Steven Wilson: The Modern Rock Producer

Rick Beato
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27 Nov 2022



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BigBass13 13
The interview that I have been dyin to hear.
Shawn Mayer
Steven isn’t about how much of a genius he is. He’s about how hard he works.
John Nycto
The solo by Guthrie in Drive Home is mesmerizing.
Eddie Almodovar
I really like how Steven perceives music. His contributions to everything he touches are amazing and priceless.
Rick, I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to an artist/band I've never heard before - who has really blown me away tonight! When I saw the thumbnail I thought "Hmm, Porcupine Tree, that name sounds vaguely familiar"... I think I've probably heard the name in the late 90's early 2000's as some of my mates at the time listened to a lot of bands with with weird names I'd never heard of before and probably mentioned the name, but I have no recollection of actually hearing any Porcupine Tree songs before or knowing anything about the artist other than perhaps hearing the name. So I started watching the video.
tronlady 1
I could listen to wilson all day. So articulate. Also there are so many parallels in how we both grew up listening to “sophisticated records”. It explains why I also grew up wanting to do everything. Difference is, he’s got more motivation and discipline than I will ever have and that’s why he’s successful. SO GREAT to finally see him on Ricks channel. I saw him play with PT last month to 10,500 peeps and now this so to me that means he’s “made it”. Good lad. The most hard working musician in rock music history, possibly.
Rick goes from not talking about Porcupine Tree hardly at all, to interviewing Steven Wilson himself!!! I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!
Monica B
I will sheepishly admit that I had never heard of Steven Wilson before I saw this amazing interview. for the past two weeks I've been diving in and learning everything I can. So excited to discover a new (to me) artist. I feel like a teenager discovering a new favorite band. (The 80's was my formative era, BTW)
Funky Tape
Opeth ‘Damnation’ is a flippin masterpiece. That’s about all I have to say about this Steve guy here. 😁
"Imperfection is personality." That's a fantastic quote.
Ben Ink
We need guys like him on the frontlines. No bs media and just honest self critical information. He rules
Subverted World
Here I've been DYING to see Rick talk about some Porcupine Tree songs and then he drops THIS! PLEASE do a "what makes this song great" with ANY Porcupine Tree song.
Steven is one of those guys who does not seem to age.
Geof Branton
I've read and heard interviews with SW over the years, but I've never heard him open up as much as he has with Rick. You're a damn good interviewer: you know when you have a live one, and when to sit back and let them run. Thank you!
Warwick Knight
Great interview Rick. Terrific that Steven spoke to you as a peer and gave so many insights. I think this demonstrates how respected you are, world wide. Keep it up! Love from Australia.
Rene Reuscher
I got to know Porcupine Tree only about 3 years ago as I was working with a Musician who wanted to make a "PT Inspired" song. I started listening to Steven's and PT's music and was blown away. I got hooked instantly, and got so much inspiration for my own music. The music is just incredible, and like Rick pointed out, especially the drums sound just amazing. Amazing songwriting / production / mixer skills. Went to see PT last month in Amsterdam, and it was just great. This music should get much more exposure, as I believe there is a much bigger audience for this.
This is a fantastic interview. Steven is an incredibly talented individual!
What Steven Wilson says about listening to unfamiliar music out of sheer curiosity is very true. You can always learn something, even if the music doesn't resonate with you emotionally or artistically. Listening broadly is like reading broadly or traveling with the intention of learning something about the places you visit. It stretches your musical boundaries, gives you a bigger "library" of inspiration and expression to draw upon.
Brian Botelho
Fear of a Blank Planet is one of the most brilliant albums I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.
Florian Klink
It's hard to describe Steven's music and what I specific like about his songs. All I can say is that his songs can create a special atmosphere that makes me feel nostalgic. Although many songs are dark or at least have a dark lyrical background to them, they sound so beautiful. It really is a mix of both worlds, so it's hard to explain. I just have to compare it with the liminal space phenomenon, it's a very complex feeling that you get and you can't point the finger on it.
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