Stranger Things - Chocolate Pudding 

Thinking Out Loud
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Dustin finds the chocolate pudding in Stranger Things on Netflix.

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16 Jul 2016



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Triple D GT
Triple D GT 7 anos atrás
This is the greatest scene from the entire show. His voice cracking makes it even better.
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud 7 anos atrás
Greatest scene "so far" :) The voice cracking was everything for me.
Martino Voltolini
Martino Voltolini 7 anos atrás
I watched the show in Italian but after that I'm sure I'll watch every episode again in the original language :D
TheValkyrie 7 anos atrás
This scene and the part where Mike yells at his mom who is calling him upstairs while hes talking gently to Eleven. I love that part too haha
Frédéric Chopin • 172 years ago
"This scene and the part where Mike yells at his mom who is calling him upstairs" Haha, YES! I rewinded that part like five times because the transition from Mike calmly talking to Eleven to "COMING!" cracked me up.
I am Ianna
I am Ianna 5 anos atrás
PutOnAFlannel I know right
sebastian Montalvo Velez
Dustin is the most amazing thing ever happened to humanity. We don't deserve him.
James 5 anos atrás
sebastian Montalvo Velez especially his smile
f4iry4shes 6 anos atrás
I died when he said "Bald faced liar"
K Pøp Łøvëř
K Pøp Łøvëř 6 anos atrás
Panicking! At The Disco With Joshler |-/
XxGalaxyMidnightXx 3 anos atrás
Wait what episode was this
Jimysterio 7 anos atrás
this kid man fucking hell, had me in stitches every scene he was in! I hope he stays successful, he's hilarious
BlackySnacky 6 anos atrás
You and me both. Such a great character.
Preston Yates
Preston Yates 6 anos atrás
He steals every scene he's in in Season 2. Him and Steve have great chemistry lmao
Lash Mctoobin
Lash Mctoobin 5 anos atrás
Hes a crack up
Vilmundur Gunnarsson
Vilmundur Gunnarsson 6 anos atrás
No joke, I want that quote as a ringtone.
The Aztec warrior
The Aztec warrior 5 anos atrás
Vilmundur Gunnarsson am with you 😂
Turtsmcgurts 4 anos atrás
Fiona Crispin it says it’s downloading the ringtone but like what does that mean
8-bit jams
8-bit jams 4 anos atrás
I have it as a notification sound
Lollymax 4 anos atrás
Jamppa Nen how??!!
Micah D luffy
Micah D luffy Anos atrás
After watching season 4 I completely forgot about this scene and looking back it’s just as hilarious as I remember
james vidal
james vidal 5 anos atrás
OK, be honest, who here considers Dustin to be their Spirit Animal?
Riley Durkin
Riley Durkin 3 anos atrás
_TreeDragonFury_ 3 anos atrás
Jonathan Wallis
Jonathan Wallis 2 anos atrás
Me, that and Willy Wonka for some reason?
Dog Dog
Dog Dog Anos atrás
@Jonathan Wallis i understand, willy Wonka is a mood on a whole other level
The Lord and Saviour, Catto Christ
Jeremy Krane
Jeremy Krane 5 anos atrás
Dog Dog
Dog Dog Anos atrás
@Jeremy Krane **proceeds to struggle with telling el he likes her**
aubrey Anos atrás
E. Lilia
E. Lilia Anos atrás
Years after i still laugh about this scene😂
swprojectpromo 6 anos atrás
Hands down my favorite moment in the first season.
Ryan Stauffer
Ryan Stauffer 9 meses atrás
To those who don't know, Dustin's character is somewhat inspired by Chunk from The Goonies. So with him finding the chocolate pudding here in this fridge, it's a reference to when Chunk found the ice cream in the freezer and started grabbing all of them. Mike on this show is even named after Mikey from The Goonies. And of course, they have Mikey's actor Sean Astin appear in season 2 as Bob, along with him mentioning pirate treasure.
Nate Thomas
Nate Thomas 7 anos atrás
“I thought it was real pudding! But it was this odd meat product and I had no idea. It smelled like cat food.” -from an interview he sat for hahahaha
Just Wind
Just Wind 6 anos atrás
"MIKE, I FOUND THE CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!!" -Dustin I'm laughing my face off!!
jessejauregui 7 anos atrás
Best quote from Dustin. Brilliant performance
jessejauregui 7 anos atrás
This scene gives me life...
I was banned from the daycare
And "Why are you keeping this curiosity door closed?????"
SassberrySnap Spam
SassberrySnap Spam 4 anos atrás
"Because it's face opened up and ate my cat!"
Prin BlaBlaBla
Prin BlaBlaBla 6 anos atrás
I laughed at this scenario for about 20 minutes! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
und3rtak3r 6 anos atrás
YAAASSSSS!!!😂😂😂😂😂 this is the best moment in all of history😂 Who else laughed like a maniac when they saw this?😂
Tomato.toothpaste 7 anos atrás
The voice cracking makes me crack up every Time!
SamuelTheWizard 4 anos atrás
Literally the most funniest and the best scene from the whole show 😂😂
Kelly Marie
Kelly Marie 7 anos atrás
To the one person who disliked this, I hope u never taste the sensation of chocolate pudding......and go step on a Lego while ur at it
TD 6 anos atrás
or an eggo
Elizabeth 6 anos atrás
Don't say that. It's people of the upside down trying to like.
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun 5 anos atrás
@Elizabeth West They’re just in Australia.
yurika 4 anos atrás
Dimentive ouch.
Cøaster Crazy Caleb
Cøaster Crazy Caleb 4 anos atrás
No the people who disliked it are the Russian spies
Cheese4G 7 anos atrás
I haven't gotten this far, but I love how Lucas, usually the logical (read: boring) one is right there with Lucas in grabbing the chocolate pudding.
Liam 4 anos atrás
Lucas is right there with Lucas???
Get out of here
Get out of here 4 anos atrás
That screech at the end of pudding was adorable and funny at the same time
Dog Dog
Dog Dog Anos atrás
I love how EVERY time dustin yells, there's a voice crack. I swear to god😭
Peter Saarloos
Peter Saarloos 4 anos atrás
Dustin is by far the best part of this show.
Frederik Clausen
Frederik Clausen 4 anos atrás
"Always lying, Saying she's out. Bald faced liar" Best scene from the entire series
Big Boris
Big Boris 4 anos atrás
His voice crack makes this scene worth repeating a couple hundred times
Liberty P.
Liberty P. 5 anos atrás
This is easily the best part of the entire first season.
Elizabeth 6 anos atrás
MIIIIIKE I FOUND THE CHOCOLATE PUDD (extreme voice crack) ING Mike: srsly bro this is the second time you are ruining me confessing my love to the most badass kid on netflix
Dog Dog
Dog Dog Anos atrás
fr 🤣🤣 When they were about to kiss and dustin walked in before they got to i was like: 🙂... Why couldn't it wait four seconds?
Kathy Anne
Kathy Anne 5 anos atrás
Dustin is my favorite character in the whole series lolol
AARON GAMING 2 3 anos atrás
Me too
Liviart 6 anos atrás
"That bald faced liar" *G O L D*
OldManTheseDays 6 anos atrás
This absolutely slays me every time.
sophie stuart
sophie stuart 3 anos atrás
can we please appreciate lucas' face at 0:05
Carys Bailey
Carys Bailey 7 meses atrás
Omg when Dustin yelled this in season 1 I laughed soo hard
ChrisManley1994 4 anos atrás
Dustin is my spirit animal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Scarbz 6 anos atrás
That voice crack tho
Jeffzzzz 4 anos atrás
That little voice crack at the end just makes this scene
Emily 6 anos atrás
Dog Dog
Dog Dog Anos atrás
Swap little with tremendous and we're good 😂
Alex 5 anos atrás
This is why I love Stranger Things
Demon slayer vibes
Demon slayer vibes 3 anos atrás
I laughed so hard when Dustin said GUYS I flounder the chocolate pudding
Alisa Jo
Alisa Jo Anos atrás
i love Lucas's face at 0:06 2 anos atrás
This is literally gold
utathya23 3 anos atrás
BEST LINE EVER!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GalbertHatesGachaLife 2 meses atrás
One of the reasons why season 1 is my favorite season
ericvideos239 4 anos atrás
Love this show
Mat Neptune
Mat Neptune 7 anos atrás
dat voice crack tho
Irfan Anos atrás
His voice crack always cracks me up
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez 2 anos atrás
Lucas face tho when he saw the chocolate pudding 0:06 😅
greg boyko
greg boyko 5 anos atrás
Lmao this had me dying when I first saw it lmao
Ems 2 anos atrás
user 2 anos atrás
When you turn on captions it says: I've got the chocolate butter😂
Brayzee 6 anos atrás
This was a great show.
Toby the ocean liner builder
0:12 is hilarious
Benjamin Fischer
Benjamin Fischer 9 meses atrás
I crave this brand of pudding.
Veronika 4 anos atrás
I love all his voice cracks
Athena 🩷
Athena 🩷 4 anos atrás
😂😂😂 my favorite part
Baggy Spaggy
Baggy Spaggy 5 anos atrás
I bet the duffer brothers were laughing at the end of the scene and that they were like 'no fuck you we're putting it in anyway it suits dustin'
BellaNicoleTV Anos atrás
How is Caleb not laughing?!!
Bailey Smithson
Bailey Smithson 4 anos atrás
Dustin: Mike I found the chocolate puddIng Lucas: excuse me I did
Marvin Avila
Marvin Avila 6 anos atrás
Kahlil Martin
Kahlil Martin 4 anos atrás
Legend says there still finding the chocolate pudding
Maryam elhabashy
Maryam elhabashy 3 anos atrás
I laughed so hard at the voice crack
Brady_motos27 4 anos atrás
I like how on the right it says keep hot food hot and cold food cold😂😂
sta𖦹 3 anos atrás
The voice crack tough 😂💗
Alec Aquino
Alec Aquino 4 anos atrás
This makes me so happy!
Suzanne 7 anos atrás
hahahah Can't stop laughing!!
Starkster Industries
Starkster Industries 4 anos atrás
Happy 3 year anniversary when this was uploaded. 👏
swag 4 anos atrás
bald faced liar - Dustin Henderson 1983
Caroline Waye
Caroline Waye 5 anos atrás
My favorite tv quote ever
Jeremy Krane
Jeremy Krane 5 anos atrás
Dustin: MIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING Mike: Making chocolate pudding Dustin: IT'S FPPPPHOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. WHY THE *SCHITT* ARE YOU MAKING CHOCOLAT PUUDAENG Mike: Because I lost control of my life... cookies for the person who gets the reference.
Patty H
Patty H 7 anos atrás
when your sister hides all the food and you finally find it XD
euphoiqa !
euphoiqa ! 4 anos atrás
The voice crack sent me to heaven 😌
Indie vlogs
Indie vlogs Anos atrás
I love Dustin and this scene EVEN LOOK AT MY NAME LOL
mutidy Anos atrás
that voice crack at the end
Dane M
Dane M 5 anos atrás
When he has his voice crack he sounds just like John Connor in T2
Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler 5 anos atrás
Fucking love this actor, completely stole the show on every episode he was in.
Rare Wubbox
Rare Wubbox Anos atrás
He’s voice crack is funny
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson 6 anos atrás
Dustin's my favorite
pilsner_film 4 anos atrás
Maybe the mind flayer is attacking hawking because Dustin stole his chocolate pudding.
SerialDesignationN SHORTS
Dustin: MIKE WHERES THE CHOCOLATE PUDDING?! Mike: uhhhh...*hides chocolate pudding* it was will Will: WAIT WHAT NO IT WASNT ME YOU BALD FACE LIAR MIKE
sam-i-am 6 anos atrás
Chocolate pudding is a kids greatest weakness.
Tony parra
Tony parra 5 anos atrás
Dustin: I found the chocolate pudding. Carl from TWD comes by. Carl: Hand them over.
Kolokeas 4 anos atrás
The dislikes are the teacher that we’re eating chocolate pudding
Lorena M.
Lorena M. 6 anos atrás
Chunk: I smell ice cream.. guys!!!... Mississippi mud, chocolate eruption.. Dustin: found it! Mike!! I found the chocolate pudding!!!
Gabriel Gunnzalez
Gabriel Gunnzalez 6 anos atrás
Lmao he sounds like he's dying when he says he found the pudding.
Lyne Soco
Lyne Soco 5 meses atrás
i love dusty so much
Rosa Rose
Rosa Rose 4 anos atrás
Lucas's tongue here is so cute, omfg 0:05
Finn 5 anos atrás
The haters crack me up. No the lyrics aren't particularly genius, yes the themes are rather emo and whiny, but he carries it with pro-level presence, and where music is largely about getting the listener to believe the musician's being real with them, he does it with a clarity that most musicians struggle to figure out for most of their fucking lives. It's called "performance." The fact that it isn't blatantly obvious to you that these guys "have it" means you have absolutely zero actual taste. It's funny. I giggle.
Amanda Brandão
Amanda Brandão 6 anos atrás
Kinging- It
Kinging- It 7 anos atrás
Tuna lord
Tuna lord Anos atrás
That would be me saying: MOM I FOUND THE KFC CHICKEN!
FireDragon66 4 anos atrás
This scene almost reminds me of the scene from The Goonies when that boy I can't remember his name but it's when he found some icecream in the fridge scene.
Iamshayshay 10 meses atrás
“Bald face liar” 💀💀💀💀💀💀
A Walker
A Walker 5 anos atrás
Dustin=best character
Wilkas 4 anos atrás
Thats my favourite clip ever in stranger things
inpatient Davey
inpatient Davey 5 anos atrás
That voice crack😂😂
Emma H
Emma H 2 anos atrás
I’m eating chocolate pudding and it reminded me of this video so now I’m here
wheresthemango 5 anos atrás
This is my ringtone xD
Sassy N Blunt AF
Sassy N Blunt AF 6 anos atrás
Lunch lady Phyllis is hoarding that shit
The Super Bros.
The Super Bros. 4 anos atrás
When my dad finds the bear or my mom finds the wine. 0:10
Lucia Gómez
Lucia Gómez 6 anos atrás
Ethan H
Ethan H Anos atrás
I love this lil' munchkin!
itsyaboigames 4 anos atrás
When you find the chocolate pudding: