Squishy Makeovers: Christmas/Winter

Moriah Elizabeth
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1 Dez 2022



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Moriah Elizabeth
So I was scared of the Harry Potter fans, but apparently I should have been more scared of the Sanrio fans 😂. Y’all are very intense and offended, so here’s what I now know after many firm scoldings: That white “bunny” is a Sanrio character called cinnamaroll and it’s actually a puppy. My formal apology video is coming soon 😆 😆 😆
You know Moriah is daring when she edits Harry Potter and Cinnamoroll in the same video
Chicken Nugget
Dear Moriah,
Mandy Doherty
I love who my daughter and I are affectionately calling “Bah HumBlob”. So glad you picked Christmas to finally make a blob squishy! ❤️
Amanda amandaroseradzikowski
Can we all agree that Mariah is so creative
Samantha Dyck
Love the addition of seeing Mini Me's little feet as she scurries away with her prize. Just: "I have succeeded! Now, escape before she catches me!"
Leopard playz :3#Pls sub for cookie
Me as a Sanrio: no not the cinnamonroll tail
Seasaw Drawz
I love Moriah calling Cinnamroll Christmas themed cause now I can’t unfeel the Christmas aura from him lmao love your vids ❤
Lina Novak
Moriah! You should totally make an advent calendar! It can have your characters as squishes, small plushies, and other cool small things to put in it! I know your not selling anymore merch this year but it can definitely be fun for next year as well!
Moriah Elizabeth: I’m going to do a traditional Santa hat
xPurplepandax 14 dias atrás
I love how these videos never get old. Like for example, I started watching these when I was like, 7 or so, and I still watch them as a literal teenager. Squishy makeovers are just so addicting. 🤣
You know what we need is one HUGE compilation of all of her makeovers
corinne 💗
I feel like she should decorate ornaments with her characters on it! ❤
Safiye Demirci
You should turn a few of your blobs into squshies! They would look so cute <3
Kenzie Keenan
moriah!! you should find more of those penguins and create all your blobs as squishies❤️
Kai & Lilac
I like how at one part we see Moriah talk to her daughter and her daughter just waddles away with I think a paint brush and palette trying to be just like her mom, she’s so adorable
Neah Williams
Cathy is honestly my favorite. 😍 She is so cute. I think that style is awesome 👌 Your art skills are on fire.🔥 Burning, because there so good Moriah. Keep painting and making videos Moriah! And don't forget that we will always love you and your art!😉
I absolutely love your vids
Abbey A
1) i love Cathy’s face and 2) I LOVE when Mini Me just randomly pops into videos and that her face is always cut off. 10/10 giving children privacy while still entertaining the people
Hey Moriah I’ve been a fan for about 4 years now and finally got my hands on both create this books for Christmas :) I’m so glad I finally got them
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