Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

John Schroter
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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

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Comentários 55 012
Jay Kay
Jay Kay Mês atrás
It was very cool then but now I look around and see what ‘smart phones’ and ‘social media’ have done to western society and wonder how things’d turned out if this never happened
Burt Sampson
Burt Sampson 2 dias atrás
I got locked up in May of 07, right before the iPhone came out. I got released 3 1/2 years later into a world where everybody already kept their faces buried in their smartphones. Let me tell you, they have definitely served as a detriment to society. It took me a while to realize why I wasn't having as much fun with my friends as I use to, or why anything involving groups of friends had just stopped being fun for me. It was because everyone was always just stuck staring at their phones. Even when you go camping or something, you still have everybody looking at their phones, or using an iPad or something. It fucking sucks. I've been phoneless since 2012, and it's great. Fuck smartphones, we should not be living like this. Hopefully an asteroid or something hits soon and just resets everything, I really don't want to know what the world will be like in even another 25 years at the pace we're going.
nguyen mung phan
nguyen mung phan 5 dias atrás
That's not a difficult picture to draw, bro. You wouldn't be able to type on a screen keyboard to blame these devices. Smartphones and SM have done nothing to us. We did this to ourselves. We always long for comfort and utility. You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud as well. It's never the technology's fault. It's the people that use the technology for their own purposes.
John Schroter
John Schroter 6 dias atrás
@Support16s It depends on your point of view. Yes - we invent and create based on available knowledge and resources, but the very technology we create opens doors and begins to "lead" and "pull" on its own to the point that certain outcomes are then inevitable and unavoidable. We can't put the lid back on Pandora's box, even if we all decided right now that we wanted to. That's the kind of power that is outside our human control when I say technology "wants" something. And big picture - "complete control" is an illusion. We have free wills, but we can't control what happens to us. We only have control over our reaction to those things that happen to us.
cinderweasel 8 dias atrás
Also giving all the credit for smartphones to Steve Jobs, the marketing guy of the company and not the actual Engineers and Steve Wozniak is disgusting. He was just a face and also a horrible person and a horrible Employer.
Johnny Jakaya
Johnny Jakaya 8 dias atrás
it would've happened, it's a logical evolution. If it wasn't them, it would've been someone else, but it would happen. It's how we direct the progress towards good intentions that matters
Arafath 6 horas atrás
Revolution of mobile phone ❤️
William Bineke
William Bineke 2 horas atrás
💯 agreed
Arian Prakash
Arian Prakash 8 horas atrás
I miss when apples device were this exciting
Glennwulf 18 horas atrás
God I remember this moment so well. I got goosebumps when I realized along with the audience that it was all one device. And this video is so old I probably already put this exact same comment on here lmfao. But I really miss Steve's keynotes, he was one of a kind with them. The apple keynotes now are so full of cringe they are very painful to watch.
Genia-chlorox Plumtree
Genia-chlorox Plumtree 20 horas atrás
)Oh thank you for the reminder) Did you know Nokia was only in trend when I was in my late teens without a physical metal key shaped key but Nokia shouldn’t like digital keypads either🧚🏿‍♂️
Emir eymen kaya
Emir eymen kaya Dia atrás
İphone 13
james jade lasquites
Jobs wears Levi’s 501. “Stay hungry, Stay Foolish”
Junior17 Dia atrás
These are subtle ideas that revolutionized technology!
Super Art Studio
Super Art Studio Dia atrás
A giant screen yay
Ayub Chandra
Ayub Chandra Dia atrás
I really miss Steve Jobs. Humans with hundreds of innovations and intelligence.
Joker FF
Joker FF Dia atrás
Casey Grogan
Casey Grogan 20 horas atrás
Man I remember watching this live I bought the first iPhone and still have it to frame it one day in memory of Steve Jobs. I have been a Samsung owner since after the iPhone 5S and I'm glad I love Samsung but with that said Steve Jobs started Samsung innovation I know nobody wants to admit it but I believe if he didn't get the iPhone out Samsung wouldn't be where it is today!
Game Mobile Android
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 2 dias atrás
At 6:33 folks in attendance didn't even know what they were looking at yet.
David Paquette
David Paquette 2 dias atrás
Got recommended with this
Jayco 3 dias atrás
In my recommendations yet again - in the style of the great Lionel Richie: “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”
7—The Sushi Guy
7—The Sushi Guy 3 dias atrás
0:02 what the fuck was that buffering
JSGV 2 dias atrás
a camera?
katerina zachariadou
katerina zachariadou 2 dias atrás
@John Schroter Μaybe it was a Nokia S phone? Or it could be digital cameras of the time.
John Schroter
John Schroter 2 dias atrás
Are you talking about the camera flash?
Mr.G 3 dias atrás
Steve Jobs really changed the world.
rmaaa 3 dias atrás
aaand theres one on my desk
The Gent
The Gent 3 dias atrás
I bet the Chinese had this Technology YEARS before we got it
The Gent
The Gent 3 dias atrás
Without the iPhone we would have POS Samsung Galaxy phones...I dont think Steve would approved of this NEW THING with not allowing us to swap out the Battery now they just glue the back on so you are FORCED to buy a new phone.
Orly90 2 dias atrás
Galaxy is not a POS lol you are just some goofy fan boy
Nathan2055 3 dias atrás
I still can’t get over the fact that they hadn’t even finished getting it to work by this point. Steve was covertly switching phones under his podium every time he showed off a new app because the OS (it wasn’t even called iOS yet) wasn’t stable enough to handle more than one app at a time. The engineers are backstage during all of this playing a game where you could start drinking if Steve managed to get through your part of the demo without anything crashing. Somehow, it actually went great without any problems during the presentation, they worked out the bugs before launch, and the rest is history.
RoXMvPRoY2007 3 dias atrás
Presentation created on PowerPoint
KrazyBabyXx 4 dias atrás
Watching this makes my heart race. Just the impact the iPhone brought to the world. Hardly anyone uses Blackberry's anymore in America, the leap of faith from the iPhone Steve is holding, and the uniqueness of the product when it came out. I watched news coverage of later iPhone Gens being revealed, and lines would form at stores. The payphone died indefinitely when this came out. I bet you don't have a home phone anymore, only mobile phones.
Edison Cheng
Edison Cheng 4 dias atrás
Back in the days when Steve Jobs called a 3.5’ screen a GIANT screen.
Marco Dr. Grünenwald
Marco Dr. Grünenwald 3 dias atrás
Before youp**n!
gerhitchman 4 dias atrás
in 2007 iphones were truly revolutionary. if only apple could do something like that again
Jake G
Jake G 3 dias atrás
the m1 chip?
Sadnessinz 4 dias atrás
2030: we introduce the new brand Iphone "Banana"
John C Reynoso
John C Reynoso 4 dias atrás
so cute Steve
Raagavee Recipes
Raagavee Recipes 5 dias atrás
It's so sad Steve Jobs died of ligma .
Exalt Dia atrás
@Ben Potts nah bro this guys is just a plain stupid 5th grader I bet. People like him make stereotypes about different races.
Ben Potts
Ben Potts 3 dias atrás
have some respect indian boy
Jupiter 4 dias atrás
@Stefi Cristian ligma balls
Stefi Cristian
Stefi Cristian 4 dias atrás
Who the hell is Steve Jobs?
Cheese 4 dias atrás
@RBC jobsballs wait wrong joke
Menpal Mirkan
Menpal Mirkan 5 dias atrás
Apple iPhone 1st (2007) 🖤 Legend’s Beginning 👑 📱🤴
doggo 5 dias atrás
Back when apple products were truly revolutionary
Aman Nai
Aman Nai 5 dias atrás
Presentation skills are just oh my goodness
The Super Surfer
The Super Surfer 5 dias atrás
Ethan 5 dias atrás
I swear youtube is the closest we can get to time travel
Kelberoth 5 dias atrás
2:57 history was made
Lorenzo Salamone
Lorenzo Salamone 5 dias atrás
Aveen Burney
Aveen Burney 5 dias atrás
Just realized this was not recorded on an iPhone 😂
Doodle 5 dias atrás
the iphone was just getting revealed no one had an iphone
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
Jechew 5 dias atrás
Steve Jobs: So *Audience claps for 10 seconds*
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
David Perez
David Perez 6 dias atrás
Kevin Resendiz
Kevin Resendiz 4 dias atrás
@Yuuri Shibuya 💀
Mare Z
Mare Z 4 dias atrás
Thats what your mother said when you were born
MaxPaxe 4 dias atrás
@David Perez stop shouting
David Perez
David Perez 5 dias atrás
IteratedGaming 5 dias atrás
Me tryna figure out who asked 🔎
Cchapz 6 dias atrás
Sitting here in 2021 and watching this with goose bumps
Comino 6 dias atrás
awreckingball 6 dias atrás
The fanboys sound as annoying now as they did 14 years ago.
MatthewPlays_YT 6 dias atrás
Teemu Purtilo
Teemu Purtilo 6 dias atrás
that phone destroyed nokia
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
@Yuuri Shibuya no, that phoeno nijuo nokia
Yuuri Shibuya
Yuuri Shibuya 5 dias atrás
No, stupidity of Nokia and it’s the then CEO destroyed it.
Anastasia Cho
Anastasia Cho 6 dias atrás
สุดยอดเลยอะ กลับมาฟังตอนนี้ยังประทับใจเลย
Jed's Gaming Adventure
6:40 anybody wants a stylus thanks to the Apple Pencil for all iPad users
teensy beensy
teensy beensy 7 dias atrás
MAN, he beat around the bush somethin fierce, hoo boy.
the dopest dude
the dopest dude 7 dias atrás
I wonder what the exact tipping point was. Obviously high technology has not been good for the overall well being of humanity. People waste huge portions of their limited life staring at a screen or worrying about what so and so posted on the ‘gram. I’m old enough to remember life before cell phones and the internet. If you never knew that time and you think that things are better now….it’s unfortunate you never had that experience. The impact of high tech, internet and phones can never be truly quantified. Life was just better before. People actually lived it
ChrisTX 4 dias atrás
Even thinking about this gives me a headache. Life without smartphones was slower but it must have been so much more relaxed. Just a slower pace of things which gives you more time to think, or rest, or just live life without giving a d*mn about 'social' media.
Genius football S710
Genius football S710 7 dias atrás
Kenn Tollens
Kenn Tollens 7 dias atrás
So many comments, days old, from a video posted in 2011. Why did the BRvid algorithm decide now?
John Schroter
John Schroter 2 dias atrás
@fintan hÜttermann what?
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
@John Schroter it's never slowed down itsj it's j it's j it's j oh my d revolutionary mobile phone breakthrough ioks so. 3 things. Boo
John Schroter
John Schroter 6 dias atrás
It's never slowed down.
Kenn Tollens
Kenn Tollens 7 dias atrás
Did they ever
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 7 dias atrás
2007: iPhone is Revolutionary 2021: iPhone cant' open you PDF file
Caleb Green
Caleb Green 3 dias atrás
Um, thats not an issue.
Michael Meißner
Michael Meißner 6 dias atrás
sorry, but that's nonsense. Just click and it opens.
Kenn Tollens
Kenn Tollens 7 dias atrás
There is an app for that
Poyz Jr
Poyz Jr 7 dias atrás
Chaos the Ancap
Chaos the Ancap 6 dias atrás
Nobody cares
Poyz Jr
Poyz Jr 7 dias atrás
Poyz Jr
Poyz Jr 7 dias atrás
Real Baron
Real Baron 8 dias atrás
This marked the beginning of the end of the traditional era and the beginning of the digital age of social media.
Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher 8 dias atrás
Why is nobody still legitimately complaining that Apple is not including the wall charger with their devices. Since when in history has it been okay for a company to sell an expensive item and then turn around and gouge their customers for more money if you actually wanted to use that item? This is not the American way. BAD FORM APPLE.
Chaos the Ancap
Chaos the Ancap 6 dias atrás
Make Apple Great Again
Angelo Kipp
Angelo Kipp 7 dias atrás
Tbf you probably have 10 iPhone chargers
fye 8 dias atrás
Ur acting like apple has not been making trash for the last 10years😂 they been doing that forever
PengWin0420 8 dias atrás
Wtf happened to this comment section...
Charles George
Charles George 9 dias atrás
A ubiquitous thing that. Despite all that can be said about it. I often want to hurl my iPhone Into the nearest river.
HaydenArter 9 dias atrás
And they never made another phone again
Iberia 9 dias atrás
sheffin muhammed
sheffin muhammed 9 dias atrás
I phone era is coming to an end. May be. Who knows..
Caleb Green
Caleb Green 3 dias atrás
Nope. More like android.
Aj Ma
Aj Ma 8 dias atrás
Nah, it will never happen
fake todd howard
fake todd howard 10 dias atrás
Wtf is this comment section
MrSargebaxter 10 dias atrás
All that covid coughing
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
Covid wants around in 2001
therealknapster 10 dias atrás
Pushing the technology of man with forsight . AKA the same ever every great inventor , bringing together the work of previous people . NOTHING IS NEW . The current trend of electric cars is revolutionary in 1884
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 10 dias atrás
Fuck iphone android roles
Relja Bjelos
Relja Bjelos 4 dias atrás
@Chaos the Ancap i likes peanuts more
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 5 dias atrás
shut up kid
IteratedGaming 5 dias atrás
I don't think so bud 🤣🤣
Erina 5 dias atrás
@Mr Nobody I can’t compare it yet lol
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 6 dias atrás
@Erina Compare it with upcoming s22 u donut, u are comparing a phone that has kust launched like a month ago with a phone that is 1.5 years old, wait till January when s22 launches and then we will see who is faster
Fab 10 dias atrás
... then f**king dies
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
I like Steve job
Smoochie 10 dias atrás
Nokia employee strikes back lol
Red Apple
Red Apple 10 dias atrás
It was not 5 years ahead, its more than 10 years ahead now
Red Apple
Red Apple 10 dias atrás
During this phone launch I’ve just had a low budget sony ericsson, now after 14 years am watching this video on my iPhone 11🤩😎
Huy Vũ Quang
Huy Vũ Quang 11 dias atrás
These things are slowly killing us.
Kaphizmey ♪
Kaphizmey ♪ 8 dias atrás
@Baked Fish yeah, but asking parents to do that is like pulling teeth with a screwdriver; it’s not gonna happen. most of the parents in this country are some of the dumbest people to ever exist
Baked Fish
Baked Fish 9 dias atrás
@Alexander Globenko that's the point. Parents should regulate the time that kids spend with their phones and what they are doing with it.
Alexander Globenko
Alexander Globenko 9 dias atrás
No, it’s actually not. In general it makes our lives much better, and all the rest depends the way u use it, right? If you eat too much you’ll die, same thing
Josh Tommo
Josh Tommo 10 dias atrás
I agree that phones are practical and necessary for a lot of things these days, but I also agree that they are ruining this generation all you see is kids under the age of 10 attached to an iPad and it’s really sad to see, Im only 15 myself but I can see what’s happened to us. I was fortunate to be born in a time before these were invented but I definitely agree with your statement.
Baked Fish
Baked Fish 10 dias atrás
But you use it anyway, right?
Hi All
Hi All 11 dias atrás
Imagine if you there and bring the 13 pro max.
MrSargebaxter 10 dias atrás
Steve would have thrown it at the wall, he never wanted the phone to be bigger than the 4 (screen wise)
Amadou Dicko
Amadou Dicko 11 dias atrás
1:48 When people were more excited about a new mobile device than the internet
Eric Northman
Eric Northman 11 dias atrás
No Jobs no Apple. Iphone now is fucked!
Ahmet 7 dias atrás
@Daniel Pacheco no
Daniel Pacheco
Daniel Pacheco 9 dias atrás
Yet iPhone still dominates over android
SHAYAAN HOQUE 10 dias atrás
Anni 10 dias atrás
Its still amazing
StickFiguresMaster 11 dias atrás
Someday when the time machine is invented, I will deliberately leave behind my iPhone next to Adam and Eve to see what dramatic changes will come after I go back to the present
teensy beensy
teensy beensy 6 dias atrás
@StickFiguresMaster legend
StickFiguresMaster 6 dias atrás
@teensy beensy Well..... with the time machine, I'd make Order have peace and chaos totally concealed in order to combat mayhem. The iPhone may not get to exist cause bringing Adam and Eve into the present may rewrite the ways of logic and reality universally. It may altar reality forever. I'd make sure that total order of our universe can breed life to the other planets so that research about our planets results may say nothing is dead or in danger.
teensy beensy
teensy beensy 7 dias atrás
duuuude, God would for sure put you in time out.
Ashwin Ramaswamy
Ashwin Ramaswamy 11 dias atrás
"I want my entire music collection on that phone - GET ON IT!!"
zehraan khan
zehraan khan 11 dias atrás
Steve Jobs was marketting genius. Oh man what a revolutionary personality.🥺
davut turk
davut turk 11 dias atrás
Unfortunately this guy hasnt see any further devices than Iphone 4S.
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
MightyMarlin 12 dias atrás
Fascinating that people misunderstood the value of this achievement so much that the one thing people consistently use these for in the present day is what recieved the least applause: Internet communication.
Jadam Guides
Jadam Guides 4 dias atrás
I guess it was the way he said it: "breakthrough internet communicator" prob didn't make much sense to people at the time.
Tubby 11 dias atrás
Lmao yeah the crowd is like WOOOO IT CAN CALL PEOPLE, WOOOOOOO I CAN TOUCH IT, then i can use it to access the internet? Cool i guess
Chayan Choudhury
Chayan Choudhury 12 dias atrás
Back in 2007...Apple showed the world how to make smartphones was indeed a breakthrough...under the leadership of Steve Jobs they were the trendsetters..back then
BLOCK PARTIZAN 8 dias atrás
they still are, just way more lowkey. they concentrate on making their products better and put a lot of effort into privacy and security, no other company is comparable to their privacy efforts. same companies even just exist to spy on their costumers
Chayan Choudhury
Chayan Choudhury 9 dias atrás
@Tokiya Kills In Sight that's right too
Tokiya Kills In Sight
Tokiya Kills In Sight 10 dias atrás
Apple is still a trendsetter. They remove the headphone jack, everyone else does the same. They make a notch, everyone else does the same. They sell a phone for $1,000, everyone else does the same. They decide to not include a charging brick in the box, everyone else does the same.
Lord Bootyquake
Lord Bootyquake 12 dias atrás
It's kind of crazy watching someone explain how a smartphone works and it's actually necessary.
jah0524 12 dias atrás
All those smartphone ideas stolen from Palm, which introduced the Palm PDA 10 years earlier.
John Schroter
John Schroter 2 dias atrás
@fintan hÜttermann 😂 your comment says otherwise.
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
@John Schroter NO ONE CARES
John Schroter
John Schroter 11 dias atrás
Don't forget that Apple had the Newton before Palm had the Palm Pilot. But either way, it's not always about who is first - it's almost always about who does it best and markets it well. Patents help too - as Steve excitedly pointed out: "and boy have we patented it!"
Ry tis
Ry tis 11 dias atrás
Wtf is Palm ? 😂😂
cvillebuck 12 dias atrás
If ideas were products maybe Palm would still be around today. History remembers the ones who turn ideas into real life.
Matthew Trow
Matthew Trow 12 dias atrás
"Desktop class" - no, it wasn't. Amazing, sure, now look where we are .. heh, right ... but even now, they are a LONG way from being "Desktop class", due to the form factor. Sure, when you can plug your phone into a monitor - or better still, wirelessly connect it and a keyboard/mouse - THEN we are at "Desktop class", due to the ... form factor. The limitation is obvious - a tiny screen. Of course, we then can get into the realms of more advanced interfaces, which would indeed be Augmented Reality - as a first step, the mobile phone connects with smart eye-wear. Eye movements, voice, hand gestures control an interface... or even a keyboard & mouse? I mean, why not. Eventually, everything is built into the eye-wear itself. Eventually, it can be controlled by mind power, by hooking into electric impulses from the brain. Eventually, it is biologically built into the body itself - perhaps a contact lens, that can hook into electric impulses from the brain. But that's a long way off and I lost myself at Augmented Reality ... which isn't too far off - in fact, it's already here, it just isn't good enough yet. And, crazy as it is, even hooking a phone to a monitor/keyboard/mouse isn't good enough yet, not because we can't do it, just because nobody wants to do it - it impacts the bottom line of computer stales. iOS is purposefully "hobbled" to not be "Desktop Class", because if you could connect your iPhone to a monitor/keyboard/mouse, there'd be no need for the consumer range of Apple personal computer products. Instead, Apple are touting owning multiple devices and the ability to switch between them "seamlessly" - they WANT you to own multiple products. It's a bit crazy, very clever in terms of marketing and very clever in terms of sales opportunities. But does it do what Steve Jobs was so passionate about - put the customer first? Not anymore it doesn't. Apple have changed - for the worse. I firmly believe, in my fevered mind, that Steve Jobs left behind a roadmap of his vision and that a lot of the products we have seen since his passing, were under development or in planning stages. I reckon in that roadmap was Apple Silicon. That roadmap ends at some point, if not already - and the customer is no longer first. I'm not sure his vision would include the idea of switching between iPhone/iPad/macBook/iMac "seamlessly" - surely the vision would've been far more profound and simplistic - a single product that does ALL of that. Sure, Apple will sell you the swanky best of class monitor - to hook into your single device, the mobile computer. Because ... form factor. There's absolutely prior form from Jobs here - the iPod and touch interface was first, the iPhone after - and the iPhone killed the iPod touch. Stone dead. He didn't care, because it was an evolution of a vision. Just look at the ridiculously complex range of products from Apple now - it's a mess.
John Schroter
John Schroter 11 dias atrás
@Matthew Trow I am impressed by your word count. But simply put - "desktop class software" has nothing to do with screen size.
Matthew Trow
Matthew Trow 12 dias atrás
@Max Ven Films It depends how you classify "desktop class" software. You would be hard pressed to create a lengthy word document, or spreadsheet or presentation, using a mobile phone. Create artwork. Do some programming. Sure, you could pair a keyboard and mouse, but you would still then be working with a tiny screen. In 2007, I guess by comparison to what other phones had, back then, the marketing bods at Apple felt the could use that claim as a great headline. Apple have been masters of marketing for decades now. It isn't narrow thinking, it's bang on the money - a tiny screen can never be capable of "desktop class" software. Sure, you *can* create documents, artwork etc. - but it's incredibly limiting when compared with a Desktop.
Max Ven Films
Max Ven Films 12 dias atrás
I am not sure if I agree with you. The desktop class software is all those small invisible things that Jobs mentioned - security, audio and video player, internet communicator and so on. Mobile phones at that time have non of that, only computer os. On top of that you have a mouse, which is your finger now; a monitor, which is lcd screen. If you recognise desktop class os only by the size of hardware the software is running, that's very narrow thinking.
Matthew Trow
Matthew Trow 12 dias atrás
@AAlves An essay? It's a few paragraphs. I type fast. Really fast. Sometimes it's stream of consciousness. Hater? No, just someone with an opinion. I use macOS as my primary operating system, every day. I love it. But that isn't going to detract me from having a strong opinion about things. And, it's just an opinion - from some random person on the internet. I'm really sorry that some people have a 30 second attention span when it comes to the written word, I don't. You didn't have to read what I wrote.
AAlves 12 dias atrás
@Matthew Trow you really just spent a good amount of minutes to type away an essay on why you're a hater?
TikTok VID
TikTok VID 13 dias atrás
Just some guy with a poorly drawn beard
It's So Sad Steve Jobs Died Of Ligma
Tokiya Kills In Sight
Tokiya Kills In Sight 10 dias atrás
What’s Ligma?
Joaquin Plantinga
Joaquin Plantinga 10 dias atrás
@FC Mania 💀💀
FC Mania
FC Mania 10 dias atrás
@Joaquin Plantinga the founder of apple
Joaquin Plantinga
Joaquin Plantinga 11 dias atrás
Whats ligma ?
Bizon 11 dias atrás
What's sugondese
TysonOgamin 13 dias atrás
Steve jobs 🥲
Reynaldo Senido
Reynaldo Senido 13 dias atrás
jjs777fzr 13 dias atrás
The genius that is Steve Jobs and the creative minds at Apple.
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
Facts brudda
jah0524 12 dias atrás
All those smartphone ideas stolen from Palm, which introduced the Palm PDA 10 years earlier in 1996.
アラナ 13 dias atrás
This was the start of something horrible
SHAYAAN HOQUE 10 dias atrás
COVID: are you sure?
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh 13 dias atrás
Begining of a legend😎😎
* Imhotep *
* Imhotep * 13 dias atrás
Tu ne connais absolument de l'histoire de cet homme pour dire ça.
Narrow ETT
Narrow ETT 13 dias atrás
And obliterate Nokia at its Apex in 4 years
Thomas England
Thomas England 14 dias atrás
Remember when tech CEOs were respectable?
John Schroter
John Schroter 2 dias atrás
@fintan hÜttermann You’re weird.
fintan hÜttermann
fintan hÜttermann 5 dias atrás
@John Schroter youre weird
John Schroter
John Schroter 11 dias atrás
@Pfeife Actually - somehow Steve was both a manipulative dictator and a visionary leader. There are some areas in life where it just works better that way, and cutting edge product development is one of them. And you are right - people eat it up.
Pfeife 12 dias atrás
@Alex Blendulf Yeah, he made billions off the exploited labor of his workers. His tech genius persona was nothing more than that. A marketing gimmick. And people eat that shit up because they need somebody to worship.
Alex Blendulf
Alex Blendulf 13 dias atrás
@Pfeife oh noo, capitalist….
Bayan Jones
Bayan Jones 14 dias atrás
why don't they add multi-touch to the mac?
Poyz Jr
Poyz Jr 14 dias atrás
Poyz Jr
Poyz Jr 14 dias atrás
Arnav Khode
Arnav Khode 14 dias atrás
This changed technology forever.
Dbchillin 14 dias atrás
The reason these people are able to bring forth these Technologies is because they really don't come up with them themselves they go and trip on Ayahuasca and other forms of DMT and they receive these ideas from the demonic
Dbchillin 3 dias atrás
@Frederik they like to microdose using psychedelics containing DMT
Lesb 6 dias atrás
@Frederik made my day i thought you were serious cause i didn’t see the (jokin) part from the notification. it’s pretty sad how people let theirs beliefs just assume anything they can’t do is the work of the devil
Frederik 6 dias atrás
@Lesb no you are wrong of COURSE it was the devil who did this! (Jokin…) how crazy some people can get, sigh..
Lesb 9 dias atrás
Or you know maybe it’s cause it’s something he was actually passionate about. Anyone can take the hardest drugs in the world and have a great idea but it takes a different type of person to be able to invent it.
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 15 dias atrás
we somehow back
Gazza 15 dias atrás
14 years since this announcement
jason tito
jason tito 15 dias atrás
it was exciting then , today its anything else, we just get use to..bottom line is people like Jobs end up with millons..that we spend
This Guy
This Guy 15 dias atrás
Why did youtube bring us all here suddenly?
Aegon I Targaryen
Aegon I Targaryen 6 dias atrás
Toasty Turtle
Toasty Turtle 11 dias atrás
@Christopher I searched for it too. 😊
Christopher 15 dias atrás
Idk.. I searched for this actually
isilzs 15 dias atrás
Steve Jobs Insult Response - Highest Quality
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Steve Jobs
Steve Job's Goodbye Speech
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