Struggle Jennings & Jelly Roll - “Love Is A War” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Struggle Jennings
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Video Produced by: Massbaum Entertainment
Directed/Shot/Edited by: Sebastian Marbury, Malcolm King Fontana & Sam Gostnell
Angels & Outlaws / Bad Apple / Massbaum
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30 Nov 2018



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Comentários 1 717
7joe2/lippsey Dia atrás
💔 only if advil cured heart break 💔
Mac Holdon
Mac Holdon 2 dias atrás
I would literally drink dirty trash water to be able to kick it with Struggle and Roll for the day. Fire collab as per usual.
Jon Alford
Jon Alford 3 dias atrás
I relate to this entire song so much
Barbra Wood
Barbra Wood 3 dias atrás
This song hits me hard
Theresa Rodrigues
Theresa Rodrigues 4 dias atrás
Love everything Jellyroll says
cathy 5 dias atrás
"Pick ur poison" whiskey is the poison in my life. I can not love cause I hate me. I don't wanna feel emotion. Demons on display
John Fowler
John Fowler 5 dias atrás
Jelly thank you for them truths, dont get full, its the life and if one makes it to30 they got truths thing is we wont tell em. So we listen to yours.Grateful as hell to have heard em. A dying breed, never again these folks goin hear the product Johnny Cash and Oukast. I love that country twang with abump of street. Bubba had it then he got full. Stay hungry as hell just keep bringing them truths. aight whyte that break the knob off man it gives me that grin. love that joint, keep doing it please.
brandon rodgers
brandon rodgers 6 dias atrás
Cody Ryland
Cody Ryland 7 dias atrás
The Truth
robby reese
robby reese 10 dias atrás
i hear voices every day
Courtney Punte
Courtney Punte 11 dias atrás
Love yo see a colab with billy ray cyrus
Brent Bales
Brent Bales 18 dias atrás
Im Not sure whos more intimidating, struggle or his wife.
Remy Martin
Remy Martin 18 dias atrás
What the fuck Jelly, are you spying on me??? How you hit spot on the intricacies of my life and my struggles trips me the fuck out. And I honestly don't know where I would be without it. There's something so powerful in being able to throw on a song that speaks to your soul because it might as well be talking about you. There was a few nights where if i wouldn't have had my Jelly Struggle playlist, I prolly would have done some very dumb shit. Please don't stop, you guys are needed more than you could ever know. Fucking love you guys.
Renee Garner
Renee Garner 21 dia atrás
I know word 4 word lol :) 💘
rich johnson
rich johnson 21 dia atrás
You put in "work" and get caught up in the life and it's hard to look yourself in the mirror so the "it’s hard to love you when I hate myself" resonates so loudly.
sarah barron
sarah barron 22 dias atrás
This right here is like I'm hearing my life, your music keeps me going when life feels lost
CaT _Kingslayer
CaT _Kingslayer 22 dias atrás
Love the music , Jelly and Struggle. This song however basically Sam Smith’s LaLaLa (which I love). It’s too close to it for comfort.
justin brown
justin brown 24 dias atrás
Struggle you got bigger but I understand fam. I struggle no pun intended with the same I can get a real nice physique but I get fat fast, take care brother.
Andrea Esposito
Andrea Esposito 24 dias atrás
Jelly and struggle got true soul in all there music. 🔥 stuff fellas! Keep it coming 💯
T1Glucky1313 24 dias atrás
All jelly roll music is fucking stellar. Appreciate what you do. This song right here is my life's theme song. I'm obsessed with it. The words hit hard af. Jelly you the man. Struggle, your Forte ain't rapping, but you fit the roll for this video and your words felt heavy on the heart. Also not sure if you know or not J roll, but your boy Yasha, Josh Phillips, passed away 2 weeks ago. It killed me. We was having drinks and we spoke about you.. And it was all nice things.. Made me feel good because he didn't even know I fucked with your music hard. Good to know that damn good people as artists exist in this world. He idoled you, loved your music and you helped him rise up. He spoke well of you with his interactions with you. Appreciate you supporting him and showing him the ways of the industry. The game lost a up and coming star. Nothing but love for you J roll.
Dereck Cohen
Dereck Cohen 25 dias atrás
Bad ass
tim childers
tim childers 29 dias atrás
I think the love of another whom you want but struggle wt the fact of the love of oneself might Be my incentive to possibly become a better me I know what that love is from that person from others genuinely however there are they say five love languages so you can't expect someone else to love you the same way you love them but needless to say we all have our insecurities find The Faults that we have or that we just overanalyze knowing all the while that people do love us but often pushes away because you push them away due to the lack of love for ourselves and oneself either way find your peace
yours truly
yours truly Mês atrás
"I've won all my battles to fall on your sword"
Dennis Hendricks
Dennis Hendricks Mês atrás
Who is still listening to this
Kevin Hetrick
Kevin Hetrick Mês atrás
Why I’m stuck where I am
Renee Houston
Renee Houston Mês atrás
Love is war
Crystal Loop
Crystal Loop Mês atrás
Love ya DMB
Misty Jaye
Misty Jaye Mês atrás
Jessica W.
Jessica W. Mês atrás
Please keep em coming! I have literally not had any music I could listen to over and over in over a decade. The new era is garbage but yall really bringing some heat back to the game. Appreciate yall!
Cody Gresham
Cody Gresham Mês atrás
Fuck yeah I masturbate to this
Elizabeth Lark
Elizabeth Lark Mês atrás
I feel this song to my very core. I keep trying to love and be loved only to be shoved off the ship and be drowning in hurt and depression. But, sadly, very very few people can love and stand by someone with mental issues and health issues.
no no
no no Mês atrás
Still #1
Brandon Mccomas
Brandon Mccomas Mês atrás
Damn bro where does your artistry end? You have evolved into that guy singing dancing playing drums a harmonica and some how the guitar lol for real bro watching you has inspired me to write 📝 put my pain on paper.
Dina Green
Dina Green Mês atrás
Ok so now I'm trying to figure out how to save or transfer my playlist music on utube to something that can be downloaded so I can play my music even when I don't hv wifi or internet access
leelee7717 Mês atrás
I'm tired inside but I'm begging for more., pick ur poison !! I am NUMB TO THE KOR!
Jen A Thompson
Jen A Thompson Mês atrás
Lisa Pierce
Lisa Pierce Mês atrás
I love this song oh so mut
Lisa Pierce
Lisa Pierce Mês atrás
I love this song oh so much
Colannie Book
Colannie Book Mês atrás
Hot video
Maverick Wyatt lee
Maverick Wyatt lee Mês atrás
Jelly you are a genius. Maybe it’s because you relate like no other artis before. But for people who come from where I come from. You speak biblical truth
Donielle K. Hadley
Donielle K. Hadley Mês atrás
Struggle Jennings you are perfect in all your flaws. Man I love you and yuh our music.
Cissy Lipscomb
Cissy Lipscomb Mês atrás
I feel like he has got to know my lif
Frankie Jernigan
Frankie Jernigan Mês atrás
🔥 🔥 🔥
Stephanie Mata
Stephanie Mata Mês atrás
Love it
captain b-random0032
Jelly roll I just buried my grandmother today. And I'm trying to stay away from my poison. Cause I've been numb for too long and right I want to get in
Kay G
Kay G Mês atrás
I fucking love you jelly!!!!!!!!!!!
Tj Garner
Tj Garner Mês atrás
Thank u for your music I'm fighting a demon in my self the one I love I'm hurting couse of it all I can do is listen to your words and try to stay with her it kills me to walk away but to keep her from getting hurt any more I might have to
Devrin Hubbard
Devrin Hubbard Mês atrás
You Know Who You Are cuz you've always known who I am the only thing that stops you I hope you know what I'm saying I love you that's what I am that's what you are I'm not listen to music I know you guys want me to do something I'm sorry this is just how it is this is how we are she she she cares me I have no now
Deff. Been 1 of my favorite tracks since it came out
GODlikeDEMON Mobile Gaming
Put a shirt on your not rich piana with the mask and sword
James Dyess
James Dyess Mês atrás
When y'all made the song love is war 💯 real
Montreal6979 North
Montreal6979 North 2 meses atrás
This song is off the damn chain in too many kind of ways y'all know👏❤
Monica Viles
Monica Viles 2 meses atrás
This song is my life story.
Matthew Coffey
Matthew Coffey 2 meses atrás
You have to do a Virgin Mary remix with you, zeno & Struggle! Anyone that hasnt heard of Zeno Marx feat Struggle (Virgin Mary) check it out!
Joe Kittelson
Joe Kittelson 2 meses atrás
this one. ask j r
That Rapper kyngsolo
That Rapper kyngsolo 2 meses atrás
listening again
Ethan Davenport
Ethan Davenport 2 meses atrás
"I built up a kindom just for it to be destroyed", that line hits so hard to home, it makes me phiscaly ill. Fuck life, FUCK IT ALL!!!!!! just can't do it anymore
Rob Groves
Rob Groves 2 meses atrás
Never heard jelly roll before but now I have omg #newfav your lyrics are incredibly deep.
Ronald Raider
Ronald Raider 2 meses atrás
Ed Leslie
Ed Leslie 2 meses atrás
I feel like my life is not so different. Your lyrics ring true, and I feel them as if they was a written for me. You cut right through all the walls and thank you for your songs. I share your pain. Pain is neccassary, suffering is optional! All the stress in our life, is what we make it. We control it. Thank you guys. Your amazing
Donna Parton
Donna Parton 2 meses atrás
Pull up
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