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of course we stan ALL staff, but here are a few of my faves :)

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2 Jun 2021



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Comentários 13 810
KIRYU-CHAN! Hora atrás
oh Pat oh 😂😂 bless him
KIRYU-CHAN! Hora atrás
on Kitchen Nightmares Revisited it was good to see you that Rita and her sister Lisa have gone a lot better.
EmberMist Hora atrás
Not even Richie?
Criptastical 2 horas atrás
Sara has been waiting for this moment for years and it’s so satisfying to see
Omkar Rathod
Omkar Rathod 5 horas atrás
The thumbnail is so wholesome 😂😂
Robert Altamirano
Robert Altamirano 5 horas atrás
Kevin Rosa
Kevin Rosa 7 horas atrás
kalid nasr from king tut doesntr get tips!!!
A skeleton trapped in a man body
I don't understand millenial shitposting language what does stan mean. What is bussin?
Sofia Rodriguez
Sofia Rodriguez 9 horas atrás
Chef Jake is contemplating about ending it all
Estrellas Art
Estrellas Art 11 horas atrás
I love Sara’s smile
SadHippie01 12 horas atrás
Some people just wanna watch the world burn. Sara is some people.
TheMrsBeagle 14 horas atrás
I like Cats
I like Cats 14 horas atrás
Rip genevieve
Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas 15 horas atrás
Bruh I love sara
Justin Pollack
Justin Pollack 16 horas atrás
chef mic lol
Sara Bugarinović
Sara Bugarinović 17 horas atrás
As my name is Sara I love this comment section even if it’s not about me 😂😂😂
That Guy With The Cool Username
RIP Genevieve
Lanese Johnson Hu
Lanese Johnson Hu 18 horas atrás
Employers like this: "nO oNe WaNts tO wOrK aNyMoRe"
Unicornn 20 horas atrás
every time the same G1rl
relaxdrawlive 20 horas atrás
That girl that mentioned the ravioli should be fired.
정국전 21 hora atrás
Sara's creepy ass smile is literally the best😭
Noah Bathgate
Noah Bathgate 21 hora atrás
You need to make a part 2. You forgot our boy Steven
SensoryChip 2682
SensoryChip 2682 21 hora atrás
I hate sam and amy with my entire being
Mathai Mathew
Mathai Mathew Dia atrás
Everyone talking about Sara but the moment @ 14:10 where Rebecca, Gordon and Amy were laughing together for impersonating a funeral procession was quite wholesome and underrated
fluffy3049 Dia atrás
The way everyone stands 15-20 ft away from him, staring right at him AND HE'S FACING THEM. Oof, I couldn't. Good lord. Make it inconspicuous or something.
ChoccyChippyCookiexx NumNum
When Zucchini’s attack.
I'm not a cat
I'm not a cat Dia atrás
"Staff we stan" *Puts chef mic in the thumbnail*
no Dia atrás
i love how samy wanted to go for an intimidating vibe while he just makes himself look like a pervert like who claims ''I WILL FUCK YOU'' so much during an argument
JalanaSp Dia atrás
Back when tv was fun like wth was even going on 💀😭
Toby Leigh
Toby Leigh Dia atrás
Owners complain at the server for recommending the owners dish from the menu and the cooks “cook” it horrible cause she doesn’t have guts to say anything so they should be getting mad at themselves for having the bad dish in the first place. She’s begging for the dish not to get chosen and as the owner, just makes her look bad.
Chloe Dia atrás
14:55 he really said “chef Ramsley” dude must have been shitting bricks to not be able to speak huh
N i n a S e l e n a 셀레나
I love the dead cake jokes most wholsome part of the video
Genifer Romero
Genifer Romero Dia atrás
Those poor waitresses. The one who started to cry, I have a feeling she didn't deserve to be fired.
N i n a S e l e n a 셀레나
Thanks to all the waitresses that sacrificed their jobs to tell the truth to Ramsey
anna dough
anna dough Dia atrás
4:00 what episode is this?
anna dough
anna dough Dia atrás
season 5 episode 1 & 2 La Galleria
anna dough
anna dough Dia atrás
the first episode is season 5 episode 16 Amy’s Baking Company
Brian Keller
Brian Keller Dia atrás
"Sammy's going to hurt him..." That's when you knew the full depth of Amy's insanity.
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth Dia atrás
Have you ever thought... what are the other people in the resultant thinking when they seen Gordon Ramsay sit down and camera crews swarm the place XD XD
Ph0enix Dia atrás
I feel like Amy made the wrong choice in becoming a restaurant owner instead of a bakery. If she would've made a bakery, she still would've had a better career choice
Marjo Poels
Marjo Poels Dia atrás
Sarah has just an Evil smile, it gives me the chills 5:05 😱😱😱😱
Tah dude w ta view
That’s America buddy servers hid tips we all make bullshit hourly and they hide em and hate getting tipped on a card because they can’t hide it then idk bro fuck the United States and how they treat people who work
Lou Mo
Lou Mo Dia atrás
Sara's smile when Rita asked why she told Gordon about the seafood ravioli... that's the look of "I already put in my 2 week notice and now I just want to cause chaos"
Zero hunterx5
Zero hunterx5 Dia atrás
God Amy baking restaurant is like the 8th circle of hell of all restaurants.
Nessmess Dia atrás
All the owners shown here seem like just straight up BAD people
Chris Dia atrás
Sara looking like the type of lass that let's you take her out to dinner and have you pay for it. You don't mind because she's fun to have around and not to shabby to look at.
hakulives2613 Dia atrás
My God, that poor girl: you can literally SEE IT IN HER EYES how much she hates that job, and I couldn't possibly blame her.
FlipMode Dia atrás
I’m not defending the owners because they are absolute shit but the server gets paid hourly and that is what they all cry about today. Once you take their tips they hate the job. It’s so fucking funny and ironic. Then to top it off you have a foreigner now arguing on her behalf for tips when usually they go on long tirades about how tips are not needed in a civilized society 😂
E L S Dia atrás
Sammie legit said "I am the gangster not you" ☠
E L S Dia atrás
I've worked in multiple restaurants as a bartender & server (10 years exp) and every single owner was a narcissist! Watching this it seems a lot of them are! Thoughts?
enterTrainwreck Dia atrás
pat is so fucking funny
Caroline Marie
Caroline Marie Dia atrás
For some reason Rita (4:24) reminds me of Alex Borstein from Family Guy and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Also, La Galleria 33 (that restaurant) is actually incredible now and it’s my favorite North End restaurant!
First Shifter
First Shifter 2 dias atrás
Sara my God! She's like yeaaa this is what I was wanting fir
Kian Saghafi
Kian Saghafi 2 dias atrás
i love Sara so much she seems like the best person ever and i hope she isn’t working there anymore and she works at the best restaurant ever
Andi pet
Andi pet 2 dias atrás
“i’m not gonna let anyone defeat me” *starts crying*
Aprianza Nangtjik
Aprianza Nangtjik 2 dias atrás
What's wrong with name tag? Just because Gordon already know their name, they don't need it again? What about other customer? Some of the servers actually abusing Gordon Ramsay in front of their superior...
Indecision Television
Indecision Television 2 dias atrás
I had traffic school with a woman. She was rear ended by some lady at a stop light. This lady gets out of her car screaming "you hit my car! You hit my car!" Gets police. "She hit my car!!!"...that's who Amy reminds me of
4li 2 dias atrás
the girl at 12:03 looks like sookie from gilmore girls
Shinta 2 dias atrás
Sara: "There is no organization here. Nobody wants to take responsibility." Owner(s): "You know, I hate Sara." Also owner(s): "I don't want to deal with this right now..."
dea 2 dias atrás
I LOVE that Gordon respects the servers and the staff that are just there to make their money and are trying their best. They deserve that respect considering the general treatment of retail workers (including hospitality). You can tell he’s actually a nice guy, and he only gives out to the people that deserve it and should know better
Ashley Hardy
Ashley Hardy 2 dias atrás
These people ask for his help and then get mad at him for telling them what's wrong with the reasturant
I k e r
I k e r 2 dias atrás
14:52 the way he said Ramsey smh
Matthew M
Matthew M 2 dias atrás
‘I don’t allow people who have an attitude in my restaurant’ then if that’s the case u should have left long ago
Jackhammer078 Jack
Jackhammer078 Jack 2 dias atrás
Tatiana: Let me ask his questions.
Jackhammer078 Jack
Jackhammer078 Jack 2 dias atrás
Genevieve speaks the truth and Tatiana is just a crappy manager.
Jackhammer078 Jack
Jackhammer078 Jack 2 dias atrás
She eats the ravioli and pukes 🤮 but then tells the chef 👩‍🍳 it is okay 👌. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌
Giavanna Carmosino
Giavanna Carmosino 2 dias atrás
Sara out here like >:)
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 2 dias atrás
The fact Gordon just jokes and laughs with the staff is so nice. He probably understands it’s one of the most morale shattering thing there is.
Sarah 2 dias atrás
Absolutely hilarious how every server is so excited to finally expose how shit their employers are... Big mood
Curveball sliders
Curveball sliders 2 dias atrás
Damn, Gordon's shirt game at 14:47 is on point
Bernardo Romero
Bernardo Romero 2 dias atrás
he got that drip
✰ Random Cassie ✰
✰ Random Cassie ✰ 2 dias atrás
I'm sorry but I still can't get over the fact that Amy and Sammy TAKE their servers tips, that's insane.
Abberistired 2 dias atrás
people like Ramsay who refer to women they meet as "my darling" or "dear" or something similar have my whole heart and make my day so much nicer
Zackhat 2 dias atrás
I can't believe Sammy, and Amy's bakery is real. Those people doesn't feel real wtf
Thomas Quick
Thomas Quick 2 dias atrás
his energy towards the staff vs. the owners has always made me really happy.
SelenaMeiMei 2 dias atrás
Tips are outdated. Just pay a living wage. Stop making them fight for gas money. He's wring for taking all of the tips but our system is so screwed up that it's relyed on in the first place
Sean Manning
Sean Manning 2 dias atrás
Never fuck with Sara
Holly Gardner
Holly Gardner 2 dias atrás
"They're raw!" "Yeah alot of people don't like that." Lmfao
G Sol
G Sol 2 dias atrás
"why would you tell him about the seafood ravioli >:(" BITCH IF YOU KNEW IT WAS NASTY WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT?
Lexis Koehl
Lexis Koehl 2 dias atrás
Sarah is an absolute menace 😂
Jakori 2 dias atrás
2:51 "listen to me when im speaking with you, do not walk away from me you dont work here anymore, ok?" B**CH WHY SHOULD SHE LISTEN THEN? some people are just vile trash covered with human skin
ralph K.J
ralph K.J 2 dias atrás
Which episode is the first clip from
chimpanzeethat87 2 dias atrás
What the frig does “Stan” mean?
Ruth Lundy
Ruth Lundy 2 dias atrás
"Chef mike" thats great !! I do admire Gordon for relating to the staff and more or less advocating for them.
"Come here you🤭" is the most cutest thing ever
Zomb1eBird 2 dias atrás
Kitchen Nightmares admin is really doing their thing with the titles ☠️☠️
woody72691 2 dias atrás
That Miranda chick from Amy's Baking Company as hot as hell
Oneiros 2 dias atrás
"Why did you tell him about it?" That smile was priceless ahah
MusicCharms 2 dias atrás
5:05 Sara being the goddess of chaos.
Lord Talha
Lord Talha 2 dias atrás
WHY IS THIS SHOW SO REWATCHABLE?!?! I've seen all of these clips at least 10 times each and am happily watching them all again.
Tony Anthony
Tony Anthony 2 dias atrás
Blonde a$$hole: I’m so religious that I KNOW god has put me to work doing exactly what he wants me to do. Also same a$$hole: I fire people for having the same attitude as myself
ejano Crowsnatcher
ejano Crowsnatcher 2 dias atrás
Why do these businesses ever agree to go on the show??
RMcG 3 dias atrás
Sara should quit they're a riot!
An ch
An ch 3 dias atrás
Two clowns who deserve each other and hopefully the relationship leads to early graves
DeathsBlessings 3 dias atrás
Should I pay my waite- ohh a penny.
Jackmerius Tacktheritrix
Sara is the greatest, that shit stirring smile is great, and that accent 😍
MI 3 dias atrás
5:03 her smile xD
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