Steve-O Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Steve-O goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at SoleStage in Los Angeles and talks about his early days skateboarding in Airwalks, a crazy stunt that led to him getting a sponsorship with Duffs, shooting the hilarious Sneaux shoe commercials, and more.

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23 Mai 2021



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Comentários 2 307
What would be your signature sneaker?
I don’t even need to see Steve-O buy anything, he can just tell stories for 20 minutes, we’ll be all happy
The Life Of A Broski
"I'd wear a used rubber" only Steve-O can get away with that line 😂
Wow, wasn’t expecting Steve-O on the show, this could’ve been 40 minutes+ and I would sit through the whole thing 👌🏻
I love how real Steve o is, he never let fame get to his personality!!!
It's SO nice to see him NOT skinny as hell anymore, he looks incredibly healthy and that makes me super happy.
michael park
I love how Steve-O chucks a shoe to get another shoe off the shelf and it's totally fine because it's freaking Steve-O! The legend!
Logan McDermott
I haven’t seen joe la Puma this excited to do his job in forever 😂😂
I'm really glad Steve-O still is relevant enough to appear here, dude's really one of the best comedians/stuntmen ever
I'm a simple man. When Steve-O laughs, I laughs.
Zayaan Zakir
Steve-O being his authentic self. Such a natural 😂
Queen Misanthrope 🖖🏿
This was probably their most entertaining episode
Alex Mathew Mendoza
Steve-O is one of my favorite comeback stories. That man did every drug known to man and still managed to get his life back on track and live to tell us these amazing stories.
Cello Urbina
Finally somebody entertaining and not these boring ass rappers that respond “yah” to every question lol
Nick Klass
Just imagine, organising a party at home while your parents are away and there's Steve-O inside your house, what do you do? 🤣
Embraced Empathy
I love how he throws their overpriced shoes 😂😂😂
Lux’s reaction to the yezzy foam runners is exactly what I think when I see those horrible chunks of rubber! Love Steveo
Grant Hill
Steve-o is such a jolly guy 😂 his energy is just positive
Jim John
Steve O is so great. Him being sober and happy is so goddamn inspiring. Also him skating $1000 shoes is gonna piss off hypebeasts but he didnt give af hahaha.
A sneaker shopping episode we didn't know we wanted! Yall should get Johnny Knoxville
Steve-O's Documentary | FULL MOVIE
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