Struggle Jennings & Jelly Roll - “Love Won” ft. Shooter Jennings (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Struggle Jennings
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Song by: Struggle Jennings & Jelly Roll
Video Produced & Directed by: Sebastian Marbury & Malcolm King Fontana
Cinematography by: Malcolm King Fontana & Just Produce Hy Def
Bad Apple / Angels & Outlaws / Massbaum
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9 Jul 2018



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Comentários 100
Jason Luevano
Jason Luevano 16 horas atrás
Who ever dis liked this song u dont have. A single soul
Nastassja Armstrong
Nastassja Armstrong 23 horas atrás
I love this song an video. Its so perfect 😍
Rogue Nation
Rogue Nation Dia atrás
Misteriosi81 3 dias atrás
Fucking awful
Ashley Leeds
Ashley Leeds 4 dias atrás
One day 💜💜 until then I'm holding it down
NXN Beats
NXN Beats 5 dias atrás
Shooter jennings is awesome. Do more stuff with him
Jordan Madden
Jordan Madden 5 dias atrás
Thanks struggle n jelly for my wedding song absolutely loved it
Bobbie J King
Bobbie J King 6 dias atrás
This gives me reason to believe true love still exists as for a relationship there's still good men in this world for us good women love all of your music Jelly Roll
Michele Ellis
Michele Ellis 7 dias atrás
Very nice,your wife’s beautiful. 🕊❤️
darkernights 1
darkernights 1 7 dias atrás
Love the vid and the music 🔥 🔥 as always but anyone else notice the bouquet hit the string of lights at 3:26 😂😂
crystal jordan
crystal jordan 7 dias atrás
We've been together for 25 years and married 23 years. Both from California, him from Stockton and me from San Bernadino. He's locked up right now and yep this is so us
denice scarabin
denice scarabin 8 dias atrás
This song is such a great song. My husband and I have been through incarcerations (him) and been married since 2016 been together since 2015. Our love has grown stronger and if I had to do it all over again I would. He is my best friend, lover, partner, husband and everything else and I'm his Queen. Thank you for blessing us with such a great song.
K B M 9 dias atrás
Gives me chills...This is my fav song!!❤
Vippy Longstocking
Vippy Longstocking 10 dias atrás
I can picture this sing in sons of anarchy..👍
Dana Igou
Dana Igou 11 dias atrás
Thank you for this song. It saved my life and my relationship. I owe y'all everything
Scott Robbins
Scott Robbins 11 dias atrás
Got a grown man in tears, wanted to marry my last girlfriend, she broke my heart, then my high school sweetheart passed away recently. This hit me in a different way, my heart is heavy.
Landin Lankford
Landin Lankford 11 dias atrás
Susan Colson Morson
Susan Colson Morson 11 dias atrás
I watch a bit. Then!
QcLalo 11 dias atrás
( Leave them haters disgusted they cant ketchup cuz we mustard ) Dope!!!!!
Scott&Steph Jackson
Scott&Steph Jackson 12 dias atrás
I love you queen bee
Taryn Marlow
Taryn Marlow 13 dias atrás
Venus Glancy
Venus Glancy 14 dias atrás
Love this song. I just found Jelly Roll a couple weeks ago I love his voice. He is just all around awesome.
Josh Gienger
Josh Gienger 14 dias atrás
They can't ketchup cuz we mustard is legit
Cheryl whisenant
Cheryl whisenant 15 dias atrás
My lady stupid beside me to. I been worried. But if any body can continue can man she everything she Is a queen andvwolill be spoiledvrotten
Victoriansoul 1930
Victoriansoul 1930 15 dias atrás
Love ♥️👌
Dustin Shirley
Dustin Shirley 15 dias atrás
Struggle> Shooter.
Jj Evans Vlogs
Jj Evans Vlogs 18 dias atrás
Hey Jelly Roll, my fiancee Patricia & I are getting married on September 26th we both love your music & videos. It would be awesome if you could give us a shoutout or stop by
eugene nalton
eugene nalton 18 dias atrás
I had it all but somehow after 20 years it is all slipping away like holding onto sand this song give me hope
Patricia Fallis
Patricia Fallis 20 dias atrás
oh dude this is incredible you wear your heart on your sleeve and its huge !! everything ive watched from you has got me hard in the heart you are amazing you got it dude!!!
kaspa killa
kaspa killa 20 dias atrás
Real Music, Struggle & Jelly Roll & Shooter, Smashing the Game. Much Love to all you true Music fans... i got something in the mix for ya, check it out & follow me At if ya fux wit it. Hit my email
Will Jones
Will Jones 23 dias atrás
Shooter looks alot like Waylon Jennings
Miranda Jean Baker
Miranda Jean Baker 23 dias atrás
I fucking adore this song! The video couldn't be more perfect too. It's deep, it's passionate and beautifully real af, I just love them💜 fucking gorgeous!
Zina Christie
Zina Christie 23 dias atrás
I may not relate but my young adults can, but they're all grown up now and it makes them stronger so I'm down with the music.! Super deep over my head
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 25 dias atrás
By god when two people smile even in a video I tell ya you don't make this up
Shelly Williams
Shelly Williams 26 dias atrás
Rachel Stoner
Rachel Stoner 28 dias atrás
When I hear this song...My heart and soul connect with this in so many ways. Every words hits. Amazing!
dominic mckenna
dominic mckenna 29 dias atrás
This song is going to be me and the man who came into my life like a bolt ⚡ first dance at our wedding. Dom your my future 💕. Your baby girl xxxxx
Regina Dolores
Regina Dolores Mês atrás
God this is me and my wife so thank you so much for this song cant stop repaying it # renewed my faith everythings will be ok.
Regina Dolores
Regina Dolores Mês atrás
Sorry idk why it shows my wifes name but my name is Matthew
Nikki Richards
Nikki Richards Mês atrás
Can't believe it has been 2yrs already since ya the wedding, time flys by so quick these days.. look at how many great stuff has happened in those last 2yrs. I had to laugh when Bunny was trying to bend over in the dress and she couldn't, and then left sorry for her when she pulling it up to try to keep those tit-o-biggies in the damn thing... so glad she went back to her natural ones, she looks so much better and more comfortable
cecil steele
cecil steele Mês atrás
I'll give you my game is the best song ever
Savanna Rios
Savanna Rios Mês atrás
BEST SONG EVER 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Faith Baltimore
Faith Baltimore Mês atrás
this song reminds me of my past its like it was written from the first night i made love to what i thought was my future ... why wasnt i good enough...
Rob Gallus
Rob Gallus Mês atrás
Jellyroll nd struggle idk if you read comments or care but I come to your music when life gets to heavy and I need help. I've been listening for 10yrs and it's always been a go to when life gets to ugly nd I need some reassurance that things will work out. Thank you guys your music legit has saved my life multiple times just this year
Jeremy Longoria
Jeremy Longoria Mês atrás
$truggl€ Jenning$ & JeLLy RoLL Are Seriously Sum of The Mo$T $LepT oN ArTi$T iN THe Mu$iC INdu$TrY PerioD ..... THosE oF U$ ExposeD To THi$ ArT ArE Surley & Truly Ble$$eD ..... R€AL~€$T $H!T EVA
jeff johnson
jeff johnson Mês atrás
LOVE never been Discovered!! :(
She-Rides0 3The-Night
Love you girl. 4evr nevr
Denise Gregory
Denise Gregory Mês atrás
I love this song!!! My favorite jelly roll song.. 😎✌
Podcast Bye
Podcast Bye Mês atrás
The love of fans the love of my kids the love of the world I c a lot scars on my brain glad to c there are still good hole hearted people in the world all race together we stand separated we crumble
Podcast Bye
Podcast Bye Mês atrás
Love won
Podcast Bye
Podcast Bye Mês atrás
Love you two more then you’ll ever know
Kevin Ellis
Kevin Ellis Mês atrás
“CHRISTINA DAWN ELLIS” love did win I love u baby with all my heart
•Blonde & Boujee•
This is so sweet!! Congratulations 🎉 on finding your queen!☺️ So happy for you both! I know I will find my king one day. I’m patiently waiting lol
Dying-Dragons Mês atrás
@Struggle Jennings Love the music need more stuff like this
•Blonde & Boujee•
If it’s Struggle & Jelly it’s ALWAYS lit 🔥 Best 2 in the whole game!! 💯
Lynsey Nicole
Lynsey Nicole Mês atrás
Holy fucking shit! Dude, you are sick! My new favorite ❤️
Jason Ambers
Jason Ambers Mês atrás
Best video every so many legends
Jessica Conley
Jessica Conley Mês atrás
This is me and my husband's song
Cox. Cox
Cox. Cox Mês atrás
Rip Wendy 1978 to 2018 💙🖤🙏this cox
Amanda Wuest
Amanda Wuest Mês atrás
John Nomad
John Nomad Mês atrás
My wife has no idea how much this matches my ideology and more
Jubilee Jennings
Jubilee Jennings Mês atrás
I've already told my man this is the song I want at our wedding! Im like baby please rap to me like Struggle does to his wifey while she's at the alter! 🤣 For real this is the sweetest video and song and I just can't get enough of it! 💣💋💥💜
Crystal Bolton
Crystal Bolton Mês atrás
Alright this is so sweet y'all giving me cavities I'ma need the dentist
Meranda Lowman
Meranda Lowman Mês atrás
frist time ever hearing him i like couple songs from him including this one save me. and sex drugs pain
ashley Abell
ashley Abell Mês atrás
I love this so much!! Yall are beautiful and that kiss was passionate! Gorgeous bride! Struggle jennings u are a soul soother. Freakin badass song!!
Bridget O Connell
Bridget O Connell Mês atrás
Im a widow twice.... tearjerker for me! But tears are healing
Steven Wade
Steven Wade Mês atrás
Struggle is the choice outta the best singers in the lone wolf and Real asf not as much like I think of yelawolf idL him honestly but we in AL, GA, TN,in 39 min
Matthew Wiese
Matthew Wiese Mês atrás
I'm very thankful the way people will go their way for this me love y'all
Venomous Silverback
My favs in 1st with ryan n adam
Erin Prince
Erin Prince Mês atrás
I love this song wish I could say love won But it didn’t!!
Alice Howard
Alice Howard Mês atrás
Skittles wtf🧐🤔
Nadia Borzacchini
Nadia Borzacchini Mês atrás
Love this song be safe
Terri Rutledge
Terri Rutledge Mês atrás
Love didn’t win for us😢🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Mês atrás
Hell yes,this is the best
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Mês atrás
Yes they are the best this song love won with Jelly,struggle,and shooter hell yes I can listen to it over and over
COONHUNTER #1 Mês atrás
Damn the redhead in this video is badass
Elita Bailey
Elita Bailey Mês atrás
This is such a bad🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏💝🌻🌹🌻🌹🌻🌹💯💛
Boss Bitch
Boss Bitch Mês atrás
This Is That Real Love I Want 💯🥰😍There Is No Better Feeling Then To Feel Loved Hard By Your True Love💜💜💜
John Hayes
John Hayes Mês atrás
Fucking beautiful every time x
Queen Bee2
Queen Bee2 Mês atrás
Fixed my tattoo of my love.. he's the love of my life! DMV JR. I love you!
Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens
Dalton Deford fix or repair daylily!! Furn gully here now
Motocrossman Mês atrás
Dude their wedding looked dope
Bruce Gray
Bruce Gray Mês atrás
Tiny N Boo
Tiny N Boo Mês atrás
Love won with us, we've been together next month will be 12yrs n it's 💯real tru love like this! Love this song!
Thomas Showalter
Thomas Showalter Mês atrás
I lost my wife of 10 years on july 1st 2020 . This wad one of our songs as soon as it came out. It brings back alot of good memories. I miss you baby u were my best friends fly high rip nikki 2020 daddy loves you
Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens
Facebook me boo..
Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens
Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens
Lucid Dreams
Fetta Wayzz Athena Athens
I'm coming for you!!!
Cammo & Ammo Outdoor Adventures
Down to earth people the music shows can relate to it. Hard work pays off.
J R Mês atrás
still nervous as he walks to her....I love you man and your passion that flows into your music....priceless and endless
carl morrison
carl morrison Mês atrás
Listen to this song atleast 3 times a day !!!! Keep em going your music touches many.
Joseph Luna
Joseph Luna Mês atrás
How much would you charge to profrom at my wedding
Steve Hillman
Steve Hillman Mês atrás
Love Won with me and mine. I love you Brucea Yeandle McCall FOREVER and ALWAYS 😘😘😘😘😘
Shawn Blonde
Shawn Blonde Mês atrás
The 4.9k peeps that disliked this is fake to this world
Sarah Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds Mês atrás
One of my favorite songs 🖤💎
Alex G
Alex G Mês atrás
KALOB LEE Mês atrás
Thanks for the great music 4 real than kyou thanxx yall
KALOB LEE Mês atrás
I seen us the other day wish you could still be here and I got to see u say I do
KALOB LEE Mês atrás
Darlene Brown
Darlene Brown 2 meses atrás
Sad this can’t be real hey it 2020 while you Trimble to be a good loyal person fuck 2020
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