Steve Anderson v Jesse Broadwater - Compound Men's Gold Final | Las Vegas 2017

World Archery
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Full match from the fourth stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Las Vegas, USA.
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Athletes: Steve Anderson; Jesse Broadwater
Event: Las Vegas 2017 (15912)
Competition: Compound Men
Phase: Gold Final
Tags: Live Session


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25 Fev 2017



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Comentários 36
rocknrog1 5 dias atrás
Toja is hot
J Cross
J Cross 20 dias atrás
You mean to tell me the woman hugging Jesse is NOT his mother? 😳
Tekk Savvy
Tekk Savvy Mês atrás
freeze gopher
freeze gopher Mês atrás
Jesse's either short or that Anderson is huge.
Ray Mitchell
Ray Mitchell 2 meses atrás
Steve Anderson is a giant compared to Jesse broadwater
Leo Besa
Leo Besa 3 meses atrás
I'm curious to just how far do they shoot?
babjwmson 3 meses atrás
20 yards....60 feet
Jay 6 meses atrás
Jesse Broadwater has cold blood man
Zach Carter
Zach Carter 8 meses atrás
20 yrds? huge arrows? Where I'm from we all consistently shoot this well with our hunting bows. Guess I just don't see what is so amazing about this
Alabama Saddle Hunter
the 11 ring is the size of a US dime. .....put up a video of you doing this as consistently as them but with your hunting bow.
Absolute Archery Center & Range
Do you? I guess you better get your ass to Vegas and show everyone how it’s done. I’d put 1,000 bucks on it you don’t shoot that well
Brock Nasty
Brock Nasty 7 meses atrás
Zach Carter - upload a video bro..
ben j
ben j 8 meses atrás
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The Rotary Dial Phone Guy
What is the target distance here?
Matthew Spain
Matthew Spain 7 meses atrás
18m or 20 yards
Nicole T. Wilson
Nicole T. Wilson Anos atrás
Jordan Wu
Jordan Wu Anos atrás
Look at how thick those arrows are. If the system allows it I bet everyone will start using arrows that are thicker than the 10 ring.
Jonathan Lang
Jonathan Lang 6 meses atrás
Jordan Wu almost every one on my team shoots the Easton fat boys
Buran01 Anos atrás
Has its disadvantages: in the nationals once the first rounds ends the rule is inversed and touching the line means getting the lower score. Plus, fat arrows are worse for outdoors and hunting, so if you want to practice different activities you need different sets of arrows and sight tunnings, etc. Personally I think that using the same 5 to 6 mm diameter in all your endeavours provides the best results.
Tanner Willis
Tanner Willis Anos atrás
It’s my dream to do this one day. Except for that I can’t afford a $1500 bow and then $1000 in accessories.
Jonathan Lang
Jonathan Lang 6 meses atrás
Tanner Willis lmao way way more. The new Hoyt invicta is 3k where I live. And your shorting 400 in stabilizers. 500 to 1000 in sights. I shoot the freak show rest and it’s not that expensive, but the arrows for a dozen is about 700 bucks. Plus custom strings.
Mr B
Mr B Anos atrás
Way more lol arrows alone are like 800 bucks lol
Renim Das
Renim Das Anos atrás
9:36 wait who was listening ?
Norman Braslow
Norman Braslow Anos atrás
This is not archery. Drop the triggers, counterweights, and compound bows.
Brock Nasty
Brock Nasty 7 meses atrás
Norman Braslow - lol.. no
Anonymous For privacy
Anonymous For privacy 7 meses atrás
Watch "bare bows" then
Buran01 Anos atrás
That's like saying that motorsports aren't racing: bring back horses and charriots. The compount doesn't deliver anything you put on before. And by the way: I don't like stabilizers, but I do prefer traditional archery with ILF takedowns over sticks, just due convenience.
Ryan Eberly
Ryan Eberly Anos atrás
I wish I could hear what the hell they're saying without getting blown out by the arena sounds. Awful, awful audio production.
Jg gj
Jg gj Anos atrás
Jesse looks like a statue when his bow is drawn. Very still
MrEye4get Anos atrás
Always a pleasure to watch the pros!
Advisor D
Advisor D Anos atrás
Too much help. Not true archers.
Buran01 Anos atrás
Bullshit. They are both duelling with extremely advanced equipment being themselves elite shooters under extreme pressure. Your argument is like saying that compared to horse riders pilots in motorsports aren't "true racers" due most of the performance comes from machines. Plus, the compound bow doesn't deliver anything that previously you don't put in.
Steve Parr
Steve Parr Anos atrás
Come on bud
PAhunting Anos atrás
You people are idiots, it’s the consistency under pressure to hit a dime at 20 meters. I’m sure your some couch bum who has never shot a bow. 💩
ItsAlwaysFriday Anos atrás
@Mike Ford I won't go as far to say they are not archers, but I think what he is getting at is with all of that equipment it would be easier for anyone with archery experience. I'd be more impressed seeing them shoot traditional. I can nail a bulls-eye with my friends compound much easier than shooting my long bow, but I can get the job done with the long bow.
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
Too much help?? Would love to see you come out and hit that many dime sized 10's with traditional gear. Very few trad shooters I know can even keep it in the yellow at that distance. Any archery is archery. This is more a proof of consistency and precision.
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett Anos atrás
I remember shooting next to Jesse when he was 13 years old... He was amazing back then... He only got better.
The Rotary Dial Phone Guy
@The Satan thanks.
The Satan
The Satan 4 meses atrás
@The Rotary Dial Phone Guy 18m
The Rotary Dial Phone Guy
What is the target distance here?
Colten Broadwater
Colten Broadwater Anos atrás
Justin a little
Justin Anos atrás
@Colten Broadwater That is awesome! Do you shoot too?
Larry Cooper
Larry Cooper Anos atrás
Great showmanship and shooting.
Tim Thornton
Tim Thornton 2 anos atrás
How many yards they shooting
X10archer Anos atrás
18m/20yards, but compounders shoot at a ten ring the size of a dime, and recurvers get the larger ten
ZateC Anos atrás
@Justin 18 meters
mcjaypee Anos atrás
Because the 10 ring on these targets is about the size of a dime.
Degenerate Anos atrás
Only 20? Why Olympic shoots 70meter with a harder to shoot bow? Seem like a huge diff
I_look dumber_in_person
5jjt pretty good
Sharkson77 2 anos atrás
Jesse dosent shake at all
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
Not that we can see. I've shot with a scope, I'd lay odds he sees shake!
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 anos atrás
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
They both use a hinge release yes. Not sure which one though.
BERNIE 00 2 anos atrás
Siganme en insta cono emilioanaya03
Trevor Or
Trevor Or 2 anos atrás
that was a very good match two excellent archers
Ministry Of The Apostles
What bow is Steve using?
Sullivan & McNall's Channel Michael
Ministry Of The Apostles Hoyt prevail 40/37
Bassmanwcm 3 anos atrás
0:44 Sister Encarnación: Where are your robes, Ignacio? Nacho: They were... stinky. These are my recreational clothes. Sister Encarnación: They look expensive. Nacho: Thank you. I mean... they might have the appearance of riches, but beneath the clothes, we find a man... and beneath the man we find... his... nucleus. Sister Encarnación: Nucleus?
Fah Q
Fah Q Anos atrás
I only believe in science!
lynn jones
lynn jones 2 anos atrás
Bassmanwcm mg My N
Ann Maes
Ann Maes 3 anos atrás
What type of arrow rest is used on competition compounds?
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Anos atrás
@Adam Trombley which was developed with Jesse Broadwater. His nickname is "The Freakshow"
Ann Maes
Ann Maes 3 anos atrás
Thank you!!
Adam Trombley
Adam Trombley 3 anos atrás
Ann Maes you can use any rest but most target shooters use a blade rest. Steve and Jesse are both using the aae freakshow.
tornoutlaw 3 anos atrás
what is the distance? 30 yards? 25m?
tornoutlaw 3 anos atrás
Adam Trombley
Adam Trombley 3 anos atrás
tornoutlaw 20 yards
Bassmanwcm 3 anos atrás
I'd raise a fuss if I ever heard those commenters talking during one of my shoots....
davidparkowski Anos atrás
Oh shots fired!!!!
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods 2 anos atrás
That's why you're not a pro
Tom Ham
Tom Ham 3 anos atrás
The Freakshow delivers. Always enjoy watching Jesse shoot, no matter the color of his shirt. But damn glad to see him shooting a Mathews ! ;P
Fisher Leung
Fisher Leung 3 anos atrás
Haha, Steve borrowing other's arrows.
Fisher Leung
Fisher Leung 3 anos atrás
the host sounds like he was hunting... whispering.
Maxx Z
Maxx Z 11 meses atrás
Edén Hazard wins?
ggpotata 3 anos atrás
I comment coase I can
Jeffrey Woods
Jeffrey Woods 2 anos atrás
You could also learn to spell but you decided not to.
SoulEjecta 3 anos atrás
Didn't know Jesse Broadwater switched to Matthews. TURNCOAT!
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