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On Wednesday, March 3, Starship serial number (SN10) successfully completed SpaceX’s third high-altitude flight test of a Starship prototype from our site in Cameron County, Texas.

Similar to the high-altitude flight tests of Starship SN8 and SN9, SN10 was powered through ascent by three Raptor engines, each shutting down in sequence prior to the vehicle reaching apogee - approximately 10 km in altitude. SN10 performed a propellant transition to the internal header tanks, which hold landing propellant, before reorienting itself for reentry and a controlled aerodynamic descent.

The Starship prototype descended under active aerodynamic control, accomplished by independent movement of two forward and two aft flaps on the vehicle. All four flaps were actuated by an onboard flight computer to control Starship’s attitude during flight and enabled a precise landing at the intended location. SN10’s Raptor engines reignited as the vehicle performed the landing flip maneuver immediately before successfully touching down on the landing pad!

As if the flight test was not exciting enough, SN10 experienced a rapid unscheduled disassembly shortly after landing. These test flights are all about improving our understanding and development of a fully reusable transportation system designed to carry both crew and cargo on long-duration interplanetary flights, and help humanity return to the Moon, and travel to Mars and beyond.

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3 Mar 2021



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Surviver Dia atrás
Next time show speed indicator please
Max Solo
Max Solo 2 dias atrás
Not today test
s k Z k y n m
s k Z k y n m 8 dias atrás
Jose Jempo
Jose Jempo 11 dias atrás
Ebon HARi all
donald holben
donald holben 11 dias atrás
It did land.
نور الهدى
نور الهدى 12 dias atrás
The US army is a criminal because it kills innocent people on earth, and everyone who cooperates with the US army is a murderous criminal. Islam is the path of truth.
SN9 Starship
SN9 Starship 4 dias atrás
@Old KSI Videos a bit, yeah
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 4 dias atrás
@SN9 Starship his statement was kinda ironic so had to clap back.
SN9 Starship
SN9 Starship 4 dias atrás
@Old KSI Videos not all of them but they are because of education that has nothing to do with the religion
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos 4 dias atrás
Then why are all terrorists part of your religion.
SN9 Starship
SN9 Starship 4 dias atrás
this video is not of US army, is from SpaceX
RADADARA 13 dias atrás
I'm late to the party. Bravo!
Falcon1Block0 17 dias atrás
I was here
Lord Anubis
Lord Anubis 17 dias atrás
Please @Elon Musk, Please Name the Starship Stardust! (Perry Rhodan - Mission Stardust) I am sooooo fucking proud of you Guys! Keep Going, let's form The United Mankind! Ad Astra!
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 18 dias atrás
The fanatical brown conformably welcome because color undesirably file atop a questionable touch. dispensable, tame protest
Philippine Space Agency 2
In Boca Chica?
Anomalia 20 dias atrás
To think this may have landed if they would have left two engines lit like SN15. With the force if two engines, the legs probably would have locked in place and the vehicle would have slowed down enough. Amazing either way.
Pluto 21 dia atrás
I love starship btw
Nadol Hadee
Nadol Hadee 21 dia atrás
Camera man must have super ears and some how teleported into the engine bays area
Terence Flynn
Terence Flynn 21 dia atrás
Someone told me this was real. I laughed.
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 21 dia atrás
Laughed in agreement?
Simón David
Simón David 21 dia atrás
Esto es espectacular 😍
Galway Tribesman
Galway Tribesman 22 dias atrás
I was expecting it to fall over when it landed should there not be wider stabilizers on it just incase
cristian jose vanegas mesa
Jackson lau
Jackson lau 22 dias atrás
Great SpaceX
Mayank Jai hind
Mayank Jai hind 24 dias atrás
amateur astronomer
amateur astronomer 24 dias atrás
5:44 launch 🙂
Louis Fearon
Louis Fearon 25 dias atrás
lol engine cut off for flip at t+04:20, coincidence?? I THINK NOT
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 21 dia atrás
The amount of coincidences in the Starship Program is insane. The booster is about 69 meters tall, Booster 4, Ship 20 (420) are being used for orbital flight, and SN9 started LOX Release at T+4:20 as well.
Kefarad Kafah
Kefarad Kafah 26 dias atrás
good editing 👍🤣
Roland B.
Roland B. 25 dias atrás
CGI on this scale is literally impossible. And there is like two bigger settlements located near the site and thousands of people could watch it with their own eyes. If you live in texas you could go to port isabel and see a launch yourself.
Robert Tisch
Robert Tisch 26 dias atrás
I wish Carl Sagan could have seen this.
Frencho 26 dias atrás
Elon is an absolute genius
roofs brother
roofs brother 26 dias atrás
Sn10 did exploded
Deives Soares
Deives Soares 27 dias atrás
CGI of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
E. Rose
E. Rose 27 dias atrás
Sorry kid, no CGI here.
Bill Miller
Bill Miller 28 dias atrás
That waa Awesome
Tony's RC
Tony's RC 28 dias atrás
Van Marques
Van Marques 29 dias atrás
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 28 dias atrás
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro 29 dias atrás
Beautiful!!! Very well done!!! 💪🏻😎😁👏🏻👌🏻
Axhan Mês atrás
Who is this guy that's been whispering on the surface of the mic on every launch
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 28 dias atrás
it's called autogenous pressurization
Jonathan Conner
Jonathan Conner Mês atrás
dan carlo rata
dan carlo rata Mês atrás
hehe big rocket go boom boom
TheFox Mês atrás
Everyone gangsta until it'll have an engine failure
Teko CrudeLines LS
Teko CrudeLines LS Mês atrás
Yea, one minuit step closer to populating another planet with Irrational Beings. Poor Mars!
Teko CrudeLines LS
Teko CrudeLines LS 28 dias atrás
@Pol Valls Okay. Cool. Thanks for your comments. Peace.
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 28 dias atrás
@Teko CrudeLines LS Experts say that "colonize" Mars will not have the intention of literally make a new Earth. Mars, for now, will be a laboratory for science research
Teko CrudeLines LS
Teko CrudeLines LS 28 dias atrás
@Pol Valls I mean humans, period. Anyway, unless you are rich or in the inner Elite Circle, you will not be leaving earth. You think Elon is going to put you or I on a rocket ship to a new planet. My point was, humans already occupy a beautiful planet and look how we act. How will it be any different on Mars. That's all.
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 28 dias atrás
people who wants to populate mars are not Irrational Beings
Gaming Server Gigatita
Ouahhh comment ça a évolué on se croirait dans un film de science fiction. Incroyable 😻
The Adventures of Blaster and Pistol
Pew pew! Blast off!
ultimo mohicano
ultimo mohicano Mês atrás
Bohuslav Humplik
Bohuslav Humplik Mês atrás
Absolutely Amazing!
Super_Morto Mês atrás
Scientists wet dream.
Thomas Hudecek
Thomas Hudecek Mês atrás
amazing whats possible!
Ethan Mês atrás
Little did they know.. 💥
Glenn Mês atrás
11:40 The flames are SO long and pretty
Daren Evans
Daren Evans Mês atrás
Ta3 Dobicho
Ta3 Dobicho Mês atrás
Abshar Mês atrás
We want to become multi planetary
Ole Lazyeye
Ole Lazyeye Mês atrás
I can’t believe ppl really believe this crap.
01NS pihsratS
01NS pihsratS Mês atrás
I can't believe ppl can do such idiot comments.
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud Mês atrás
I’ve seen SN15 take its flight with my own eyes and I’ve been up close to it before as well.
UnsolvedPuzzle 123
UnsolvedPuzzle 123 Mês atrás
What is it then? 😂
Joe Runge
Joe Runge Mês atrás
I just want the raw audio why do I need to hear someone say we have takeoff like I can see the rocket has taken off sir.
Joe Runge
Joe Runge Mês atrás
@Matt's BRvid stuff Yeah Ive watched sound explorer's video like 20 times but thats just one launch, I want to hear them all like that!
Matt's Youtube stuff
Search for Everyday Astronaut and SN10. He has a clean audio version, it's amazing
Joe Runge
Joe Runge Mês atrás
@Brixxter They set all those mics up to record the rocket but have people talking over it every 5 seconds lol
Brixxter Mês atrás
This was a livestream. It's completely normal for commenters to say stuff like that
MuddyFalcon Mês atrás
Elon Musk, his companies, I love you all! You should have made a magnetic rail tunnel embedded in the earth at a 50 degree angle of exit about 7 miles long, and you could launch all the fossil fuels into space using less than a third of the fuel,(will only be needed for vector control and stabilizing) which is one of the primary expenses, using solar energy, transmitted from space using massive mirror arrays located in the north and south pole that reflect and focus massive amount of solar energy into orbital generators that transmit power back to earth via tight microwave beam, routed then via cables to the world.(transatlantic cable etc) You then can modularly launch humans , materials , fuel into space safely using the sun. It would be far safer and efficient and better in every way. You can launch modular massive 3d printer arrays that can land on a planet and establish a setup for landing and housing before you even arrive. Using a simple tapered cone for insertion landing on a pad, like a mating fit would eliminate many issues. It would be a simple frame construct sleeve affixed to a landing platform created as well by the 3d printers. I love you all, but the most ironic thing has occurred. Your companies literally have every technology to do this , and are leading most, yet you are choosing archaic methods over reasoning and higher scope logic, risking lives and material and wasting time. Is it oversight, I imagine so, or you are already building one. These are the only two options. So, you have to be able to see in time if you really want to mastermind how to travel in space. Otherwise you just waste it. The 60's HArp project proved you can do this as well, yet with a magrail tunnel, it could launch everything, safely, humans and all, using the sun, using fossil fuels where they actually won't cause us harm; in space. If anyone is presuming to judge me, just know that Yale and Standford representatives came out to me when I was 15 to test me because of what happened in HighSchool. They said this, not me, that I am a creative genius off the charts. A borderline genius with numbers and such, and I have excellent coordination, which effects more than just the body. I have already created the fastest form of human powered transportation, which is a new form of bicycle that has a 1.5 times gain over any other bicycle or human powered set up , period. I also just hacked my own cooling technique in which one of the presidents of the company that I acquired certain components from contacted me because no one has ever used their technology like I have, and I am achieving superior results all across the board, efficiency, safety, performance. I really hope all you arrogant naysayers wake up and learn how to find true masterminds, and not just assume things so much, BYE!
dattatray chavan
dattatray chavan Mês atrás
Tharanga Wickramathunga
Richard Dutton
Richard Dutton Mês atrás
Mirko Prado
Mirko Prado Mês atrás
It's so irreal live and see this kind of technology... AWESOME Mr. Musk, just AWESOME.
Beltway services INC
Hahahahahahahaha, and yall believe that ? There is no way that was real, some of the falcon 9 landings look phony but thats real bad, disney was involved here hahahahaa
Gonçalo Pereira
Gonçalo Pereira Mês atrás
I was there in Boca Chica, I saw the landing myself idiot
E. Rose
E. Rose Mês atrás
Tell that to the hundreds of people who saw the exact same thing with their own eyes in person and have it on amateur video. Look it up.
James Fauver
James Fauver Mês atrás
If it started flying horizontally with engines blasting and then flipped it to a vertical landing , i would loose it, love this stuff.
James Fauver
James Fauver Mês atrás
Eli Kaczka
Eli Kaczka Mês atrás
Do people actually believe this is real?
01NS pihsratS
01NS pihsratS Mês atrás
I recommend you to go to boca chica
Rozey Rose
Rozey Rose Mês atrás
Do you have any evidence that it's not real?
Shorty Mês atrás
there are people/groups like NSF, LabPadre, Austin Barnard, Mary, and many more posting pictures, streaming live 24/7 and updating us on whats happening. On the NSF channel there are daily updates on the progress, on LabPadre there are 24/7 live streams and much more. You can go to Texas yourself and watch the launches, too
Eli Kaczka
Eli Kaczka Mês atrás
@E. Rose k
E. Rose
E. Rose Mês atrás
If you don't believe this is real then there's something wrong with you.
john hopkins
john hopkins Mês atrás
thank you for the great video!! (instead of useless talking heads banter)
NJ REBEL Mês atrás
Amazing every time !!! I been watching space flight since the 70's and this just never gets old. With this tech happening so fast the future is closer. Elon might be an alien.
Igwenagu Godwin
Igwenagu Godwin Mês atrás
Amazing,China is out there for the photocopy.
James Fauver
James Fauver Mês atrás
Awesome coverage !
Worachat prakorn Phone
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Ryan Mês atrás
AMAZING, 1engine can handle all that weight as it touches down.
Kalpana Shrestha
Kalpana Shrestha Mês atrás
Man it is to nice to see I have seen this 5 times
SuperMarioFan 12
SuperMarioFan 12 Mês atrás
When it explodes, I just say this out loud "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!"
Experimental aerospace x
Hey me in the future im so happy of this landing is the next step of landing on mars
John McGee
John McGee 2 meses atrás
AskF5 Aris
AskF5 Aris 2 meses atrás
Anselmo Filgueiras
Anselmo Filgueiras 2 meses atrás
The US government has anti-gravity technology! Don't risk your life by traveling in a combustion pump!
Brixxter Mês atrás
Pill time!
Tuuminshz 2 meses atrás
Have you thought about taking your meds?
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 meses atrás
And if its so good why don't they just reveal it?
Lee Andrew
Lee Andrew 2 meses atrás
Very cool
nikOtakai 2 meses atrás
What a coincidence that this video has the same amount of views as the SN8 video.
saputra Adi
saputra Adi 2 meses atrás
You waste your time.. Click here 05:36... launch..
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 meses atrás
It's FIVE MINUTES 36 SECONDS DUDE. 336 Seconds. Not much time! I would perfectly understand if this was on the SN8 Launch video, but not here!
كلا كلا للباطل
Elon Musk is a criminal because he sends spy satellites for the criminal US Army. The US military kills children and women in Yemen
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 meses atrás
Compared to ULA, SpaceX has launched less NROL missions. Besides, they aren't even defense satellites, they are just air/space force communication satellites.
Lmao. 2 meses atrás
people die in war, insanity
Lộc Bùi
Lộc Bùi 2 meses atrás
congratulation elon
Alex 🌎
Alex 🌎 2 meses atrás
fc2 please prepare for section 35 osc fc1 and lvn ? 6:07 wondering what this is all referring to.
Bedoshruti Chakraborty
Bedoshruti Chakraborty 2 meses atrás
Excellent landing it was... Just speechless
Alessandro Cianferotti
Alessandro Cianferotti 2 meses atrás
Macchina MALEDETTA : - INNESCHERA' " Armagheddon "
Sil3nt 2 meses atrás
Really curious how an average citizen can volunteer to go to Mars.. assuming healthy, no law trouble, etc.
Maxim Chudaev
Maxim Chudaev 2 meses atrás
Looks like a science fiction, but this is reality! Amazing job! Congrats to Elon’s team!
Sherod Mcneill
Sherod Mcneill 2 meses atrás
How did the liquid oxygen catch on fire from 6:08 to 6:18?
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 meses atrás
@vic Ah okay, I didn’t know about that, thanks for telling me!
vic 2 meses atrás
@Oort Cloud No, there is a liquid methane vent in that area. Methane has to be vented too, just not as much as oxygen. If the methane vent catches on fire that's not too bad and actually prevents accumulation outside.
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 meses atrás
@vic It does look like it’s coming from the engine chill vents, where oxygen normally vents from, but if it is methane, it’s kinda concerning.
vic 2 meses atrás
@Oort Cloud Oh that. It's liquid methane not oxygen.
Oort Cloud
Oort Cloud 2 meses atrás
@vic I think they mean it in mission-elapse time T+6:08 to T+6:18. It could be a methane leak, but I'm not entirely sure.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 2 meses atrás
*11:43** Looks like a fantastic movie!*
SharihAdam SRTD
SharihAdam SRTD 2 meses atrás
But after 8 min...
Guten Bag WÖRK
Guten Bag WÖRK 2 meses atrás
Ah yes finnaly a challange approaching
TrickyBen 2 meses atrás
8:25 am I insane or does it look like they're firing the raptors at different mixture ratios? Is this simply the camera?
Adi Winaryanto
Adi Winaryanto 2 meses atrás
Lukas Cochran
Lukas Cochran 2 meses atrás
Lemanhdung Le
Lemanhdung Le 2 meses atrás
Tuyet voi
AbbyGotaGun 2 meses atrás
слабоват космодром у Маска, какая-то бетонная плита в чистом поле, на такой ничего не украдёшь!
Kevin Hennessey
Kevin Hennessey 2 meses atrás
This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my lifetime.
Temper ψ
Temper ψ 2 meses atrás
You forgot the ezplosion
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Mês atrás
@X C C R sn10 internet was bad
X C C R 2 meses atrás
because it was 8 minutes after landing
kevinantonio 3 meses atrás
"succesful soft touchdown on the landing pad" famous last words
SN9 Starship
SN9 Starship 2 meses atrás
beautiful soft landing*
PASSA MOLEQUE 3 meses atrás
LS-SPACE 2 meses atrás
Sharks Football Neubrandenburg
Absolutely amazing.
David Webster
David Webster 3 meses atrás
Amazing what this machine can do but you can only get so much out of an alluminum balloon...
Bitchslapper316 3 meses atrás
Props to the cameraman flying 8km up to get us this starship footage.
kakhi kveselava
kakhi kveselava 11 dias atrás
Waiting to someone get woooshed
Brent 3 meses atrás
"soft" touchdown
champion gaming
champion gaming 3 meses atrás
Elon Musk is like tony stark
champion gaming
champion gaming 3 meses atrás
I love elon musk😀😀
Tomelom Eib
Tomelom Eib 3 meses atrás
Nice Adobe Effects
Gutekx x
Gutekx x 2 meses atrás
@Tuuminshz noooo... they have 20km x 20km x 20km green screen around there 🤣
SN9 Starship
SN9 Starship 2 meses atrás
@Tomelom Eib do you know how do we phoyograph meteorites or supersonic airplames? That's called Telescopic Tracking Camera
Tuuminshz 3 meses atrás
@Tomelom Eib Go to Boca Chica
Pol Valls
Pol Valls 3 meses atrás
@Tomelom Eib cgi? these homemade videos show it too and you can go there
Tomelom Eib
Tomelom Eib 3 meses atrás
Best cgi at 11:42 😂😂😂🤦🏻 Blue Sky With litle Clouds. And then it Lands in a Fogy Sky..I Like thats Adobe Effects.
Iwan Iwanow
Iwan Iwanow 3 meses atrás
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