Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #2

Moriah Elizabeth
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Hey Guys! Here is the second episode of the highly requested, "Squishy Makeover" series. Today I am fixing, decorating and adding to 4 different squishies that were donated by you guys! I had so much fun doing this, I am super happy with how they came out!

Also, to expand on the announcement I made, I am halting the squishy donations temporarily! I have gotten so many squishies send to me, I am overwhelmed with squishies! It's a great problem to have and I am so thankful that so many of you care about this series so much that you are willing to donate. But I would like to wait a while before adding to this huge pile of squishies on my to do list! Please wait until I have made some sort of announcement that the coast is clear. Hope you understand!

I will be opening up as many of these as I can on Monday. I have such a huge pile, it may take a few weeks just to catch up the unboxing. I can't wait!

If you want to learn more about the process of sending squishies in the meantime, please watch this video:

Let me know which one was your favorite! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for future episodes!



Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videos


Some Mondays: Squishy Updates, mail openings, vlogs, announcements, unboxing videos, show and tell etc.


NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE SQUISHY PACKAGES UNTIL I HAVE CAUGHT UP A BIT (I will make an announcement when the coast is clear. thanks!)





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28 Jun 2018



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Comentários 31 031
Junipest 2 anos atrás
Moriah: "I know a complete failure is bound to happen" That squishy person she did: *My time to shine*
Ronette Felter
Ronette Felter 15 horas atrás
Yes I was thinking that too
stitch Williams
stitch Williams 2 meses atrás
I was going to comment this 😂😂😂
xXDigital-skittlesXx 2 meses atrás
What about the whiskers on the cat? *it was un-even and wobbly*
green 3 meses atrás
Urszula Swierad
Urszula Swierad 5 meses atrás
Omg lol
Rowyn's Arts
Rowyn's Arts Anos atrás
Old moriah: this ice cream cone is nice and simple, but still rainbow :) Moriah now: *Add sprinkles, an Oreo, more rainbow, and a small sheep parasite,* _and only then shall I be satisfied_
mandaz1989 3 meses atrás
Some people still aren’t happy tho
Dont forget ice cream cones on the ears
Chicken 1150
Chicken 1150 5 meses atrás
Facts Also love the sheep parasite 🦠
Max Clips
Max Clips Anos atrás
I'm a self taught comic artist and I love putting these videos on to watch/listen to while I work on my own art thanks for making entertaining and inspiring videos!
Ivane Behr
Ivane Behr 27 dias atrás
I also enjoy drawing comics while i watch moriah''s videos. I'm doing it now lol. 😁
Rachelle Harper
Rachelle Harper Anos atrás
Moriah: She gets scared when the fog is in the camera Now Moriah: I’m scared when the rainbow isn’t in order
Bill hall
Bill hall 10 meses atrás
Hey wanna be friends Moriah? Sure! I love lucky charms rainbows! ... .... ..... *No*
Erica Amy Kees
Erica Amy Kees 10 meses atrás
First name Last name
First name Last name 11 meses atrás
Leia O'Dell
Leia O'Dell 9 meses atrás
This is such a cool hobby! I appreciate your humor and maturity in your vids. I'm 22 and appreciate your deadpan humor and sarcasm, it doesnt feel like I'm watching someone catering to children with bells and whistles, it feels like I'm watching someone with a really cool artistic hobby that they enjoy and are good at. I'm super inspired by you and your videos. Thanks!
Grace Howell
Grace Howell 8 meses atrás
I love seeing her donations box not even half full, knowing how her collection would expand beyond all reason.
Willowashesfnaf17 10 meses atrás
Moriah: “I know a complete failure is bound to happen,” People squishes: “allow us to introduce ourselves.”
jay bird
jay bird 2 anos atrás
Omg her editing has improved so so much, and just her overall improvement in her art in general
All Things Ember
All Things Ember Anos atrás
Love your sarcasm! I’ve watched all of your vids up till this point! I’m trying to watch every single video you have and I’m getting pretty close! You come so far Moriah can’t believe how confident you’ve become!
εїз 2 anos atrás
Her: “ITS GIANT” Person who sent her the donut and the orange: “oh, you’ll see giant.” Hopefully you know what I’m talking about
Froggy 23 dias atrás
Ya I get it
Leia Fleer
Leia Fleer 4 meses atrás
Don’t worry I know what you’re talking about
Marvin Pierce
Marvin Pierce 4 meses atrás
Yeah I know
Pop tart A YT and Zoza
Pop tart A YT and Zoza 5 meses atrás
Im 7 but i get it
honeybee.loves.art_ 6 meses atrás
So funny
Ss pai
Ss pai Anos atrás
you have improved your squishy fixing skills all these years......keep it up...we all love you
Sunshine Seamstress
Painting on squishies seems really fun ☺️I think I might just try it and see how fast I get obsessed with rainbows and watermelons 😂
bi _ gacha _ girl
bi _ gacha _ girl Anos atrás
Something not a lot of artist can say "I love my art!"
UwU Anos atrás
Icecream: 1:55 Costume cutiez: 5:46 Heart brownie: 10:08 Frog: 12:54
nekoblossoms 7 meses atrás
Thank u ^\\\\^
Bevveh 4 anos atrás
You make this look so easy and fun and the paint jobs turn out so clean and retain texture, your editing and humor is wonderfully entertaining, and you speak clearly and to the point. You earned a sub!
UNICORN SQUAD 4 anos atrás
Bevveh wow everyone is an emoji blob
Melanie Cruz
Melanie Cruz 4 anos atrás
Melanie Cruz
Melanie Cruz 4 anos atrás
And you earned a lile
Bevveh 4 anos atrás
UNICORN SQUAD i have devolved over the years through shameful phases. i am now but what i always am inside: an emoji blob.
UNICORN SQUAD 4 anos atrás
Bevveh Omg I love your profile pic
itsdreamie.gachax 2 anos atrás
This was the first ever Mariah video I have watched and I loved it 😍 i like her old videos more tbh ♡ this is also my favourite video of hers ever.
iiSimplySxnnyii Anos atrás
Moriah: “I’m painting it a CaKiE color” me “cakie? That’s not a word... is it?”
Nope not a word ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
Aight getting the dictionary.
Nicole Khairallah
Nicole Khairallah Anos atrás
Like always they turned out soo good ❤💛💚💙💜
Anna Winkler
Anna Winkler Anos atrás
I am going back and watching her old vids, and wow has she changed! Love you Moriah!
Kinga 4 anos atrás
I am in love with this series
the pretty girl princess 👸
@Sophia Applehill I do! To
Sophia Applehill
Sophia Applehill 10 dias atrás
@the pretty girl princess 👸 she lives in the US :)
the pretty girl princess 👸
Me to and also are you sending moriah a package? If it isn't far away I will too
enrique Fuentes
enrique Fuentes Anos atrás
Yea she doesn’t do it that much on. Friday are usually hold my breath do hope that it’s squishy makeover
Emma Gramowski
Emma Gramowski 4 anos atrás
Kinga Loves BRvid same
• 𝙱𝚞𝚣𝚣𝚢-𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚛𝚜 •
Havent missed an upload in 3 years, going back to rewatch some of the first videos i watched of hers to relive memories
Sunniva Schou Tennfjord
I remember watching nerdy crafter and then you get recommend under it and I was like HUMMMM now 2 years later still watching you ❤️ and loving your vids 200 thousand times more then my 10 year old self. Thank you for makeing me life a little more bright everyday ❤️❤️🥺
catsnip60 5 meses atrás
When my friend showed me this series, I knew I was hooked to this-
Norah Chabot
Norah Chabot 3 meses atrás
I love your videos Moriah❤️
Bunny 3 anos atrás
One of my favorite parts of this channel is she uses actually affordable products. Not a 1oz bottle of luxury white paint from France costing $100. She's also having fun and being grateful for her fans. Love you Moriah!! 💜
Tharsine Sivaharan
Tharsine Sivaharan 2 anos atrás
I love your art and I look forward to your vids every week I love you 😍 ( and opie
jadechat Anos atrás
im rewatching all of your videos from forever ago and i just got to this one. i LOVE the costume cutie, but now that im rewatching it im thinking black seeds on the bear wouldve been so cute, like a little surprise when you take it out
Ava Jones
Ava Jones 25 dias atrás
I've been watching Moriah's squishy makeovers from start to finish and when she said "cat-ness" in this video I immediately thought of Katniss Everdeen (I think that's how you spell it) from Hunger Games
Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline Anos atrás
Moriah : I’m waiting for a big failure to happen Me sitting here in 2020 : You don’t know what you’re asking for
Bryanne Smith
Bryanne Smith 3 anos atrás
Thank you for taking so much time out of your day to make these for us ❤️❤️
Fatima Cabanilla
Fatima Cabanilla 6 meses atrás
Julie Karlstedt
Julie Karlstedt 3 anos atrás
Julie Karlstedt
Julie Karlstedt 3 anos atrás
Bryanne Smith
Bryanne Smith 3 anos atrás
GK Unicorns can y’all not be rude I was trying to be nice.
J Kersey
J Kersey 3 anos atrás
@Bryanne Smith SHE KNOWS
em Anos atrás
Moriah: “Hey guys! Welcome to my carpet.” Safiya: “Hello friends, and welcome to my tub.” 😝
•Bunni• 2 anos atrás
Moriah: I have here all my squishe donations Me: oh you have no idea you end up sorting like a million squishes in the future
nekoblossoms 7 meses atrás
I can't stop watching that video lol
Ormamo Anos atrás
Haha 😂 I remember that
Just Flamingo
Just Flamingo Anos atrás
"I've just really loved all the squishies I have made in this series so far ! I know complete failure is bound to happen and I'm waiting for it " Face of Failure : looks uneasily from the future
jess401 Anos atrás
I remember when I started breaking out in a cold sweat reading the video title saying SQUISHY MAKEOVER. Now I gotta pray for a squishy makeover or look for other channels.
Oakley the Quarterhorse
Love the watermelon costume cutie! ♥️
angela clark
angela clark 6 meses atrás
moriah: make sure to cover your nose and mouth while doing this. everybody: *covers nose and mouth with masks for all of 2020, 2021 and 2022*
Tharsine Sivaharan
Tharsine Sivaharan 2 anos atrás
Omg she really improved her skills also Moriah I love your vids you are a true artist and I don’t know why you say you are bad
H C 7 meses atrás
Oh how she’s grown, 3 years and this is only #2. Such nostalgia
Adalyn Stowe
Adalyn Stowe 2 anos atrás
who else is binge watching moriah's channal during quarenteen
 i♡genya shinazugawa
i♡genya shinazugawa 19 horas atrás
Preciado family
Preciado family 4 dias atrás
ThyCloK 8 dias atrás
Hey you, you're finally awake! YOU were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that imperial ambush- Same as us! and that thief over there...
Cammyy! 11 dias atrás
Karissa Casnellie
Karissa Casnellie 9 meses atrás
Past moriah: “but i just kinda wanted it plain...” Present moriah: **has to tell her self to stop and not go all out but she still goes all out**
Cherix_Bomb Anos atrás
You can do your own style I love everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞
Isabel Dominici
Isabel Dominici Anos atrás
When she painted that green color on the costume, I knew it was gonna be watermelon. She always uses that color for watermelon.
The Awesome Cousin Clan
The good old days when Moriah painted with a popsicle stick
Rui Yu
Rui Yu 4 anos atrás
PLEASE make more of these series!!! You amazing at squishy makeovers, like I'm proud of you
Lulu 2 anos atrás
I am shocked by how good every squishy is, EVERY SINGLE TIME
lucy.e Anos atrás
i love how i'm watching this in 2020 and she's using a handkerchief, meanwhile now everyone has a mask no problem.
Pixie The Alien Kitty
"You can get away with removing parts of things" Me: *removes my friends eyeball* Moriah said I could!🐱😂😂
The Only Joke Here Is Me
This was the first video I watched by Moriah 🥺 It feels like such a long time ago
Olivia MacGregor
Olivia MacGregor Anos atrás
Moriah: so the purple got the sack, and it still looks good so it’s okay Me: dang girl if you did that know you would literally get a bigger ice cream cone so all the colors could fit 😂
Gøat_Demon 2 anos atrás
"I know there's a big failer bound to happen, and I'm just waiting for it" Me: you poor, clueless soul
LotsOfRandom Anos atrás
Moriah: I have here all of my squishy donations Me: Little does she know she will be covered in them in 2020
Nancy Holmes
Nancy Holmes Anos atrás
I love how she paints eyes
Alexa Meadow
Alexa Meadow 4 anos atrás
Cecilia Vosteen
Cecilia Vosteen 4 anos atrás
Alexa Meadow me too
Aish anaya
Aish anaya Anos atrás
Your videos 😃 are very enjoyable 😜🌹
Laura The Panda
Laura The Panda Anos atrás
Moriah: "I'm really happy with all of the squishies that I painted so far, but I know there's bound to be a complete faliure sometime" Me: Ohhhh Just you wait until 2019...
Sarah Ragaie
Sarah Ragaie Anos atrás
Shinie Spark
Shinie Spark 5 meses atrás
moriah then: "nice and simple poka-dots." future moriah: ^get super broken squishy, fixes it after weeks, adds 6 other squishys, makes it rainbow, adds sprinkles^ "I really like this one!"
dream夢 -
dream夢 - 4 anos atrás
Moriah I know this is cheesy but when I watch your videos and see you smile it just makes my day! ❤ love you! 😊
Itz_Sparkle Snow
Itz_Sparkle Snow 4 anos atrás
YASSS QUEEN lol ok bye
dream夢 -
dream夢 - 4 anos atrás
Sparkling sweet treats idk
Itz_Sparkle Snow
Itz_Sparkle Snow 4 anos atrás
YASSS QUEEN thanks and why are you changing it( sorry for the late reply)
dream夢 -
dream夢 - 4 anos atrás
Sparkling sweet treats thanks your really nice but I might change it.
Itz_Sparkle Snow
Itz_Sparkle Snow 4 anos atrás
Btw I like your name
April Babbitt
April Babbitt Anos atrás
Moriah: "You should cover your mouth and nose" Do you own a time machine?
angela clark
angela clark 6 meses atrás
moriah: most of that is on the surface. every encanto fan EVER: UNDER THE SURFACE!!
sean fleming
sean fleming Anos atrás
Ok but lets all be honest this girl is so funny, pretty, and creative
LotsOfRandom Anos atrás
Moriah: I can't stop with the sprinkles Me in 2021: She sure can't
Isabel Allvin
Isabel Allvin 2 anos atrás
Moriah: I went through half a bottle of paint! Me two years later: OH YULL SEE!
Hpfreak Anos atrás
Akshaya Kaivalya
Akshaya Kaivalya Anos atrás
Shilpa Mhatre
Shilpa Mhatre Anos atrás
Ohhhhh yaàa me tooo
cloudy_heavens Anos atrás
You should have made the Frog a King Frog! Make the frog a lighter green, add some highlights in it's eyes, Add more detail go the face! And paint the crown with a Shiny Gold color!
Jordan Myers
Jordan Myers 9 meses atrás
I love her style completely
Esther Aestheticc
Esther Aestheticc 2 meses atrás
This is the only thing I can watch infront of my parents 😆 🤣
Lucy Farrer
Lucy Farrer Anos atrás
Moriah: I'm going to make this into a watermelon theme Us in 2020: Of course you are
Eabha Shields
Eabha Shields 8 meses atrás
The faces are not bad .😊❤️.Love your videos
Monica Herg
Monica Herg 7 dias atrás
Love your videos
teletubby queen
teletubby queen Anos atrás
“It’s not a cat without a tail” Tailless cats and cats with stub tails: Are we a joke to you?
Cookie Lover
Cookie Lover Anos atrás
I love her new unique vocabulary.
European Life
European Life 4 anos atrás
My favorite series ever! Please make more
Chicken 1150
Chicken 1150 5 meses atrás
The ice cream is so simple, now she’s spending HOURS on intricate designs and she still thinks it’s too simple
{Da LivingMuffin} #Tyfor30subs #Channelkeepsgrowin
When she was talking about how many cracks there were on the ice cream cone, in my mind I was saying to myself: "OHHH NO GURL- YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET..."
Past Moriah: this massive icecream cone Present Moriah: this is so big it can't even fit on the screen!!
Joy Ivanya
Joy Ivanya Anos atrás
Im crying , you paint so neatly
Demon_Reanimated 2 anos atrás
Moria: Let's add some Catness! Me: Frog cat has voleteard as tribute
Daisy Marshall
Daisy Marshall 6 dias atrás
@Ormamo My subtitles changed it to Katniss and the volume was on quiet cause I had a headache and i thought she was talking about the hunger games LOL
Ormamo Anos atrás
Haha 😂 I LOVE The Hunger Games!!
Dew Milk
Dew Milk 11 meses atrás
Aww you've improved SO MUCH and your voice itself has changed too
Me.Candy.Van. Anos atrás
"I know a complete failure is about to happen and I'm waiting for it" The Human one: 👁👄👁
AxeHead 45
AxeHead 45 Anos atrás
Those emojis capture her essence perfectly tho-
Adelyn Webb
Adelyn Webb Anos atrás
@Christina hiii
Christina Anos atrás
Adelyn I am :)
Adelyn Webb
Adelyn Webb Anos atrás
Omg I didn’t know That anybody watch this in 2021
A-Gamer's World
A-Gamer's World 9 meses atrás
0:22 That was all she had…. Ahh, memories…. ☺️😌😁
Nadroj the Gremlin
Nadroj the Gremlin Anos atrás
Moriah in 2018: wow this ice cream is very big That big orange squishy and the giant peaches: allow us to introduce ourselves
James Benton
James Benton 2 anos atrás
moriah: i am waiting for a mistake me: she has no idea what was coming (the squishy people) :(
MiMi Nail
MiMi Nail Anos atrás
Anxiety! at the Disco Haha
#fun Squad love
#fun Squad love 2 anos atrás
That was meeeeeee
Absolute Disaster
Absolute Disaster 2 anos atrás
We do not speak of them...
-xXMiloXx- 3 meses atrás
Moriah: So I'm doing a pearlescent rainbow ice cream (that sounds like it'll would kill you if it's a real flavor) Me: That's why we have rainbow sherbet!
ItsLaneybruh♡ Anos atrás
Who else watches videos of her from years ago then seeing recent ones like shes improved on details and everything in time :D
AveryDaAxolotl 3 meses atrás
Yeah She has improved Alot :>
engkusham lahin
engkusham lahin Anos atrás
Moriah:saying that people think her squishies aren't looking right Me:But I think it looks great.
☆c1nnam0n_r0lls☆ 8 meses atrás
Hey! I have that heart cake squishy too! The brown one with strawberry icing/frosting!
ava 4 anos atrás
why are your squishy ideas much better than what some actual squishy companies come up with? (my opinion) I subscribed! ❤
The Bean
The Bean 4 anos atrás
ava same
Sofi Santillana
Sofi Santillana 4 anos atrás
ava Me too I though the same!!!
chickpea 4 anos atrás
ava The reason why some of the squichies aren't that detail it's because it would require more materials and human labor, which can come off as expensive and we all know that these cheaper squishy companies just want a quick buck
SweetSteak12 2 anos atrás
I CANT BELIEVE THIS WAS 2 YEARS AGO!!! I remember the day I got a notification that said you posted 😂
Martha Dorado
Martha Dorado 10 meses atrás
Hot dog squishy
AxeHead 45
AxeHead 45 Anos atrás
Close to if not 3 now. Please kindly not make me feel f*cking ancient
Danika Rogers
Danika Rogers Anos atrás
Can you please do more costume cuties in your makeovers I love them 😍 so much and they are so cute!!
Honeydew_ Anos atrás
this is the first video I've see of her's........she's improved
D1amondK1ttyYT 10 meses atrás
" I know a complete failure is bound to happen and I'm looking for it..." Me: Moriah, you could never understand the future. The face of failure is coming.
sprinkles are my game
sprinkles are my game 2 anos atrás
I almost freaked out when she didn’t play the sprinkle song then I remembered........ it was 2018
Cora’s Creations
Cora’s Creations 6 meses atrás
I almost died! Past Moriah: *plays a random song she liked at the time* hmmmm I bet people will think its cringe when I play it when I put on sprinkles Now: *A traditions*
Amanda Stuart
Amanda Stuart 9 meses atrás
I noticed as well
WhiteTiger 9 meses atrás
samya s.
samya s. 9 meses atrás
same haahahah
ur local weirdo
ur local weirdo 9 meses atrás
Stephen Orera
Stephen Orera 2 meses atrás
What do you do while you wait for the paint to dry?
'I know a failure is bound to happen at some point and I'm waiting for it!' Lumpy face girl happens about a year later! LOL
Adelaide Alfieri
Adelaide Alfieri Anos atrás
You are SO TALENTED, girlfriend!!! Keep it up!!! 💜
Alaina Abernathy
Alaina Abernathy 7 meses atrás
Sooo cute how are you so good at painting
Jo'Maya Johnson
Jo'Maya Johnson 4 anos atrás
I love your squishy redecorating videos ❤️
Evie the elf
Evie the elf Anos atrás
The inside of the costume looks like the inside of the watermelon :)
Audrey LOVES Puppies!!
I don't know why but her videos make me happy!
Alisha Brown
Alisha Brown Anos atrás
Moriah: i know a complete failure is bound to happen and im waiting for it me: the creepy human squishy...
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