 2015-2016. Whoever gets the ball last wins maybe.
@ABitefLife 3 anos atrás
Nick Saban said a week ago he’s tired of not wi inning the national championship the last few years and he said it’s time to win again. I mean Nick Saban really wants to win another national championship..... ya sorry so I really doubt Ohio state has any chance in this one.
@nevadacolt8675 3 anos atrás
@@ABitefLife did you think they had a chance in this one? Cuz they obviously did!
@juanrivera1624 2 anos atrás
Sermon was an unexpected lightning bolt in his limited time with Ohio State.
@kyleaustin5859 2 anos atrás
Imagine drafting Zach Wilson over fields like the jets are about too 😂
@zonekeeper000king5 2 anos atrás
@KG3 2 anos atrás
well u weren’t lying lmao
@evanhiatt5606 2 anos atrás
@@KG3 fr 😂
@willian2020 2 anos atrás
@skylorhamilton5936 2 anos atrás
Go Bears!
@saintscap4219 3 anos atrás
Dabo: Ranks Ohio state 11th Ohio state: And I took that personally
@tonybleau6219 3 anos atrás
Both QBs go through their reads beautifully 👌
@kefalo84 2 anos atrás
Bear Down #1 - That's it. That's the comment!!
@burrowthechurro 3 anos atrás
Press: "Dabo would you like to explain how you feel losing to a team that you ranked 11th?" Dabo: *F U C K O F F*
@FSUOSU25 3 anos atrás
Oh man
@gcc0858 3 anos atrás
@stealthawesome1076 3 anos atrás
Imma love seeing what the news gotta say I’m the morning shows
@martababahronova6874 3 anos atrás
Its Dabo he never should run his mouth just tucking play football and don’t be cocky .
@iamPauleyD 3 anos atrás
@@martababahronova6874 hes a bama boy. Thats all they know is being cocky😂
This was an amazing game!!!!
@Ceazen718 3 anos atrás
Great game respect to both the two QB’S
@brutussmithers3777 3 anos atrás
That first bomb Fields was pretty sweet.
@MVuke84 3 anos atrás
Can't wait to hear what Coward has to say about this. Cuz it looks like the qb with the better arm, is playing for the Buckeyes.
@cjpreach 2 anos atrás
So much fun watching this one. Repeatedly. Go Buckeyes!
@azizabrar4576 3 anos atrás
Holy, Buckeye! This CLEMSONING will be a measurement stick in College Football (win / redemption/revenge) for years to come.
@isaacrinne6498 3 anos atrás
Soooooo... does this mean Clemson should've been ranked 20 or something? You know, since Ohio State is only the 11th best team in the nation.🤣
@DavidWonn 3 anos atrás
In a year when many haven’t been able to go to church, Ohio State sure brought out the Sermon.
@OKCThunder4 3 anos atrás
Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler are so good together as announcers
@DESMONDWOLF11 3 anos atrás
We all know about Fields.... but how about showing love to his offensive line???....he had all day to throw.
@DarmaniFlame 3 anos atrás
Not really he was always moving
@Antisatan7771 2 anos atrás
Eh... if he really did he would’ve thrown 10+ TDs easy!
@RawwkinGrimmie64 3 anos atrás
I remember back in 2014 when people said that Ohio State had no chance of beating Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship with a third string quarterback. They said Ohio State had no chance of making the playoff with a third string quarterback. They said Ohio State would be blown out by Alabama. They said Ohio State wasn't good enough to beat Oregon. This season has so much of that same narrative. If Ohio State wins the national championship this year, it will be just as sweet as it was six years ago, maybe a bit sweeter.
@kingdan2164 3 anos atrás
I said the same thing it feels like that all over again I hope im right about that feeling
@JayJay_1827 3 anos atrás
Feels exactly the same, except this season we don't have a star 2nd and 3rd string QB to fall back on, he can't be running like that next game, there goal is going to be to take him out asap
@roycegracie7886 3 anos atrás
Still living in the past I see. Well I guess thats all you have to hold on to lol
@ihatevoyager 3 anos atrás
yeah this is on the money. Ohio State should never be doubted after what cardale jones did.
@CoolKid-mg9bo 3 anos atrás
@@JayJay_1827 we actually got 2 5 star backup QBs wth are you talking about
@BMWFanatic 3 anos atrás
Man that was a great game! OH!
@user-wt2dx6bd4k 3 anos atrás
@tomitstube 3 anos atrás
great job by the ohio state offensive coordinator and play calling. and fields throwing those gorgeous rainbows, that was some old school bomb throwing. and of course sermon will be playing on sundays.
@unreadbread 3 anos atrás
Coming into this game, I thought it would be 28-25 OSU winning at the best for Ohio state and at the worst getting crushed, guess I was completely wrong. I went to a friends house and I think I lost my voice watching this beautiful game from Ohio state🤣
@jojowhite9296 3 anos atrás
Ryan Day saw how Venables intercepts the incoming play so Day ran some quick plays before the defenses call came in.
Drive-Thru: 2014 Big Ten Championship Game
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