Stephen A. describes what the Warriors' 3-0 lead reveals about the Mavericks | First Take

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Stephen A. describes what the Warriors' 3-0 lead reveals about the Mavericks | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and JJ Redick react to Game 3 and preview Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks.

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22 Mai 2022



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Comentários 1 303
GAME_ THEORY Mês atrás
There's no shame in losing to a team with 3 future Hall of Famers and a Hall of Fame coach. Golden State is just a different level of talent
John Daley
John Daley Mês atrás
@Callie W311 super team is a team with 3 hof in prime
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
@John Daley ya, but the comment I responded to was using the "super team" as a negative. Usually what people mean when they say "super team" is what Lebron did in Miami, LA, and what KD tried to do in Brooklyn. So, it's almost like, a put down. And it's not the Warrior's fault they have great management and coaching staff. They didn't need to buy a big star. The word super team is usually affiliated with a negative connotation.
John Daley
John Daley Mês atrás
@Callie W311 super teams can occur without being built
Joshua Cardona
Joshua Cardona Mês atrás
@Orend Johnson Jr yea because in the rockets he had to be a scorer 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ seems like u only watch first take. with the 76ers he is a point guard ! and he has a hamstring injury and a put up 22 8 9. both stars injured took the heat to 6 games. you’re really gonna tell me a healthy 6ers don’t beat that miami team 🤣 either way the point is the rockets harden is basically what luka is rn only thing is luka is bigger and can post
rajeev gobin
rajeev gobin Mês atrás
@Jim Brave but what you are saying is still subjective and conjecture....Wiggins is spoken of now because gsw have progressed as far as they have...for the entire season I'm pretty certain Zion was way and beyond any mentions Wiggins may have had... This is not a conversation about talent or teams...simply about who is most spoken of
DigitalOdyssey3001 Mês atrás
Props to Stephen A for not yelling and screaming. He is so much better when he just speaks. No antics.
FIVEFIVE | advice for short guys
@bayo daman he's been doing this for 30 years against subpar analysts who also speak a lot of jibberish with no facts to back up their claim. JJ is new media and SAS knows he has to tiptoe on what he says now
Bro Bro
Bro Bro Mês atrás
I mean he does plzy jj he is just him and that's the thing
Bro Bro
Bro Bro Mês atrás
@FIVEFIVE | advice for short guys jj play the guy who is serious. So Stephen a has to play the entertaining role more or else it would just be "boring" sports talk. When he was with max it was max taking that role
Mikko Alberto
Mikko Alberto Mês atrás
Ask him about the Knicks if you want him to yell 😆
Alfredo Soto
Alfredo Soto Mês atrás
JJ makes very valuable points that no one else does. I'm glad they are giving him the time to analyze the NBA games on ESPN
Ask Your Whore Mother
@Raheem Collins literally lmfao, JJ can say Brian scalabrine is the GOAT and all these causals will be like “wow bro, omg bro, JJ is so smart and SAS is so afraid of him”
jesse Mês atrás
He's the level-headed balance to SAS, much like Shannon is the level-headed balance to Skip.
pinzy toto
pinzy toto Mês atrás
JJ is good but Tim Legler is better.
Jacob Arriola
Jacob Arriola Mês atrás
Fr dude his analysis is perfect
Philiam Shakesbeat
Philiam Shakesbeat Mês atrás
Very true!
Scott Strawbridge
Scott Strawbridge Mês atrás
Gotta say, Stephen A seems to be talking more sense than usual. Having JJ on the other side of the table is forcing him to use his brain instead of just using his mouth. Quite an improvement.
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez Mês atrás
I couldn’t agree more he’s not going to sit there and talk foolishness to a recent ex NBA player that’s a student of the game his whole life
a b
a b Mês atrás
wait till the race baiting comes back
Anderson Girotto
Anderson Girotto Mês atrás
RedRum Mês atrás
THANK GOD they got rid of that Junk yard dog.... I was seeing him on every braodcast for the past 2 weeks ! ALL of a sudden this guy was walking around thinking he was kendrick perkins
Will Cass
Will Cass Mês atrás
@Monkey Sage Patrick Beverly "I'll fight you if you don't agree with my Neanderthal opinions" I fixed it for you, tool
Hendricks Jin
Hendricks Jin Mês atrás
It feels like the Warriors spent the last 7 years doping the whole league into believing 3pt is the only way to win, then they themselves kill their opponents with midrange, dunks and layups. Beautiful to see.
De'Andre Taylor
De'Andre Taylor Mês atrás
They are water. Masters at taking what the defense gives them. When the defense is running them off the 3 they take the 2. When the D adjusts, Bombs Away
Rezha Adrian Tanuharja
Every other team got it wrong, everyone does 3 point with isolation while Warriors does it with ball movement that leads to 3 point
yup ..even the greatest shooter alive steph is driving to the basket alot more now lol , cuz defenders assume hes always goin to shoot the 3
goldnarms435 Mês atrás
@killua zoldyk exactly
killua zoldyk
killua zoldyk Mês atrás
nope. this team are hunters. they know how to expose the weakness of their opponents
Maolu Mês atrás
Yo Stephen A shouting out Reggie’s humanitarian efforts and then hitting him with the “But he shot 0 for 10 last night” is wild 😂
funkydankspliff Mês atrás
He’s just stating facts kid
Basketball players are getting paid too much and trying to do too much outside the court. During playoffs they need to put all their focus on giving their teammates everything.
Shaheed Harun
Shaheed Harun Mês atrás
Just telling the truth
Janethan Ricanibante
He was being sincere and wasn't lying though. I'm annoyed at other analysts that go on the show and feint respect just to hide their disapproval or hate towards a player or team on top of recycled talking points.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
@Some things don’t need commentary It really did lol
Noah Jones
Noah Jones Mês atrás
This series shows us the Mavs aren't just a 1st/2nd round exit team with Luka anymore. But it does show that they're not ready to be champions yet. They're time will come but just not this year. And the road to a championship through the West will onlt get harder next year with the Clippers being healthy, the Nuggets being healthy, the Warriors potentially getting Wiseman back, Memphis on the rise, Zion coming back with Ingram and Mccollum, Anthony Edwards evolving, etc.
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming Mês atrás
@Barth Grooks So brunson, dinwitty, luka they're all trash on the offensive too
Barth Grooks
Barth Grooks Mês atrás
@Marshawn Fleming because u said they need to quit bringing in offensive players and most of their players are trash on offense.
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming Mês atrás
@Black Conclave that'd be extremely stupid
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming Mês atrás
@Barth Grooks why u telling me about kleber and bullock I never said anything about them
AssassinCred14 Mês atrás
The fact the Mavs need a fourth player to get 20+ points just to win a game in this series just shows how much firepower the Warriors have.
Dev Mês atrás
@Gagan Dhaliwal so you’re saying if Kleber and Bullock make a few threes a piece they wouldn’t have beaten them?? 🤣 Get outta here clown
Gagan Dhaliwal
Gagan Dhaliwal Mês atrás
@Dev lmao won easily. Game 2 was the only game they would've won easily but blew 19 pt lead. warriors controlled all of game 3 from the 2nd quarter.
callmecatalyst Mês atrás
@Caleb - “woulda/coulda/shoulda” is all you’re sayin
Luka needs help. Dallas needs to get 1 maybe 2 more core players to add. No coming back down 3-0
kevin eveln
kevin eveln Mês atrás
Mavs also lack defense, you got 4 players on warriors that can create they own shot, and then draymond who can facilitate. You need defense n offense to beat the warriors hence why I have the east winning it this year
12345678 Numbers
12345678 Numbers Mês atrás
It’s revealed how bad the suns choke really was
Ifbfmto Mês atrás
@MichaelMaston 100 percent agree with you Mavs are wasting money and roster spots on players that are REALLY REALLY BAD And Bertans is absolutely one of them
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen Mês atrás
@Blue Crystal Star Talking about the Phoenix series my friend. Phoenix plays more on the perimeter and mid range. Warriors matchup is so bad, the paint is wide open. They just don't have the players to deal with it. Mavs have no answer to Looney.
RiruKrypto Tempest
RiruKrypto Tempest Mês atrás
​@yuki you think so? I think it would've end in 5 games at least with Warriors winning, if Ayton doesn't use his size and grab the boards, they don't stand a chance.
Blue Crystal Star
Blue Crystal Star Mês atrás
@Daniel Chen you call warriors, the smaller team, domination of the paint this whole series good defense by the Mavs?
MichaelMaston Mês atrás
@Ifbfmto Bertans gets minutes and he literally cannot do the only thing he’s asked to do. Complete waste.
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor Mês atrás
The Morantless Grizzlies were the best challenge of any team in the West. Without Morant they moved the ball well, played stellar D and were physical. The Mavs play half court ISO ball and don't rebound as well or play nearly good enough D to stop the Warriors. Even if the Mavs were going to steal a game because they shot well, beating the Warriors for 4 games was a long shot.
Henry_Linarez Mês atrás
Couldn’t agree more with Stephen A. The Mavs already exceeded expectations by being there. The Mavs need to find a better cast of characters to compliment Luka.
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming Mês atrás
@loookaroundyou they got dominated in the paint the warriors knew they lacked a defensive center piece and they took advantage of that all night long
Barth Grooks
Barth Grooks Mês atrás
@loookaroundyou and the mavs led in game 2 because luka dropped 18 points in the first quarter....
Barth Grooks
Barth Grooks Mês atrás
@loookaroundyou they have no big, and only luka and Brunson are consistent at scoring off the dribble thats why they chuck up so many 3s... Take luka off this team and there in the bottom three worst teams in the league. Overall This mavs team is trash but they got one of the best players in the league and thats why theyre in the wcf.
loookaroundyou Mês atrás
@Barth Grooks They're not trash and they led the Warriors in Game 2, but GSW is an excellent team which has an unselfish style of play. Hero ball seems to inevitably fail in the playoffs. But yeah, at least making a shot or two would have been helpful for those dudes going 0-15. But then again, Kidd let his team die by the three
Barth Grooks
Barth Grooks Mês atrás
@loookaroundyou its not a cop out to say luka needs more help tho... This team is trash.. If kleber and bullock could have shot an awful 33% last night the mavs would have won.
Stephon Augustin
Stephon Augustin Mês atrás
It shows how Cp3 choked again. Like when the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead. Everyone wanted to see Clippers vs Warriors rematch seeing that they were the last time in the west to eliminate the Warriors since 2015. Phoenix were more balanced than the Mavs to face the Warriors
jj OF
jj OF Mês atrás
Too bad Suns got beat by better team lmao 🤣 lame excuse
Noel Taylor
Noel Taylor Mês atrás
@Adrian Lopez When Dallas won the 2011 Finals, they avoided Denver who was The Mavs kryptonite. For two years, the Rockets avoided Utah. Year three the Jazz got 'em.
DiscreetNitro Mês atrás
@Darnell Monk what bro yall were getting hyped for beating the suns and people thought the warriors would lose
Stephon Augustin
Stephon Augustin Mês atrás
@Darnell Monk nah I respect the Mavs I’m just going based off of what these analysts says
Darnell Monk
Darnell Monk Mês atrás
@T C Nope we ain’t allowing it! Great scorer average playmaker and defender yet people wanna crown him “the next Kobe” foh
Frank 5599
Frank 5599 Mês atrás
Honestly I ain't even mad about losing against *the warriors in the WCF* since this will only help Luka (who's 23yr old) understand what it takes to win it all and I also like the outcome bc it shows Mavericks are finally in the right direction in terms of winning! This series also showed if they had 2-3 more quality players, not even a co star but quality players the Mavs could've honestly made a run for the title this year! It's frustrating how close they were but also relieving knowing they're close to being true contenders! All I gotta say is gg to warriors players, they've shown nothing but the highest standards of winning basketball.
Pumelela Banca
Pumelela Banca Mês atrás
@apothe6 Bro unless Luka gets a co star like Pipen (Best second option in the NBA a that time). Or another teammate like kyrie or AD or a team like Tatum and Jokic he will not win.
apothe6 Mês atrás
Jordan and Lebron didnt win until they were 28 or so. Lukas 23, yes, it's early, we have time to develop Brunson and get everyone better. Hopefully we can level up and compete with these guys.
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
@Pumelela Banca it's so funny people talking about the west, when just 4 of 5 years ago, the west was so much better than the east, that the finals may as well have been the GSW against the Heat. It's cool and strange how quickly things can change. But I don't think the west is as weak as you're implying.
Z Mês atrás
He gotta work on defense bro they frying him literally putting steph or Wiggins in a pick and roll and they skating around him
Pumelela Banca
Pumelela Banca Mês atrás
@Jay yep he is young and talented. But so are the other guys I mentioned. They have teams far better than the mavs collectively. I could be wrong because they have trade asserts in Brunson and Spenser, they could get a very good second option guy who will complement luka.
Simon Dolapo
Simon Dolapo Mês atrás
Experience in playoffs and finals matters a lot and that's the difference between the warriors and the mavs
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming Mês atrás
@Vince Meyers well NBA playoffs experience yeah but he's got playoff experience and he knows what it's like to win a championship
Simon Dolapo
Simon Dolapo Mês atrás
@Vince Meyers True...If they're to win the next game or games - everyone has to be hot...
MS1971 Mês atrás
@WE TALK HAWKS TV No, it is not enough. No one player can carry the load. When the role players show up, the Mavs dominate. When they don’t, they often lose. Luka is outstanding, but he needs help.
Vince Meyers
Vince Meyers Mês atrás
@Simon Dolapo It ain’t enough because the mav’s role players aren’t making the same wide open shots that had against Phoenix. They’re choking.
Simon Dolapo
Simon Dolapo Mês atrás
@Vince Meyers absolutely...But what do you think about those points? It's as if they ain't enough... If not that Wiggins has been so aggressive with him, I think Luka would've had more cos he holds on to every possession more.
aesir1 ases
aesir1 ases Mês atrás
Mavs need a center, you cant live by the 3 and die by it, they need versatility.
Christian Wibowo
Christian Wibowo Mês atrás
@P Punch jazz fan?😂 I don't care jazz / mavs bcs my team will go to final
P Punch
P Punch Mês atrás
Confirmed. @Christian Wibowo is Donovan Mitchell's burner account.
Christian Wibowo
Christian Wibowo Mês atrás
get gobert and mavs will be back at WCF again next season
Onechance2 Onechance2
Luka is terrible he’s has no defense he’s body and shape is terrible he won’t last 6 years also he’s he’s in his fourth year
Miz Mac
Miz Mac Mês atrás
@rivernorthhomes no he’s got a long term contract we’d have to trade and create cap space
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Mês atrás
As a warriors fan, This series reminds me of the finals where AI averaged 40 vs the Lakers. I genuinely feel bad for Luca, he’s been the best player on the court.
It reveals how great Luka Doncic is. Without him this Dallas team don't even make the play-in
Ernest Frigelj
Ernest Frigelj Mês atrás
@Evolve816 you answered your question..... They fell short against Warriors and we know which Warriors and there is no team on the planet that would win against those Warriors and I think there is no team in NBA that can stop current Warriors, its not on Luka or any other star
Marshawn Fleming
Marshawn Fleming Mês atrás
@Blue Crystal Star facts
Page Mês atrás
@Blue Crystal Star What are you talking about? That is precisly my point, MJ and LeBron did not win until they had the right amount of talent around them but they never changed their style of play, both ball dominant players with usage ratings in the high 20s up to mid 30s. Jordan was predominantly an iso scorer who got a ton of points from there and LeBron is a point forward who generates a lot of points by getting defenses to collapse on him and he dishes assists out or scores despite that.
Page Mês atrás
@Evolve816 Luka is better than Harden. Also players like LeBron and MJ won while being very ball dominant and having usage rating over 30%. Stop focusing in Soften so much. He was MUCH worse in the playoffs than Doncic and had played with far more talent.
aiuc lse
aiuc lse Mês atrás
As a warriors fan, This series reminds me of the finals where AI averaged 40 vs the Lakers. I genuinely feel bad for Luca, he’s been the best player on the court.
Angel Aquino
Angel Aquino Mês atrás
Those saying Dallas shouldn’t be here… have you watched this season and specially the playoffs? DALLAS IS NOT PLAYING BAD BASKETBALL, they’ve actually been playing pretty well, Golden State is just significantly superior. That’s it. Whenever you have a guy averaging almost 35 (Luka) another one 22 (Brunson) another one 16 (Dinwiddie) and two other players over 10 pts a game (or close to 10) you’re playing good basketball. The only truly bad game they had was last night.
mj23allday247 Mês atrás
@Shaheed Harun you can’t say they don’t belong there when they earned the right. You can say they overachieved based on their roster but they earned it, regardless whether you think they believe they belong there or not.
sparqq-_Up Mês atrás
No the mavs are just too slow 😂😂
Angel Aquino
Angel Aquino Mês atrás
@Shaheed Harun they do belong in the WCF, they have been better than almost everybody all season long, won 52 games, beat Utah and the number one seed, whether you like it or not does not mean they don’t deserve to be where they’re at. The fact that they got this far is a testament to Luka’s greatness and Jason Kidd’s great coaching. They surely need a rim protector to make the roster better, but a big part of the reason why Golden State is dominating them is also lack of experience, this is a learning experience from them, everyone including Luka will be better next year. With that newly acquired experience plus a few off season roster changes they could go far in the playoffs again next season. And stop talking about injury being a factor like this year is an exception, EVERY YEAR injuries are a bit factor in the league, tell me the last season when everybody was fully healthy… I’ll wait. 😐 Even GS is missing Payton II, Iggy and Wiseman, so no excuses.
Boogy10 Mês atrás
@Geordie Jones What about James Harden he took them to 7 games
Shaheed Harun
Shaheed Harun Mês atrás
Yes I’m watching them getting swept right now. Mavs are purely a fluke and fool’s gold! They have ZERO depth and no front court! Their 3 best players are at PG 🤣 Talk about terrible roster construction Dallas doesn’t belong in the WCF. They lived off the fortune of the west being mighty weak this year! You can’t win it all w/ 1 great player Only reason they here is all the injured stars this year - and/or teams that flopped. They are never making it back… *weakest team in a conf finals ever!!!* And a shame they make 1 player do all the work
random 4815
random 4815 Mês atrás
We are not talking nearly enough about how the Phoenix Suns completely collapsed mentally as well. That locker room was obviously gone. You had DA nearly fighting with the coach. Chris Paul looked like he didn't want to be there. It was clear that team was crumbling. They have been exposed and looked frustrated and done. So the Mavs benefited from a team that was under collapse.
Dom Curtis
Dom Curtis Mês atrás
They’ll be championship contenders for the next decade if they are willing to take pay cuts and keep their future supporting cast in Wiggins, Poole, etc This is on some other level. This is a Spurs like dynasty.
Seb G
Seb G Mês atrás
As a warriors fan, This series reminds me of the finals where AI averaged 40 vs the Lakers. I genuinely feel bad for Luca, he’s been the best player on the court.
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
Don't feel you said he was arguably the best player on the court and he's 23, even though in the press conference he said he was 22. Lol. He will be a problem for the Warriors for the next 15 years. His time will come.
Julian From Legal
Julian From Legal Mês atrás
The Mavs also have to understand that there is a ceiling to how far you can get with your game plan built around one superstar (i.e. Luka). Once you neutralize the one superstar with an effective guard or doubles, the game plan collapses. The Warriors are so lethal because even if you trap Steph, they have so much depth (e.g., Thompson, Poole) that can also score.
Peter Thibeaux
Peter Thibeaux Mês atrás
Wiggins never get enough credit. He's been the one keeping them close with defense and rebound while attacking and shooting.
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
He gets credit, he was an all-star. I think the pressure of being the #1 pick got to him. Coming to the Warriors was the best thing for him. It took the pressure away and he could just play, and play hard! He's coming into himself and it's sad that he's probably going to be gone after this season ends.
PoeticJustice Mês atrás
@Jim Brave i agree hes a baller
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch Mês atrás
2 way Wiggs
SteveGG Mês atrás
We saw the same thing with James Harden every year. When your best guy is mostly just dribble dribble dribble and plays no defense it's tough to win 4-7 when you play good teams. GSW keeps the ball moving so their guys are always ready. It's tough to watch one guy dominate the ball all game then be ready to make shots. The series is over
Raymond Olamijulo
Raymond Olamijulo Mês atrás
This is arguably the best comment on this video IMO. Couldn't be more right.
Jordan Darst
Jordan Darst Mês atrás
Real quick. Pull up james harden playoff stats, and pull up luka doncics playoff stats. It's completely disrespectful to compare a playoff beast to a regular season goat.
Mole Mês atrás
Luka is an excellent facilitator and a willing passer. Most of his teammates are simply not good enough, so he is forced to put the ball in his hands more to give his team a chance to win. I can assure you if the roles were reversed and he had guys like Thompson, Green, or Poole on his team, he would be passing way more.
Page Mês atrás
What a load of nonsense.
Bella The kitten
Bella The kitten Mês atrás
The only difference is that when you have 2 starters going 0-15 you’re doomed to lose’s easy to blame Luka but you need to see the bigger picture..
Coyote Long
Coyote Long Mês atrás
As a Suns fan, it just makes our collapse to Dallas even more epic and embarrassing than it appeared at first glance
robocop24 Mês atrás
This Dallas team is just not a finals team yet. They overachieved so far, guys like Bullock and DFS are gassed from playing 42 minutes for 17 games now and they can't do it anymore. Luka needs more help, a defensive Big, another 3&D wing and then the Mavs can try again next year
Jay Mês atrás
@Sgchriss that would be terrible 😂 Beal doesn’t play defense either
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
Maybe they are tired, but still no excuse to not score basically at all. Between the 2 there was a total of 9 points last night, ALL from DFS. If they are exhausted, they should have at least scored in the first half of the game.
JACCE B. Mês atrás
@Sgchriss scoring is not their problem, it's defense and having a undersized 2 guard won't help that.
Sgchriss Mês atrás
@Marcus Wilson trade Brunson for Beal, Brunson is good but he’s more of a inside the paint scorer and too small. That 20 ppg is nice but having 2 player that could drop 40 any game is way better
Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson Mês atrás
Would love to see a Bradley Beal with Luka too but your correct the league needs two way players
Abiel Hebrew
Abiel Hebrew Mês atrás
Dominique Jones
Dominique Jones Mês atrás
The unselfishness this team displays is amazing and work ethic
Jared Mês atrás
JJ need to be a regular. Best analysis of the game over all.
Eddy Carpenter
Eddy Carpenter Mês atrás
Lol what's with the hip-hop beat they put behind him when he starts talking? Haha analytics must show people are dropping off the video after Stephen a finishes talking
Lt. wreck
Lt. wreck Mês atrás
@Puma Phan JJ and Legler ever end up on the same show it would be all I need ESPN could just cancel the other shows.
Lt. wreck
Lt. wreck Mês atrás
I disagree JJ needs his own show.
Writer Mês atrás
Paul Mann
Paul Mann Mês atrás
He is a regular tho 🤦🏾‍♂️
Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez Mês atrás
Feel so bad for Luka. Hope he can get some help next season, need another all star
lil3ric88 Mês atrás
Stephen A is right, you don’t have to get a Ayton/Gobert, that would be nice but realistically someone like Zubac,Wendell Carter Jr or even Mitchell Robinson would help the Mavs so much more
Lukekyle Stanley
Lukekyle Stanley Mês atrás
There's really no excuse. Sometimes the better teams just wins and keeps on winning. Dallas is playing the best they can. The Warriors are just proving they are better. There are trades Dallas can make next year but this is the best they can do now.
Lukekyle Stanley
Lukekyle Stanley Mês atrás
@Felipe Ruiz i feel the same way.
Felipe Ruiz
Felipe Ruiz Mês atrás
I’m not a Dallas fan but feel bad for Luka
Joshua Branham
Joshua Branham Mês atrás
There will be some decent bigs available this off-season. Rudy, Boogie and Wood should all be available. Orlando has a host of bigs there and surely they won’t keep them all especially if they Draft Chet so maybe a trade with the Magic
Matthew M.
Matthew M. Mês atrás
Curry has built up his body like a BEAST!! Look at his shoulders. He is way way way stronger 💪 💪 💪 Look at him coming out of Davidson
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
Look at Klay too. They looked so funny with baby faces and Klay's nose looked way bigger than it actually is, I think because he bulked up and it's showing in his face too.
Barth Grooks
Barth Grooks Mês atrás
@Dr Phot hahaha
Barth Grooks
Barth Grooks Mês atrás
@Matthew M. Flight is that you?
Matthew M.
Matthew M. Mês atrás
@Dr Phot grow up and come out of the closet buddy. Looks a bit like your thoughts lean towards a certain way of thinking. It's okay bro.. Its 2022 you will be fine
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
Put the lotion down my dude lol
Jonathan Barrera
Jonathan Barrera Mês atrás
Didn’t Stephen A say the Mavs would get blown out by the Suns and no one else expected them to make it this far. Not only that, it’s not like the mavs are getting blown out by the Warriors (who are a great team) these games are close, but this Warriors team is deep and the most experienced team in the Playoffs.
X ACE X Mês atrás
We know the Mavs need a big man to help their rebounding but that’s not gonna solve all of their problems immediately. Their supporting cast needs to focus this off-season on getting better in all aspects. Look at guys like Andrew Wiggins and Marcus Smart. Those dudes really focused on improving weak points in their game to help their teams. The Mavs have a lot of skill on their team, they’ve gotta improve their defense and rebounding and that includes Doncic too if they want to get back to the WCF next year.
Darrell Zukemura
Darrell Zukemura Mês atrás
The reason why Dallas secondary players are missing so much it's because what the coach said now they start hesitating because in their mind there trying to think where there they should shoot it or penetrate causing that hesitation there not sure and they start missing a lot of shoots game is over swept in 4
Carlson Croom
Carlson Croom Mês atrás
Don’t let this go over ya head” pat bev said Dallas didn’t have a chance he also said you can’t stop luka from getting his but green would make big defensive plays and slow the game down jj and Stephen a thought the mavs had a real chance and bev said the heat would show up said jimmy don’t get enough credit I think bev is a good analyst
bangwithcamino Mês atrás
The Mavs need a 2-way wing and a guy like Steven Adams in the middle. They would be MUCH better. That's the direction they need to go in. If that means getting rid of Brunson or Bullock, so be it. Imagine Wiggins doesn't resign and goes to
Ladp Gabby
Ladp Gabby Mês atrás
yup, but harder to find for a cheap price nowdays and I thought the same thing about wiggins lol... wiggins would turn mavs into an instant contender
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell Mês atrás
Mavs had 3 players over 20. Dallas Mavs are a really good team and would've beat anyone else but the Warriors are just that good. Their movement without the ball and shooters, Draymond playmaking, bench contributes big and they missing alot of good role players and Wiseman. This team will be scary for years.
Victor Sullivan
Victor Sullivan Mês atrás
3 players over 20, and then everyone else combined had less than 15
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Mês atrás
ed shemp
ed shemp Mês atrás
I would not say they have "nothing" because Kleber is ok at it but they need a real ring protector for sure... and rebound. That game 3 was painful to watch. Whenever they got a good defense on a play and made someone take a contested shot, the Warriors got a second or third chance. But getting a rim protector and fixing their rebound with a player that fits this "all shooters" around Luka style gonna be expensive...
Neo Zero Luminatti
Neo Zero Luminatti Mês atrás
The series revealed more about Dubs than Mavs. I never seen nothing more embarrassing for what performance the Mavs have gotten themselves into the world of trouble they jump to a pond that is way too deep for them to battle against these boys who are annihilating and sent them home
John Doe
John Doe Mês atrás
You know who’d be *perfect* for Dallas? Jaren Jackson Jr. can shoot the lights out so he wouldn’t hurt their offense and can enable them to play 5 out AND he’s arguably the best rim protector in the league. He’s an inside presence on offense as well bc he is a low post offense machine as well. But Memphis would never give him up
Daniel M.
Daniel M. Mês atrás
Jackson just needs to learn how to close games better, he does too much of trying to play hero ball.
Steven Ames
Steven Ames Mês atrás
Nah What they should have pointed out is that the warriors' threat from range is what opens up driving lanes and back cuts to the basket. They force you to pick your poison. 50 pts in the paint is the Mavericks preference to give up 2's instead of 3's. IF you're going to use that strategy then you need a rim protector like Bam Adebayo who can score on offense and close out on perimeter shooters. I believe Miami has the best chance at beating Golden State when healthy.
SS Mês atrás
Kevin looney is scoring the basketball like a budding all star that should tell you everything you need to know about this series
Page Mês atrás
@Lashaun Beazer And more nonsense.
Lashaun Beazer
Lashaun Beazer Mês atrás
Exactly, ZERO defense from Luka.
R J II Mês atrás
Before you judge Dallas, just know their record at one point this season was 18-16
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
And the warriors only had the big 3 for 11 total minutes of the regular season. And Poole wasn't the guy he is today.
@Brandon Massey Phx choked
Fender Bender
Fender Bender Mês atrás
Its the start of a season. Look at all sports across the board, many teams have slow starts.
Doesn’t matter
Starship Captain
Starship Captain Mês atrás
Having Tim Hardaway Jr. back would have gave them one more shooter that could have made it more difficult. I think Warriors/Nuggets and Clippers will be top teams next year.
Starship Captain
Starship Captain Mês atrás
@rjmthe2nd Suns are cooked but will be a good reg season team but can't win in the playoffs and they will probably lose Ayton.
rjmthe2nd Mês atrás
1 seed - Nuggets 2 seed - Warriors 3 Seed - Suns Next season
Imperious Rex
Imperious Rex Mês atrás
The Warriors are the closest thing I've seen to my Showtime Lakers
Samuel Sir
Samuel Sir Mês atrás
The Warriors are giving me some serious New England Patriots vibes right now!
Samuel Sir
Samuel Sir Mês atrás
dwnlojedi agreed
dwnlojedi Mês atrás
They should be giving you Spurs vibes. Curry, Klay and Dray are the new Duncan, Ginobli and Parker... and Poole is leading the next gen like Kawhii, but if Kuminga, Moody and Wiseman get to where we hope Dubs will have an even longer sustained success
Samuel Sir
Samuel Sir Mês atrás
Doozle Dorf Gross? That’s the word I used to say when I didn’t want to eat my veggies as a 5 year old lol
Doozle Dorf
Doozle Dorf Mês atrás
Gross. I say that as a GSW fan
Samuel Sir
Samuel Sir Mês atrás
@John Daley - all time great star who submits himself to a system greater than himself - brilliant supporting cast with overachieving players who were overlooked by other teams - mastermind coach who can adjust on the fly - chips and multiple finals appearances
James Mês atrás
coming into the playoffs, one 'weakness' that everyone kept saying about GS was that they did not have a big and would be outplayed in the paint and on the boards, yet somehow they are dominating in the paint and on the boards.. LOL
Aureko Gaming
Aureko Gaming Mês atrás
If I’m the Mavs organization, I’m trying to trade everyone but Doncic and Brusnon in the off-season. This roster isn’t awful anywhere except for the center spot, but nobody outside of Doncic and Brunson is consistent enough to help in a deep playoff run. That’s also the case for Dinwiddie and a healthy THJ. They’re the next 2 best players, but those contracts are eating up too much salary cap for 2 guys that tend to disappear for games where they’re badly needed. Just my opinion. I still think this series goes 5 games at least, but that doesn’t change the Mavericks flaws.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Mês atrás
Everyone was picking the Mavs to beat the Warriors. And then after the series, they will say the Mavs were an “easy matchup” for the Warriors. Just watch.
AllDayEveryDay Mês atrás
5 of 19 espn analysts picked Mavs
HassanG Mês atrás
@Tomás Leote Mavs fans weren't even picking the Mavs to win. 🤣 They was talking off a Phx high but mostly praying they would at least go to 7
ICEMAKER24 Mês atrás
nobody pick the mavs bruh Warriors was the fav to win
Tomás Leote
Tomás Leote Mês atrás
Dude stop it everyone was picking the wariors to win before the series aside from Chuck, Shannon and mavs fans
James Mês atrás
GS has faced prime Lebron and Harden in the playoffs before, so it was always a ridiculous narrative that somehow GS wouldn't know how to handle Luka and the Mavs offensive scheme.....
KTC12490 Mês atrás
Mavs are done in this series we've always had the same problem for years we always have decent defensers but we always need a rim protector when we got tyson chandler we won idk why we can keep a big man its crazy
johnny bravo
johnny bravo Mês atrás
The Mavs have 0 post presence and can’t get rebounds. Bullock and 0-10 is another story. Gotta give Luka some help.
charlton johns
charlton johns Mês atrás
Golden State championship run was on pause for cause because of major injuries, and they has regrouped and putting the NBA on notice!
Jamon Balberan
Jamon Balberan Mês atrás
Curry literally stays so chill and has said the same things every times
Funky Frog Studios
Funky Frog Studios Mês atrás
WOOOW.. Congrats SAS.. This is first time!! First time I could actually agree with you and you talk facts without yelling!
Christian Clark
Christian Clark Mês atrás
Doesn’t matter if he drops that many points. He needs to be more effective with the shot clock because Luca is holding the ball 18 out of those 24 secs on every possession.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Mês atrás
He's a real life 2K player lol
Jeremy James
Jeremy James Mês atrás
I'm proud of them they got further than anyone thought they would I thought they would get swept by Phoenix
ponce Mês atrás
Wariors have too many weapons.....mavs depends 300% on doncic alone. This was obvious even before the series that mavs had 1% chance
Adam Russell
Adam Russell Mês atrás
Yep. Mavs fan here. This series was gonna come down to the supporting casts for each team - Poole, Wiggins and Looney for Warriors; Kleber, Finney-Smith, Bullock for the Mavs. Kleber has been the biggest disappointment on the offensive end. I can only recall one made three and very few offensive rebounds. Last night the Mavs showed flashes of ball movement and making open shots, but then they would have trips where it was the Doncic dribble-and-shoot show or everyone touches the ball and the supporting cast misses the shot. That's just not feasible playoff basketball. That five-on-the-three-line spread offense needs guys who can shoot AND slash.
JRT StrategiCapital
When Luka is averaging 40 pts and still loosing, that means others on the team aren’t scoring! This is a TEAM SPORT!
PoeticJustice Mês atrás
@V H plus Brunson is averaging 24 a game and Spencer is averaging how are the others not scoring exactly? Its clearly a defense problem
Doozle Dorf
Doozle Dorf Mês atrás
He's hogging the ball
Page Mês atrás
Are you blind? They had Brunson and Dinwiddie scoring plenty. It is the Warriors who have 4 players being able to score 20+. Even Green has the occasionally high double digit game. That is tough to beat for any team
Red C
Red C Mês atrás
@V H facts Luka giving up at least 10 points a game on blow bys
V H Mês atrás
Maybe If they defend better then that 40pts would be more than enough.
dilik mli
dilik mli Mês atrás
Wiggins never get enough credit. He's been the one keeping them close with defense and rebound while attacking and shooting.
Matthew McCarthy
Matthew McCarthy Mês atrás
Can’t blame Luka for other people missing shot after shot, but it wasn’t his best performance and wiggins just put him in many highlight videos for the future.
Lounes AMZAL
Lounes AMZAL Mês atrás
Steph is about to take this final MVP story personally 🤣 now y'all got to put him in the 🐐 goat conversation
Fiverr International CPA
Lmao he ain't even top 15 right now. Finals mvp put him real nice and close outside top 10.
Puck Mês atrás
@Lounes AMZAL Needs 2 more titles with 2FMVP's for that discussion to start imo. People definitely overrate LeBron when we talk about 'Greatest' list, they conflate it with 'Best', LeBron didn't even dominate his own Era, that's looking like it'll be Steph who is still competing at the highest level and won 3 against LeBron.
SK & DDG's SHOOTA #wahmyn8mewh #THATSTUFF
​@Lounes AMZAL lol no he wont… stop it.
Lounes AMZAL
Lounes AMZAL Mês atrás
If he win final MVP this year and another championship in the next year's he definitely gonna be in Kobe and LeBron discussion
kasper rieberg
kasper rieberg Mês atrás
I’m a huge Steph fan, but not in the goat convo !!
eigow ou
eigow ou Mês atrás
Mavs need a center, you cant live by the 3 and die by it, they need versatility.
Jon Poon
Jon Poon Mês atrás
Warriors have tighten the screws for mistakes they made against the Grizzlies. Gonna be hard for anyone to stop them
Jon Poon
Jon Poon Mês atrás
@Daniel M. I’m more so referring to how many turnovers they were commuting in that series
Daniel M.
Daniel M. Mês atrás
It would’ve been a quicker series against Memphis if Ja didn’t get hurt since it took a few games for the Warriors to adjust to the Memphis lineup.
andola jackson
andola jackson Mês atrás
I mean at the end of the day we really need to give credit to KERR his coaching pedigree and how hes gotten SOLID production from his role players/bench all season dating to pre-season or last season...HE gets his guys to play like starters big mins etc play like its their last game. He commands it from them its only something ive really seen out of ty-lue coaching his broken down clippers roster this season getting them to fight back in games below 20+. The second the starters come out THE NEXT MAN up steps up with equal mental and physical engagement to the game as if it were the last min of the game....all game. At the end of the day as great a player/coach kidd is currently KERR is on a completely different level even starting looney with the recommendation of dray/the starters on GSW...and getting insane production/effort starting looney vs memphis etc...these are HUGE aspects that player personal aside....kerr just brings to the table period...i saw this day 1 pre-season vs my lakers....this whole pedigree/each player on the roster playing up to a HIGHER standard set by kerr/champions on the GSW roster that the newer/younger players played RIGHT UP to. How "apparent" this aspect has GROWN over the last few weeks is largely sad or a sad depiction to how kerrs coaching and the overalls of the GSW roster/bench have been covered in the more or less past 1-2 seasons. Kerr ty lue, spol are pretty much on the top of the echelon of current/active coaches. Given their history/rosters have proven as much in the last 5 years.
andola jackson
andola jackson Mês atrás
@Jim Brave bro im talking comebacks with the pg-less kawhi less clippers....this season ty lue coaches them to not give up...and last year got that team to its FIRST WCF in franchise history LMAO. youre talking about a coach that didnt start looney and also had curry coming off the bench in these playoffs LMAO literally any coach woulda done that too FASHO
Angel Lawless
Angel Lawless Mês atrás
kerr definitely deserves credit but if you watch a lot of warriors basketball you would know how frustrating it was to watch him mismanage his personnel from time to time. Moody should have been played way more this year instead of chioza and d lee, for example. id say the same about kuminga but i think its kinda obvious now that jk did something to get himself on bad terms with kerr.
Sgt Slaughter
Sgt Slaughter Mês atrás
All facts brother kerr don't get his credit like he should he has built a winning culture and style of basketball offensively and they play defense
Vinny Mês atrás
I wish the Mavs could’ve somehow gotten Jarrett Allen from last year he’s exactly what they need, him and an upgrade from Reggie Bullock
kenneth griffin
kenneth griffin Mês atrás
what does it reveal? it reveals that Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, klay Thompson and draymond green would all be the 2nd best player if they were on the mavericks. the warriors are just insanely deep and talented with better coaching. Luka doncic isn't the problem. he might dominate the ball but it's not like Brunson and Dinwiddie didn't get the ball. theyre just not on that top tier like those other guys I mentioned. Luka needs more help. period!
A R Mês atrás
Let's keep it 💯...GSW are top level "TEAM" as good as the core players are...the "Others" still shine night in and night out...they won 🏆 before KD...and now in the position to win 🏆 without him...and can we stop playing with Chef Curry! That boy is a problem 💯
Reginald Short
Reginald Short Mês atrás
I can see the Mavs calling Memphis to get Adams or going after Bambo.
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Mês atrás
Is Mavericks going to get sweep or can they extend it to game 5?
Callie W311
Callie W311 Mês atrás
According to Jalen Rose, 4-1 is called a "Gentleman's sweep" so a sweep either way! Lol. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Mês atrás
After seeing game 3, Dallas Mavericks will get sweep
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Mês atrás
@Anthony Lopez I want GS to sweep Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Mês atrás
Honestly, I want GS to sweep Dallas Mavericks
John Daley
John Daley Mês atrás
Hopefully game 5
TouSixx Mês atrás
Dallas just realized they're not ready for Golden State
r ed
r ed Mês atrás
It reveals that if Luka had a reliable 2 or a reliable Big... they could have legitimately beat the Warriors. And if he had BOTH this series would be flipped.
Jonie-_ T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX💞 With Me🔞
JJ makes very valuable points that no one else does. I'm glad they are giving him the time to analyze the NBA games on ESPN
key Mês atrás
“The mavs needs a big body, a rim protector” Boban hearing this at the end of the bench: 🤡
A Pooh
A Pooh Mês atrás
Every JJ's pick to win the series is on the other team instead of the Warriors. He had picked the Nuggets, Grizzlies and the Mavs over the Warriors. He will be 0-4 very soon.
D_II Mês atrás
No he definitely picked the warriors over the Mavs lol
bmx7596 Mês atrás
the fact that they only lost by 9 with no help is amazing
53anHarri50n Mês atrás
I think they sign Mo Bamba in the off season. Could be a good move
BOPDawg Mês atrás
Dončić plays like James Harden with his handling of the ball all the time and then taken the shot. This allows any defense to focus on him having the ball and the other team members walking in the rain. His character doesn't say superstar because he's always complaining about something and will not hustle back on defense. Could it be he's out of shape?
O K Mês atrás
They missed 15 shots meaning 15 possessions roughly 5 minutes of play, that's 5 minutes of possession worth zero points
Joni Blue
Joni Blue Mês atrás
Mavs need to trade Bullock if they need to win a championship. 0-10 when it matters most. There are games he shot great but very rarely do those occur.
Joni Blue
Joni Blue Mês atrás
@Victor Sullivan that was Dorian. He is the true lock down defender. Bullock too slow for Paul (got even an ankle twisted trying to stay on Paul).
Robert Mês atrás
@Jim Brave He ain’t 6’9 bud.
Victor Sullivan
Victor Sullivan Mês atrás
He’s also the reason that CP3 and Booker got locked up. He plays heavy minutes for defense
James Miller
James Miller Mês atrás
The warriors I think have the second greatest core of all time. MJ and Scottie are number 1 but Steph, Draymond and Klay are a close second
James Miller
James Miller Mês atrás
@Christopher Morris I mean if you wanna look at rings I guess but I still believe with the level of competition year in and year out and how many star players there are now the road is considerably harder to win consistently there’s guys from the 80s and 90s that were stars then that would be roll players now
Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris Mês atrás
@James Miller better then warriors Kareem and magic are both better then steph ,and worthy the 3rd best player is better then draymond
James Miller
James Miller Mês atrás
@Paul Mann definitely a good argument
James Miller
James Miller Mês atrás
@Jump Street24 true but I don’t think they were together long enough and unfortunately they were put together the warriors were all drafted and it’s been a dynasty. I think Lebron is the goat and his heat team was fire but they just weren’t around long enough and they only got two chips where the bulls got 6 obviously and the warriors are closing in on number 4 when’s the last time you seen a core as good as the warriors stay the same without at least one guy walking away cause he thinks he’s better than the group, I don’t knock Lebron for leaving the hoop I’m actually from Akron Ohio lol but compared to the bulls and warriors nothing is even close except Kobe and shaq which I’d say is either tied for second or could have a good argument for second cause they three peat-ed
Starship Captain
Starship Captain Mês atrás
What does that show about the Phoenix Suns since they lost to the Mavericks bad and the Warriors are dominating them??
Matthew Gardner
Matthew Gardner Mês atrás
Dallas doesn't want to play with a rim protector bc they want to be able to go 5 out on o. So finding a guy who can space the floor on O and protect the rim on D is hard to find
Robert Mês atrás
You see that’s the problem. It’s becoming Luka Ball like harden. He ain’t going to win anything
Justin Bouavanh
Justin Bouavanh Mês atrás
Mo Bamba.
jesse Mês atrás
Mavs are about to make history with this comeback. Stay tuned!
Henry castellon
Henry castellon Mês atrás
Mavs in game 2 had 3 players score over 20pts, had a double digit lead most of the game and still lost. Find a way to win. Memphis didn’t have their best guy for 3 games and gave the warriors all they could handle.
Sed Said
Sed Said Mês atrás
The Mavs role players were shooting lights out against the Suns and now missing wide open shots
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Mês atrás
What does it show? It shows they are still young obviously, for very clear reasons. Doncic is a superstar, but even LeBron lost to this team 3 times
RJ Beato
RJ Beato Mês atrás
My take on this series is Golden State going to final and going to be champions again . W this core of players they are back to contention as long they can keep this core . About the mavericks they reall need to give Lucka some serious help next season .
Super Seahawk
Super Seahawk Mês atrás
"you know what happened to his sister" "but he shot 0-10" 😂😂
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins Mês atrás
JJ Redick is doing his thing as an analyst .Well I guess the Mavericks will be losing to the Warriors. The Warriors are about to go to the finals. I don't like neither team but I feel like the Mavericks should go find Luka some help.
MAADUECE Mês atrás
Considering Tim Hardaway is injured the mav's have gone pretty far
Trevor Stepp
Trevor Stepp Mês atrás
The Mavericks just don't have enough to keep up with the warriors. Doncic sometimes has help from Brunson and dinnwiddie, but all 3 of them are pgs. I think they need to shore up their other positions. Props to them for beating the suns, but it seems that warriors just have too much talent for them to handle.
Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny Mês atrás
Fun fact curry has being In the finals more than 8 nba teams 😂
William Mês atrás
live or die by the 3 has always been the Mavs motto in life.
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