Stylebender Breakdown | UFC 270 Ngannou vs Gane

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Engage Ind Israel Adesanya 'Unleash The Dragon' Tee:

David's BRvid Channel:

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel 'The Last Stylebender' Adesanya breaks down the upcoming UFC 270 Pay Per View headlined with the Heavyweight Unification bout between Francis Ngannou & Ciryl Gane and also feature the epic trilogy between Brendon Moreno vs Deiveson Figueiredo.

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Produced by: David Adesanya

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18 Jan 2022



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Engage Ind Israel Adesanya 'Unleash The Dragon' Tee:
Dylan Vickers
Glad to see Israel speaking on fighter pay: if a fighter is bringing in $30-$70 million dollars every fight on PPV, plus the gate, advertisements, and sponsors. There is no excuse that a champion isn’t guaranteed $1 million per fight flat as a starting point.
Scenic Fights
Great breakdown as always. Ngannou vs Gane is so 50/50 but we will find out in the first round really fast who is going to win.
The Luvchilds
Big up.. Izzy for backing Francis, speaking up on his Payment issues and of course the "pettiness" of that Interrim title in less than 6months, yet Francis waiting for like forever for Stipe to be ready. No hating on Gane!
Film Summary
Honestly speaking, no one really knows who's gonna win between Gane and Francis. That's what makes this fight a must watch.
Shayn Almeida
Yo, Israel, Thanks for saying all that about the Heavyweight not settling for 500K. - great to see that support! All you Fighters got to support eachother w that cause that shite is weak, the UFC needs to pay their Champions! Keep it up man, great work,,, stoked to see your next fight!
Pro Fights Info
I love Izzy for his honest perspective on Francis, Ciryl & fighter pay. A true champion; Dare I say, even Ali would be proud.
Thabo Kgwele
Feel like it's been forever since we've seen Francis fight. Izzy too.
Michael Laidler
Great breakdown as usual, and props for backing Ngannou. It's sad to see fans that don't understand his position. I'll be devastated if the UFC fumbles it and Ngannou moves on to another organisation (or possibly another sport).
Omar Farah
Izzy is such a good analyst, love how he acknowledges Moreno as being a good role model.
As soon as you mentioned the leg kicks I was so happy. I’ve been saying Francis needs to chop those damn legs down and make it hard for Ciryl to move and hop around. Easier said than done of course but I believe the Predator will walk out the cage with that belt.
Just Kandie
I always look forward to these breakdowns during fight week, thanks Izzy ⚡
Brendon Ford
Putting a belt on Cyril was Dana saying “don’t play games with the ufc belt or be gone too long” and Cyril was rewarded for always saying yes. It’s a communication issue as much as anything.
S3erious Bl9ck
I'm so glad you backed Francis up on his stand. These casual fans like to act like he's the issue but like you said, there's no way the heavyweight champion of the world should be fighting for that low.
Great breakdowns as always Izzy!! Heavyweight matchup def going to be a super interesting fight 👀
Phil Ojong
I think the leg kicks are crucial for Gane like what Izzy said. Take away the movement, and based on how hard Nicksick said Francis kicks….not even dudes like Gane can probably stand those all day. Then again though Gane comes from a Muay Thai/kickboxing background and is probably not the most susceptible to leg kicks. I still got Francis by KO, training with your opponent goes both ways, but I think Francis has changed more than Gane has since they trained together. Therefore I think Francis knows more about Gane now then Gane knows about Francis.
Alonso Valverde
Hearing explanations and techniques and plans to win coming from Izzy it's such an amazing gift. All the best champ!!
40M Prxdigy
The blame for the Interim belt definitely can’t be on Ciryl
Titanium Shin Bone
Huge fan of Izzy 👑 nobody will ever be the same , enjoy him now before he’s gone ! Beyond excited for him to destroy the Aussie!!
Dro A
Crazy how much this youtube channel has grown in the last year. Adesanya keeping that belt. 100%
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