STEALTH VAN TOUR // Solo Woman lives Full Time Van Life in the Urban City of Vancouver

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Van life Mini Documentary about Vanessa and her Stealth Cargo van. Learn the ins and outs about what it means to be a woman who lives in a stealth van full time in an urban city like Vancouver BC.
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Please enjoy this Mini Documentary about Van life!
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2 Jul 2018



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Comentários 4 520
Different Media.
Different Media. 8 meses atrás
This video is actually part of a series of Mini Documentaries that feature alternative living spaces and the people behind them, Click the link below to see all the videos in that series! and let me know which one is your favorite!
Jonny 4 meses atrás
wow this Chic is the woman of my life ;-)
Beaf Supreme
Beaf Supreme 4 meses atrás
ANYONE who thinks this smoking hot person lives in that little thing is just dumb as a box of rocks. Period
leebog31 4 meses atrás
This lady is marriage material. Where can I find one like her?
A Bernard
A Bernard 5 meses atrás
I like Vanessa, she's very cute... wish I could get to know her.
George Frazier
George Frazier 7 meses atrás
Very very cool 👏🏿
wayne conrad
wayne conrad 4 horas atrás
I prefer my gal to skip the showers as much as possible ,,, its ok baby,,, its all natural and Im all man,,,,,HHOOOWWWWLLLLLLLLL!!!!!
Jonathan Acevedo
Jonathan Acevedo 8 horas atrás
Hello, invite me
nzinga zindua
nzinga zindua 17 horas atrás
Where did she find her foam mattress and internet booster? Thanks.
Sir TroLLington Da 3rd
I'd be in there drilling the shit out of her fine ass.
Anew Betterme
Anew Betterme Dia atrás
I want to marry you😍😍😍.
Mike White
Mike White Dia atrás
I love her
sam 2 dias atrás
you go girl :)
Dhamaal Music
Dhamaal Music 2 dias atrás
I feel bad those people who are living in van
TOM PIPPS 6 dias atrás
Walter Costa
Walter Costa 7 dias atrás
Shes so beautiful
Ken juice Krajewski
Ken juice Krajewski 8 dias atrás
Love the look and your great attitude. Great job you look happy
Scorch Two
Scorch Two 8 dias atrás
she doesnt seem happy. I feel bad for her. She basically wants to live in a closet with her instruments and art supplies. :|
Hải Dương
Hải Dương 12 dias atrás
Wa sao cô gái này dẽ thương quá day
skitsmaxn 13 dias atrás
Why do men have to say “ Single “ woman!! They don’t say single man living!! A bit odd and not yo safe!
Dave H
Dave H 3 dias atrás
aint nothing for a single man to be on his own but a pretty girl by herself "on the streets" is different. isn't that what half of lifetime movies are about?
Grouchy Gurl
Grouchy Gurl 15 dias atrás
Any tips on safety/security?
B B 15 dias atrás
Damn she’s fine
David Draper
David Draper 15 dias atrás
wow she is gorgeous! 😍
Proffesor Dick
Proffesor Dick 18 dias atrás
WoW!!!! MuchRespect to this Beautiful Female for her Awesome Work!!!! Beautiful!!!@
Brent 20 dias atrás
Very Cool van! I admire your work and what you're doing, but why in the hell would you want to stay in the city? Such an awesome van Should be out in the middle of nowhere enjoying the finer things in life lol
220kasy 21 dia atrás
Love your style of living. BTW, love your T-shirt, do you mind me asking where you bought it?
SHADOW BANNED 22 dias atrás
beets a cardboard box honey / anyways Who want the Government tapped into your jugular vain so they can suck you dry /
Bill Pickle
Bill Pickle 22 dias atrás
What's up with all these nasally bitches livin in vans!? Hahahahaha guess those french literature masters degrees only pay for a fuckin van!
Sir Ian
Sir Ian 22 dias atrás
Is anyone else in love with Vanessa now? ;) just saying...
Mr MEMé 22 dias atrás
O.M.G. She's Sooo Cute 💜
Shamanistical1 22 dias atrás
😎 Happy travels. Say hi to 👽
Jo Cool
Jo Cool 23 dias atrás do you sleep with all men in this car?
s michael
s michael 23 dias atrás
Want a husband ? Shes gorgeous and def got part hippie in her. May take a trip to vancouver
TheTrooper 98Vlog
TheTrooper 98Vlog 24 dias atrás
Yea.....GET A FUCKING REAL JOB. Then you won't have to live in a van. End of lesson.
Jim Brinkley
Jim Brinkley 24 dias atrás
Adventurous and easy on the eyes! I like her already.
Tom M
Tom M 25 dias atrás
Very cute.
Faith Miedes
Faith Miedes 26 dias atrás
I want to belong to a van life community. It’s nice to have financial freedom and be able to travel.
Jim Flanagan
Jim Flanagan 26 dias atrás
Good for you , nice setup . You go girl , Jersey .
Nomatic Vandura Artz
Nomatic Vandura Artz 27 dias atrás
Wow you are amazing. I hope we cross paths in the future. I winter in Arizona, summer you never know where I'm going to be.
RoryZ23 27 dias atrás
Best van name ever!
Kelly Maxx Repinski
Kelly Maxx Repinski 27 dias atrás
KENNY MC NASTY 27 dias atrás
Sry to hear they stole ur Van. Nothing was ever found ? But really find ur ideal makes so much sence..I like to do same ..tired of 9to5. Seen videos so many most ppl keep dogs ..i don't dislike them but the room is minimal. Salute your efforts Lord bless ya..
MC Hosto
MC Hosto 28 dias atrás
She's so fine
TheBeast Tiger
TheBeast Tiger 29 dias atrás
would love to bang her
mik red
mik red 29 dias atrás
its harder for hot chicks like this to do this so many crazy mfs out here
A Google User
A Google User Mês atrás
Hi Vanessa. You are really beautiful. Like the van too.
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 1 Mês atrás
This gal is a fucking dream!
TheRussianLondoner Mês atrás
Nice van!!! Stay awesome
Hopitu Shinumu
Hopitu Shinumu Mês atrás
So you plan on not interacting with humans and or not having a family? Sounds pretty lonely to me and I’m a loner type.
Aimee Qn
Aimee Qn Mês atrás
Love this 😍
Jacob Goldberg
Jacob Goldberg Mês atrás
How do you shower?
Marietta Kelly
Marietta Kelly Mês atrás
So when are you getting the 5 cats? There are signs that you are on that path.
November Mês atrás
What a cool artistic chick.
so sweet girl)
CHICHI816 Mês atrás
She needs a man for that van
Old Cutter
Old Cutter Mês atrás
She’s gorgeous 😛
Official David W. Linderman Bel0vedofG0d
You are beautiful Vanessa. 🌟⭐️😀♥️🔥
Jaime Zapien
Jaime Zapien Mês atrás
U are fucking gorgeous
Stephen Hohsfield
Stephen Hohsfield Mês atrás
hi sexy
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Mês atrás
Vanessa, as Beautiful as You are, I find it hard to believe, that some Man, has not already Taken You off the Market for Good and given you the Nice Home You Really Deserve. Be Safe and Good Luck to You.
Wahyu Yudha Yudha
Wahyu Yudha Yudha Mês atrás
Good ,live is confortable...👍👍👍😀
last. name.
last. name. Mês atrás
1:33. Vanessa, you are a dirty thief. Repent wicked temptress.
Preston Hurley
Preston Hurley Mês atrás
You are a beauty!
MrMoloch001 Mês atrás
Where's the bathroom?
Earl Vaughn
Earl Vaughn Mês atrás
Her reasons for moving into the van are the same exact reasons I am moving into one next week. Music, multiple jobs, freedom, no rent, having instruments and tools always near by. I cannot wait.
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