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9 Jan 2022



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terrorkf Anos atrás
Curry has mastered the art of balancing competitive speech with playful speech. There's no disrespect in his answers. Always cool to watch.
It's hard not to like this guy. Amazing talent, and a genuinely good guy too.
Stayed true to his word. They won another championship. That “absolutely” showed impeccable confidence and spirit.
Love Margarita
Love Margarita Anos atrás
Steph never doubted his ability and teammates
Andrei Bilaro
"Will Steph Curry ever win another title?"
Koestar Anos atrás
The fact that he said Tony Allen was one of the toughest people to guard him and Kobe said the same thing proves how lethal Tony Allen really was
JOOce Anos atrás
For all the people who took his "confidence" the wrong way (I've seen Twitter and TikTok), this is an active captain for an active team. Of course he's he's going to bet on his team all the time. Whether he truly believes it or not, we'll never know 😅
Joseph Hanicak
This right here is the perfect example of confidence. Steph knows what he can do, and says what he believes without being arrogant. He doesn't take stuff too seriously while also being completely honest.
"Will Steph Curry ever win another title?"
Dwarcca Nation
Dwarcca Nation Anos atrás
I don't watch basketball but this interview was amazing for how honest he was.
"Will Steph Curry every win another title? Absolutely."
TheDON Anos atrás
This guy is the perfect balance of Humble, Confidence, & Cocky. Inspirational lol 😂
James hedley
Stephen Curry is the greatest basketball player ever he just so great you can shoot 40 to 30 feet just so cool
Jordan Mcintosh
Love this guy. He's confident yet humble, just great.
Khanya Molefe
I love you steph!
Man said it and did it by delivering another title.
TimeBucks Anos atrás
Steph was being brutally honest
Daniel K
Daniel K Anos atrás
Depends very much on which rules they're playing on. Basketball nowadays is pretty much a no contact sport and offers a safety shooting zone on situations, so if they played by todays rules, the bulls would lose, but if they played in the era of the Bulls, where Rodman and pippin would actually be allowed to press up and apply literal pressure, they wouldn't be able to get in as many of those shots as they liked. Different era's, different rules.
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