"Strange Addictions" That Shock Doctors

Doctor Mike
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22 Nov 2022



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J Moe
Watching this guy kiss his inflatable while doctor mike doesn’t even crack a smirk, really shows what type of person he is and how much he’s invested in the patient. I love watching this guy.
For the roach girl: I will defend her. She seems to actually take really good care of them. A lot of people keep roaches, usually if they have a reptile or other pet that eats insects, but also there's people, like that girl, who keep them as pets. From the video, she seems to do everything right, keeps the tanks clean, gives them plenty of food, is well educated, etc.
absolutely love how respectful Dr. Mike is ❤️
G. Garcia
Hi, Dr. Mike, I'm your colleague, a general physician from Colombia. About the last patient - the guy who wants to look like a doll - I agree with you completely. Also, I highly question the ethics of the medical professionals who as plastic surgeons, accepted to perform this many procedures on him without realizing there is a clear need for a psychiatric evaluation first. Without attempting to make a diagnosis myself, which would also be unethical, I am sad for this young man, because any procedure has risks and his doctors neglected to err on the side of the clear benefit of first exploring a mental-health diagnosis in their surgical risk-benefit analysis.
Imperial Agent
I was diagnosed with autism last year when I was 30. I am in DBT. My beagles are a game changer for me and has actually helped with my mental health as they don’t judge like humans do.
Roaches are fine living in plastic boxes. Most reptile keepers keep roaches in there, and she's definitely on top of taking care of them. The roaches she has, aren't your average household roaches. They were most likely captive bred, meaning disease spreading is less common.
NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
"remember, we are leading with empathy first, so be understanding" I appreciate Dr. Mike's positive vibe, great doctor
The Last Tiger
the girl who collects cockroaches could grow up to be an entomologist
as someone with Autism I actually almost empathize with this guy when it comes to attachment to objects, not to his level of attraction but there are certain things I cannot leave the house without, most I keep in a backpack so they are always with me. and when things aren't where I leave them I go into what I consider an Autistic Episode, it is almost like a panic attack but not entirely, it is very difficult to describe, it is like a full on sensory overload, everything I feel is enhanced to an extreme: sound, touch, taste, smell, even my vision is overloaded, and becomes unbearable. which is completely different to what I feel in a panic attack. though a panic attack can lead into an Episode. (there are a lot of triggers for these episodes not just the: not having my items of personal value but it is something I can full on say I understand.)
A King
The lady with neck rings is comparing herself to a woman in a tribe who starts "stretching their necks" from like age 3..they literally do it all their life
That Guy
Mike is a truly a professional doctor
Taylor Frink
as an autistic person i very much agree about animal therapy, i always had a dog growing up and did horseback riding at a barn well versed in therapeutic riding even though i was undiagnosed at the time. working with horses i think really actually helped my social skills in a way
Amanda Baule
There are a handful of people who call themselves living dolls. They’ve all been diagnosed with body dysmorphia and the documentary I watched several years ago featured many of them struggling to find surgeons to continue to work on them beyond fillers and Botox despite their desires. He was one of them I think… and several women striving to be living barbie and going so far as to having traveled to foreign countries to have ribs removed.
Ella G.
You gotta do more of these videos! They are so entertaining! 😀
Casey Murray
I love the level of empathy, understanding & the fact Dr Mike is in no way judgmental when referring to the patients & their present issues, whether it be an addiction, an illness they're going through mentally/physically/psychologically. + he's cute ;)
harsh singh
You are inspiring me to became doctor . Watching this video makes me more comfortable to study for long hours to save life's of others . Loving this job ❤️
My aunt was addicted to tanning when she was younger. I remember people asking me why my aunt was black and the rest of my family was white, but as a little kid I had no idea what they were talking about. (Note: In my 10+ yrs of living there, there was one African American girl who went to my middle school for a total of 6 weeks, and no others in the town or surrounding towns until I was well into my 20's, so I'm not really sure any of the kids even knew what any color of skin other than white looked like irl. This was before internet existed even for schools.) When I was in my early teens she'd gotten to the point her skin was starting to look leathery, she was maybe mid 30's by then. I didn't see her for a long time after that, things happened in life and I only saw her again after I was about mid 20's. I hardly recognized her. She'd obviously at least slowed down on the tanning, she was much paler and looked healthier, but her skin still looked off. About 8 yrs ago my mother told me she'd 'had an accident' and had to get skin graphs and then after that got skin cancer, so she stopped tanning all together. She now lives in Alaska, last I heard. Best place in the US to hide from the sun I suppose.
TheDiva LovesGlitterandGlam
My high school physics teacher had an aquarium full of Madagascar hissing cockroaches. I almost didn't pass the class out of sheer discomfort because of my proximity to their tank, so I can understand why finding out that they existed kept Dr. Mike up all night long.
Dr. Mike has to be the only person reacting to my strange addiction to listen to someone before talking. We need more listeners in the world, thank you Dr. Mike!
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