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SSSniperWolf My Closet Tour 2019! Here is the walk in closet tour for my new house. Yes this (Little Lia) is my official second channel for more girly stuff... check out my new house tour on my main channel SSSniperWolf Leave a Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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14 Jul 2019



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Comentários 80
Ankita Chakraborty
Ankita Chakraborty Hora atrás
Damn I'm so proud of her success
Sophia Kim Let’s play
bruh she makes 30,000 $$ a day :/ search google
Arizona Webb
Arizona Webb 12 horas atrás
I want
Teagan Wells
Teagan Wells 12 horas atrás
She said she ain’t got nothing to show Me: takes a look at my closet Also me: girl you got a bigger closet than my pool!
Elisa Crawford
Elisa Crawford 13 horas atrás
Tbh the size of her bathroom is the size of my bedroom
Rob Black
Rob Black 19 horas atrás
It's funny his voice, and the way he talks so unenthusiastic sounds just like me, lol.
maanya Dia atrás
Cmon I love that Gucci waist bag
Fatymy Suleman
Fatymy Suleman Dia atrás
Lia you should really be a model but it is hard to be a model
Cora Pratt
Cora Pratt Dia atrás
You know she have that fu money when she shops at the same place as Ariana Grande
Callie Navolio
Callie Navolio Dia atrás
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
its a romper not romber
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
its a romper not romber
Callie Navolio
Callie Navolio Dia atrás
I have a rose rumber whatever it is
Scott Kelly
Scott Kelly Dia atrás
You closet is bigger than my room
SweetCupcake Dia atrás
Could never girl you worked for it
Jairo DeLeon
Jairo DeLeon Dia atrás
Is it just me but I think lia has better clothes than any model or singer
Itzel Garcia
Itzel Garcia Dia atrás
Ur my first 1st 1st favorite u You tuber
Itzel Garcia
Itzel Garcia Dia atrás
I was talking about u to my friends and they r like who is.... I am like U DONT HOW SHE IS!!’ Also plz make for Fortnite vids I miss them so much now u react more to TikToks and more also plz at least ONE MORE GOD DAMN TIME
Itzel Garcia
Itzel Garcia Dia atrás
Hey lia I asked my mom FOR UR MERCH MY MERCH FIRSH EVERY,its is the one that has SSSNIPERWOLF At the bottom has some many cute animals?. Uhh okay PLZ ANSWER ME Do u sell it in amazon my cousin said that u sell it the cuz she says some is a scam plz answer mmeeeeeeeeeeee! ILYS
Amelia Neary
Amelia Neary Dia atrás
couple goals
flower barbie
flower barbie Dia atrás
Your closest is bigger than my room 🤣
kim nouhaila
kim nouhaila 2 dias atrás
Is that sssniperwolf
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
no duh she said at the end of the video
Marcus Howell
Marcus Howell 2 dias atrás
Lia: "... Purses!" Also lia: *Shows shoes*
Anuruti bhatt
Anuruti bhatt 4 dias atrás
"lia -god i wish i had something special to show u guys". all the designer bags at the back be like-"are we a joke to u".
Anuruti bhatt
Anuruti bhatt 4 dias atrás
when u watch ssniper wolf u will never guess that this girl that rich 😂😂😂😂
Amber Edgelow
Amber Edgelow 4 dias atrás
you should clean you closet on one of your videos
Luna Gaming
Luna Gaming 5 dias atrás
Just realized I have the exact same dress she has
Anshitha Chirumamilla
Anshitha Chirumamilla 5 dias atrás
Lia: this is my bathroom folks Me: that’s my dining room,kitchen and my bedroom Conclusion: she hella rich
Cringe Town
Cringe Town 5 dias atrás
The fanciest thing ing my closet is my closet.
Hailey Reyes
Hailey Reyes 5 dias atrás
Everyone: Her closet is bigger then mine’s! Me: You have closets?
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
lol thats funny
Darja ragozina
Darja ragozina 6 dias atrás
That's bigger than my room...
Okie Dokie
Okie Dokie 6 dias atrás
Lia has good taste in houses and rooms......
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
Estheri Hmar
Estheri Hmar 6 dias atrás
I like how she act poor but super rich
Sian Poole
Sian Poole 6 dias atrás
Her closet just called me weak-
Esteban Marcelino
Esteban Marcelino 7 dias atrás
Esteban Marcelino
Esteban Marcelino 7 dias atrás
You should do a video of you cleaning your closet
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
why that would be boring
I play Roblox :D
I play Roblox :D 7 dias atrás
0.1 of her closet is how big my closet is
Hugo Gaming
Hugo Gaming 7 dias atrás
She said she is so poor but her closet is the size of my house
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
she never said she was poor
dokjohan 8 dias atrás
That bathroom is biger then my house
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
Pastel Unicorn
Pastel Unicorn 8 dias atrás
If I was Lia's maid I would fold and iron and literally arrange EvErYThiNg and not get bored🤣😂
•Nutella life•
•Nutella life• 8 dias atrás
her bathroom and closet is the size of my house TvT im poor TvT
Kaitlyn Mendez
Kaitlyn Mendez 8 dias atrás
That's not a closet that's a store
Aiyza Noorali
Aiyza Noorali 8 dias atrás
When two of her purses are the worth of your house 🏠
ari ariana
ari ariana 8 dias atrás
The bathroom is better then my whole home
David Gifford
David Gifford 9 dias atrás
for all the haters...... u can leave and stop hating go hate ur self for hating
Livia Molly
Livia Molly 9 dias atrás
I-I- don't even have a closet tour would be 0.0 seconds
Inga Jakopic
Inga Jakopic 9 dias atrás
I swear she has bigger closet then my house
iman fatima
iman fatima 9 dias atrás
Mirandah Foster
Mirandah Foster 9 dias atrás
I am goth all the time lol
Charlize Gamer
Charlize Gamer 10 dias atrás
Let's just ignore her bathroom is bigger then my hole houseb
MegzyWoody 10 dias atrás
Lia, you should put some of your smaller bags on the shoe shelves. Plus the glass doors will protect them better.
ᴀsʜʟxʏ 10 dias atrás
She doesn’t do BRvid for the money, she does what she loves. Unlike most BRvidrs, like morgz.
Frost bite
Frost bite 11 dias atrás
Lol, most my stuff is from thrift stores the other half is from garage sales🤣
A Phantom
A Phantom 11 dias atrás
2:28 that’s some NBA Young Boy stuff
aspin puppy cat tv
aspin puppy cat tv 13 dias atrás
Are you sssniperwolf🤗?
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 14 dias atrás
neo sam
neo sam 14 dias atrás
ngl red and green are lia's colour
ursula mensah
ursula mensah 15 dias atrás
ursula mensah
ursula mensah 15 dias atrás
I am knew
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
Rhianna Bates
Rhianna Bates 16 dias atrás
have yall seen her bathroom _oop_
Linn Overbeek
Linn Overbeek 16 dias atrás
My closet tour would we 0.1 sec
The Wise Potato
The Wise Potato 17 dias atrás
wow...I dont even have a closet
A H 17 dias atrás
can u do a room tour please or a updated house tour
Bookworm Wolf88
Bookworm Wolf88 17 dias atrás
I love how modest she is about all she has. And she's truly grateful for all of it even tho she acknowledges she doesn't use a lot of it. And ik people saying "she says she doesn't have anything to show but got expensive bags" I think she says that because she doesn't think it's special just because it's expensive. She's a very sweet and down to earth person and I really enjoy watching her videos. ❤❤❤ Btw pls don't hate. I tried to make this comment very kind but I'm paranoid and don't wanna offend anyone. 😊❤
Malak Hearts
Malak Hearts 18 dias atrás
So that just the closet, imagine what my house would look like compared to her closet 💀
ZeroTwo 19 dias atrás
the whole time i was looking at sausage in the mirror
emmy henderson
emmy henderson 20 dias atrás
girl !! you rich that closet is like 2x the sixe of my house!
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
well obv she's a influencer
emmy henderson
emmy henderson 20 dias atrás
Jhope's Snakeu
Jhope's Snakeu 21 dia atrás
My closet tour would be like 0.0 sec
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson 21 dia atrás
Also poor XD -stares at her couple of clothes she got all from Walmart Clearance... hahahaha XD
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
well what do you have to say about her bags? also ur just jealous I D I O T
Eva Pasalo
Eva Pasalo 21 dia atrás
I love u
Hoo Hoo
Hoo Hoo 8 horas atrás
in a friendship way or like an actual relationship?
Brooke White
Brooke White 22 dias atrás
i love how she is so grateful for her home, ppl who have the same amount of money as her will be like *walks to normal person "EEWW your cloths *gags" but lia is super nice watching her old videos btw :/
Gabriel Zina Javellana
Gabriel Zina Javellana 22 dias atrás
Your closet looks so amazing
Kaedence Martin
Kaedence Martin 23 dias atrás
if you dont want stuff give it to your fans
William Butler
William Butler 23 dias atrás
I really like ur closet btw
davies hiew
davies hiew 23 dias atrás
Lia: to pride Me: wait... Hold up... Did I misheard it... *Goes back* I didn't...
Rasmi Basnet
Rasmi Basnet 25 dias atrás
I love your closet and that bathroom 😍
Omar Alsultany
Omar Alsultany 25 dias atrás
When she said pink latex I was like:dont touch me while wearing that.i has an allergy
romeo rose
romeo rose 26 dias atrás
Can u adopt me-
•{Hannah_And_M}• 27 dias atrás
That’s the nicest closet that I do not have
Natalie Gregorio
Natalie Gregorio 27 dias atrás
She should do a 24 hour challenge in there
Namtan._.Eilish 28 dias atrás
I dont even have a closet xD
Lil Meow Meow
Lil Meow Meow Mês atrás
I was just watching your videos and this video came on while I was organizing my new closet lol
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