Stop Hyping Destiny 2 Forsaken (Warmind Was Cut Content & Bungie Might Sell Destiny)

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After a string of 6/10 content drops, everyone is super optimistic about the next Destiny 2 DLC: Forsaken! woot!
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10 Jun 2018

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Comentários 15 097
bram merd
bram merd 5 horas atrás
'in a world where nearly half of us...' shows a map and statistic of the united states
Richard Horner
Richard Horner 5 horas atrás
I paid $100 for the Digital Deluxe at been terrible, I didn't open for almost 6 months until Solaris Event. Only to find out I need to pay another $70 for Forsaken and the next couple DLCs, but if I'd have just waited I could now pay $99 for Original game and expansion, Forsaken and the future DLCs...
Richard Horner
Richard Horner 5 horas atrás
I enjoy the game. I just don't like their pricing mechanics.
Almighty Coon
Almighty Coon 10 horas atrás
R2 Last2
R2 Last2 12 horas atrás
Try the new last wish raid, bungi has really picked up the game
Apex Predator
Apex Predator 12 horas atrás
No, you ignorant moron the first two garbage DLC's were not cut content. Activision clearly has bungie, who're working with a bad engine, by the balls. You're not smart for criticizing obviously bad aspects of a game, and your ideas to make it better are not unique to you. You were definitely projecting with that little incel bit.
TheWereparadox 14 horas atrás
Wait for a year or so to play this game again. Make them keep up a server that makes them almost 0$. Servers cost to keep running. Hit them where it hurts. Thanks for the free Ps4 plus game! Can't wait to make you pay for wasting my time and mostly MONEY! Ps. Ignore the ignorant when you are right. 10/10
Brad Traux
Brad Traux 21 hora atrás
You should have been on this hype train, this video was sooooooo wrong. Too bad lol
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 9 horas atrás
because the base game and previous DLC are so disappointing that the bar to pass is on the ground
Es Savage plays
Es Savage plays 23 horas atrás
You ever just think this guy hates on destiny dlc because he can’t afford it 🤔
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 9 horas atrás
why should we accept buying incomplete game and pay more to complete them by "DLC" when there are many games out there that offer better experience without holding back content?
I Am The Method
I Am The Method Dia atrás
I just subscribed just for the massive savage levels in the first 40 seconds
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson Dia atrás
This game is absolutely the most fun I have ever had in any video game ever, I have enjoyed every bit of content and keep coming back for more. If I compare the hours of entertainment that I have had in game vs entertainment I have had from things like cable TV, I have paid MUCH less per hour for my enjoyment of Destiny and Destiny2. Of course they hype... they are a business and have to create sales. I personally think that is good. The more people buy the product , their sales go up, and they have more money and resources to developing new content. I don't like this kind of overly dramatic negative hype to get attention and maybe a few hits. I know you are exercising your right to speak your opinion, I will exercise my right to not ever come back and listen...
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer Dia atrás
ever heard about warframe?
jack Chosen One
jack Chosen One Dia atrás
And now...?
Ratty And Bird
Ratty And Bird 2 dias atrás
Oh look forsaken ended being a fucking jam. That’s why you don’t completely judge a game before it even fucking comes out.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 9 horas atrás
+Joaquin Pangelinan everyone when it's a repeated mistake from the first game with more problems on the second game
Joaquin Pangelinan
Joaquin Pangelinan 10 horas atrás
who gives a shit about the past when it comes to video games. i
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer Dia atrás
because the base game and DLC before it are disappointing
bon jour
bon jour 2 dias atrás
Destiny, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, lazy. There is nothing like the level of laziness in the "Taken" design, and yet they brought them back to Destiny 2, the balls on these fuckers.
taylor decarlo
taylor decarlo 2 dias atrás
Im not buying the dlc it should of came with the pass you get when you preorder destiny 2 from the beginning
Dazari 9 horas atrás
+Joaquin Pangelinan Yup, Forsaken is pure dog shit. 🐕 💩
Joaquin Pangelinan
Joaquin Pangelinan 10 horas atrás
lmao you are missing out. forsaken is the shit
Dazari 2 dias atrás
That's why I watched the cutscenes on youtube, not worth the $$$, too overpriced, for an online repetitive game.
taylor decarlo
taylor decarlo 2 dias atrás
Ill just watch the cut scenes on youtube
herobrine 2016027
herobrine 2016027 2 dias atrás
Youre cheesy
MegaStorm75 s
MegaStorm75 s 2 dias atrás
Whats the background music throught the vid?
Almighty O.G.
Almighty O.G. 2 dias atrás
Where's the follow up video with an apology that Forsaken is actually good and Destiny is in a great place? Cant admit when youre wrong? lol.....Oh, you're just a loser with a failing channel.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
good because the base game and previous DLC suck
Kaden-Ω Bone
Kaden-Ω Bone 2 dias atrás
Came back after the release of forsaken 😂😂😂 he was 100% accurate. The exact same thing that bungie did in D1 they have done in D2. Literally $80 to continue the compaign. And curse of osirus and warmind dlc's are completely obsolete. Everything gained in the 2 dlc's are scrapped. Funny thing. Now we wait for next year's $30 to complete a $60 game. Guess what. You paid $60 for the game. $20 for curse and warmind. $40 for forsaken. And most likely $30 for the next one. $170 to finish the campaign and you cant play the game without the rest of the campaign. ALSO. Every other person who didn't buy the game will be able to buy the entire game for $60 after the final piece of the campaign drops. Literally exactly what they did with D1 which is why i didn't buy rise of iron.
Tar 2 dias atrás
So when are you gonna make the "I was wrong" video on Forsaken?
Hussain Memon
Hussain Memon 2 dias atrás
All of you fools saying that forsaken is quite good and he is wrong are dumb as hell. You realise how much money you have paid to make the game playable when if Bungie really cared about making a good game they would release free dlc and not split the community.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer Dia atrás
+XxPranksxX 24 you don't get the fix for content drought if you don't buy forsaken and people would accept paying $180 if the DLC weren't held back content like Zavala story
XxPranksxX 24
XxPranksxX 24 2 dias atrás
When did I ever say the game was good at launch? I was one of those people making salty comments on YT and Reddit for the first 3-4 months of the game's lifecycle. I'm just saying it's wrong to say you need to buy forsaken to fix the game. You get every update, QoL feature, balance patch, cosmetic, crucible map, event, and vendor item for free. And even if the game was perfect at launch, you would still end up having to pay 180 dollars over the game's lifecycle.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
+XxPranksxX 24 if the game was great at launch it wouldn't lose 78% players in 6 weeks
XxPranksxX 24
XxPranksxX 24 2 dias atrás
You need to pay fuck all to fix destiny. Every QoL feature and 50% of the new weapons are free, not to mention the free events. You would have needed to pay this much whether or not destiny 2 was good at launch.
MrFancyBurger 2 dias atrás
That moment when his bitching is bullshit
MR. Bigfoot
MR. Bigfoot 2 dias atrás
I love forsaken not the others think I hope they can change and make the game better
Captain Potato
Captain Potato 2 dias atrás
I don't know how he comes off as a jerk. He legit is only thinking about the consumer. He wants you to not have to spend 200 dollars on a shit game. I DON'T KNOW why you're guys are mad that he wants a consumer friendly market for video games. Why is that toxic. I can't with fanatics.
Hussain Memon
Hussain Memon 2 dias atrás
You get it
Itz Beastly
Itz Beastly 3 dias atrás
I got the game for free and I feel ripped off, waste of time
Hussain Memon
Hussain Memon 2 dias atrás
Same. I got it from PS plus and I still feel underwhelmed and want more for my unspent money
Ben Kilonzo
Ben Kilonzo 3 dias atrás
Destiny fanboys watch the cut scenes and rub their dick beaters in anticipation for more garbage dlcs lmao.. some cut scenes and a guy saying 'it's all better now. It's fixed' is all it takes to reel people back in to a game that was shit to begin with.. Previews from the first Destiny is where I refused to even get on the train. If you thought that game was worth $60 then you have bad taste in gaming
Hussain Memon
Hussain Memon 2 dias atrás
iAmNeptune 3 dias atrás
Lol its funny cuz this is the best content they have ever released lol
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
because previous content is bad and now obsolete with forsaken
Richard Cleveland
Richard Cleveland 3 dias atrás
I should have listened to everybody that is trashing the game like you are I refuse to buy it after everything I heard but PS plus gave it away for free and I played it thinking it would be horrible but it was remarkably awesome and I loved every minute of it now I'm a super fan of Destiny
datdude_mp 3 dias atrás
Now after most of the endgame has been uncovered are you going to do another review, from what I’ve seen so far it’s lived up to the hype
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 3 dias atrás
because the base game and previous DLC are disappointing
Pappo 3 dias atrás
jokes on you, forsaken is amazing!
Pappo 7 horas atrás
Cephalon firer you didn't quite get my point, battlefront changed because a majority of the community felt like it, but here on destiny you and the others complaining are actually a small part of the community, who is (like me) willing to spend their money to have another year of content and to play destiny 2. So you guys mean nothing, you are just an annoying moan. Oh and the "so cool content of wow" is just doing over and over again the same dungeons to drop, same thing you do in destiny so your point is bullshit.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 horas atrás
+Pappo I do have power along with millions to convert them to warframe, something done 4 years ago. WoW? They give huge content that destiny DLC is pale in comparison so it worth the money, not just a new small area to explore before repeating strikes over and over again for a weapon so look at the content first. No one did this to battlefront 2? People make such an uproar that even EA got called, they suspend the microtransaction and they even have their stock price fall by 8.5% and that results to $3 billion loss in stock so you can change things when you do it. Remember modern warfare 2? Just a single man caused a world war so it's not impossible
Pappo 14 horas atrás
if it has to happen it will happen no matter what, just to make it clear to you, you mean nothing to anyone, you are just one in 7 billions people on a planet, you have no influence and no power, so you are just a nobody who can't change anything. Actually it's already happening from years now, almost since when dlc's became a thing. Anyway WOW does that from years and no one complains, they make you pay a monthly fee to play and expansions to continue playing. All this destiny hate is just unmotivated, just because a game did not match your expectations doesn't mean you have to do a witch hunt and burn it to the ground (no one did this for battlefront 2, that is much worse than destiny in my opinion) just don't fucking play it and stop telling people that enjoyed it to stop playing it, you have no right to tell people what to do.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer Dia atrás
+Pappo and making upcoming games follow this pattern where you have to pay more just to have a complete base game? I'm not going to let that happen
Pappo 2 dias atrás
Cephalon firer if you don't like it don't buy it, just don't tell people to stop hyping a content they are really looking for and that seemed pretty good at the time and actually it is.
Dantheepic 3 dias atrás
Why f North Carolina what did we ever do to you
El Mehdi Zine
El Mehdi Zine 3 dias atrás
Wassaap b*tch
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 3 dias atrás
Shut up dude, forsaken hit a few weeks ago, and it’s great
Hussain Memon
Hussain Memon 2 dias atrás
Look he's just looking at it from a consumer point of view. People like are stupid and spend an outrageous amount of money on a mediocre game and call it great
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 3 dias atrás
because the base game and previous DLC are disappointing
Outlaw777x 4 dias atrás
Too bad the DLC is great.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
+Outlaw777x and what makes it look great if not because the base game and previous DLC disappoint? We had that time when they say warmind is good because it's better than CoO so forsaken is great more likely because it's better than the base and previous DLC
Outlaw777x 2 dias atrás
+Cephalon firer no, just because it is great. No other reason than that.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 3 dias atrás
because the base game and previous DLC disappointing
N P 4 dias atrás
The dlc was amazing eat it lol
Dazari 2 horas atrás
Tiger Bears It's trash $40 for a DLC Update LOL
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
+Tiger Bears and other games give that for free, or at least more than what bungie gives for similar price so it's not something worth mentioning. It may fix the game but it doesn't fix the content drought, which is very fast to happen unless you pay more
Tiger Bears
Tiger Bears 2 dias atrás
Cephalon firer - The expansion doesn’t “fix the game and it’s problems”, all of that was in a free update that everyone got. If you pay for Forsaken, all you’re paying for is content.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 3 dias atrás
+Tiger Bears the taken king? People say it's the taken king 2.0 so I'm not hyped for content that fix the game and its problems for $40 after $100 of disappointment
Tiger Bears
Tiger Bears 3 dias atrás
Cephalon firer - You keep on saying that, but you’re wrong. It’s just an amazing DLC, probably the best that Destiny has ever had.
David Po
David Po 4 dias atrás
Forsaken is great, yeah. But he is right. sorry I'm not buying that DLC not even close the halo Level. (I got D2, what are scam)
Nilly Nil
Nilly Nil 4 dias atrás
Destiny screwed the whole fan base over, yeah you fixed the game but your charging for it? Are you serious!! This game costs 0ver 200 dollars! For one game. I've never heard of this! You might toss an extra 40 or 50 for all the map packs or whatever. But their charging for fixing the game that was garbage from the beginning. Your selling the year 2 content. Everyone who purchased the whole package in the beginning should receive everything now. It's should all be included. From point shaving players too a pointless light level, and shit weapon system. Levels don't matter. It's a key to unlock missions. That's it. You all that gave them more money are causing the problem. Giving them permission to do this garbage
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
+Tiger Bears warframe gives 23 DLC for free
Tiger Bears
Tiger Bears 3 dias atrás
Nilly Nil - They aren’t charging for fixes to the game itself, they’re charging for the huge amount of new content. To me it sounds like you’ve got a fundamental misunderstanding of what players are actually purchasing.
Phire23 4 dias atrás
Like and sub. Another perspective to consider. Delivered concisely with a side of abrasion..I like it.
rudy garza
rudy garza 4 dias atrás
Fanboys = micro transactions look at all the sports titles keep sucking off money grabbers and unfinished game publishers they will keep braking are games
wilsono3170 4 dias atrás
Great vid man
Razorblade456 4 dias atrás
Worst kind of person leave your opinion at home
Rebeca Stewart
Rebeca Stewart 5 dias atrás
Destiny is crap.
Regan Pendlebury
Regan Pendlebury 5 dias atrás
Hey asshole make a video on the success on forsaken or are you realising that your wrong
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 5 dias atrás
success because the base game and previous DLC are disappointing and set the bar on the ground
DWALER 045 5 dias atrás
Bought it, installed it. Started Up The Game and "Boom" ps4 exploded.. My mind survived, but my body was not that lucky.. These days i prance around like a Magical Metal Unicorn, having the worse case of diarhea making beautifull Brown Safelines, so i cant lose my way home.. Oh and "pegasus" if you reading this, you stil own me 20 Holedip carrots, and no not the brown ones..
BrotherMerc 5 dias atrás
With all due respect, i like it when ppl are blunt. im having alot of fun with the dlc. Definetly should wait before buying of course. If you dont plan on doing raids/endgame stuff and play mostly by yourself, dont buy this. Your more likely to get your moneys worth when your actually going to play the content. Raid looks interesting, dissapointed theres no dragon though :/. Pvp is good but having d1 shotgun syndrome currently. Gambit is actually fun and a great new feature to the game imo. Dreaming city is great, Tangled shore not so great imo. Same uncreative public events imo. New subclass nodes are great additions. Story was nothing crazy, but it did have solid consistent storytelling and nice nods to destinys lore.
Sexual Albatross
Sexual Albatross 5 dias atrás
Is being a channel that hypes destiny any worse than a channel that cares what others do with their money?
PhantomSausage 16 horas atrás
+Sexual Albatross When other people's spending habits encourage bad business practices that end up affecting everyone, such as people paying for cancerous Lootboxes and pre-ordering games that turn out to be broken as fuck on release to the point that it becomes the business norm, then yes people should care what other people do with their money.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 5 dias atrás
I downloaded destiny 2 for free. Played it one time. Uninstall
pUSSYcREAM 5 dias atrás
I feel like I'm sitting in front of a black preacher at church. After every sentence you say, I find myself saying "Yes"
PML 5 dias atrás
I'm (finally) just done giving Activision my money for half a game.
Kick tigerz
Kick tigerz 5 dias atrás
Go fuck yourself as you go play minecraft , as ur a bad player of destiny and ur just a bad player as you get 600,00 views that is nothing hope your channel dies prick, 🖕🏻
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 5 dias atrás
still far more than your channel
Xhaari 5 dias atrás
I’m so done w/ this game, you gotta pay 40$/80$ just to continue playing the game wtf, when I just wasted 100$ to get the season pass
sweet fresh toasted ccc ooo rrr nnn
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 3 dias atrás
+9Alpha9 RSufyan will it be good in your eyes if the base game and previous DLC were huge and brimming with content on every inch? I don't think so
9Alpha9 RSufyan
9Alpha9 RSufyan 4 dias atrás
Cephalon firer no, because it's good
sweet fresh toasted ccc ooo rrr nnn
+Cephalon firer yeah base game was ass
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 5 dias atrás
because the base game and previous DLC are disappointing
Buff tRacer :O
Buff tRacer :O 5 dias atrás
You are living proof that anyone can get 200k subs
RD63 5 dias atrás
your not wrong, but there are a lot of people who actually like the game so you cant really speak for everyone...Ive never really thought the game was bad, but maybe that's just me..but you are toxic but that's how you get subscribers you know
I’m wrong But
I’m wrong But 6 dias atrás
Lol I love you hAha I mean I love destiny but you’re funny ass fuck
crazexd217 6 dias atrás
If you don't like a game don't play it? This sounds like you are getting paid by another game dev to bash it. I bet you actually believe communism works if you were the one running it...
Low Tier Support
Low Tier Support 6 dias atrás
I said it before and I will say it again. The best time to buy D2 is when everything costs $60 (The game and all of the DLC). Till then, I'm not giving them a single cent.
Ben Camping
Ben Camping 6 dias atrás
Nobody will be playing Forsaken in a year....this game and each expansion are like throw away razors.
Thorveim 6 dias atrás
Yup... pointing youtubers as being at fault is trying to make a scapegoat... players are tired of games that aren't so much games made to entertain, but rather market products made to make money. Note thats it me criticizing the industry as a whole here, not Destiny, as I never played it nor do I inted to, and as such cannot judge it myself. (played warframe before the first destiny, and didn't see any interest at getting myself to play somethign that looked similar but wasn't free) The real problem is that big publishers aren't the passionate game-makers that they used to be; they are now buisnessmen that measure the success of a game not from its critics, but from how much money it makes, and are ready to lie, cheat and misdirect in order to improve that sole objective. Critics are just a tool to them, and why try to do something perfect, when you can pretend any flaw is covered in its sequel or any other way to make players pay for such a promise? The game doesn't need to be good.. it just needs to be good enough to sell and let players hope for something better in the next one.
Abdul Dabbah
Abdul Dabbah 6 dias atrás
Neet Neet
Neet Neet 6 dias atrás
Forsaken is pretty good
GiggleHz 6 dias atrás
i wish there was more loot in destiny
cameron schmitz
cameron schmitz 6 dias atrás
Its no secret, destiny 2 on release and curse of osiris was utter trash and near id say 3/10 content just because of how much they put into eververse and didnt put much effort into the base game, warmind was good, near a 6/10 atleast but so far with forsaken, its actually really good and even without the raid out ive played 2 weeks straight and still feel a rush playing it, hopefully bungie keeps up this upward path and dont end up making useless money boughten content from eververse and put more exptic quests, character development and crucible metas.
Comeplague 6 dias atrás
what you say is true, and im sorry that i am a sheep that actually like this game, i just cant stop myself...
Sniffle Snarf
Sniffle Snarf 6 dias atrás
I am still waiting, but there will be judgement...
Astral Knight
Astral Knight 6 dias atrás
When your video doesn't age well...
Draxxis 7 dias atrás
anything to say now?
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 horas atrás
+9Alpha9 RSufyan there's warframe with fortuna, railjack and the new war coming so 2 years isn't something hard especially with many new games and current games with free DLC
9Alpha9 RSufyan
9Alpha9 RSufyan 8 horas atrás
+Cephalon firer if u wanna wait 2 years, be my guest
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 horas atrás
+9Alpha9 RSufyan I rather wait until they release all DLC and you can see me having the complete game for less than $20 and it might not worth my money and wait
9Alpha9 RSufyan
9Alpha9 RSufyan 2 dias atrás
Cephalon firer u can say it once. Copy and pasting 5 times is kinda sad. Do u even have the expansion?
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
+9Alpha9 RSufyan what else should I say? A lie trying to say forsaken is worth the money and insult others who disagree?
klammy 7 dias atrás
oof the comments has a lot of fan boys
Martin Loofah Kang
Martin Loofah Kang 7 dias atrás
You are what salt puts on its scrambled eggs.
Fissiz Isz
Fissiz Isz 7 dias atrás
Games are getting worse due to the fanboys I'm seeing in this comment section. More micro-transactions are being put into games because people are defending this type of practice and letting it happen instead of speaking out against it, and more developers will copy this to get more money. I don't mind if Destiny 2 has DLC, as long as the base game is satisfactory enough (which it isn't). A game shouldn't have to rely on DLC to be considered good. If you have already previously bought the game, its DLC's and now Forsaken (not in a bundle) you are getting ripped off. Plenty of games deliver the same quality/quantity if not greater content than this game does with three expansions (two of which were very mediocre) which would have originally costed $150 altogether. Not saying that Forsaken is bad, but the amount of content it brings should "expand" on Destiny 2. The base game shouldn't have to rely on Forsaken to be considered good.
xxDOUGIE05xx plays
xxDOUGIE05xx plays 7 dias atrás
How about warframe owning destiny. actually not a bad idea every thing for free fuckin yeeeeeesss
ScreamingMonkeyHead 7 dias atrás
10/10 for telling the truth.
PeopleCallMe Void
PeopleCallMe Void 7 dias atrás
5 years and millions of players, such a fail of a game
Kage261 7 dias atrás
I've been having a great time with it.
Martyn James
Martyn James 7 dias atrás
Anyone that doesn't think that Bungie is taking the piss is just a shill at this point. You're expecting them to penetrate gently and with lubrication... Bungie and Activision are pulling your pants down and lining up to rip your arse hole in half, no lube.... unless you pay for it with a £40 'micro'transaction. LEARN that to Bungie and Activision you are just an anus that they can pull money from. They will go in up to their collar bone to extract every last fucking penny! *edited because of stupid spelling mistakes although Bungle in place of Bungie is fitting.
Sify 7 dias atrás
Well....I got the game so that lost is on you my guy!!😂😂😂😂
El Mehdi Zine
El Mehdi Zine 7 dias atrás
Whats uuuuuuup
Godly unsung Hero
Godly unsung Hero 7 dias atrás
Forsaken ended up being good go figure
Godly unsung Hero
Godly unsung Hero Hora atrás
+Dazari i haven't been scam they delivered on what they promised and more its a great dlc and the public feedback and reviews say as much you bdobbins fanboys are just like him lmao every bone in your body screams hate that's all you know how to do even when its not warranted
Dazari 2 horas atrás
Godly unsung Hero You're right, Forsaken is definitely amazing to people who love being SCAMMED OUT OF THERE MONEY.
Godly unsung Hero
Godly unsung Hero 2 horas atrás
+Dazari forsaken is amazing and people are loving it lmao keep being a salty loser your life has little meaning when you all you do is hate LOL
Dazari 2 horas atrás
Trash $40 update for one DLC LOL
Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher 7 dias atrás
When the dlc actually turns out to be good this time around
MegaStorm75 s
MegaStorm75 s 13 horas atrás
+Dud Perfect indeed
Dud Perfect
Dud Perfect 13 horas atrás
Jhorsch Yeh it’s not free! Your still paying for psn!
MegaStorm75 s
MegaStorm75 s Dia atrás
+Jhorsch Yeh its free NOW so everyone thats bought it before if fukd
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 2 dias atrás
+Jhorsch Yeh it's only worth after they release the remaining DLC and put them in a package for less than $40
Jhorsch Yeh
Jhorsch Yeh 2 dias atrás
Game is free now on PSN, not to mention all DLC old and current cost $40 combined. It is worth it.
Golden31Eagle 8 dias atrás
Honestly man, destiny 2 at launch was trash, curse of Osiris was even more trash, war mind was a good story but still fell extremely short but forsaken saved destiny in my opinion, it's great and feels good
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 horas atrás
+MegaStorm75 s or you can try warframe until they finally release the whole game for cheap price
MegaStorm75 s
MegaStorm75 s Dia atrás
+mikehtv totally understand ya, i might actually try the forsaken expansion, altho its quite pricey i'd rather just "upgrade" a game in eich i've already spent some cash in then buying some new game and have to buy dlcs for that one, i also dont like what they did bc i love the time i've spent playing untill i ran out of things to do :)
mikehtv Dia atrás
+MegaStorm75 s 300 is an exaggeration but yeah I bet once I play through most of the content I'll probably play something else, but I'm really behind I haven't had alot of time to grind since college just started back up for me so sure the game gets dry once you do most of the quests and acquire the loot you want but they will add more and now that the game functions better I'll probably come back
MegaStorm75 s
MegaStorm75 s Dia atrás
+mikehtv i understand they might've added stuff but in a while it'll get boring and u'll get bored as well, i dont mean to hate, but when developers dont give us updates for free its like u pay 300€ just to play the game
mikehtv Dia atrás
+MegaStorm75 s if you're a fan of destiny, you will definitely enjoy forsaken. Theres alot of things to do now
Corndogg 8 dias atrás
Difference is Forsaken pretty much fixed Destiny 2. Just another person talking before it's been released
PhantomSausage 16 horas atrás
+Corndogg It took 3 DLC Expansions to finally make Destiny 2 the game that should been given to players at release, and yet you continue to ride the Bungie cock.
Ayem Osum
Ayem Osum 8 dias atrás
Forsaken is the EXACT equivalent of Taken King. An actual decent dlc with actual decent story and actual decent things to do in the game now. Does this save Destiny 2? Not at all. It only confirms to us Bungies money making template. Dissappointing initial release, two shitty dlcs, then just when everyone is finally getting sick of it, they drop an actual dlc. Now everybody is saying Destiny is "back on track." Lmao THIS WAS THEIR TRACK THE ENTIRE TIME
Almonic _
Almonic _ 8 dias atrás
It’s actually good... If you disagree well it’s my opinion
Donald Taggart
Donald Taggart 8 dias atrás
Regular destiny 2 is free with ps plus, I got 1 month psn and bout to play multi-player and whoop dlc buyers with default guns 😂
Jonathan Artis
Jonathan Artis 8 dias atrás
People who complain about the price tag, there are four options: 1) Wait until year 3 when they've released the game packaged with all expansions for one set price. 2) Save $10-25 a month and the expansions will all be affordable for you upon release. 3) Find a different game to invest your time in or a new hobby and take a break away from this game. Let people who like the game enjoy the game. Stop supporting Bungie if you find yourself continuously butt hurt over a game you gave a chance. Stop giving it chances and move on! Maybe the issue is with you.
Battle Rifle Productions
There was only one thing I liked about destiny, Kayde Wilson, he is based off of SGT Johnson who I loved, but now that he's gone, which the ad suggests so, i could be wrong, I lost interest. I know johnson died in halo 3, but he went out in a good way, it doesn't look like Kayde is. I wish kayde would stick around, the other characters, just don't seem interesting. Only Kayde because he reminds me of sgt. johnson.
dead drift123
dead drift123 8 dias atrás
You compare yourself to AJ and IHE but you have no similarities you use toxicity to pad your run time where AJ gives you the facts and his opinion on the game in a way that even if you disagree with him you still respect him and yes AJ has funny clips at the beginning that add run time but they have a purpose and they’re funny something I don’t think you are capable of being. I respect the fact that you point out the stuff that happens behind the scenes but you hit these points with such intensity that you stay on it and start putting words in the horse’s mouth. I understand that not all gamers are informed on the stuff that happens behind the scene but you do some of the stuff that the developers that you shit on do. Give people the facts and your opinion but let your opinions overrun the facts.
An0n Ninja
An0n Ninja 8 dias atrás
Honestly from the beta I could tell the game felt dry and boring and I turned out right, Base game, Osiris and warmind were shit, but I made $200 bucks on raid carries so I made profit off this game and now forsaken is actually a massive improvement.
BlackBird 8 dias atrás
Then the dlc comes out and it is a 9 out of 10
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 dias atrás
+BlackBird other games do it for free so it's not something worth mentioning especially when it comes from triple A company like bungie
BlackBird 8 dias atrás
Yes I know that but each dlc also improved the base game like warmind adding back 6v6 in crucible or COO adding ranks to crucible or exotic quest. Also I can’t forget about EP and the forge weapons that had you go out and get things for each and it would take awhile to get they. The weapons were pretty good. As I said at the beginning each dlc improved a small amount but it’s still improvements.
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 dias atrás
because the base game and DLC before forsaken is disappointing
Shadovvolfe 8 dias atrás
I love all the destiny cucks who think that they're vindicated after paying like 150 dollars to get to forsaken after spending another 180 or so for d1's growing pains. Yeah brah, your game doesn't suck again after a year and over 100 bucks, you totally win lmao. Meanwhile everyone with a functional brain is saving that money for good games and companies who actually deserve the cash.
Cr4sher 8 dias atrás
Forsaken has tons of content and while you’re right it did come at a high price I think most people are enjoying the new dlc. So they have a right to say that the game that they’re playing is good if they feel satisfied with the purchase they made. I do believe that people like bdobbins are the people that pushed bungie to make such a good dlc. It’s good for people to criticize but when a developer comes through you shouldn’t just hate them for what they did in the past. Instead enjoy what they made. And if you don’t want to pay, then stop bitching in the comments about other people enjoying a game.
DEATH 8 dias atrás
You know a game is dogshit if it becomes free after less than a year of being out 😂 Would rather play slime rancher
DEATH 8 dias atrás
Quit d2 back in December after curse of dogshit never returning best decision of my life
DEATH 8 dias atrás
It would take hours to list every major flaw with d2 but let’s list some: Costs a Fortune Doesn’t have an actual story just random things thrown together No end game Never gets content just recycled stuff Pvp sucks barely any gamemodes Most maps and weapons are cycled just now adding custom games and new supers Never adds new enemies Too lazy to make a raid just a “ raid lair” Microtransactions Pay to win All the weapons suck 0 innovation
Javier Arribas del Barco
Upside Down
Upside Down 8 dias atrás
I just think that for $40 I expect about a whole new game size dlc. Might as well save the money and with $20 more I'll get an actual new game instead of wasting it on this. Just my opinion. There are new games coming out that will be much more fun to play.
jhonathandio1 9 dias atrás
I like this guy :) he talking straight facts. Destiny is scamming gamers
MrZrazies 9 dias atrás
joke on you and you. and all those comments. it’s free for ps4 plus membership. let me sit and 😂😂😂😂
CnJPlayTv 9 dias atrás
Wow so name calling really works?!? Forsaken was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the story. Yes there a lack of people playing now. Forsaken is still good.
Dj Daniels
Dj Daniels 9 dias atrás
Bruh this guy is hilariously wrong ...lmao the DLC is dope ....laughing my ass off in the Dreaming City right now!!!!😂😂🤣🤣
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer Dia atrás
+Yano Ultima while it's a slap for those who support the game from release
Yano Ultima
Yano Ultima Dia atrás
+Cephalon firer i payed 40 for D2 and all dlcs :) game is amazing :)
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 dias atrás
only for $40 after $100 of disappointment
Julian Lak
Julian Lak 9 dias atrás
I agree mostly, charging for a a season pass on year 2 after year 1 was mostly garbage... Wow bjngivisin. In saying that warmind as a whole turned out to be pretty good and the state of the game was fun in both crucible and pve... Tbh I was sad to see the warmind meta go... Forsaken so far has been great and you honestly feel like on launch d2 could of been wayyyyyyyyy better...
Dale drake
Dale drake 9 dias atrás
Forsaken rules. And all you haters need to stay away we want you to stay away fuck ya all Destiny rulesssss. Yeah fan boyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
Cephalon firer
Cephalon firer 8 dias atrás
ever heard about warframe?
will adam
will adam 9 dias atrás
Warmind is literally a 1/10 dlc. And Osiris is a 4/10. I've had more fun reading shit fanfictions then trying to play the warmind "story." That shit most closely reminds me of the books we wrote in elementary school.
will adam
will adam 7 dias atrás
Matthew Fisher I couldn't sit through the introduction of warmind it as immediately apparent the writing was garbage and the base game was still unchanged.
Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher 7 dias atrás
will adam dude I think your numbers should be flipped
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