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John Oliver discusses one of the largest franchises in the U.S., how their business model doesn’t always serve franchisees, and what it all has to do with Korean dramas.

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21 Mai 2022



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Comentários 10 970
acmeopinion factory
As long as John Oliver has a contract, HBO's lawyers will have jobs.
G. Waits4Gainz
G. Waits4Gainz Dia atrás
davey dudely
davey dudely 2 dias atrás
@A lesser Gracie yes, unlike Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson, who SAY it's satire but never mention that until sued
Rainna 2 dias atrás
@acmeopinion factory hey, 45 sold himself to millions and that just proved my point.
acmeopinion factory
acmeopinion factory 2 dias atrás
@Rainna I think the saying was "bad press is better than no press", but it essentially related to forties and fifties movie stars that had a scandal or two, not a company that wants to sell food to essentially everyone. Some of those everyones are going to care about the bad press.
Victor V
Victor V 20 dias atrás
John Oliver put more effort into finding actors that can speak the language than anyone else in Hollywood ever did.
Metamorph Forest
Metamorph Forest 3 dias atrás
@Kelly Riddell I think it may have been. At first I thought it wasn’t since most signs are in English, but then I can see Korean signs as well and Korean costs on the menu. “Best Menu” is also not something said in the U.S., but is in Korea. Also the stop sign outside is partially blocked, but you can kinda see part of what says “성지 STOP”. I spent way too much time analyzing this to confirm where it was filmed. If this is actually a set in the US, they did a dang good job
NM X 4 dias atrás
@Kelly Riddell my thoughts exactly
Kelly Riddell
Kelly Riddell 10 dias atrás
I assumed maybe they outsourced the filming of this to a Korean film studio or something. Who knows.
andrewthezeppo 12 dias atrás
Koreatown is right next to Hollywood
DaKrawnik420 13 dias atrás
If only Hollywood could hire the proper races of actors.
danakscully64 23 dias atrás
Anyone who has worked in food service for more than a day knows that "You're family" translates to we're an abusive family that will gaslight you and abuse you.
Casualeann, That Wrestling Fan
That's any family that's not blood. Whenever I'm in an organization and they drop that f-bomb, I know I'm in for some serious bulltuna
Probot2000X 6 dias atrás
rohedron 6 dias atrás
hope you are writing, this comment is very good
Augustogabe dot com
Augustogabe dot com 10 dias atrás
Planet Wally
Planet Wally 14 dias atrás
the korean drama at end soooo good! although i gotta say this whole piece made me want a subway sandwich...
baba ganoosh
baba ganoosh 2 dias atrás
do it but take a friend just in case something goes wrong
Bloodlyshiva 6 dias atrás
"All advertising is good advertising. Even when it's not."
[georgianhorse] 7 dias atrás
bina nocht
bina nocht 14 dias atrás
I ate one once and thought it was disgusting.
Daniel D. S.
Daniel D. S. 19 dias atrás
They forgot to tell that in Canada, the public broadcaster produced a show where they basically demonstrated that the chicken was not chicken, but instead it was a mix of flour and chicken. Subway sued the broadcaster and lost the pursuit.
Here's the thing though. That doesn't pose a health hazard so it's still pretty petty.
GentlemenGhidorah 6 dias atrás
They needed to do a show for that? I could tell with one bite of the stuff!
Answer is 42
Answer is 42 7 dias atrás
@Theresa Bajorek It went from a brand I trusted to one I went to maybe once or twice a year. It's just weird that they actually found somebody faking meat
Theresa Bajorek
Theresa Bajorek 8 dias atrás
I remember that CBC Marketplace episode! My sister and I watched in horror
Answer is 42
Answer is 42 14 dias atrás
@Robert T not made up. The show is called CBC Market place. It's probably on BRvid somewhere.
Jorrit _
Jorrit _ Mês atrás
I'd love them to do an episode on Nestle, but that'd get a whole season's worth of content probably
Ciara C
Ciara C 7 dias atrás
I just assume most massive businesses have done evil shit at this point
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi 13 dias atrás
I grew up right around the corner from their U.S Headquarters in Solon Ohio. I had heard many horror stories from former employees.
peachybuttercrunch 19 dias atrás
I am sure
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@Angeles Torres what? Lmao no
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@Star maker 75 shitty food? Nah stop the cope
kirbwarrior K
kirbwarrior K 28 dias atrás
"You enter into a family" and other similar statements are always chilling, even beyond any mob family implications.
Zzudwa 9 horas atrás
Was there "mafia" jokes already?
kirbwarrior K
kirbwarrior K 6 dias atrás
@Kieran Jaegar Good luck.
Kieran Jaegar
Kieran Jaegar 6 dias atrás
That being said, I would legitimately like to enter into a REAL family.
Unknown 18 dias atrás
I already don't like my family. I don't want a second one to deal with.
Midnightkitty 22 dias atrás
I'm sad to learn that these franchise business owners are being treated so poorly. I hope that things get better for them in the future.
Kieran Jaegar
Kieran Jaegar 6 dias atrás
"Have you dreamed this kitty?"
Kathryn Hedges
Kathryn Hedges 10 dias atrás
I can feel for "corporate makes all these decisions that lose me money" as an Etsy seller. Every time Etsy has a Bright New Idea, my artisan friends lose money and only the resellers do better.
Enderlad 19 dias atrás
I'm sure the thousands of people no longer going to subway after watching this will help!
Benjamin Filbert
Benjamin Filbert 26 dias atrás
Ya know, I get why she went with steak and cheese instead of veggie sandwich. Veggie sandwich guy always suggested to her something low carb and low calorie. He always suggested that she stay in a shape that pleases him. Steak and cheese guy encourages her to enjoy the pleasures of life, and that he likes her however she wants to be. She chose the guy who let liking him be _her_ choice. In the end, the tuna really does suck.
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee 6 dias atrás
Food for thought.
Albus Eisenhorn
Albus Eisenhorn 11 dias atrás
that.... hits different
Benjamin Filbert
Benjamin Filbert 14 dias atrás
@CuCuB1rd Gaming I thank the cannabis. It made the scene make sense to me
CuCuB1rd Gaming
CuCuB1rd Gaming 15 dias atrás
I was reading the comments while watching this video and the comment originally seemed like it was a nonsense comment, as it seemed so ridiculously out of place that I was like... There was no way this comment has a correct context within this video And boy was I wrong. It's actually in there. It made full sense
seigeengine 20 dias atrás
Or maybe he just likes chubby women, while veggie sandwich guy was just concerned for her health and well-being. 🤔
Ian Wellinghurst
Ian Wellinghurst 25 dias atrás
Jared was doing a promotion for a local Subway some years back and my friends mom, who was working radio PR for the event, and invited me. After the event officially ended Jared and his agent were talking to us privately. My friends mom, after a bit, got him to admit they he didn't lose wait from only eat Subway, but from a healthy diet, going to the gym, and taking care of himself. The whole "I only ate Subway," bit has always been bs. John Oliver's coverage of Subway only confirms in my mind how scuzzy Subway is and always has been.
clipobserver 5 dias atrás
I'm guessing he stick with the charade because the money was just too good.
Julian Day
Julian Day 6 dias atrás
meat-filled buns played only a minor part
Night Stick
Night Stick 21 dia atrás
Why do I want more of that Korean drama at the end so bad, and why was it SO FUCKING GOOD?!? Goddamn, the writers nailed that shit and the actors should win an award that was so absurdly good.
hannesRSA 4 dias atrás
Because those shows are pretty shallow. Some aesthetics with overly dramatic situations and short term memory about the bastard's behaviour.
Duarte Da Silva
Duarte Da Silva 22 dias atrás
How did the researchers of this show miss the “is the chicken, chicken?” report conducted by the CBC?
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker 3 dias atrás
@Answer is 42 no, Ontario Court of Appeals reinstated the action against CBC, reported decision at 2021 onca 26 (leave refused to supreme court)
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker 3 dias atrás
I would say they avoided it as their is heavy litigation on-going. CBC lost their SLAAP motion.
Wanda Haiche
Wanda Haiche 11 dias atrás
I owned a franchise many years ago. I can attest that the tuna truly was canned chunk light tuna. We made big batches at a time using nothing but the tuna and full-fat mayonnaise. Only weird part was the recipe required equal amounts of drained tuna and mayo. That's a LOT of mayo. Poor fish drowned in it.
Chris R
Chris R Mês atrás
John Oliver is one of the few people that can routinely make me snort laugh. The writers for this show are brilliant 👌
PJ 15 dias atrás
@AK 697 hm, I don't! remember what season that was?
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@AK 697 Lmfao it still is, little better now tho. Slightly
AK 697
AK 697 23 dias atrás
remember that season where the writing staff obviously changed and half the "jokes" were bizarrely unfunny & woke? That sucked ass. Good thing that's over with.
Nemo Jose
Nemo Jose 6 dias atrás
The subway themed Korean drama at the end was actually strangely good like wtf why was I so invested in such a short amount of time? It had no business being that good
Charvi Kumar
Charvi Kumar 2 dias atrás
I almost clapped for the leads when they kissed! It's also the exact right length an episode should be; I never have the patience for full blown 60 minute long K-drama episodes lol
Tsukiru Mês atrás
"When you buy a franchise, you enter into a family" I'm reminded of a really good tweet. "if a job hire u on the spot and say welcome to the family you bout to encounter multiple human rights violations"
fiquitoyunque Mês atrás
Not just a family… a famiglia!
Ed Denoy
Ed Denoy Mês atrás
@Andrew A Indeed it is.
W Mês atrás
I have worked over the table with family. They did not welcome me into their family because I wasn't in their immediate family lol. They welcomed me into their place of business so we could both make money. 0 human rights violations encountered.
kome360 Mês atrás
Imma retweet this, thx
onigiri_girl 19 dias atrás
I worked for a franchise owner for 10yrs when I was younger. My friends and family would tell me "you should open your own subway" No way. I see the crap my owner had to put up with. I remember they were worried about a subway going in a hospital across the street from our location. They were struggling to bid for that location so they wouldn't loose profits. They opened another new location for the same reason and it was in the negative for over a year. Thank god they had their first store to cover for the losses of the second. Subway Head office is deplorable.
bina nocht
bina nocht 14 dias atrás
It also doesn't matter to them if the business makes money for your boss or not .... because they're buying real estate not running a resteraunt.
bina nocht
bina nocht 14 dias atrás
Franchises are disgusting
Mitchell Bland
Mitchell Bland 16 dias atrás
To be fair, the community subway product placement was a joke about how crazy product placement is in tv shows. Like IIRC there was a guy who was legally named "subway" for "tax purposes" at one point.
Squee 22 dias atrás
"Put sloppy bread cannons into their godbods" is the best sentence humanity has ever created.
NekoPunch Mês atrás
As an avid community fan, I love the community call back so much! Also for anyone who watches Korean Soap Operas, you will know how rampant Subway is lol
midoriya shounen
midoriya shounen Mês atrás
Major props to the actors in that parody drama. They put way more emotion into those lines than anyone could have expected of them.
Anoop Grewal
Anoop Grewal 8 dias atrás
Best kdrama actors
Kevin Jung
Kevin Jung 9 dias atrás
And the beats were perfect - it really felt like the cheesy stuff I'd see on tv in Korea.
Augustogabe dot com
Augustogabe dot com 10 dias atrás
Andrew Fransen
Andrew Fransen 19 dias atrás
Some real sandwich artistry.
Trey Capnerhurst
Trey Capnerhurst 19 dias atrás
The villain was perfect!
Realities in the Raw
Realities in the Raw 18 dias atrás
I've seen several ghost Subways. They have the lights on and everything's clean, but they're never open. I guess the owners lose less money staying closed than paying operation costs
A New Hero121
A New Hero121 21 dia atrás
Come to think of it, my city’s university has two subways on campus, another one is over near my job, and a new one opened up nearby just recently very close to the university, this makes that make sense in hindsight lol Also, neither here nor there, but there’s something surreal about that Korean drama subway is that my parents met when my dad was working at a subway, which is odd lol
beezwings 22 dias atrás
I never imagined my two worlds of love for John Oliver and love of kdramas could collide in such a beautiful way
Jason Howell
Jason Howell Mês atrás
As a subway employee, I find this hilarious except for one thing at my subway there are about 7 in a 10-mile radius but there all owned by the same person
M W 5 dias atrás
Ah. he bought out his competition!
Brian Spurrier
Brian Spurrier Mês atrás
I think my favorite recurring joke in this show is “our lawyers say I can’t say ________ … so I won’t”
johnny johnny
johnny johnny 20 dias atrás
@Ember Alexander Yeah, news shows, talkback shows, opinion pieces, do it all the time.
Millennial Mari
Millennial Mari 24 dias atrás
Brilliant 😂
Ember Alexander
Ember Alexander 28 dias atrás
I mean the most classic courtroom trick is to bring up something that the judge rules inadmissible but knowing damn well the jury heard it anyway, they know he gonna say it
nasis18 28 dias atrás
But he heavily implies otherwise 😆
freakymoejoe2 19 dias atrás
This sounds almost exactly like a pyramid scheme, the only thing missing is franchise owners having to sell more franchises
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer Dia atrás
MLM yeah
freakymoejoe2 6 dias atrás
@Mojo Jojo there are elements that are reminiscent yeah: The fact that it seems like subways main income comes from conning people into franchises that they cant get out of, and they have to lie to new prospective victims
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 6 dias atrás
So it's exactly like a pyramid, except for the pyramid part? OK.
Critical Role Ace
Critical Role Ace 7 dias atrás
That was exactly what I was thinking.
I'm sad to learn that these franchise business owners are being treated so poorly. I hope that things get better for them in the future.
MY FAVESTATION 20 dias atrás
Literally crying laughing at the meatball scene, that was some great drama - I was so invested in their relationship !!
Shelby B
Shelby B 23 dias atrás
Why didn't Jon mention that the "two people" meeting at Subway in the first kdrama is actually two grim reapers? Lol would have added nicely to the crazy plot points theme
Bi$harp Mês atrás
I imagine HBOs lawyers love Last Week Tonight. Jon provides them a constant stream of job security.
A lesser Gracie
A lesser Gracie Mês atrás
Bi whatever I don't know about that. I'd say he probably needs someone whose only job is to help John say what he wants to say legally. He's the creative joke lawyer. If the lawyers told John, you can say that. John would say I can and. will, why no anyway? I bet he's a handful.
Charlon Official
Charlon Official Mês atrás
I feel he tells them "this is what im going to talk about" ahead of time so they can brace for shock
Aleks Rozum
Aleks Rozum Mês atrás
It's funny. My brother works for a company that was featured on here. Sales jumped after the episode aired. His boss was was like "Shit, Let's treat the employees worst. Maybe they'll make a sequel."
Brian Battles
Brian Battles 18 dias atrás
My daughter worked at a Subway and I once witnessed the owner making her remove olives from a sandwich she was making, saying "too many olives, just put on 6". Six slices of black olives. Six. And right in front of the customer who asked for olives. The customer said "never mind" and walked out.
kitty9tales 28 dias atrás
about 10 years ago, Subway forced the closer of a Vegetarian Health food restaurant in Gross PT, MI called the Atomic Cafe for competition. at first, they tried using the law that two similar businesses had to be so many feet apart but it was ruled Atomic Cafe catering to veggie health food sandwiches and soup was a different type of establishment. then it went for doorway heights and counter top heights and it just kept going.
Idigam Studios
Idigam Studios 7 horas atrás
A note that I need to give to the people watching on the off chance this makes the rounds. The FTC is arguably the most toothless government agency. For his suggestion to work not only would congress need to overturn a supreme court decision basically saying 'you can't even send a cease and desist' they would also need to allocate the funding to enforce their rulings.
Randscara 6 dias atrás
My last boss told me, "We're like a family here" without making any eye contact. My irregular stammer kicked in when I was on the phone one day in front of the boss. Next day, I found out (third-hand through an agency) that I was fired. Partly because I "didn't make eye contact with people". I've learned over the years that anyone that uses 'family' in a business context are just trying to tell you that you will be fighting a lot and that they can make you feel terrible about yourself. They never had me sign any documents and didn't put me through induction or any training. That said - 'Toyworld', where I worked for a fortnight before learning there was a staff toilet, and another fortnight before I felt like one.
TheDapperDolphin Mês atrás
Never underestimate the lengths that John Oliver will go to for a joke. That ending segment was fantastic.
Alex Thurner
Alex Thurner 29 dias atrás
Would have loved to see some joghurt sauce dripping onto that meatball after a couple of seconds
F Flanman
F Flanman Mês atrás
Yeah that was one of their best in a while 😂
David Brian
David Brian Mês atrás
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Bad Advertisements
Bad Advertisements Mês atrás
First time ever seeing this clip (or show in general) I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s similar to a talk show format, but has actual substance and is…dare I say…funny and entertaining? 🤯
Josh Mês atrás
At a subway I had the first real food poisoning in my life. This feels so reassuring to watch 😊
Thassalante k'Reskel
Very first sentence in the franchise promo tape: "When you by a franchise..." Yes, the typo is in the actual, professional, corporate video. Seriously, is the US just throwing up its collective metaphorical hands and saying, fuck it, we're going post-literate?
Randy Bedford
Randy Bedford 17 dias atrás
I would love to see the blooper reel for the Korean skit. "Has that been in your pocket all day?" hahaha
Fusilier7 Mês atrás
Who ever made that K-drama parody, give 'em a raise. The dialogue was the most impressive, the script sounds like a legit K-drama, this really captured the way Koreans speak, but I also like how Subway is depicted as a Chaebol, which I suppose it is.
michelle andrijich
michelle andrijich 2 dias atrás
@4bibimimi I heard it was different versions in different countries
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
hhahaha epic K Drama hehe
Amber Mês atrás
@Rocket Small The Call was pretty engaging until the very end... where they totally fucked it all up!!
Rocket Small
Rocket Small Mês atrás
im convinced any korean people in a video can make good movie or TV example: train to Busan. that movie was just some tourist documenting his train ride. or the call. that movie was just some girl filming for TikTok or parasite. which was just the backup camera man filming random stuff all dialogue was ad liped
Stephen Choi
Stephen Choi Mês atrás
Ok, this explains why there was a huge influx of Subway product placements in K-Dramas. I didn't realize this movement was so big.
skylinec83 Mês atrás
Wow I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. The subway skit at the end had me in tears.
Azunami 24 dias atrás
I'm not really a Kdrama fan, but the Subway skit at the end was perfect LOL
gk 21 dia atrás
I have had food poisoning twice from eating at subway. My fault 🤦‍♂️ but after eating their tuna sub, I was violently ill and feared for my life no joke.
sockety Mês atrás
when I was at subway, the server asked "is that good", I said "yes that's perfect", and he said "that's what you get when you work at subway for 5 years: perfect sandwiches and depression".
Alin Fazakas
Alin Fazakas 11 horas atrás
From all the things that never happened this never happened the most
El Dia atrás
@Brian depends on how much and how they they save/spend really
Kieran Jaegar
Kieran Jaegar 6 dias atrás
Oh, sweetie ;_;
Augustogabe dot com
Augustogabe dot com 10 dias atrás
Wanda Haiche
Wanda Haiche 11 dias atrás
5 years at Subway; my heart aches for him. I owned a franchise for one year and then, boy, sought greener pastures. Found 'em, too.
Randomly Just There.
I kind of want to see more Korean dramas written by John Oliver and his team
Tech Explores NYC
Tech Explores NYC Mês atrás
He forgot the part where subway corporate in an effort to cut costs messed around with grocery deliveries (franchisees must buy ingredients from corporate) and causing the restaurants to have stale lettuce and tomatoes
Rajiv Joseph
Rajiv Joseph Mês atrás
Loved this. More business analysis by John please. This is really educational.
S Dot
S Dot 14 dias atrás
This is hilarious and true. I love Subway, it’s entrained in my habits. But they deserved this. I know what it is.
David Leon
David Leon Mês atrás
Subway signing away the identity and rights of a human and enrolling them as a student named “Subway” in Community remains one of my favorite jokes in the entire show.
E. Moonbound
E. Moonbound 23 dias atrás
@Billy Nock I despise life
Billy Nock
Billy Nock 23 dias atrás
@E. Moonbound they can fry them in animal fat
calmbbaer Mês atrás
@E. Moonbound - look up the lawsuit against McDonald's
E. Moonbound
E. Moonbound Mês atrás
Charlie Gonzalez
Charlie Gonzalez Mês atrás
@calmbbaer A
beeble2003 6 dias atrás
When any business talks about itself being a family, you know the focus is on "You're stuck with us for life, even if you don't like us."
Mickael Vest
Mickael Vest 29 dias atrás
The moment they mentioned the Korean drama, I knew John could not resist doing one of his own xD
Kit Vixen
Kit Vixen Mês atrás
Lmao the lack of exclusivity thing is so true. When I was looking for jobs in a SUBURB, there were 7 subways within TWO MILES of me. And there were more farther out. Who needs that many subways?
Casey 17 dias atrás
I remember realizing a few years back that my hometown had more Subways than Starbucks or McDonald’s or A&Ws or Tim Hortons. 19 in a city of 200k, or in other words one for every 10500 people.
L Mês atrás
The actors you got for the commercial truly deserve a standing ovation.
Hòmè Ďeçoŕè
Hòmè Ďeçoŕè Mês atrás
*Use SoundProof Curtains to Stop Outside Noise by 80% (25db)* with The Legend of *EcoCurtains.Online* snowquen's is my idol. Hes the person i aspire to be, hes my light of day.
Olivier L
Olivier L Mês atrás
Not only the actors, but the whole production team 🥰
AaaaNinja Mês atrás
@shoutenry You must be fun at parties.
zeusonfire Mês atrás
​@shoutenry its not at all.
J M 21 dia atrás
Thanks for making this! really interesting. I've been boycotting my local subway due to the extreme prices, but now I feel bad for them. They probably don't even want to be owners anymore with how subway is run. They probably don't have much of a choice. very sad
Genevieve Tripp
Genevieve Tripp 26 dias atrás
I just got very emotionally invested in that last Subway sketch. 😂
j gom
j gom 29 dias atrás
Just beautiful! Thank you John and team for always doing some great reporting. What a Con.
Skullsnax 2 dias atrás
I grew up in one of the smallest cities in the UK. We have 2 subways, at opposite sides of the city centre, and you can walk from one to the other in 5 minutes. We also, at one point, had 4 Greggs. We currently still have 2.
Brian Dowling
Brian Dowling Mês atrás
The bread issue in Ireland was due to tax purposes. Bread is considered a staple food and has a lower tax rate compared to cake which is a luxury and has a higher rate. Subway bread was found to have much more sugar than bread normally does, so it was argued that it was cake. It's just bad bread.
GreetinFace 7 dias atrás
@Jen Elaina what you just described are technically "confections " ...sweetened dough etc. What subway does is give people an extra buzz and it in turn creates a dependancy, an addiction to the product. The bread/cake controversy was a tax evasion case.
Wanda Haiche
Wanda Haiche 11 dias atrás
@whuzzzup Not so. Brioche (French) is sold in the bread section at my store. Bought one once. Too SWEET to EAT, even as cake, let alone bread.
Acrii Nightstalker
Acrii Nightstalker 18 dias atrás
@Chris Pirillo Is Eboola Okay? Leave then
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@Acrii Nightstalker lmfao malding. Under a john oliver vid? Yes i will always assume that, turns out to be true 9 out of 10 times
Tenly2009 20 dias atrás
The best closing for this episode would have been for John to reveal that they had pitched this episode idea to Subway - and that they had actually received product placement money from Subway for it!
Servragh Giorsal
Servragh Giorsal 17 dias atrás
I REALLY admire this guy,and he always give us something's to thiñk about!
Lindsay Chu
Lindsay Chu 27 dias atrás
John Oliver, you're insane for filming that Subway Korean Drama. 10/10 would watch all 5 seasons
cyto- Mês atrás
21:21 This Korean drama skit was real because all the actors actually spoke Korean like how they do in K-Drama and not some fake actors who can't speak Korean.
Hannah Hickman
Hannah Hickman Mês atrás
You can tell the writers of the show actually watch Kdramas because this was so accurate, especially the acting of the villain
Dave Ottley
Dave Ottley 13 dias atrás
and it was funny as fuck too!
Rohan Dasgupta
Rohan Dasgupta 17 dias atrás
@Clair de Lune I watched Squid Game, and it was p good. I’ve also heard good things about DP, but other than those, most r p bad
Clair de Lune
Clair de Lune 17 dias atrás
@Rohan Dasgupta you must be a typical hater. Watch D.P, Kingdom, Squid game, Hellbound, Skycastle.
Rohan Dasgupta
Rohan Dasgupta 19 dias atrás
@Al Lnn kdramas always suck
Rachel Knight Online
I used to manage a subway, this I can confirm is true in many ways
Ken C
Ken C 29 dias atrás
That parody Korean sandwich drama (at the end) was SO funny! [I'm never going to another Subway again--even though the last one I went to was in Southeast Asia/Thailand].
S S 19 dias atrás
😂 That k-drama parody was hilarious. The acting was too good. I was actually getting invested 🤦
J B 23 dias atrás
The thing about subway is that you typically get the same ingredients on whatever sandwich you're getting, an with the same old selection of ingredients. Basically EVERY sandwich seems to taste about the same. Idk if the little trays they keep the meat and lettuce etc in, are refrigerated beneath or not. I don't think they are but, that's one of the things that has always grossed me out about Subway. Is the meats and cheeses just sitting in those bins all day, an sure they're supposed to change it out and put new stuff in it every so often. But people get lazy about it, you can usually tell the locations that are pretty bad about it. They need to have covers on each and all of the little bins, I think maybe some of them do. But they want you "to see" the "freshness" of the ingredients, which are then open to the air all day lol.. I would never get any of the eggs, tuna or chicken type stuff from there though. If you're going with basic meats like turkey, an the bacon which is obviously cooked and safe lol.. You just need to know what things not to mess with if and when you go to Subway. Then again, they did have ecoli on their spinach or something lol. An maybe even their onions, unless I'm thinking of another place. I know they had something like that go on, or just don't eat there. It beats McDonald's and that kind of fast food though if you really need some quick food, that's for sure.
Indebtfolife Mês atrás
The amount of effort to write and produce a seemingly complete and fully staffed Korean (??) melodrama short is truly chef's kiss.
Reason Mês atrás
@Rajesh Upadhyay Flagged for spamming under multiple accounts.
Richard Wahl
Richard Wahl Mês atrás
I just lookup her name online and found her webpage, thanks
investorwest Mês atrás
@Lezlie Whicker Thank you, Going through her profile in her webpage, she smashed all her state certificate and accreditation
Dr.ervin Galen
Dr.ervin Galen Mês atrás
Paid off $892000 loan within 7 months thanks to Madam Priscilla! So happy we are finally onto baby step 4, 5 & 6! Amazing! 🇨🇦
David Hudson
David Hudson Mês atrás
A news host spoke so highly of this💕 woman Priscilla Dearmin-Turner and her loss prevention strategies been trying to get to her ever since
rj smith
rj smith 20 dias atrás
The “when you “by” a franchise” and “we don’t “fell” sorry for ourselves” things remind me of a sign I saw once in front of a new shawarma take out place in Toronto. It read , “Ground Opening sale, half price shawarma”. I tried explaining it to the guy, but just gave up, wished him good luck with the new business, and took my shawarma.
cim888 7 dias atrás
My wife is korean so I'm "forced" to watch a lot of their dramas... this was brilliant!
Jordan Aethelric
Jordan Aethelric 16 dias atrás
That might be the best parody video yet. Cleverly building off all the elements of the episode and was somehow more ridiculous and believable than the original.
MysterySteve 17 dias atrás
I'm just glad to see someone with a big audience giving attention to Community again
Sam the Magnificent
As a Korean, I am absolutely thrilled by the K-drama of the ending. Accuracy of actors' language, music, impression, chef kiss.
Hyun Woo Shin
Hyun Woo Shin Mês atrás
Living in this galaxy
@Daeseong Kim sorry I ment 'ahjussi'
Daeseong Kim
Daeseong Kim Mês atrás
@Living in this galaxy what
Mauricio Villegas
Mauricio Villegas Mês atrás
I'd watch this show! Where's a Netflix executive when you need one!
Sam Reid
Sam Reid Mês atrás
I am 100% on board with restaurants creating dramas inexplicably centered around their products. I desperately want to hear a hot Korean guy say “you’ve hamburgled my heart”
Casualeann, That Wrestling Fan
In the words of Tina Belcher, "This is the greatest love story ever told." 😂
Stuart Martin
Stuart Martin 6 dias atrás
This may well be the fifth glass of wine I've had tonight talking, but thank you for giving Original Loyal Subway Guy a happy ending in your Korean melodrama, John. I needed that.
Debby S-AbqNM
Debby S-AbqNM 2 dias atrás
Our local University Hospital has a branch of Subway, open 24/7, easy to reach (on the ground floor) for patients (who can walk), visitors, and hospital staff. I enjoy several of the sandwiches they offer and that they can make them to order and taste good. I also suspect that the location of this branch, in a hospital, will be very clean and healthy!
Xanatax 17 dias atrás
Our local Subway owner figured out how to sell a franchise … 😂 was running a Subway + ice-cream shop, presumably without telling HQ they’d modified the menu. AFAIK, they were forced to sell. 🤣👍
Durkslag Mês atrás
I like how they accidentally nailed the Subway skit more than expected. The mean, corrupt boss keeping the humble, worker main character down is one of the most common trope in Korean dramas. This shit checks out
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@H K lol missing the point honey.
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
lmfao korean drama
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 22 dias atrás
@L Batemon Heh, it would indeed seem. Heck, the Evil Boss showed up with a wooshing sound effect, like he blew in on a fell wind. I'm not familiar with K-drama tropes, but that seems Suspiciously Specific.
Jason Storey
Jason Storey 25 dias atrás
@Jason Muchnick Because it quite literally and directly takes credit away from the writers and assumes they don't know anything. Only the OP knows anything about kdramas, how could professional television writers possibly know anything about the subject they're writing about?
AJayy Pollock
AJayy Pollock 29 dias atrás
As someone who worked for subway this is all very true. Because of the market they paid me 8.00$ and hour and said that's all they could afford 🤣🤣 you've got me effed up. So I worked for about 6 months and quit because the environment was garbage and toxic. Not a great place in general.
TC Safavi
TC Safavi 12 dias atrás
I love how Subway has effectively written in it's own lese-majeste clause.
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer Mês atrás
My family really liked Subway, for years we ate it and it was my introduction to sandwiches. Luckily, we got off subway and switched to Jersey Mike's, which is so much better than those dry ass subs at Subway.
PlaceFantasy 21 dia atrás
Worked at subway for 3 years across two locations. First location I worked at the store manager was fired (rather beautifully) for laundering money by stealing from the minimum wage employees paycheques when money would “go missing from the safe”. Was permanently removed from the schedule at the second location I worked at after trying to tell my boss that I was being sexually harassed. Subway is probably the best job I’ve had tho which is incredibly depressing to admit.
Joel Farrelly
Joel Farrelly Mês atrás
The best and worst part is the fact that the acting and direction in that sandwich-centric Korean dramedy are both objectively excellent.
Heather in Kansas
Heather in Kansas Mês atrás
@Joel Farrelly Hey! I found the "block user" option right where you said it would be! (lol) Thanks so much for the help!! 😃
Joel Farrelly
Joel Farrelly Mês atrás
@Heather in Kansas Lol, thanks Heather but don't worry. I wouldn't exactly classify this as "troubles". More like a vaguely amusing annoyance. If you ever need to block someone on here, just click on their name and then the flag icon below the view-count on their channel's home tab. It should be the first option in the dropdown menu. Then they won't even be able to see your comments, let alone reply to them.
Heather in Kansas
Heather in Kansas Mês atrás
@Joel Farrelly I didn't know you could block ppl on YT. I'll have to look into that, lol. Thanks for the info and sorry about your troubles. I can't stand it when ppl do this, but I've only ever seen bots do it. It's a crazy phenomenon!
Joel Farrelly
Joel Farrelly Mês atrás
@Heather in Kansas THEN THAT COWARD BLOCKED ME SO I CAN'T SEE HIS COMMENT! ...A little too late for that, genius.
TheLumberjack1987 22 dias atrás
I don't even know how Subway still exists, it's been years since I've seen customers inside one of their places. Hell, I've maybe ordered 3 of their sandwiches in the last 5 years and every single time I was the only person in there.
Brooklyn	🔴 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛
Major props to the actors in that parody drama. They put way more emotion into those lines than anyone could have expected of them.
Abigail S
Abigail S 13 dias atrás
"they have an incentive to find violations" apart from what John said, they probably also have cash incentives for marking off during inspections... I've heard that the company I work for does that for their regional inspectors.
Nikinovski Mês atrás
I actually like subway. Maybe it's the quality of ingredients where I live, or that I've been lucky, or that I could be a degenerate, but I've enjoyed their sandwiches so far. If anything, the reason I don't always eat there is because they are very expensive, the prices are not at all worth the sandwich imo. I'll have to agree with the tuna, I have never gotten one of those, but it doesn't look appetizing.
RapisGames Mês atrás
The best and worst part is the fact that the acting and direction in that sandwich-centric Korean dramedy are both objectively excellent.
Heather in Kansas
Heather in Kansas 19 dias atrás
@Chris Pirillo Is Eboola This is a real channel. It's some Russian gamer who copies comments on every LWT video. It's pretty sad.
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@Lawrence lmao you good chief?
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@이우진シ sounds goofy as hell
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@omi god its lliterally bots
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
@Heather in Kansas bots
Alex Waardenburg
Alex Waardenburg 28 dias atrás
You got so close to mentioning that Subway went so far as naming a character on the show Community, the show John Oliver was on, Subway. Subway paid to name a character Subway!
Funtime Florian
Funtime Florian 5 dias atrás
I love how HBO payed Koreans to make a real Subway warning episode opposing their absurd adds XD That deaparment manager was spot on acting I loved hahaha
Green Brain
Green Brain 21 dia atrás
Subway always has a semi-offensive strange smell to it. Thank you John Oliver for explaining that it is bread-farts.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 10 dias atrás
John Oliver is one of the few people that can routinely make me snort laugh. The writers for this show are brilliant 👌
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Mês atrás
Whenever John says "Our lawyers suggested..." you KNOW the funniest bit is coming right up.
Charlon Official
Charlon Official Mês atrás
The Lawyer: Subway doesn't taste that good... The Other Lawyer: yes, I have an idea for the next show!
Esinam Adzo
Esinam Adzo Mês atrás
@Kristina Jones I'm sure they will do something along the line but LNT is not really a "focus on the headline now" kinda show
Kristina Jones
Kristina Jones Mês atrás
@Esinam Adzo I was leaning more towards another right wing extremist, fox news takedown. The kids manifesto was all whiny fox talking points.
Esinam Adzo
Esinam Adzo Mês atrás
@Kristina Jones like I said, they have covered gun control, but Americans don't seem to want to do anything about that problem that leads to this type of tragedy so how many shows will it take?
Kristina Jones
Kristina Jones Mês atrás
@Esinam Adzo this will be three weeks.
Damián Moreno
Damián Moreno 24 dias atrás
Did anyone else notice they were both about to break character with the meatballs? Loved that they remained so committed to the drama!
Casey 17 dias atrás
There was an interesting trend on Facebook for a while of drawing a subway (as in the trains) map between Subway restaurants as “stations” and their obsession with just packing in restaurants makes me understand exactly why that worked almost everywhere.
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro 22 dias atrás
Corporate assholes being corporate assholes? Yeah, sounds right. Thanks for the video John and team. :)
Yeoncomi Jang
Yeoncomi Jang Dia atrás
as a ex-korean expat living in Canada this is freaking hilarious
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 11 dias atrás
John Oliver is one of the few people that can routinely make me snort laugh. The writers for this show are brilliant
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