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Weird getting through the rest of the day when your morning consisted of watching an alien with huge tiddies getting its heart ripped out of its chest by a naked ninja tiddy lady causing the alien to cry out in pleasure but I'm okay everything's fine
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10 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
James Wasdin
James Wasdin 4 meses atrás
Taimanin Asagi? Hah! You boys don't even know about Euphoria or Maggot Baits, do ya? XD
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn 6 meses atrás
I've already pirated, patched and played it. If Gabe doesn't want my money it's his loss.
Geraldkaiser 8 meses atrás
Valve: We don't want to contribute to anything related to pedophilia Also Valve: *Has Nekopara(a game where you get to you know what 2 underage cat girls) in their store
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 8 meses atrás
0:06 how did I not notice this
Teanae Callis
Teanae Callis 8 meses atrás
As someone who has seen Taimanin Asagi, the hentai...yeah... xD
Yu Takahashi
Yu Takahashi 8 meses atrás
lol I can see how it gets censored outside Japan, I mean if the title of this game is Ahe Gao loli alike big tiddy ninja torture, also 1st one might be OK but if I remember correctly it gets HARDcore later on. I'm on neither side on this but look what all ヘンタイgames made me into.
Anime Dumpster Fire
Anime Dumpster Fire 8 meses atrás
I worship at the alter of Anime Tiddies. Praise be to the Waifus who forgive our sins. In the name of the Tsundere, the Yandere and the Holy Dandere.
TheMightyBagle 8 meses atrás
Meanwhile a free porn game is 100% uncensored on steam... and it has furrries in it... yes it’s that type of game ._.
James Miller
James Miller 8 meses atrás
I think the argument for the hentai stuff showing girls that are underage, is that it's drawn and there for has no victim. The reason child porn is illegal is because there is a child being exploited or abused. With drawn or animated stuff that does not exist.
Pilsun Jung
Pilsun Jung 8 meses atrás
Meanwhile in Bioshock: "CHOOSE weather to RESCUE the Little Sister or HARVEST her. If you harvest her, you get MAXIMUM ADAM to spend on plasmids, but she will NOT SURVIVE the process." Would you kindly explain how Steam guideline works? Murder is okay, but not sexual exploitation that resembles a child? Is it more forgiving if the game wins some awards? Do you have to bribe someone at Steam to be on their market place? Are we living in more sensitive times? Going against certain stigma makes them feel like a hero? Really raises the question of the whole reason for a 'guideline' to be set in the first place . Without a consistent one in place, I could see someone could take an opportunity at this gray area for their person gain. Good video/topic.
Liverbest Gibs
Liverbest Gibs 8 meses atrás
Is common sense too much to ask for from indie developers nowadays? Sure, there is a blurry line. Just stay far from the edge of the blur.
Mr Nice
Mr Nice 8 meses atrás
I demand my demon ninja fighting hentai game.
Jessie Briones
Jessie Briones 8 meses atrás
Saya no Uta is not underage she’s some cuthullhu alien thing
Wes Tolson
Wes Tolson 8 meses atrás
I don't think censorship is the proper term for not selling a product.
Donnie Qualls
Donnie Qualls 8 meses atrás
"Movie theatres don't allow just anything to air..." You haven't seen Captain Marvel have you..
Jericho Wolf
Jericho Wolf 8 meses atrás
There is a big difference between loli porn and child porn. Seriously look up the definition of loli women. But for those who are to fucking lazy. Loli women are women who resemble a young girl but in reality they are of age 18 or older. As to where child porn or pedophilia is anyone under the age of 18 and is being sexually exploition,violation,molestaion and whatever else have. So sounds like dumbasses need to have some common sense or start looking up definitions or give clear cut rules and regulations instead of trying the whole riddle bullshit of read between the line context must be realised bullshit.
Remilia Scuntlet
Remilia Scuntlet 8 meses atrás
Damn, Taimanin asagi takes me back also just use Dlsite for you'r pron games.
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville 8 meses atrás
I will probably never play these games even if they weren't banned lol! 😂😂😂
rapsody230 8 meses atrás
The reason child pornography is illegal is because it hurts and violates the children's rights. Same reason why zoofilia is illegal: the animal can't give consent so you are technically hurting or violating its rights. Then why is immaginary images, that are not depictions of ANY living existing human illegal? THey don't violate any right of any person, they are not harmful so they should be allowed.
Lev 8 meses atrás
taimanin, very nice game
Luna Kaze
Luna Kaze 8 meses atrás
JP VNs are unacceptable unless its western unfunny trash like that KFC one
混沌 Chaos_Light_Dark
No mention of the underage sex scene in Life is Strange 2.
Rufusking11 8 meses atrás
But you Can buy the H version of Nekopara on steam, where plenty of girls that have that "underage" visual appear. And canonically, they're all underage, I guess steam takes cat years into consideration since they are cat girls?
Adzi 8 meses atrás
nobody. freakin. knows.
Bunnygears 8 meses atrás
This may be off topic. But when i was 13-14 i actually met this girl who was 13-14 as well and her beasts were very developed. Dispite her not being fat.
Adzi 8 meses atrás
I had a similar case - and happened to go to the same schools as her, through the highschool, so I know she didn't really change too much later. While I also had in my class in highschool a small, and underdeveloped girl who weren't there by skipping classes. Looks mean nothing.
a person
a person 8 meses atrás
Honestly, why do we give a shit? These games are trash anyways.
Chip Chapley
Chip Chapley 8 meses atrás
sad fact when a known psychological disorder is getting confused with a criminal action.... pedophillia≠child molestor. most pedophiles are normal people who have the common sense and social awareness not to act on their sexual desires its the fucking sickos with no care for social norms and no understanding of causality/consequences for ones actions that are the criminals. and loli hentai is different than child porn... totally different, not to mention the lowest age of consent in japan is 14, tokyo it's 16, but i digress. tl:dr pedophillia≠child molestor and drawn images of porn should not be upheld has the same as actual porn, both ideologies creates victimless crimes.
Victor Huff
Victor Huff 8 meses atrás
0:27 Hestia. Nice choice.
WolfThorn 8 meses atrás
Steam you said you weren't gonna do this kinda shit.
Agent Smith : Retro Gamer
I want that Kentucky Route 0 shirt
Bell Drop
Bell Drop 8 meses atrás
_"Valve banning "child exploitation" games from steam"_ I don't see them banning sports games.
ImagineMaker 8 meses atrás
well this brings back memories
xpirate16 8 meses atrás
Why doesn't Steam just have a private section for adult games and call it "Steamy"? There ya go Valve...that's free.
WaterBearForever 8 meses atrás
Deep Dive into a Degenerate's mind?
illmatic Fury
illmatic Fury 8 meses atrás
8:42 was alarming lol
Number 1 Hustla
Number 1 Hustla 8 meses atrás
when you talk to lawrence you automatically become a part of the 'me too' movement
TheBlueraid 8 meses atrás
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
What in the.....I mean there are definitely teens that have huge jugs because of early puberty spike and unfortunately people only look on external characteristics and somehow don't really care about the real age even. I mean hell the FBI used some petite adult girls who looked like they were underage to catch child predators, really shows us how ridiculous deciding what kind of body type is considered underaged when they are just teenagers and of course if they purposefully considered that certain character to be a real underage kid too obviously then well, then probably censor that but then there's going to be a "She's actually a 800 years old vampire lol." at the horizon which well tbh is just personal depictions on fiction lmfao.
ALX Official
ALX Official 8 meses atrás
Steam censors sexually explicit games..... go watch porm like everyone else this is a non story
Matt Kundrick
Matt Kundrick 8 meses atrás
2:15 ... sounds like every Tuesday at RT
Nyx Unown
Nyx Unown 8 meses atrás
Oh no, a cartoon character looks underage... A cartoon where the age of consent is 13...
Adzi 8 meses atrás
@Nyx Unown yup
Nyx Unown
Nyx Unown 8 meses atrás
@Adzi I KNOW, it's still a cartoon though! It doesn't have an age!
Adzi 8 meses atrás
you know that that "age of consent is 13" thing is grossly misunderstood? In Japan 13 is the *absolutely minimal* age of consent which can be legislated in any prefecture - while in practice, age of consent in Japan is often around the pretty sensible 16, somewhere even 18, and often with various clauses regarding intercourse between an able-to-consent minors and adults aiming to prevent power abuse. Maybe Japan is more lenient in depicting plain... illegallness in art, but the law definitely does not allow fulfilling paedophilia IRL (whether you consider this with anyone under 18, or more scientifically).
MySplatterhouse 8 meses atrás
Wow I hope Steam doesn't "goose step" all over Subverse when it drops!!! Doesnt Steam have adult/mature tans for this stuff anyway!?!?
Adzi 8 meses atrás
Subverse is very much vanilla and has no characters looking underage. Risk of them getting bonked is really low.
LlamaStein 8 meses atrás
Any censorship of anime is good censorship.
GreedC 8 meses atrás
Never thought I'd see a youtube video covering taimanin asagi in my entire life, it's an old but popular hentai and I think I wanna go rewatch it again. Thanks man!
disk3001 8 meses atrás
I love how Japan is nuking the west with porn You can't run from the past ..
Animelytical 8 meses atrás
"No she's a brick house" - Brian. Is THAT what the song is about. First heard it on the game Boogie on Nintendo DS. Skyrim has a lot of what dungeons?!?!?! I need me a PC
Eltre Bas
Eltre Bas 8 meses atrás
OMG. How am I supposed to nut with all these censorship?
CynicalManchild 8 meses atrás
Sad virgins mad they can't jerk off to their waifus on steam
A2B 8 meses atrás
American are the most hypocrite ppl on earth when come to censorship of adult contents. Well, not surprising, USA the breeding nest of SJW.
Haifisch 8 meses atrás
love you guys, making the news fun
92Niceneasy 8 meses atrás
Oh no. I knew the game before they even said the name.
Dec0y77 8 meses atrás
All censorship is bad, take Nintendo's stance or Steam needs to follow their original statment by not having a part in it.
No2V 8 meses atrás
Really digging for those stories on the slow news days even though you could have told us about all the premieres at Tokyo Game Show but cartoon tit is more important than actual game news. I'm sure you'll mention it in a few days.
VicSoh 8 meses atrás
Let's just stick to DMM to get the games that are considered too risqué for this dumb modern society.
jSlazer 8 meses atrás
Saya from Song of Saya isn't underage, She's a transdimensional alien that looks like a teenage girl to the protagonist due to brain damage. That's just how he perceives her as her age is unknown and her real form is not human.
evlofenn 8 meses atrás
Need a compilation of end of episode promo's- Lawrence you are a comedy genius.
Lonewolf Blake
Lonewolf Blake 8 meses atrás
hestia is bestia btw
_MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 8 meses atrás
I'm surprised they even had the balls to try
Michael Oliver
Michael Oliver 8 meses atrás
Why does Valve believe that adults should not be allowed to play adult oriented games?
MaxMicster 8 meses atrás
@Michael Oliver Exactly. I keep telling people if people keep supporting these western companies they will dictate anime coming from Japan and destroy it.
Michael Oliver
Michael Oliver 8 meses atrás
@MaxMicster you may be right regardless as a grown ass adult it annoys me when companies start dictating what is and isn't "appropriate content" for adults to consume.
MaxMicster 8 meses atrás
Feminist have taken over the company, just like Funimation, it's all downhill from here.
_MILETIL_ BLIGHT_ 8 meses atrás
3:48 there are hundreds of Naughty games featuring girls in school girl outfit It's called being eighteen and still in highschool Or a cosplay fetish ...I'm not gonna argue on the whole young and small looking women that's more if your fine it's fine hell I personally don't mind it in certain limits Like ya know she's no explicitly said to be a little girl and has very obviously developed girls Let's face it let's just stick to the little sisters that have oppai if you want something that heats up your protective instincts
bleachsmoker 8 meses atrás
I know this artist. They are very talented at animating the motion of liquid.
MatticusFinch1820 8 meses atrás
Remember the days when Nintendo censored Mortal Kombat on SNES and Final Fantasy VI on SNES? Now they are the ones holding up free speech? Wow. Times sure have changed. Sony used to be the Tit machine.
FireHawkX 8 meses atrás
When I published my game on steam, also an adult hentai uncensored porn game, I was asked during the pre-release phase to add a disclaimer that every character depicted were adults... I added it to the description of the game as well as the first screen when starting the game up and my game was approved and launched past January. Let me know if you even want or need extra info :)
Pickled Sausages
Pickled Sausages 8 meses atrás
Just make a separate area for adult games. Getting sick of "purists" using kids eyes as excuses. Need to find a center and tell both the right and left to fuck off.
Tainted107 8 meses atrás
I mean they don't need steam, just sell it on your own site or the many other porn game selling websites.
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 8 meses atrás
I WANT TO WATCH PORN ALL DAY!!!"- Lawrence 2019
Joshua Nelson
Joshua Nelson 8 meses atrás
I wonder if Steam/Valve has a group of employes test play some games that seem risky before deciding if they should host the game on their service, if not they may be able to further investigate and test games before being under fire for the content on their services
PanzerKnight 8 meses atrás
Isn't the saya no uta girl a monster or something?
Adzi 8 meses atrás
*spoooooileeeeers* although, given the premise, it's easy to figure out
Neko Squad
Neko Squad 8 meses atrás
Hey i know that hentai :o
PickeringSamuel 8 meses atrás
I use the same razor for both. And my razor always snags my balls. Man up
ShadowRFox 8 meses atrás
As a "researcher" of Asagi. I can say that no school girl outfits really appear until later titles. Sakura, the blonde, is the only one that can even remotely be considered young because she is in school at the time of the game take place. But the game never say what level of schooling and hint college (if memory serves correctly). Honestly I think that Steam removed it because the game is huge in it amount of sexual violence and hardcore fetishes. They may say they are open to "everything" but this everything is more normal type of sexual themes (and that Western standard of normal sex view not Eastern). Game that wear their fetishes on their sleeves like Asagi is going to be hit hard by Steam.
TitoSilvey 8 meses atrás
Lawrence repping Kentucky Route Zero! Nice!
TriP TriP
TriP TriP 8 meses atrás
I have issues with people who expect another culture who also have wildly diff. body types to change themselves. Seriously there are Japanese women with natural crazy body types before surgery. (not counting boobs because I have seen teen girls in America who are crazy big for body size and age natural from my childhood and women whose boobs might be smaller then mine as adult and I'm a guy.) Hell these rules can be discriminatory when demanding all adult women look like adult women.
Sam Butler
Sam Butler 8 meses atrás
You said the greatest games journalist would be here, but there's no Andy Cortez in the video
eugkra33 8 meses atrás
How the hell are those 13 year old girls from Nekopara allowed on Steam, but this is not???
FloundrrPoundrr 8 meses atrás
I definitely have NOT seen the actual hentai, all 3 or 4 episodes.
TheGreeny490 8 meses atrás
We as Society already made a decision about this topic. Horror, Splatter movies can fit into all the questions and already have answer connected.
at.kafasi.212 8 meses atrás
That adread was the highlight of this, good one Lawrence
sebastian rosa
sebastian rosa 8 meses atrás
Game seems pretty creepy all things considered. Even for one of those anime hentai games.
Jason Hayes
Jason Hayes 8 meses atrás
Larry, your my hero. Personally, and a conasuir of Anime Trash, i get why these can get censored with loli characters (please Japan..please stop) but this feels like they are just going after anime games now, like ALL the characters appear underage. Meanwhile on the Switch...everything is game? really is the weirdest timeline.
Adzi 8 meses atrás
everything is game, as long as it's already rated by rating agencies
shiroifeather 8 meses atrás
i feel like i should add to this discusiion with something far more disturbing for when you try and judge something underage mainly how western and asian woman mature a 14 year old westen girl could have a fairly large pair on the front and seem off age but a 32 year old asian lady might still seem underage because those narrow hips and flat chests are the main body type you will find . so while it does not apeal to me personnally these facts mean i am not willing to be judgemental of underage seeming 300 year old vampire loli's nor am i likely to consider yoko obscene for being portraited with as she is in gurren lagan despite being 14 and such it seems silly when you realize that japan is not sexualing minors but sexualizing asian body type woman and westerners are the ones commiting just as much accidental pedophilia because the girl with those big melons on the street might just be 14 . The only way is to just ask a girls age (to make doubly sure ask their parents or friends about their age ).theres also the huge huge problem of japan hating being adults and idolizing their school years apperently lol .felt like t would be an intresting tidbit for those intrested in looking into it . i suppose my point is its anime/a game don't take it so seriously
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