Steph Reacts To Giannis Calling Him The "Best Player In The World" 😂 

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Steph Curry's reaction to being called the "best player in the world" by Giannis Antetokounmpo. #NBAMediaDay
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24 Set 2022



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@imkurisuchan Anos atrás
Giannis and Steph's respect for each other is so inspirational.
@AFO_AnalyRics Anos atrás
Kobe got it right about these two. Not Giannis' strength, but his mindset. Not Curry's skill, but such a coldblooded calmness masked in that baby face smile.
@shyfamtv3803 Anos atrás
Love how Giannis and Curry have the same level of thinking and respect for each other. That’s called being a great human being in the game of basketball.
@Jry088 Anos atrás
I want them to play on the same team. They're both so awesome and humble.
@jdeezy885 Anos atrás
I found a whole new respect for this man. Very humble.
@xxfrank12 Anos atrás
My 2 favorite players.. 2 extremely talented, highly skilled and hard working guys. But at the same time 2 of the most humble and respectful human beings alive.
@MichaelLudden Anos atrás
💯% on point. The basketball world needs to respect winning more, like Giannis does.
@Evan-ky4tz Anos atrás
Two of the most humble players in the league. Gotta love them
The respect between Giannis and Steph is real.
@pg13pacernation30 Anos atrás
Real game recognizes real game 🤝
@jusevox6189 Anos atrás
Steph is very aware of his words and how he responds to things 👌
@samatpimton1876 Anos atrás
True sportmanship from Giannis.
@xeakpress2718 Anos atrás
Hard not to love two kings of the game giving props and respect
@dmfresh919 Anos atrás
Giannis is the most humble nba player I have ever seen. Amazing character.
2 great players earning chips without joining other superstars. Mad respect for both of them
@kyleo4891 Anos atrás
Both amazing players and great men. Respect both ways, love to see it
@ariendelapena3047 Anos atrás
Look how the 2 mvp's giving compliments to each other. Very humble that's why I idolize them especially the 👨🏻‍🍳. Good luck to the both of you for this season.
@jonathand7697 Anos atrás
love the way Giannis says Steph Curry 😂
I love these two players, respect for each other off the court, good self-awareness but when they step between those lines they just want to win and that's all, as it should be in all sports
look at steff kerry man, so inspirational