Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

John Schroter
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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

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Comentários 100
Josh Adams
Josh Adams 5 meses atrás
This press conference literally changed the world forever
iSausage 15 dias atrás
500th answer
iSausage 15 dias atrás
iSausage 15 dias atrás
Daniall XX
Daniall XX 15 dias atrás
iSausage 15 dias atrás
Yes indeed
Syifa Zahra Dzakirah
Syifa Zahra Dzakirah 54 minutos atrás
until now I have never used an iPhone 😭
Evan Ferguson
Evan Ferguson Hora atrás
So crazy to think the majority of us are watching this video on the iPhone up to the 12th generation!
Unrealistic Fiction
Speaking of iPhones 📱 Read more
Rosan 2 horas atrás
Whos is here after iphone 12pro.launched.😍😍
Jerry Soof
Jerry Soof 4 horas atrás
I don’t think anybody expected anything like and iPhone 12 back then
Kalana Randima
Kalana Randima 4 horas atrás
That GOLDEN moment is still a revolutionary turning point of mobile history....
Professor Onion
Professor Onion 5 horas atrás
I remember when Apple was better than Samsung, Miss you Steve Jobs
Punnarooth Srimongkolsilp
Thank you so much, Steve.
Nasser Issa
Nasser Issa 7 horas atrás
That was too epic !!!
SmartwatcherS S
SmartwatcherS S 9 horas atrás
Cringe King
Cringe King 12 horas atrás
Bro now I’m sad, this man was so good at his job and a good person in general, the new ceo sucks, he releases the same product with minor differences then adds another 1000 dollars, AND still underpays the people in China who make the damn things
J0s3 12 horas atrás
Steve Jobs: **breaths** People: WHOOOOOA WHOOOO, I love you!!!!!
craig 14 horas atrás
I hope my kids look at this in the future
Ayaan The Kids Star
Ayaan The Kids Star 15 horas atrás
DaAzn 15 horas atrás
I fucking miss him so much
Kurnia Kasim
Kurnia Kasim 16 horas atrás
But now mostly of us realized 5:18 and understand what is TYPO... Honestly when the keypad is real.. We can type w/o seeing 80% but now era when use a touch screen they must watch 100% every single word for not being TYPO.. How come you type wrong when you just deal it the tender 1B just bcos typo become sure you know what i means..
COYS 17 horas atrás
Forever changed the world
j5689 18 horas atrás
Watching some of this old stuff, you can see that Tim Cook is copying off of Steve Jobs' presentation style seen here, but it just feels like an inauthentic act when it's done without the amount of charisma that Jobs possessed. Kind of wish Cook would develop his own style.
Joseph James
Joseph James 22 horas atrás
Who wants a stylus. Samsung note series says hi
REZA • FF24 Dia atrás
guardian banana
guardian banana Dia atrás
am Looking at this in 2020 and wow!
aisyah putri
aisyah putri Dia atrás
Crazy World and blame this is what you All can do for the rest of your life
aisyah putri
aisyah putri Dia atrás
Teach me manner to look your card and find my kind to hack and stole
aisyah putri
aisyah putri Dia atrás
Your brain need ppkn to make you now wrong or right.are you robot ?
aisyah putri
aisyah putri Dia atrás
How you explain your fault to make another more guilty than you and clear your fault
aisyah putri
aisyah putri Dia atrás
Normal life make you no look real life from near
OXILER Dia atrás
Who is here after iphone 12 😅 in 2020
OXILER 21 hora atrás
Dimas Skywalker
Dimas Skywalker 22 horas atrás
aisyah putri
aisyah putri Dia atrás
Are you thought enough to be me part?
BlueSkunk Dia atrás
He could sell ice to Eskimos. This is the gold standard on how to present a product.
JohnJohn Dia atrás
Crazy how much the world has changed with tech in 13 years.
peter karelz
peter karelz Dia atrás
He is genius
Pasqually Dia atrás
I can’t decide whether this destroyed or benefited humanity
Jun Chen
Jun Chen Dia atrás
Re-watching this as iPhone 12 was just announced is like watching the start of a trajectory.
pilokxx Dia atrás
i Just came back after the iphone 12 release in an effort to remember some glory days when apple was the best company in the world.
Muhammad Hairi Hashim
Muhammad Hairi Hashim
Oh its Mike
Oh its Mike Dia atrás
This is like new game announcements at Blizzcon but for even bigger nerds.
Ahla_JaJy Dia atrás
Why is this in my recommended who got this recommended please tell me in the comments
HeRo AdiT
HeRo AdiT Dia atrás
If steve was alive in 2020 then iphone 12 would carry fast charger in box.
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
Asen Asen
Asen Asen Dia atrás
미니돈까스 Dia atrás
The3rdID Dia atrás
I have never owned an apple or even liked them, but God I love watching this. It's such a revolutionary moment in time, a real treat to watch.
iamsheel 2 dias atrás
The iPhone didn't appeal much to me before, but I sure loved to hate the thing after Steve died. Apple don't know how to design shit after the man is gone but they are just exploiting his legacy because they know the power of herd stupidity who will gladly gulp any garbage they throw at them.
Mohamad Alhodaiby
Mohamad Alhodaiby 2 dias atrás
Yes you are correct and an amazing person
scoopy duct
scoopy duct 2 dias atrás
06:28 get rid of all these buttons
Himanshu Saini
Himanshu Saini 2 dias atrás
BRvid to me : Yes , Watch it now
Wesley Zhan
Wesley Zhan 2 dias atrás
January 24: The day Nokia died
red_array 2 dias atrás
Such an incredibly simple, but genius idea. He just thought of a computer monitor with icons, but obviously you can't have a mouse and keyboard, so you make it touchscreen. Seems so simple, but so brilliant in the way it was implemented.
P N Sa
P N Sa 2 dias atrás
Sabsacribe Channel
Mujtaba 2 dias atrás
I like that ppl keep coming back to this
TEKRO MEDIA Tm 2 dias atrás
who else is trying to find a 9 year old comment No one just me okay...
Bad Boy
Bad Boy 2 dias atrás
If Steve jobs is still alive Apple is in another level ❤️
Old School_ Rebellion
Old School_ Rebellion 2 dias atrás
All engineers has made I phone and Steve Jobs took the whole credit. Right?
Reet Jain
Reet Jain 2 dias atrás
Yes, I searched for this in 2020.
KING 2 dias atrás
This presentation will be shown in history classes someday.
3oday19861 2 dias atrás
هنا مراسم جنازة نوكيا
Seraphine Fan Club
Seraphine Fan Club 2 dias atrás
Lol, Steve Job better than Tim Cook
Gari Club
Gari Club 2 dias atrás
Steve Jobs: Nobody wants a stylus, ugh *brings out the Apple Pencil 8 years later*
Jad Daher
Jad Daher 2 dias atrás
imagine, non of these people even imagined a similar creation
Vivallamannen 2 dias atrás
That space between patented and the exclamation mark destroyed the whole presentation for me. I will never buy an iphone. 7:38
Being Hindian
Being Hindian 3 dias atrás
Does this have charger and ear pods ..
Timeaxis lol
Timeaxis lol 3 dias atrás
Still feel so exciting when I watch this video
txxic 3 dias atrás
And to think this man made billions by Asiatics kid's work's
G Kho
G Kho 3 dias atrás
Please, make New /privacy/ .. iOS will require a fingerprint from owner to others fingerprints
Fortune YT
Fortune YT 3 dias atrás
Fuck apple now I loved Steve jobs era
Matthew Arnspiger
Matthew Arnspiger 3 dias atrás
no ones one their phones, just in the moment
Nazim Rahman
Nazim Rahman 3 dias atrás
for the time in early 2000s an iphone really was revolutionary and i respect apple for that. But nowadays they just stealing money tbh which is y im sticking to android
ph_hacker_d 3 dias atrás
In 10 years I think we’ll look back on Tesla in the same way as we do Apple.
HeyThere 3 dias atrás
Steve Jobs could sell me a bit of paper for £100
Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson 3 dias atrás
Xerox PARC created the mouse...... sorry Steve.....
Rajat Arora
Rajat Arora 3 dias atrás
You look at this now and you realize what a pivotal moment this is in human history.
allie ࿐
allie ࿐ 3 dias atrás
a lot has changed since then omg
vika bika
vika bika 3 dias atrás
IOS14 - очень прошу, от Джобса, доработать ДОСТУП К ГЛАВНЫМ ФУНКЦИЯМ (пароль и финансы) только от хозяина! Остальные не имеют прав по отпечатку пальца
Avery Spellman
Avery Spellman 3 dias atrás
Imagine going back in time and handing Steve Jobs an iPhone 12.
Matthew Banaria
Matthew Banaria 3 dias atrás
I am selling my 2007 iPhone 1. Who wants to buy?
Daniel Xiang
Daniel Xiang 3 dias atrás
kyleyoumans 3 dias atrás
Imagine being in that video and later watching yourself be in that video 10 years later, how weird would that be? Lol
대박윌리엄 3 dias atrás
3.07 - Plot twist - this was actually the iPhone originally. When he sensed their panicked laughter he went with Plan B. Lol
C sands
C sands 3 dias atrás
I don't think it'll take off
Thiago Feliciano
Thiago Feliciano 3 dias atrás
2007: who wants a stylus, agh 2020: who wants a charger, agh
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