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It's time for another Pokemon Battle Royale! This time.. with all the Starter Pokemon! Who will be the last Partner Pokemon standing? Be sure to watch Lockstin's Analysis Video afterward! • EXPLAINING The Starter...
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Animatic, Animation, Background Art, Coloring, Lineart, Special Effects, Sound Design by Jeremey Chinshue / jeremeychinshue
Background Art, Background Animation, Special Effects by Edgar Nielsen
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Stuart Zagnit (the actual voice of Prof. Oak):
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14 Nov 2023



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@Gnoggin 23 dias atrás
Pikachu prooves that the power of friendship is the most powerfer thing of all! ... well besides a bird I guess.
@TerminalMontage 23 dias atrás
Not just any bird... but a bird.. on fire! 🔥 Couldn't have made this video without your brilliant research! Be sure to watch Lockstin's analysis video after! :D
@theworstghost123 23 dias atrás
Bird beats all
@lasagna3289 23 dias atrás
@Threertx 23 dias atrás
Them damn fire birds
@NagKai_G 23 dias atrás
Sad thing Eevee didn't do the same, though I guess that's what happens when friendship involves RNG
@luissalazar1180 18 dias atrás
Love the detail of swampert being so freaking op, but being defeated by touching some grass
@BlaizeTheDragon 18 dias atrás
4X weakness to grass is pain
@noblemecha7788 17 dias atrás
Boi I use to cheese a whole team of fire Pokémon cause most of them were able to learn thunder punch then swampert came out and put a stop to that
@MothGirlHina 16 dias atrás
Literally how to beat a Redditor too
@Haxorusfan49 15 dias atrás
Chesnaught died off screen so maybe he could've done it
@papapitufo3672 14 dias atrás
Rayo hielo
@Phobos_95 16 dias atrás
Big shoutout to Swampert for utterly devastating the entire battlefield to an unprecedented degree AND going hard in a 2v1 against some Meta bois... Only to die to a particularly sharp blade of grass. Truly the most accurate portrayal of any Pokemon in all of your videos.
@2cox909 14 dias atrás
6v1: Skeledirge and Incineroar were knocked out when he entered his battle against the Fire alliance. Emboar was too slow to dodge Swampert’s attacks. And Cinderace was cleaned up by Sobble. And STILL held his edge against blaziken and Charizard.
@Phobos_95 12 dias atrás
@saravana4462 9 dias atrás
Swampert is the MVP of this battle
@rabbidthor 7 dias atrás
​​@@2cox909Sorry If I sound like a nerd here but I think it was because emboar can't jump that he was killed, it looked like they all knew, if you look at 6:13 all of the others are looking at swampert, I think he knew. But fair play to the man he got 20 kills( yes I counted, I included rillaboom as a kill because it died to the earthquake, I'm sorry but you cannot scientifically explain how a grass monkey who lost his drums, fell into the centre of the earth while in fire lived)
@rabbidthor 7 dias atrás
But yeah, I do agree with you guys he went hard, the last time I saw someone hold a 6v1 like that my girlfriend and I broke up
@russelloats 18 dias atrás
I just love that Grovyle bounced immediately. Explorers of the Sky is just a gem in the Pokémon franchise
@Galdr 14 dias atrás
The homage to the Explorers games with Grovyle there really made me happy, imo.
@katherinepurvin7802 5 dias atrás
Well, considering what his world was like, he didn't live as long as he did without knowing when to cut and run... But it was fun to see the nod to Explorers! I had to rewind the vid to make sure I had actually seen it.
@TsukiRaiki 4 dias atrás
explorers of the sky? sorry i’m new and need context
@katherinepurvin7802 4 dias atrás
@@TsukiRaiki Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It's the Pokemon Emerald to Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, and considered one of if not the best game in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Unfortunately, it's also pretty difficult to get ahold of these days...last I knew a copy ran for a hundred bucks secondhand.
@MasterTevs 17 dias atrás
Everybody talking bout how op Swampert is, but can we talk about how cute he looks just chillin in the sand at 2:54
@alexandergreene461 5 dias atrás
He looks so happy there lol
I love swampert, is the most freaking op that all
@Poketom-ob1dl 11 dias atrás
I am convinced that the only reason why rillaboom was the one to take out swampert was because Terminal likes the monkey scream sound effect
@infinityheart_tm9270 3 dias atrás
Then again being weak to a THIRD of the competitors doesn’t really help.
@Omonomogon 3 dias atrás
​@@infinityheart_tm9270Then again again wiping out a third of the competitors is something only swampert could do with his 3 aoe attack he can naturally learn.
@infinityheart_tm9270 3 dias atrás
@@Omonomogon And that’s why he has as high of a chance of winning that you’d think he’d have.
@ethanreyes9549 23 dias atrás
Torchic accidentally dying and becoming Skeledirge's new bird was such a creative touch
@pncka 23 dias atrás
i like to think it was intentional
@luxato5789 23 dias atrás
A creative Torch, if you will.
@DracuNightmare 23 dias atrás
Creative torchic
@survivorofthecurse717 23 dias atrás
I died a little inside. Torchic was too pure for this world ;-;
@maurojrpadron9583 23 dias atrás
I think that’s how torch song was given 🤔. But still swampertt did my boy, skeledirge wrong ( AND WHERES CUTE FUECOCO 😭)
@Super-Animation 17 dias atrás
I love Chesnaught being completely unfazed by Meowsacrada’s bombs, and just launching it into the atmosphere.
@skeleex 15 dias atrás
It never died
@theherohartmut 12 dias atrás
@parkergreen2704 6 dias atrás
Chesnaught's Hidden Ability is Bulletproof, which makes it immune to ball and bomb-based attacks.
@PepperonibeatsZombie 5 dias atrás
@@skeleexIt did. You can see at 6:06 it was killed by all of the fire types
@harry.a.thomson9523 2 dias atrás
Also, if you watch very carefully, you can just spot a rather random “Final Fantasy” cameo.
@Alexis-vv5bk 15 dias atrás
Honestly I love the story Bannette, Mawile, and the Kangaskan baby have going on. A small unit bound together by being displaced in space and time, love it.
@14tth 8 dias atrás
Tooootally forget when that started, since the original battle royale or a later one?
@zekkaran8310 7 dias atrás
During the mega evo battle royale
@brianmorton9419 6 dias atrás
I really have to wonder how many more battle royale videos there could be; we may be heading towards the end of their story! I bet there’s probably going to be a paradox pokemon battle royale at some point, but after that, I don’t know!
@moralle4090 6 dias atrás
​@@brianmorton9419Well, if they really wanted to do a lot more they could make a battle royale for each generation
@lagalil 2 dias atrás
At what timestamp did they appear?
@Agoraphobia2763 15 dias atrás
The fact that Sobble came in 5th place proves how overpowered being able to go invisible is
@arcitatious 11 dias atrás
The spy
@noahberan6498 10 dias atrás
Inteleon can still do that
@ZebraLuv 7 dias atrás
Because he's a crybaby like Deku.
@Agoraphobia2763 4 dias atrás
@@noahberan6498 well yh but sobble specially used it for hiding and never attacked ( except spitting at cinderace )
@noahberan6498 4 dias atrás
@@Agoraphobia2763 that's fair, I just think Inteleon should have been seen using it and not getting caught off guard by Pikachu lol
@LarvaAsia 17 dias atrás
Respects to swampert. Aside from torterra he was surprisingly strong enough to break half of the island
@aaroncharles2537 12 dias atrás
My favorite moments: - Pikachu surviving the initial drop. 'He finally has a chance!', I thought to myself. From OOB in 2 scenarios to 2nd place is quite the upset! - Inceneroar's Throat Chop to Smash Back Throw combo against Primarina. The timing of it all was disrespectful and hilarious! - The extended 3-way showdown of Samurott, Infernape, and Decidueye. Samurott got his vengeance, while Decidueye clearly didn't learn his lesson the first time. - Swampert throughout the whole fight. Especially when holding its ground against the remaining Fire types.
@Oreca2005 7 dias atrás
Was that a pun I see
@SemiHypercube 23 dias atrás
Hydro pump coming out of Blastoise's head instead of the actual cannons is always funny
@rubenduenas5881 23 dias atrás
He's only using 10% of his full water power. Gods tremble should he ever use all of his cannons...
@-Ash_Ketchup- 23 dias atrás
They kiillled Torechick so fast ! From POKEMON ruby.😭
@zahnesmith 23 dias atrás
the second time Blastoise used it's headcannon. first of which was in mega pokemon battle royale
@PrincePolaris 23 dias atrás
One of my favorite jokes, even if I am laughing through the pain every time
@cjlite0210 23 dias atrás
​@@-Ash_Ketchup-at least its final evolution won it in the end :3
@folkindigo7195 18 dias atrás
7:16 this bit goes so hard. The low health track plus boss music is so intense 😂
@stickynotetree 13 dias atrás
The fact you guys added Prof. Oak laughing at bad puns is making me smile too much. I know this whole series has a huge attention to detail, but to add even that little detail just really goes the extra mile.
@EvenFlow391 16 dias atrás
I love the lore continuation this time. Sudowudo getting the Pokemon out of the simulation is going to lead to something exciting.
@mariano17swan 11 dias atrás
I think it means the end of Pokemon battle Royale
@mecen8 10 dias atrás
@@mariano17swanI don’t think so, I’m pretty sure it would just end the simulation arc-thing that the three had
@mariano17swan 6 dias atrás
@@mecen8 I hope you are right but there's not many Pokemon battle Royales left to do... Unless he starts picking off niche categories like types and regions.
@mecen8 6 dias atrás
@@mariano17swan I feel like if they were wrapping up, there’d be more of an indicator. Like I’m Lockstin’s video or something
@mariano17swan 4 dias atrás
@@mecen8 what other battles do you think are left tho?
@Hope4NewDay1 16 dias atrás
7:41 absolutely brilliant giving Blaziken the Marvel Vs Capcom Super/Hyper Move animation haha
@StarlightMagician 8 dias atrás
And all the Text Boxes Remind me of Kryl's Coup De Grace from the Dragon Quest Heroes games (Which poke fun at Kryl's AI behavior in DQ4).
@ivyslasher2917 16 dias atrás
This had me screaming at my phone tbh, I picked Torchic as my starter for ORAS and watching the ending was like watching the Super Bowl
@Cilenthemaster 15 dias atrás
What about Ruby sapphire emerald, I chose treeko and was annoyed to see him Get slaughtered by incinaroar
@carterwilliamson1322 22 dias atrás
Props to Swampert for holding off the fire alliance all on his own
@HTKennedymusic 21 dia atrás
That’s cannon lol
@toolatetothestory 21 dia atrás
Seriously, Blaziken might have won but Swampert was MVP
@coyolord8031 21 dia atrás
man was the one water Bender holding back the fire nation.
@user-zn1st5gx8b 21 dia atrás
Bro rose the whole ocean to beat 4 fire boys 2 survived ???
@mythos6308 21 dia atrás
Swampert was robbed
@GregTheLion 15 dias atrás
With a decent type coverage in Water/Ground, and a large AoE moveset with Earthquake, Surf AND Muddy Water, Swampert was easily the play of the game
@kiawenintendero4365 16 dias atrás
I just love how a few things are still acknowledged Like Decidueye vs. Samurott vs. Infernape from the 1st ever Battle Royale, now with Decidueye & Samurott's Hisuian forms, Chesnaught is still saying "DISGUSTING!", Inteleon still being a stealthy sniper from the Gigantamax BR, Sableye is in the background like the Sableye the guy wanted at daycare from Babies BR, is amazing!
@forencu 10 dias atrás
Blaziken actually being my favourite starter since Pokemon Sapphire, my first pokemon game, this really brings a tear to my eye :')
Me too dude, I was screaming when I was seeing the Blaziken vs pikachu partner
@PokeMadnessssssss 17 dias atrás
3:12 It’s so cute that Litten and Sprigatito are just chilling together on Torterra’s back
@th0rn-sus870 23 dias atrás
“Pikachu toughed it out so you wouldn’t feel sad” is officially one of my favorite bits of animation
@dajiminrussell 23 dias atrás
Not Pikachu in general but the whole toughed it out so you wouldn't feel sad thing came in clutch so many times in Pokemon playthroughs
@Pooper_RBLX_GTAG 23 dias atrás
@@dajiminrusselltru, (in scarlet) my skeledirge did that while almost losing elite 4 and (in shield)my cinderace one time toughed it out in a gym
@tailsfan10 23 dias atrás
@@dajiminrussell Facts, especially while fighting Cynthia in the remakes **shivers**
@ethanwilde4716 23 dias atrás
So remember folks, in the XY series and onwards spoil your Pokemon so they will be better fighters.
@eLite-Tiss91 23 dias atrás
That just shows u how broken that was xD
@enehe1434 15 dias atrás
As someone who’s first ever starter was mudkip I was very happy with how far Swarmpert made it, sometimes it really felt like that in the games
@DarkenMidnacrystal 9 dias atrás
Swampert is the best starter...ever. Having only 1 weakness and able to take down multiple fire types and able to learn ice beam (though not naturally) is something no other starter can come close too. The only thing hindering Swampert is that middling speed and those awful abilities
@TheCookie13 6 dias atrás
And I absolutely hate it cause it's so loved it's so fucking overrated and over hyped
@vtrjnkhole1017 Dia atrás
​@@TheCookie13 you're describing Charizard
@TheCookie13 Dia atrás
@@vtrjnkhole1017 nah charizard is perfect
@TheCookie13 Dia atrás
@@vtrjnkhole1017 and overhated for a matter of fact
@ImArTiStIc629 8 dias atrás
I wish we got to see more of typhlosion, but seeing swampert hold its own against the fire types was pretty cool at least
@duscarasheddinn8033 3 dias atrás
I'd enjoy seeing a regional form battle royale (with Alolan forms, Galarian forms, Hisuian forms, and Paldean forms, along with *maybe* the evolutions exclusive to the regional forms) and a Paradox Pokemon battle royale.
@GUTS_THE_SLAYER 18 dias atrás
7:57 Pickachu laugh is just a masterpiece he is more like a Deadpool 😂😂😂
@theoverlordbear 13 dias atrás
No wonder he got voiced by Deadpool in the live-action Detective Pikachu movie, then. XD
@Mimikyu2222 11 dias atrás
@@theoverlordbearthat was in spanish no?
@dolomite1067 8 dias atrás
​@@Mimikyu2222No, Detective Pikachu was voiced by Ryan Renolds (who is also Deadpool) in English.
@robincantdraw 16 dias atrás
I think it would be fun to see a regional form battle in the future!
@smtoonentertainment 22 dias atrás
I love how Grovyle didn't even get defeated, he just left. It being the Mystery Dungeon Grovyle is a really nice little detail too.
@ellietheeevee4983 22 dias atrás
I instantly saw the Gear of Time and was like "yooo"
@Aaa-vp6ug 22 dias atrás
I knew it was that one, but I thought it was just a teleport
@GlitchanBlack 22 dias atrás
Ah yes, the Grovyle that sounds like a Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt.
@mateochavez8455 22 dias atrás
​@@Aaa-vp6ugmy impression was that he froze in that moment in time, disappearing from the future of the video
@shinysaur4492 22 dias atrás
Even WITH Dialga Scaling, Grovyle had way better things to do than get a Victory Royale. Gotta respect bro's prioritization.
@blazingalchemy 18 dias atrás
Love how you put Pikachu and Eevee in the Flying Secret Technique machine from Let’s Go! I always love the many references you put in these videos.
@CoolNinja9933 9 dias atrás
pikachu was using floaty fall
@CloverJade 13 dias atrás
For that my boy Swampert didn't win the Battle Royale he atleast scored the most kills, if we were including final evolutions, but I think even with the non fully evolved starters he won. Also why is he looking so damn adorable in this style? He's like a big Mudkip I love it.
@hsalfesrever3554 15 dias atrás
I LOVE how Skeldridge looks in your art style!
@user-gs8bo6cf4t 13 dias atrás
@bens.4474 15 dias atrás
I don’t wanna have to wait until next year to find out what the end tags are about… but I know the best art takes time. Amazing as always!
@StingoAnimation 23 dias atrás
This was so much better than I imagined!, The animation is incredible and Smooth !
@haynabrahma3635 23 dias atrás
@Planetmango48 23 dias atrás
@Blahblah97555 18 dias atrás
Given the descriptions of some Pokémon moves, this is honestly how I imagine most pokemon battles leave their surroundings.
@arielcastillo3513 16 dias atrás
Swampert taking on the entire fire type roster himself is tough
@chugmander 17 dias atrás
PIKACHus laugh while getting beat within an inch of its life freaking broke me 😂😂😂
@ThePanda_2020 14 dias atrás
The amount of time and effort that probably went into this is amazing. Great job!
@bananabike279 14 dias atrás
That was hilarious as always!! Love all the callbacks to prior battle royales like Blastoise's animation, Chesnaught's DISGUSTANG and both regular and Hisuian Decidueye getting beaten up by Samurott and Infernape again. Also, what happend to the subtitles?? Are they gone for good? :o
Mad respect to Swampert, he may not have won but he had by far the largest kill count in any Pokémon Battle Royale only arguably being outdone by Arceus. What a legend
@homieyoshie2357 23 dias atrás
Fr They had to nerf him
@itookyourtoast3351 23 dias atrás
Befitting of the best starter
Era maestro tierra no mas no mato a todos poke el monke le campeo
@Soul.Resonant 23 dias atrás
Yveltal? or does that count towards Necrozma
@MoopityGoopity 23 dias atrás
Legend? A legends arceus perhaps?
@Whom_ 18 dias atrás
4:13 I like the detail of the island resembling a Pokeball once all the disasters happened, with the crater in the middle being the button
@yeezoyoutube 5 dias atrás
I love how the announcer said "GAME" before primarina was even off screen. Its like her fate was sealed the minute she was grabbed.
@ciroidchavez246 11 dias atrás
Huge respect to Sobble who is the only none final evolution pokemon who manage to stay alive when the only ones left are the final evolution ones 😅 I guess being a coward really pays off 🤣
@sprxte8283 12 dias atrás
Professor Oak laughing at Lockstin’s jokes at the end were hilarious.
@itshanol 18 dias atrás
Glad to see that H-Samurott avenged his modern form And both Decidueyes still being the punching bag 😂
@reeree4259 14 dias atrás
nice shiny reuniclus
@magnatix8677 21 dia atrás
The fact that Grovyle ditches after 3 seconds with a timegear because he has to finish his mission is so in character. 10/10
@sergiodelrioreyes7655 19 dias atrás
Freaking love Mystery Dungeon
@icanbreathfireyo446 19 dias atrás
I was gonna mention the reference. Looks like I got beat.
@SkippyStuff 17 dias atrás
Glad you kept it authentic to the game by having Blastoise shoot water from its forehead instead of its cannons.
@user-lp7vk6br8f 8 dias atrás
I'm always enjoying the video!!! It's so much fun because my favorite Pokemon, Blaziken, is full of charm. I'm looking forward to seeing which Pokemon will appear next. I'm looking forward to the next video!!
@eduardogaona8510 16 dias atrás
Kind-of sad Serperior didn't get more screentime, and Snivy and Servine don't seem to show up at all, but other than that it was awesome.
@justintimes3265 16 dias atrás
You're right! Where are they?
@revolverjesus98 15 dias atrás
Serperioir was on screen? Legit didn't even see any of it's line in the video. Ngl, I could definitely tell which type they had bias over
@eduardogaona8510 15 dias atrás
@@revolverjesus98 shows up for a second at 3:58 trying to swallow Quaquaval before being swept up by surf of all things, granted being still alive at this point means it might of tanked eruption and 2 earthquakes which is pretty amazing.
@gold_melody 18 dias atrás
Swampert is now one of my favorite starters thanks to this, deserved the win
@LaughOutUrlife 18 dias atrás
This fight was more chaotic than the last one Prompts to the animator, great job man....
@kag2576 23 dias atrás
Pikachu just staying in the air until someone challenges them has so much 'I'm the mascot, I have privilege' energy😂
@lightingmcqueen522 23 dias atrás
He had to be a lvl 500 pikachu to even hold a candle to blazikan
@Houndlock643 23 dias atrás
@@lightingmcqueen522wasn’t even Level 500, Gnoggin said that this particular Pikachu was the Partner Pokémon from “Lets Go Pikachu”
@justintime2461 23 dias atrás
@@Houndlock643 The same Pikachu who has a more powerful version of Sturdy that can activate sometimes, can shrug off statuses, has a pretty powerful variety of signature moves, AND has a much better BST than normal Pikachu
@kfk4441 23 dias atrás
same as Charizard, not getting focused because he's everyone's favorite
@NeoPokebonz 23 dias atrás
I had to stop so many times just to laugh. Omg 😂😂
@Gavin_the_egg 17 dias atrás
I show these videos to my dad and he absolutely loves them! Keep up the good work😀
@Yoshigamingchannel 10 dias atrás
I love how swampert was destroying stuff like he was an earth bender
@thegameboy4846 9 dias atrás
And the way he disapeared by using ninja skill from Naruto-
@Yoshigamingchannel 7 dias atrás
@@thegameboy4846 Yeah just made me appreciate him more
@magpye5623 17 dias atrás
The art is beautiful! All the little guys are designed so well! Great work!
@chitovryt 18 dias atrás
To everyone who doesn't think Eevee and Pikachu aren't starters: Eevee and Pikachu had their own games where you can start with Pikachu or Eevee depending on the game. The games were let's go Pikachu or let's go Eevee and depending on the version that's your starter. Also in the anime ash had Pikachu as his starter and someone else had Eevee as a starter(forgot their name) and that's just how it is.
@danghostman2814 15 dias atrás
(Also, Pokémon : Yellow existed. Though that Pikachu was less... determined.)
@demi-femme4821 10 dias atrás
The Eeveelutions are there because of Gale of Darkness
@Grey_Warden_Invasion 9 dias atrás
​@@demi-femme4821Also in Pokemon Conquest you started with an Eevee that then could evolve.
@Elbowsmaster 17 dias atrás
I would love to see a Pokémon battle royale based off of that one debate on the internet, One billion lions vs. one of every Pokémon. It would be really interesting and funny to see.
Love how Grovyle just survives and escapes the battle using a time gear, probably going to the past.
@Starfloofle 23 dias atrás
perhaps to the future....... to show up in another something video
@em9756 23 dias atrás
Wait?! What, in what timestamp that happened???
@HuyNguyen-rl7ew 23 dias atrás
​@@em9756near the beginning. He travelled as soon as he arrived
@block827 23 dias atrás
@giovannivargas8165 23 dias atrás
I love how Blastoise shoots Hydropump from its forehead. I'll never forgive Game Freak either.
@EeveeMaster547 16 dias atrás
Very proud of Eevee for making it to 4th place!
@MysteryEzekude 10 dias atrás
@skeepodoop5197 10 dias atrás
​@@MysteryEzekudeCalm down Mista.
@SqribblezDoesThingz 6 dias atrás
Amazing animation as always! Also, what happened to Chesnaught? The last time it was seen was when it hit Meowscarada with an uppercut.
@danielmaynard239 5 dias atrás
If you look closely after Emboar and Blaziken knocked Infernape and Hisuian Samurott in the pit, the next shot shows it dead in the background from the fire
@gamingamalgam1197 3 dias atrás
I love how the two typhloshions just chill and hang out until Charizard ruins the fun
@dokucroe3865 12 dias atrás
The fight between Blaziken and Pikachu at the end gives me Super Smash Bros vibes and thinking about it makes me want Blaziken to join the fighter roster for that series even more than I do desperately. I've been waiting for a very long time as a life-long dream for it happen, and two games in, it never did, but I'm still keeping my hopes up starting in the next game for that time to come. I even wrote a letter to Nintendo asking about it and received a positive reply back to help me wait even longer for when it will finally happen. With that said, I will always have my respect for the Gen 3 starters and how they've participated in this royale.
@weirdbilla7519 17 dias atrás
5:31 I hope everyone noticed that this battle was the same as shown in other videos But the ending was different 😂
@boldbruh1976 23 dias atrás
Love how Incineroar wanted to join in, but then recalled he's part dark type
@ViorbyX 23 dias atrás
He likes to taunt. Maybe it doesn't help much but still everyone loves our big cat
@jonahboris6681 23 dias atrás
@@ViorbyX But then there's me who calls Incineroar "Tone Cena" and makes a bunch of videos where he gets in trouble!
@ViorbyX 23 dias atrás
@@jonahboris6681 That hurts, but I won't stop your way
@Dinoman972 23 dias atrás
And then they picked a fight with a Water/Fairy which is even worse for them.
@-_E-_ 23 dias atrás
Should've used parting shot
@MoonandLuna01 18 dias atrás
I’ve always loved these animations. Keep up the good work!
@MoonandLuna01 18 dias atrás
@GinoArigo 16 dias atrás
I love that my favorite starter is the winner of this bout, but that final battle was hilariously accurate.
@tornadoawe 16 dias atrás
I wonder what that post-credit scene is implying. Either Oak's machine is capable of materialising data/accessing PUs, or all of these fights involve real Pokemon in a digital fight (unlikely, considering things like Grovyle nopeing out of the arena). Maybe the next Battle Royal Post-Credit scene will hint at whatever the Speed Demon has been plotting?
@Rebel_riot151 18 dias atrás
I haven’t played Legends: Arceus yet but ever since I caught the SV event H-Typhlosion I fell in love with since day one so after seeing this masterpiece I have GOT to see the explanation video to get behind H-Typhlosion’s lore! I love these videos they’re always super creative 🔥🔥🔥
@AustinSPTD1996 2 dias atrás
Who else maintains that Swampert was robbed of a rightful victory? Damn Rillaboom.
@saxolot2810 23 dias atrás
Swampert being the last bastion against the fire pokémon (and managing to hold them back very well too!) is a massive win for me I'm so proud of my boy
@spagoongus140 23 dias atrás
He got robbed
@onionsandoats7600 23 dias atrás
My boy was soloing all those fire types, the people’s champ.
@ashesmoria5902 23 dias atrás
They had to monkey nerf our boi. 😔
@Opteisen 23 dias atrás
Water/Ground is definitely the bane of fire types
@sophisticatedsham 23 dias atrás
The swampert even protects sobble :)
Some reference notes: In 0:11, you can see one of the Poké Ball have a different shape - that's a Poké Ball from Hisui. 0:30 has a Beast ball - this is a reference to Poipole being one of these Ultra Beasts (debutted in Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon). Poipole however get sucked into an Ultra Wormhole just so it won't count as a contestant in this battle royale 0:36 OG (Johto) Typhlosion and Hisuian Typhlosion pointing at each another for looking similar - this meme has been actually used from the Mega Battle Royale (when Latios and Latias after both forced to mega evolve, points at each another). 0:56 Poor Charmander. You already know about the story about why it should avoid the water, and it's flame tail. While Charizard fights (Johto) Typhlosion and Blastoise fights Feraligatr, on the other hand Venusaur and Meganium are... just there, vibing. 1:16 Reference to Extreme Evoboost Z-move from Gen 7. You can also see the missing poster with Sylveon on it. Probably because Sylveon is a pacifist and refuses to fight. Nah just kidding, Sylveon is unavailable in every game where Eevee is an starter (this includes Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I think?) The Pikachu and Eevee that spawned with balloons are the starter pokemon from Let's Go Pikachu! and Let's Go Eevee!, respectively. Note that those two cannot evolve (ironically the Partner Eevee is seeking for one of these evolution stones) 1:41 same Blastoise sound as in the OG Pokemon Battle Royale 2:05 Blaziken, Infernape, and Emboar. What do they share in common? Fire/Fighting type combination. Oddly enough, none eliminate each another, you'll see later in the video... 2:12 Incineroar backs off from it. He doesn't want to be on the losing matchup (Incineroar is Fire/Dark type, and Fighting type Dark's weakness) 2:28 Throat Chop disables sound-based moves on hit. Coincidentally, Primarina has a signature sound move. 2:51 This is where the battle starts hitting it's climax. With something that affects the entire simulation island, of course. 3:54 Legendary Pokemon Battle Royale flashback. Coincidentally also drowns other pokemon with such flood. 4:33 Hisuian Typhlosion being the "Gengar" of this battle royale (well, I mean it's a Ghost-type, for dear sake!) 5:16 Uh, this seems to be a far-fetched reference to Pokemon X and Y anime, the one that Charizard beats Greninja... dang it. 5:27 Oh hey, it's that scene also from the OG Battle Royale, also involving Infernape, Samurott and Decidueye. Like the original, Decidueye's arrows were ineffective, gets beaten up by Infernape and Samurott, with the former roasting the latter just like the OG. But then Hisuian Decidueye shoots arrows, which... Hisuian Samurott slashes those arrows as well. Hisuian Decidueye makes the same face as the OG Decidueye, and gets beaten up. Then Hisuian Samurott and Infernape fight each another... but this time, Hisuian Samurott wins. However, Hisuian Samurott gets attacked later by Emboar and Blaziken. I guess so much for the Fire/Fighting bros 6:37 Remember, this is the Starter Eevee from Let's Go Eevee!, which cannot evolve. 6:47 Taking you (Swampert) down with me (Rillaboom). Monke moment. " *Oke!* Now you die." 7:08 Oh hey, Partner Pikachu is back, and yes he (and yes, the Pikachu is male) just zapped Charizard into ashes, because type advantage. 7:16 David vs Goliath. "Gonna need more electricity to put out this fire." 7:28 Gen 7 Affection mechanics... 7:40 Standing here... I REALIZE... THIS IS A REFERENCE (but which one?) 7:54 Skyrim "Why won't you die!?" - I expected the Metal Gear version instead, but eh it works. 8:30 The good ol' classic Game Boy Color style battle UI. Blaziken winning is perhaps because it got the Speed Boost ability, the one first introduced as its hidden ability in Gen V, which is so overpowered, so broken, that Blaziken was the first starter Pokemon to get banned from Smogon OU, and remains Ubers for three generations straight (Gen 5 / BW, Gen 6 / XY, Gen 7 / SM). In gen 8 (SS) Blaziken isn't banned from OU, but rather banned from UU instead (ha, power creep!). To put in comparison, Greninja only got banned from OU only in Gen 6, and same story for Cinderace who got banished into Ubers in Gen 8. Coincidentally, in Gen 9 Cinderace got brought back to OU, much like Greninja who returned back to OU in Gen 7. Cinderace is literally fire-type Greninja (lmao)
@shadowknight5569 15 dias atrás
I couldn't even see the pokeballs and poipole at the start, you must have very good eyesight
@E101STUNT 15 dias atrás
Poipole is a starter in another world, that's the reference.
@bladeheart111x 15 dias atrás
you missed the PMD EoX reference at 1:01 when Grovyle time travelled the heck outta there also Rescue Team DX has Sylveon and an Eevee starter
@giuseppedangelo1587 8 dias atrás
Can’t wait to see the paradox pokemon battle royale once the second dlc is out!
@austinwilson7373 10 dias atrás
Disappointed that Torterra or Swampert didn’t win, BUT the destruction they caused was amazing
@JamesYoung99811 18 dias atrás
Was rooting for mudkip from the start, life taken so soon!!!!! Swampert put up one hell of a fight :))))((((( These videos are what keep me going, never stop!
@tabbender1232 16 dias atrás
The Sinnoh starters should have gotten the friendship boosts as well due to BDSP :^)
@nomad8690 21 dia atrás
I love how Blaziken started moving faster and faster during his fight with Pikachu. Clear nod to speed boost
@ZipNThePon 19 dias atrás
And that pikachu still didn't die for a good 5 min
@lost_icyazure 18 dias atrás
I love how the 2 emo starters (Drizzle and Raboot) just got crushed by palm trees
@GenZgamerRoblox 18 dias atrás
The scene where incineroar killed primarina was perfect cause he literally used throat chop i love this effort
@parkergreen2704 6 dias atrás
I felt so bad for her.
@rsj2877 11 dias atrás
An headcannon like alternate version i imagined recently is one where everything is mostly the same except for one difference: Delphox Actually makes good use of their ability to foresee the future, and in it, they do much more mainly, with siding with many mons mainly so they boost all the stats like with hulk up, calm mind, agility, double team and such and have ot all baton passed, and in the end, even join Blaziken on the beat down of Let so pikachu, before there having one last one on one spar with the bird, all while fully healing the two and one final baton pass to them for the two to be equal in power, just gotta give love to our dear wizard fox and only psychic type starter so far. (hell even perhaps having them part ways with Blaziken (after they still win) and join the mons escaping oak's PC
Y’all didn’t have to put Blaziken through that much trauma just to kill a Pikachu 💀
@richardfenix434 18 horas atrás
6:26 the fact of seeing Swabble climbing on the back of Swampert is cute, unafortunately Swampert didn't won, but he won the respect ❤
@bimblor9858 23 dias atrás
Ngl, seeing Torterra being a chill dad to all the other Grass starters and Swampert absolutely kicking ass put a huge smile to my face, glad to see my two favorite starters so well represented
@Infernous32 23 dias atrás
They gave our boys the respect they earned.
@Dr.Jean_Pepper 23 dias atrás
And both had the highest chance of winning of the water and grass types. Good to see that they are doing well
@kerenbar7424 15 dias atrás
And both have barely any weakness
@FlibertyJibberty 18 dias atrás
man, Oak laughing at the puns was so real of him
@aetherofcelestia3774 15 dias atrás
The perfect final battle doesn’t exi- ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!
@jodawoe 5 dias atrás
Nice to see some of my favorites make it far, even if they didn’t win. Infernape is my boy, and knowing it was tied for fifth is good, because I knew it wasn’t beating the chicken. (Even though it’s way better when Blaziken doesn’t have the stupid OP ability.) Rillaboom sticking around just so Swampert doesn’t win is great, since Rillaboom is one of the better grass starters. I knew that Blaziken, Swampert, Charizard and Incineroar we’re gonna make it far because of their viability, (and also favoritism by game freak in Charizard case) and I figured that The Dirge, Cinderace, Rillaboom and Infernape would make it to near the end. Would have preferred to see Infernape outlast Emboar, but I don’t hate the big pig, so having him avenge his monkey friend is cool. Probably my favorite of these so far. The mega and legends battles are up there too, but this one has some top tier moments.
@denjeez 18 dias atrás
Swampert was badass in this and I don't usually think that of him. Amazing video!
@campber9908 15 dias atrás
0:58 I was hoping the Grovyle we saw would be THAT Grovyle and I was not disappointed. Cheers! 0:53 Also RIP Charmander.
@cameronballz6154 23 dias atrás
Nothing more terrifying than a Pikachu with a 100% crit rate and unable to take a fatal blow
@nicolala7132 23 dias atrás
If Guts, Focus Band, and Focus Sash was reusable and stackable.
@brunobucciarati473 23 dias atrás
Let's not forget he also had air balloon making him immune to ground types until it got popped.
@jjohnson2445 23 dias atrás
​@@nicolala7132 why was poipole there poipole isn't a starter
@cold-bloodedbeats4139 23 dias atrás
​@@jjohnson2445Poipole was stated to be a popular Starter Pokémon in Ultra Megalopolis in Ultra Sun and Moon. Since it wasn't an official starter, it went back into Ultra Space, so it was just a little acknowledgement
@gameuniverse5973 23 dias atrás
Pikachu in other videos:dies before the battle even begins Pikachu in this video:tank a bunch of Blaziken hits and is the final two
@thewillis18X 18 dias atrás
I'm happy to see my boi Blaziken come out on top, great work on the video as always ^^
@mysticz3686 18 dias atrás
I was really hoping swampert would win, but it should only have taken a single blade of grass to kill it, because of the 4x grass weakness. Also it’d be really funny if that happened
@caco91 17 dias atrás
The fact that Blastoise shoots the water from his head is brillant.
@ismastudio 9 horas atrás
I expected Venasaur to last longer but you're right, it's not as strong as other starters either.
@nuniq02 Dia atrás
0:54 For those who don’t know. If the fire on Charmanders tail gets extinguished by anything, it will die.
@cormacmccarthy1889 21 dia atrás
The "Pikachu toughed it out so you wouldn't feel sad" over and over again had me on the floor, these battle royales somehow get better and better :)
@EGOIST_AZAN 21 dia atrás
Gen 1 and 3 and 4 were the best
@ObrigadaJim 20 dias atrás
and gen7@@EGOIST_AZAN
@aamirrazak3467 20 dias atrás
@angelodiazh.7385 19 dias atrás
you must be underground right now because that became annoying after a while
@matthews8082 14 dias atrás
By the end I was cheering for the little guy
@altermann1991 14 dias atrás
Did I miss something or was Chesnaught the only fully evolved starter to be beaten offscreen?
@canadianboi326 18 dias atrás
I would love to see battles between all the Pokémon of each gen
@Lordlynx88 15 dias atrás
Wow i was really surprised by charizard wasn’t expecting my favorite starter to date, to perform like that ☺️
@alexisadams3172 3 dias atrás
I love the reference to the guzma vs lana fight, with incinaroar using thraot chop. One of my favorite "battles" (it wasn't a battle, it was a massacre)
@pacoramon9468 7 dias atrás
Nothing beats the power of love of plot armor.
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