Stray Kids "Hellevator" M/V

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Stray Kids "Hellevator" M/V
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#StrayKids #스트레이키즈

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7 Out 2017



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Comentários 85 886
vania ortega
vania ortega 14 minutos atrás
Stay 's para una cancion proxima cancion de stray kids ay q ver el video y luego sacarlo y luego volverlo a poner para asi ganar vista
eat jinnie
eat jinnie 5 horas atrás
stan skz
stan skz 6 horas atrás
Sisi 9 horas atrás
My life's at a rock bottom's cliff,I'm walking in a dark tunnel... I felt that ( + >c< + )
Sisi 9 horas atrás
At the begin of the song is his voice real sad ( *+ >w< +* )
Maísa Araújo
Maísa Araújo 11 horas atrás
alguém BR?
Skzsha 19 horas atrás
Chans voice,, its unrecognisable ohmygod, they’ve grown so much-
Insi TALO 20 horas atrás
This song is very powerful
koz el
koz el 20 horas atrás
эх как же я люблю вас
Bayan 365
Bayan 365 20 horas atrás
SaLty CuPcaKe
SaLty CuPcaKe 21 hora atrás
Why is nobody talking about that fact that when I randomly sing this in public I get stares because from their perspective it sounds like I'm sing about an elavator
Lineth Jaillita Godoy
Lineth Jaillita Godoy 22 horas atrás
Like si lo sigues escuchando en el 2020
Stray Kids My Loves
Stray Kids My Loves 22 horas atrás
Por supuesto.
Stray Kids My Loves
Stray Kids My Loves 23 horas atrás
I am on a Stayllevator. I Don't worry, I have Stray Kids always with me.
clé levanter• skz
hellevator fav song is number #1♡
Akshaya Subakaran
when you just wanna loop Seungmin at the start 0:00 - 0:18
박지훈 Dia atrás
I'm here again after realizing Stray Kids 2nd Debut Anniversary is in a month 😭😭 still the song of my life! 💕💕💕
Muhammad Iksan
Muhammad Iksan Dia atrás
woojin :'(
Sandali Pavithra
Sandali Pavithra Dia atrás
Actually I found this song by typing kid dancing in elevator song
Yezha Aquino
Yezha Aquino Dia atrás
Who's having a stray kids marathon? No one? Only me? Okay.
girl meets evil
girl meets evil Dia atrás
my bias is the talented one
Noorah Ahmed
Noorah Ahmed Dia atrás
Hyunjins part really gets me, and it's probably the most powerful part of this song for me 🥺
Ok_And 99
Ok_And 99 Dia atrás
Jisung’s high notes said ⬆️ and so did my love for him
Seher Kamran
Seher Kamran Dia atrás
Omg I’m watching this again after a long time and I’m literally cringing at myself for when I used to say that hyunjin looks like a Felix so I think that he is felix wtf I’m so dumb 😂😂
Лера Атжитарова
¶HAN is just something ... wow ... he looks good on the screen and he is very talented ... he knows how to sing and just gorgeous and dance and cool in rap ... wow .. I want to be like as he😍😍😍😍😍🤩😣
Hassen Massoussi
Hassen Massoussi Dia atrás
Hassen Massoussi
Hassen Massoussi Dia atrás
الي يحب هنيدي يحط لايك
Quỳnh Phương
Quỳnh Phương Dia atrás
Honestly i had had no idea who these guys are but this song popped up my Spotify playlist at 1 am lol and i was impressed duh. This is great, the beat, the rap, the lines are so catchy that i had to search for their names. Amazing guys, keep fighting your music sound awesome!!! 🥰
Kpop Stan
Kpop Stan 2 dias atrás
The song that started them💗💗💗
•Aliz Oreo•
•Aliz Oreo• 2 dias atrás
Im on a no bts marathon this time. Worth it-
Vikeyy Now
Vikeyy Now 2 dias atrás
yeoreum0325 2 dias atrás
jungle Maria
jungle Maria 2 dias atrás
56.732.013 visualizacione
Mye 2 dias atrás
issapenguinbro 2 dias atrás
Im not a stray kids stan, but this song is a bop and you can’t tell me otherwise This was actually the first kpop song I had listened to in years and I loved it Wow
soap juice
soap juice 2 dias atrás
terraria players be like
María rosa Flores
María rosa Flores 2 dias atrás
Stray kids
Naghma Tahir
Naghma Tahir 2 dias atrás
I was literally feeling like this and this suddenly popped up in my recommendation
Olive Jar
Olive Jar 3 dias atrás
I’m an army and now I’m also a stay
Stray Kids My Loves
Stray Kids My Loves 23 horas atrás
Welcome and congrats.
_ 월월.
_ 월월. 3 dias atrás
진짜.. 스키즈 데뷔한지 2년정도 되가는데 이 노래 들을때마다 울컥하다.. 9명이었을 때구나.. 9명에서 8명 되고.. 7명 되고.. 다시 9명으로 돌아와 완전체로 데뷔했지만 또 8이되고... 진짜 스키즈 데뷔한지 오래됐을때도 이 노래 들으면서 울컥할거같다. 원래 전체적인 곡의 분위기도 좀 다크한데 또 지금까지 고생하고 맘아픈 일도 있었지만 잘 견뎌내준 우리 스키즈 생각하면서 들으니까 울음지뢰가 따로없네. 특히 찬이형은 리더로서 지금까지 부담감이 없지 않았을텐데, 연습생 기간이 길어지고 데뷔가 많이 늦춰지면서 진짜 맘고생 많이 했을텐데, 포기하고 싶단 생각도 많이 했을텐데 포기하지 않고 결국엔 데뷔해서 지금까지 멤버들이랑 달려와줬어. 근데 또 한명이 빠졌으니 찬이형 한테는 약간 빈자리가 더 클거같다.. 같이 데뷔해준 멤버들이 얼마나 고마웠을까.. 짠하다 진짜
jaehyungparkian ship
jaehyungparkian ship 3 dias atrás
idk about y’all but this is my go - to karaoke song🤩
Jezika Monthero
Jezika Monthero 3 dias atrás
STAY dónde está el streaming? Acaso soy la única? STAY 🇦🇷
Bts Army
Bts Army 3 dias atrás
كتير حلوين انا احب ادعمهم ستراي كيدز
пубг мобайл
пубг мобайл 3 dias atrás
ßh 3 dias atrás
0:32 I just love this
BUSHRA SIDDIKA 3 dias atrás
Hey, chan's babygirls!!!!
Josefa chul¡!
Josefa chul¡! 3 dias atrás
that’s not daijoubu
that’s not daijoubu 3 dias atrás
Just discovered this beautiful song today and can’t stop listening for hours wow. These rappers are some of the best I’ve ever heard in kpop.
Stray Kids My Loves
Mochi ice cream
Mochi ice cream 3 dias atrás
that’s not daijoubu I'm glad ^・^
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ 3 dias atrás
I can't believe this MV only has 56 million views. This deserves alot more tbh 🤔
kim bora exo
kim bora exo 3 dias atrás
Iam exo-l and it's my first time to watch them I think the song has a lot of meanings also I think I fell in love!!! What's the name of their fans?? Iam a fan now 😭😭🥺
Creator 195
Creator 195 2 dias atrás
We are STAY:))
rita tari
rita tari 4 dias atrás
ok y'all ive been telling myself not to stan any further groups bc my heart already belongs to 100+ groups (wtf is wrong with me). and this is the only song i know of SKZ (im really afraid of clicking on any of their songs im not readyyyy), but is anyone willing to maybe tell me whos who xxx
Lea L
Lea L 3 dias atrás
Watch their survival show. It's worth it!
Ahed Almerei
Ahed Almerei 4 dias atrás
Stray kids ....
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ 4 dias atrás
I keep on coming back here and I'm not even a fan help-
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ 2 dias atrás
@Stray kids in you area Thank you!! #ot9 ❤️😊
Stray kids in you area
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ Welcome to the Stay fandom ❤️ #ot9
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ 2 dias atrás
@Stray kids in you area thank you very much!! Although I'm really sad that Woojin left. He was the first member I've ever heard from Stray kids. But I promise to love them as nine.
Stray kids in you area
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ 0:16 Seungmin (vocalist) can rap really good too , really cute and savage, dog 2000 liner 0:22 Changbin (Rapper, vocalist) one of the fastest rappers in kpop , pizza 1999 liner 0:52 Woojin (Vocalist) he left the group *sniff but he is still in our hearts , bear 1997 liner 0:58 Bangchan (Rapper,Vocalist) the best leader ever , very caring , Aussie, kangaroo 1997 liner 1:55 Jisung (Han) (Rapper, Vocalist) he is a rapper but he can hit very high notes (watch him on masked singer; you’ll cry) , studied english in malaysia, squirrel 2000 liner 1:43 Hyunjin (Rapper,Dancer) he can sing too, speaks a little bit of english , cutie and hottie,visual , drama queen, lama, 2000 liner 2:59 Felix (Rapper,Dancer) has a very low voice but looks like a baby, his korean improved a lot since he moved to korea about 3 years ago, aussie, koala 2000 liner 3:12 Minho (Lee know) (Vocalist,Rapper,Dancer) was a backup dancer for BTS, savage, he is married to Jisung (min sung) , loves his cats , cat, 1998 liner 1:19 Jeongin (I.N) (Vocalist) Maknae , is loved by everyone, used to wear braces, still goes to school , Fence Fox, 2001 liner ALL of their songs are self-produced (3RACHA: Bangchan,Changbin,Jisung) Their choreography by DANCERACHA: Minho,Hyunjin,Felix VOCALRACHA: Seungmin,I.N,(Woojin) Under JYP Their fandom is called STAY I didn’t tell you anything but you can look up their profiles at Kprofiles 💙💙💙 8 in the group, nine in our hearts
GucChimiGgukᄋᄌᄋ 3 dias atrás
@Stray kids in you area I mean, this song is pretty catchy. And I think Stray kids isn't really that bad.. Can you pls introduce them to me? 😊
Bang chan's baby stay clowns
2yrs already? wow time fly by so fast
Noorah Ahmed
Noorah Ahmed 4 dias atrás
Why am I obsessed with Hyunjin's part 😍
Mónica Santos
Mónica Santos 4 dias atrás
2020 dejando que mis oídos escuchen arte!!! 🇵🇦❤️❤️❤️🖤 Skz everywhere all around the world 🌎 ✊🏻✨
Snapple4216 4 dias atrás
whos here Feb 2020
ᥱᥙρhᥴrιᥲ࿐ 4 dias atrás
this is where I started stanning my ults, hellevator this song is literally everything to me❤ I remember when I kept trying to avoid this everytime it popped in my watch list thing and I kept ignoring it until one day I decided i'm going for it. I then commented wanting to learn their names and faces after watching the mv cause damn I had fallen right in love with them. It was beautiful. They're beautiful. I love them so much to the bottom of my entire heart. They are just an amazing talented group that deserve lots of love. They are the only ever boy group that caught my attention right after bts.
¿n e r v o?
¿n e r v o? 4 dias atrás
Bro for me a person who doesn't understand a fucking thing from korean the first dude made a rap god lmao
mariama barry
mariama barry 4 dias atrás
My bias Is Lee know I.N Hyunjin Changbin and Han😃😃😃😃 I miss woojin😞 We can stay now😁
윤 린애YunLinAe
윤 린애YunLinAe 5 dias atrás
this song don't deserve dislike☹ ~army but i think am stanning got7 and stray kids too
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