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Ed, the troubled protégé will prove he's no longer a pawn when he enters Fighting Ground, World Tour, and the Battle Hub on February 27.
With psycho power imbued within, Ed pummels enemies with his mastery of boxing.
Owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition will automatically get access to Ed when he unlocks.
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7 Fev 2024



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Comentários : 4,5 mil   
@enemychaser6487 16 dias atrás
"Rare footage of Ed fans actually happy"
@meister4597 16 dias atrás
More like rare footage of SF fans being happy about Ed
@nonspiderweb 16 dias atrás
Rare footage of Ed fans. period. 😜
@jayro792 16 dias atrás
Endingwalker gonna drop Ryu quicker than you can say Ed 🤣
@power50001562 16 dias atrás
Let's go Endingwalkeerrrr!!
@dat1faclesdude 16 dias atrás
ED .. FANS? what?
@kirkl6363 16 dias atrás
As a boxing nerd, I’m so glad they removed his dorky looking kick normals from SFV and actually made him a pure boxer. Damn he looks so sick.
@Atheistcruz 15 dias atrás
He had to kick on SFV cause we had Balrog, but now he is THE boxer!
@RJ-rp8yd 15 dias atrás
Imagine calling kicking "dorky."
@usernameluis305 15 dias atrás
​​@@Atheistcruz Dudley in sf4 says ello
@manuelorozco5147 15 dias atrás
Oh boy, I totally understand you. Boxing is my biggest passion and Ed looks dope as hell now
@espurrseyes42 15 dias atrás
@@usernameluis305 Him and Balrog were vastly different in their boxing styles. Course, the same could be said about Ed and Balrog. Nevermind that Ed also had his wack "1 button" Special Moves back in SFV, giving him a different input system from the Charge-based Balrog and Motion-based Dudley. So no clue why he had kicks.
He looks like a fusion of the aggressive and destructive punch of Balrog with the agility and technic of Dudley
@salvadorvega3805 12 dias atrás
Great fusion of both, I just hope Dudley isn't out of the chance to come back
@mattsandvig7868 11 dias atrás
@@salvadorvega3805 I think they'll bring Dudley back. There's still a lot of space to differentiate the characters. You could have Dudley be more of a counter/guard point focused character.
@jangabrielreyes4754 6 dias atrás
You mean steve ?
@ilikebinquiling69420 4 dias atrás
*steve fox*
@HouseOfAlastrian 2 dias atrás
And with a dash of Psycho Power in the mix.
@danktempsey6110 15 dias atrás
"Hello Ed from Street Fighter" "Hello Steve from Tekken"
@sofian_dbz 14 dias atrás
Now thats a dream match
@123LORDOFHELL 14 dias atrás
​@@sofian_dbz That's a job for death battle
@ondatrueno4088 13 dias atrás
@MaverickX578 11 dias atrás
Who do y’all think would win?
@high_culture_cat 11 dias atrás
Get ready for the next battle
@vuton7670 15 dias atrás
Akuma is going to be so crazy from how Ed is looking.
@LinkG07 11 dias atrás
I love how they've given Ed his own boxing identity. With his thinner, faster frame they're having him lean into Southpaw boxing using flicker jabs and long range as opposed to both Balrog's and Dudleys In-boxing. A great decision as his psycho powers compliment the style well
@lonekirin905 16 dias atrás
No kicks, only punches. Balrog is proud
@legbert123 16 dias atrás
Doin him proud.
@webbowser8834 16 dias atrás
Doesn't Balrog have a foot stomp normal? I always thought he was more of a dirty boxer.
@BrownieKuma72 16 dias atrás
​@@webbowser8834 he is. But Ed back in sfv was more of a "kick boxer" than just a pure boxer. They seem to have made him more of a traditional boxer now, which I am a fan of.
@webbowser8834 16 dias atrás
@@BrownieKuma72 Same. Watching those boxer sways and jabs feel like magic to me.
@michellima5280 16 dias atrás
"What's a kick?"
@raygc1 16 dias atrás
I love that I knew it was Edward Bosco voicing Ed as soon as I heard the voice, NOT from SF5, but from his DnD escapades. This man is EVERYWHERE
@montseyc3888 14 dias atrás
THAT’S BOSCO?! AND HE DOES DND STUFF? Bro how did I not know this
@raygc1 14 dias atrás
@@montseyc3888 Yup! He's been a part of the Unexpectables, a game with a lot of Team Four Star people and others affiliated with them. It takes a bit for him to show up in Campaign 1, but he eventually becomes a main character in the back end of campaign 1, and 2. He's also a main in their side game, The Prince Division, and played in a few other mini games they did, from Da Krew, Gobtober, he even has been running a Ravenloft game for them every October.
@majinprince-xanaden 13 dias atrás
I thought it was Kyle Herbert Ngl
@arcfurrie4856 10 dias atrás
@@majinprince-xanadenbut doesn’t Kyle Herbert already voice Ryu?
@majinprince-xanaden 10 dias atrás
@@arcfurrie4856 yeah but that doesn't really stop him from having two roles
@FujioParis 15 dias atrás
1:39 I love how they hint at the dangers of Ed's Psycho power making him evil 😍
@AlanGomez0141 13 dias atrás
By evil is M.Bison Psycho power as well in SF5.
@thetrufenix 11 dias atrás
Have you not seen any story mode? Ed is already evil
@ebicbarton 11 dias atrás
​@@thetrufenix how so?
@thetrufenix 11 dias atrás
@@ebicbarton Ed and Balrog do crime SFV Story Mode. By the end they work for Urien
@killerqueen6054 10 dias atrás
@@thetrufenix I wouldn’t say he’s already evil, but there is definitely some darkness, so I’d say his story is leading him to either a redemption or he becomes a villain
@-sidon-2893 14 dias atrás
One of the most beautiful styles of boxing to ever grace the land of fighting games. He looks sick as hell
@MaverickX578 11 dias atrás
What’s his style my knowledge on boxing sucks because I haven’t watch it since I was a kid to teen, hell I don’t even know the basics, which is pretty bad.
@MaverickX578 11 dias atrás
Or maybe I should just look at the Wikipedia on boxing.
@Trishai1 11 dias atrás
Steve Fox >
@LuckyBastard12345 10 dias atrás
​@@MaverickX578hitman style
@MaverickX578 10 dias atrás
@@LuckyBastard12345 someone told me hitman style isn’t an actual boxing style, though.
@lvoodoo2you 15 dias atrás
Ed’s animations are insane when watching this in slow motion speed.
@user-oo9dj1qz3h 15 dias atrás
The shoes squeking from his footwork in his ca is a nice touch
@legbert123 5 dias atrás
ya squak squak
@jayb8934 16 dias atrás
Ed is a fusion of M. Bison and M. Bison.
@BronzeAgePepper 16 dias atrás
I see what you did there.
@SalGoodguy 16 dias atrás
you win the coment section lol
@troggdorthesecond 16 dias atrás
@@BronzeAgePepper I don’t. Please explain, I’m not an expert on SF lore
@Ramsey276one 16 dias atrás
Gotta love Localization! Psycho Boxer! XD
@Yetr 15 dias atrás
The level of detail in Ed's animations is just incredible. Capcom really knocked it out of the park with his design.
@demarcusroberts4974 15 dias atrás
I dont wanna fight you ED ED:I wouldn't wanna fight me either
@journeymanX 14 dias atrás
Edminem The german boxing slim shady
@FlakTakTV 15 dias atrás
never as an Ed main have I been this happy to see him get the justice he deserved 😭
@jerryve2436 14 dias atrás
Me too
@JibbiDiJackson 15 dias atrás
That ali shuffle got me.
@mayzenharriz8083 16 dias atrás
Ed's level 3 LITERALLY turns the opponent INTO A PUNCHING BAG!!! That is sick as hell~
@kunglaoser 16 dias atrás
Abigail called and said he wants his Lv. 3 back
@CodyRockLee13 16 dias atrás
​@@kunglaoser To be fair, Ed's makes them a heavy bag while Abigail's, appropriately, makes them a speed bag.
@marcusalexander4437 16 dias atrás
I hate that they gave everyone with a punch super ryu's jaw hitting uppercut from his shin shoryuken
@@CodyRockLee13 it's more of a double end bag, which still is a speedbag
@FreebyrdFayelanx 16 dias atrás
It looks pretty silling IMHO. Def creative though.
@araimrenmazuo9014 16 dias atrás
How can I stop rewatching this video?!))) Everything is so cool, from the character himself and his techniques to the amazing music!!
@legbert123 5 dias atrás
ya its all so great
@kryptonical2139 15 dias atrás
This is why we love fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter. The animations are smooth, stylish and the characters have personality. These 2 games have thier own unique and satisfying gameplay styles. It sucks that Mortal Kombat, one of 3 classic fighters, didn't innovate on thier gameplay mechanics and animations after all these years. The game's graphics I will admit really impressive using the Unreal Engine 4, but that's all it is. The game mechanics and animations just need a rework and it can finally sit with the other 2 classic fighters.
@nunu2191 3 dias atrás
I agree.
Love the callback and hint to Bison with the laugh for his perfect win pose 👍
@KD0083 14 dias atrás
I am going to need Capcom to drop Ed's theme ASAP
@GragonV 3 dias atrás
Sorry for the weird question, but what can we do with that theme? It's just music or anything else?
@yared8771 15 dias atrás
Max resolution + 0,25 speed and no sound to enjoy the majesty of movement and design of this character's gameplay. 👏
@Scouthedog1 17 dias atrás
Well let's see what he's got. Maybe you can win some people over
@jojosmooth999 16 dias atrás
Naww Street Fighter 6 is Dead. Capcom. F...cked up
​@@jojosmooth999Blud is sucking on his tekken baby bottle rn as he's puking up that bullshit😂
@MDMD-og5nu 16 dias atrás
@shmixedNshmooved 16 dias atrás
​@@jojosmooth999 that's just a lie lmao
@jojosmooth999 16 dias atrás
@@shmixedNshmooved brvid.netnZGFYIbSH4E?si=aJI8F-TGAAbw0oqD
@fenrir3164 12 dias atrás
As an amateur boxer IRL trying to master the basics, this character and his gameplay brings a big smile to my face! I’m hyped! “Let’s go, ring the bell!” 🥊
@Zeruel 15 dias atrás
The quality is just insane. Capcoms hard work really paid off, the devs on this game nailed it.
@oldspice051 15 dias atrás
Love how you can see a lot of Balrog’s influence in his move set.
@ender3530 14 dias atrás
Holy shit I love how the flicker punches are animated
@Vega-3tu 14 dias atrás
I am the best I have a Claw!
@RapturePlasmids 15 dias atrás
The stage looks so badass
@Neoxon619 16 dias atrás
1. Guess Ed is a full boxer now, Papa Balrog would be proud. 2. They made the right choice for his Outfit 2. 3. His new theme is actually an improvement, & it still has vocals! ‪And if I’m hearing it correctly, the lyrics for Ed’s new theme are actually in German.‬
@SparkyVenkman 16 dias atrás
As an Ed Main I LOVE what I'm seeing here, so many fun reworks of his powers.
@aminek5265 16 dias atrás
same comment on yt and twitter 😎😎
@elrapido5150 16 dias atrás
Oh yeah, I didn't think about it, but he didn't throw a single kick, eh?
@Super-Ham 16 dias atrás
German vocals and it fits Ed very good
@jackowsky86 16 dias atrás
Naaah og theme was banger
@immanuelshiweda1567 16 dias atrás
That physco knuckle is going to be a game changing move against zoning characters like guile & jp
@user-pv7je3bf4k 16 dias atrás
I like Ed & his whole Neo Shadoloo thing, but I wasn’t that excited for him to be in SF6… until now, his gameplay looks dope 👌🏾
@SAGA_LP 10 dias atrás
Buen personaje ☑️ Buena canción ☑️ Buena jugabilidad ☑️
@shmixedNshmooved 15 dias atrás
Damn his animations are smooth af
@cornflowerblue2888 14 dias atrás
I hope Ed doesn't lose his fight against psycho energy
@NurseValentineSG 16 dias atrás
I did not expect german rap for Ed, but here we are.
@LinkFuu 16 dias atrás
Wirklich überraschend
@ZustandZwei 16 dias atrás
A hint to his (as yet unknown) origin or a tribute to Falke, perhaps?
@macfresher11 16 dias atrás
@@ZustandZwei Maybe Falke will appear in the season 2 character pass
@mhead1117 16 dias atrás
Sf6 finally added one good song to the ost it's a miracle 😢
@liv3vilkei409 16 dias atrás
Ich dachte schon ich hör nicht richtig...
@dextra_24703 15 dias atrás
i would love for that victory screen to be an actual setplay tool, like a projectile you have to punch to send it or maybe it swings around a bunch to hit you, like that looks fun
@BrendonianL 15 dias atrás
“Never Underestimate Me!” That one line makes his SA3 so much more gas.
@Natsuki3 13 dias atrás
Might get the game for Ed
@b1manley127 16 dias atrás
I grew up on Street fighter 2 original was my favorite game. Then SF4 revitalized my love the franchise. This game is everything I wanted. Thanks Capcom for the hard work. Also Tekken fans T8 looks so great enjoy your franchise as well what a time to be a fighting game fan. Enjoy these games while they are here you'll look back and be thankful. Let's eat Fighting Game Community. Be positive and support your favorite franchise they come out only so often support them!
@The_Weekly_Infinite 15 dias atrás
No one: Ed's shoes: 1:06
@OhBbyWhy 15 dias atrás
Killer animations, dope music, crisp win screen
@oolongpantsu3437 15 dias atrás
Sick moves, sick stage, sick song and he is more involved in world tour?! Great work!!!
@irvinmorales1409 11 dias atrás
Looks like Ed is a bit sick too. Must be ODing on that psycho power.
@thejetparadox 16 dias atrás
It seems Ed's fully boxing, no kicks. Finally, we need a character like that.
@onyxmagnum5762 13 dias atrás
Do Balrog and Dudley not exist?
@lofijabesVT 13 dias atrás
​@@onyxmagnum5762 They probably meant in SF6, not SF in general.
@onyxmagnum5762 13 dias atrás
@@lofijabesVT Fair point but personally if they were just gonna make him a full boxer I'd rather they have just put Dudley in the game and have Ed continue using kickboxing. I also recognize in probably in the minority too so I won't complain much and I'm still excited to play as Ed.
@prizman1098 10 dias atrás
Bro even has Tommy Hearns’ hitman stance
@blackspartanbr1597 16 dias atrás
Man, you can really see the improvement ED had from SF5, now he is using only his fists to fight, all his attacks on the trailer are punches only, he can do feints too, and evasive backwards or advance in frontal, using his footword. He is now, a TRUE BOXER.
@udderhippo 16 dias atrás
@v.m.6549 16 dias atrás
Yeah, it feels like Steve fox
@BryonYoungblood 16 dias atrás
Not to mention really ties to what Ed obviously is going through in his story, with the idea Neo Shadaloo has been corrupted somehow, and he's trying to avoid anyone from them. Makes a guy wonder what happened to Falke and the others.
@azaelcervanttes8044 16 dias atrás
​@@v.m.6549 steve fox the first boxing character in a fg
@blackspartanbr1597 16 dias atrás
@@BryonYoungblood In my thoery, Falke has become evil, and is now with Shadaloo... it could explain why Ed is trying to avoid it.
@Blacky1632 15 dias atrás
what i only realized is that at the end of the CA one of his Eyes is glowing with Psychopower neat detail
@evilded2 16 dias atrás
@-tfy-8453 14 dias atrás
Disappointed that I didn’t hear the “1-2-3” when he used psycho flicker
@rodrigorodrigo1750 9 dias atrás
Eu fiquei mais desapontado por terem deixado o personagem vulneravel a contra ataques com 123 . No 5 nao era assim
@ogun4921 15 dias atrás
He looks _so_ good and I cannot wait to play him! Loved him in Street Fighter V and hype that’s in 6!
@Vega-3tu 14 dias atrás
I am beatiful
@ShinRyojin 16 dias atrás
I love that SF6 is unlocking the true coolness potential of SFV’s characters.
@RemingtonMiles-sr9uf 16 dias atrás
Too bad they can't unlock SF3's characters.
​@@RemingtonMiles-sr9ufSeriously. The first game to finally advance the story past III, yet not a single SFIII character in sight (not even as a World Tour NPC!).
@NandolfBlockbuster 16 dias atrás
@@HEHEHE_I_AM_A_MASKED_WARRIA We're definitely getting Sean this time around.
@RTU130 16 dias atrás
@RayValdezPhotography 15 dias atrás
@@HEHEHE_I_AM_A_MASKED_WARRIA Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Chun Li. They are all SF III characters. How many more do you want?
@ssxakira1097 5 dias atrás
‘Lets Go Ring The Bell!’ At that point i was like oh shit we got a character! He looks perfect he’s a complete rushdown with every option under the sun the fact that he can pull opponents towards him is so awesome
@febriyonandayovi5841 16 dias atrás
Damn, i never felt this enjoyment since i see this smooth footwork and offensive of this character
@dafool760 13 dias atrás
Akuma is going to be fucking crazy.....
@XX6-JX9 15 dias atrás
He throws flicker jabs and flurry of punches shorts jabs uppercuts in short effective combinations. while Balrog throws Powerful Straights Uppercuts and Clinching Hooks. 2:32
@user-dl3kv5lj2q 15 dias atrás
Dang the range of his attacks
@lobytim 16 dias atrás
2:29 he said jackpot…he said JACKPOT
@Ramsey276one 16 dias atrás
Teleported van outta nowhere: Nero?
@juice6521 16 dias atrás
@spoontang 16 dias atrás
Keepin it stylish
@mv2559 16 dias atrás
It's DmC Dante hahaha
@skullkid720 16 dias atrás
@@mv2559really I don’t see it
@user-gr1kf1zh5w 15 dias atrás
Mashiba would be proud of that flicker jabs
@Boston01ful 13 dias atrás
even his theme goes hard as hell, I cant wait
@hennychrisishere6073 15 dias atrás
Damn I’m not a ED fan but this was amazing and I got to respect this. Balrog would be proud
@Jeff_Jaguar 16 dias atrás
1:04 this taunt is MEAN 🔥🔥🔥
@tonyharris2586 15 dias atrás
Steve has been my main since Tekken 4 and I think I found my new main in sf6 Ed-boy was definitely cooking in that trailer
@brandonwilliams5526 13 dias atrás
@Gamery43 16 dias atrás
Nobody is gonna talk about how his animations are just TOP TIER?
@juice6521 16 dias atrás
I've never seen a jab have such cool animations
@NojoJojo598 16 dias atrás
Yeah cause he doesn't have that stupid shoulder cape masking his arm like SFV
@OTOBIOhazord 16 dias atrás
It doesn't need to be said sf6 has top tier animation all around.
@ghosttactician403 16 dias atrás
1:30 the footwork is immaculate
@marekkos3513 16 dias atrás
Im also impressed
@ultraheaven8968 15 dias atrás
Gotta say his moves are pretty damn smooth
@trenttillman9081 15 dias atrás
Ed is back on Street Fighter 6 and then, 0:45 the NEW stage of DLC is not so bad at all and I think it's called "Ruined Lab", but I guess Capcom did a BIG time!👍👍
@shadowharo 14 dias atrás
Dude is leveling city blocks with plasma for his outro.
@luigiimpero3673 15 dias atrás
Magnificent, I'm happy to see Ed stronger than ever. Great Capcom😎
@ulisesmartinez6432 15 dias atrás
dem flicker jabs would make mashiba proud.
@LetsPlaySagaraStyle 16 dias atrás
1:38 Careful Ed...your internal M, Bison is showing... Character looks badass! and the Theme is TOP TIER!
@goregasm7168 16 dias atrás
I see what you did there
@Ramsey276one 16 dias atrás
I keep thinking Psycho Power overuse causes THAT (JP perfect win animation)
@Ramsey276one 16 dias atrás
0:31 ...yeah, THANKS for *that.*
@turbotrup96 16 dias atrás
They could've worked on his haircut and extremely wide eyes.
@RicochetForce 16 dias atrás
@@Ramsey276one All the wise sage folks warn about Psycho Power for a reason.
@vladimirnikonov3650 14 dias atrás
Rest in peace Dudley and Balrog. your ideas will not be forgotten
@deejay8525 14 dias atrás
Can't wait to hear Ed's theme cover
@Fei-Long- 14 dias atrás
I Looost
@b2j135 15 dias atrás
1:38 HOLY SHIT THE PSYCHO POWER IS TAKING OVER!!! That could be REALLY interesting for lore...
@sodamustdie4372 14 dias atrás
He looks sick!!! They've made some good changes to Ed
@lequanmungin8363 13 dias atrás
The Ali shuffle 1:05
@zachhawn8720 16 dias atrás
"Life has many doors, Ed-Boy"
@HawtDawg420 15 dias atrás
~ Rolf
@OnecoinTwofates 15 dias atrás
Many doors, yes?
@RoboShinKen 15 dias atrás
Do you think this is party time from 1999?
@Twocoolman115 15 dias atrás
@RoboShinKen 15 dias atrás
@pietroriccobene2910 15 dias atrás
I can't not think that they were mainly inspired by Ryo Mashiba from "Hajime no Hippo", the hitman stance and the whip flicker jabs are identical, I'm too happy. Ty Capcom❤
@adamjohn8975 14 dias atrás
Ed got that Hermit Purple when he pulls you towards him
@MarioMario-my5ib 2 dias atrás
0:46 Urien right there boys
@DanandChuggalikefeet 14 dias atrás
Had this trailer on repeat. Huge W!!!!!! 🗣️
@redddrago5198 9 dias atrás
The Psycho Flicker looks sick A direct callback to Mashiba from Hajime no Ippo
@NedsonMonteiro 16 dias atrás
That was SIIICK!!! Not a single kick in his moveset! Pure punching boxing style!!! I love it!
@CornBreadtm1 16 dias atrás
Technically, boxers kick the ground to power up their punches.
@corystrickland5220 16 dias atrás
@@CornBreadtm1shut up
@derpfacedargon9316 16 dias atrás
​@@CornBreadtm1 You watch baki don't you
@odiseusprime3698 16 dias atrás
Stomp and kick are two different things​@CornBreadtm1
@fetch9772 16 dias atrás
​@@CornBreadtm1 Found the Baki Fan
@zeokenx2 16 dias atrás
The one thing I notice right away with this Ed guy is his whiff punishment is on point it seems.Whiffing looks to get you bodied by him
@superspecky4eyes 15 dias atrás
I never thought I'd say this.. Ed looks amazing.
@donielkenge5522 15 dias atrás
Ed is incroyable
@Wayfinderbuilds 15 dias atrás
I been waiting for this man....for so long!
@Duncan.Garrett 15 dias atrás
Ed looks so damn cool. they gave him super dashes and Johnny's Mist Finer, those jab ranges look nuts
@romeo9710 16 dias atrás
That punching bag critical art is wild!
@legbert123 16 dias atrás
Maybe best CA ever?
@chaddfrancis2179 16 dias atrás
The Disrespect.😢
@ShaneDouglas713 16 dias atrás
Ikr? Literally giving Ken that work...
@Kensoy83 16 dias atrás
Get ready for those mods haha!
@ShaneDouglas713 16 dias atrás
@@Kensoy83 I already know where you're going with this...
@powell.christopher 14 dias atrás
Ed looks like a super cool addition to the roster.
@riccardoman7620 14 dias atrás
Whoever coordinated the move set did an outstanding job integrating the psycho power into the flow of his boxing style
@HANZOHASASHI2001 13 dias atrás
He reminds me a lot of Dante in DMC.
@RansuRido 14 dias atrás
Ya for some reason this is like watching a kid grow up strong. Im proud man. . . Im glad my boi is back! Lets go Ed! The young leader is back!
@longjawnsilva8877 14 dias atrás
@kin4386 16 dias atrás
His level 3 is literally restraining his opponent and turning them into a punching bag. Ed's got some sick looking moves, dude.
@agni2051 16 dias atrás
And his outro is him making a double end bag out of psycho power...kinda sick
@upsidely2189 16 dias atrás
Well, not "literally" 😂, though that would be pretty funny.
@gamerbear84 16 dias atrás
@@upsidely2189 That would be some Darkstalkers shit. lol
@YellowJeff94 15 dias atrás
@@gamerbear84 Agreed. Speaking of Darkstalkers... We need a new game of that franchise. Or at least a guest brought into this game.
@gamerbear84 15 dias atrás
@@YellowJeff94 I'd prefer to keep the two IPs separate outside Vs games, but that's just me.
@ninjacostar3849 15 dias atrás
That's one hell of a sensitivity reading.
@slim_streams 14 dias atrás
How on earth did they make the best costume of his hoodie even cooler
@brianestrada1993 13 dias atrás
Ed looking fresh AF.
@debo2189 14 dias atrás
SF6 has been impressive and delivering on every aspect OVER AND OVER AND OVER. They have learned their lesson from SFV and redeemed themselves. I was never a fan of ED and this BLEW ME AWAY! Very interesting design, art, fighting style! love it!
@saurabhpathakYT 9 dias atrás
God they really recorded shoe slip sounds. It's so immersive. CAPGODS ❤
@njabyss 16 dias atrás
Man every time I'm reminded how crazy good SF6 animations are.
@rasalk8510 14 dias atrás
Another level man
@karajoe2822 14 dias atrás
SF6 is doing for 3D fighting games animation the same as SF3 did for 2D fighting games animation
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Street Fighter 6 Character Guide | Ed
How To KILL A Promising New Street Fighter
Trolei 😂 #Shorts
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