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Splitgate is finally on CONSOLE and has full cross-play support, but it has been 2 years since I last covered this game, what has changed since then? Well you came to the right place, sit back, relax, and enjoy my re-review of SPLITGATE!


Thumbnail art by LUMI:

The Intro song is "I Think I'm Normal" by Carter Ace
Check him out here:

The Outro song is "Bone Theme" by Michael Wyckoff:

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25 Jul 2021



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Comentários 4 075
Macro Mês atrás
Take a portal to my twitter already @theMacroShow
Chicken nugget
Chicken nugget 10 dias atrás
I just got it and i love it
jon cast
jon cast 12 dias atrás
Fuck that Jeff really I want over Watch2
Fast_smack Mês atrás
Hey Macro can u please tell me ur username in splitgate I wanna play with u splitgate plz
Kalvin Clement.
Kalvin Clement. Mês atrás
Hey macro can u use my code pls MC3SLU and i love your vids and this vid made me download Splitgate and i love it Is is pog
Rantz Mês atrás
Splitgate is trash shush
Ben Anomyse
Ben Anomyse 9 horas atrás
Splitgate is baseicly portal 1 and 2 but with guns
Hilpeä Lölli
Hilpeä Lölli 13 horas atrás
Take down is In other games.
Bizherk YT
Bizherk YT Dia atrás
G is Gulf*
Firecat Dia atrás
eill it come to switch
Mega Sej
Mega Sej 2 dias atrás
I feel like the greatest games always have the lowest amount of devs starting out.
Mkay 2 dias atrás
It's 9/15/2021, and I just turned my fov from 80 to 103 and it feels soo good 👍😎
Phelps Lewis
Phelps Lewis 3 dias atrás
Just downloaded it on console, and I’m addicted to it. Needs a lot of work, but for the state that it’s in I give it top marks.
SB-338 NTB
SB-338 NTB 3 dias atrás
SplitGate is some of the most fun I've had in an FPS game in a looooong time. If I am to assume Halo MP in it's prime was like this (without portals tho obviously) than I understand way more just how deserved it's fame is. Sometimes I have bad rounds where I barely get two kills, but sometimes I have the most amazing rounds carrying the team and pulling off 900 IQ plays it's so fun and satisfying.
jalexis francisco
jalexis francisco 3 dias atrás
The fam and popularity should be like 1b player base for some MONEY!
Eli 3 dias atrás
i love this game i rate it 10/10
Doom Marston
Doom Marston 4 dias atrás
I gotchu my guy
Taha esmaeili
Taha esmaeili 4 dias atrás
4 Dude's and we got this masterpiece , Damn
4 dias atrás
Splitgate is 10x better than Apex. Why? Because it's Halo, CoD, and Portal mashed up into one masterpiece.
Jacob Prater
Jacob Prater 4 dias atrás
The electricity portal is cool i want it
paymyray 5 dias atrás
A solid 9,9 /10 on console
Noble Pigeon
Noble Pigeon 5 dias atrás
its not available for console on ps4 ;)
Jacob Molina
Jacob Molina 5 dias atrás
I give this game a 8/10
Brutalite 6 dias atrás
I grew up on halo, and then played portal religiously, this game is like crack I can't stop playing it! 11/10 would portal behind someone and shotgun them in the back a thousand times more!
littlehendrix330 7 dias atrás
finally getting the recognition it deserves :) I've been playing this game for a little bit since it was in beta and so glad season 0 is out!! I am lowkey addicted. Im still in lockdown in Australia and I introduced one of my mates to it and now we hop on every arvo after doing online school and play for a couple hours. it keeps me sane :) love you macro keep up the great vids man
Chaminken 8 dias atrás
My split gate code is Z2TGY9
ZedGamingX1 8 dias atrás
So splitgate came on console in july 27 and my birthday was on july 27 cooool
DEREKvs-TheWorld 9 dias atrás
ur gay
Mike Torres
Mike Torres 9 dias atrás
The laser rifle feels identical the needler when shooting . aside from the needles exploding obviously .
Dwight Perez
Dwight Perez 10 dias atrás
Just got a PC. Apex Legends crashed on me and can’t be fix so I needed to find a new game. Luckily this was the one I chose and it’s absolutely amazing
Trey The loser
Trey The loser 10 dias atrás
i only play this game on pc and i am just addicted and it is really fun my friends hate the bugs but i dont really get it much so i dont really get it but now i do
Hazbinknight 10 dias atrás
Its great but my wifi is never geting better
Bluestone 10 dias atrás
It's like halo and portal had a kid and this is what you get
Bluestone 10 dias atrás
This game sucks
I Cherry
I Cherry 10 dias atrás
literally no life in the comments going to ever comment just to say this “game is trash shush” buddy you probably bad thats why. Also if you don’t like this game you probably never played Halo its nostalgic with a twist thats why a lot of players enjoy it. And quite frankly I’m surprised this hasn’t been done yet, But you go enjoy your reskinned game every year or whatever crap you play. Why is it the one game that allows you to get free stuff and actually earn your stuff instead of pay for every damn thing people try to it shut down its sad. People would rather pay to get cool skins instead of earn them. Sad so sad...
Connor. Cleave
Connor. Cleave 10 dias atrás
It also has the same voice lines as halo
Chicken nugget
Chicken nugget 10 dias atrás
Kevin Gergely
Kevin Gergely 11 dias atrás
Dropped your refferal code mate
Michael W Polasik Jr
Michael W Polasik Jr 11 dias atrás
U vids are trash the games u show are not for noobs
Thomas Gabriel Jamias
Thomas Gabriel Jamias 11 dias atrás
Biscuit 11 dias atrás
I’m gonna give it another try now
NEON 11 dias atrás
I rate splitgate a 9.5/10 its really good just i know more can be added
Ale M
Ale M 11 dias atrás
MY_DOG_IS_THE_BEST 11 dias atrás
I love playing it
The Livin Game Productions
needler type of weapon on splitgate? fuck yes dude
Gundam Slayer
Gundam Slayer 12 dias atrás
I played this when it first came out and I have the legacy tag and I never knew what it was for, for a while until my friends said that the legacy tag is for people who first played it when I came out and so now I can flex on my friends cause a lot of them say they played it when it first came out and I can call them out because they don’t have a legacy tag
Hunter Havokk
Hunter Havokk 13 dias atrás
Played it for the first time on console and loved it. I’ve been really burned out on CoD so Splitgate has been fun and refreshing to play. Just need to get better at using portals
Ari Robinson
Ari Robinson 13 dias atrás
the best game i have ever played and i have played games u have not even heard of
Tenzin Dowis
Tenzin Dowis 13 dias atrás
Me watching this video and gets a splitgate ad
Med 13 dias atrás
I love the sniper and the bfb
Oliver Humphreys
Oliver Humphreys 13 dias atrás
im on ps4 and honestly its brilliant i rate it 9 and a half out of 10
nethen_ao 14 dias atrás
I saw this in the store on my playstation for free. Currently downloading it, can't wait to play!
Deti the Yeti
Deti the Yeti 14 dias atrás
Thanks to Macro I found this amazing game
Adventures On The Go!
Adventures On The Go! 15 dias atrás
I started a few days ago and it's great!
Kingfuision 15 dias atrás
rodiev 15 dias atrás
Aura Wolf
Aura Wolf 15 dias atrás
Hey Macro, why isn't CTF an official game mode?
dipriZon 15 dias atrás
U know Ur the noob
Fire God 82
Fire God 82 15 dias atrás
Splitgate is so much fun, The bots are amazing to play against because they play like real players sometimes
Legendary Amir
Legendary Amir 16 dias atrás
I’m going to get a pc soon😸
Psycho X_X
Psycho X_X 16 dias atrás
11/10 finally a good game that isn’t a battle royale
Jøhnny !
Jøhnny ! 16 dias atrás
Is there cross play on this??
breatheinthepinkair 16 dias atrás
How is Microsoft not suing over this
Zoltire 64
Zoltire 64 16 dias atrás
sooooo in a nutshell Halo and Portal had a child named Splitgate. makes sense
Matteo Rossi
Matteo Rossi 16 dias atrás
On console this game is AMAZING
LETITMYTH 17 dias atrás
remember when this game was bad? i couldn't
Keshima Smith
Keshima Smith 17 dias atrás
HOL ON. HE PLAYED CARTER ACE IN THE BEGINNING. instant sub just for that.
Goonee 17 dias atrás
Splitgate is super polished, like wtf, they're TOO polished, I didn't even know that was a thing! I've been playing almost since launch and I've never experienced a bug or a glitch.
Zpstorm 17 dias atrás
I downloaded it 1 year ago, and its finally getting popular
Jojo DiAc
Jojo DiAc 17 dias atrás
Yeah I started playing when I noticed one of my friends had sent us a referral code and I recognized it from your video! I kinda hate how slow the characters feel, but it’s fun it’s fun.
sniperMonke21 18 dias atrás
The reviver to arena shooters
Im visibly confused
Im visibly confused 18 dias atrás
I’m late but I remember when I got this game on my laptop because idk I wanted a free halo experience since I’ve never had an Xbox, then I got this on my PlayStation and I have been loving it so far. It’s really it’s own beast at this point but it also made me interested on halo more. Now I’m saving up for a pc (about time) and the first thing I’ll buy is halo mcc and for f2p downloads, split gate and halo infinite.
Ebonie Taylor
Ebonie Taylor 18 dias atrás
AluhutEntsorgung 18 dias atrás
Playing it since it released some years ago at least weekly. Will never be as polished as most other fps but it doesn't need to be imho.
ELIEHL 876 18 dias atrás
I'm on console so I recently started playing this game and I gotta say it's pretty fun
Leonardo Nadalin
Leonardo Nadalin 19 dias atrás
I am so excited because a week ago I finally managed to play it on console and in 1hour it became my favorite game
JAZZPRODXB 19 dias atrás
Me when I portal on the roof:ok.Exe My brain: d. e. a. d
Chris Cuntlicker
Chris Cuntlicker 19 dias atrás
First 10 games or something was great and no problems. After that it felt like the game started leveling me out to break me even with streaky gameplay. Like I would get two kills then die two times and so on. It felt like players would do double damage to me and I would lose gun fights when I got the first shot. It also felt like I had reduced aim assist because I wasn't able to track the players while they were moving. My character also felt more sluggish while everybody else felt faster. Also, players on the enemy team would start spawning next to each other while I was in the area so they would get help when I was about to kill them. So that's why I'm here to leave my 1 star review of a game that would of been a solid 5. It's also repetitive after a while and the content is mainly cosmetic, or so I thought, until I started receiving the fake skill based matchmaking where noobs get to run on skilled players. I was about to drop 5 dollars on something to reward them for making a good game that didn't use scum bag money grab tactics but then they started giving me the crap end of the matchmaking algorithm. I played the same team two games in a row and the first game I went 24 and 4. The second game I played was a struggle to break even for the reasons listed above. The old school Halo 3 matchmaking was like you won games and ranked up in the playlist you chose, and then you would get matched with people the same rank as you but If you lost you ranked down. People respected the level 50 in a playlist back then because it meant something and you didn't just get to beat a level 50 because the game developers thought it was necessary to make you buy content. This game wont last because nobody wants to play a game where you get worse the better you play.
Im Zeejay
Im Zeejay 19 dias atrás
Mariam Valenzuela
Mariam Valenzuela 19 dias atrás
Pumpkin 19 dias atrás
I played one game and I am instantly hooked
Banana Clicks
Banana Clicks 19 dias atrás
8:36 Here's my console experience. First of all, a bunch of bots, i rarely see actual players which is kinda sad. But the guns and controls do feel really good. Overall, a 7/10. Also i used your Referral code :)
Law Rence
Law Rence 19 dias atrás
shotgun bodyshot oneshot kill, that is one retaded balance takedown is straight out of diabotical
Diego Zaurus
Diego Zaurus 19 dias atrás
Bro I got my First 20 kill bomb With 6 Headshots🤯🔥
Unsound Foxly
Unsound Foxly 19 dias atrás
It’s honestly been pretty fun to play I just started last night and ended up spending way to long playing a mix of swat and shotty snipers.
markothevrba 19 dias atrás
Tried it, it's meh.
Random mcyt fanboy
Random mcyt fanboy 20 dias atrás
Wait.....4 DUDES???! Seriously, 4 dudes are developing this????
Spencer Nelson
Spencer Nelson 20 dias atrás
I downloaded splitgate like a week ago and it’s amazing
BAKIS 20 dias atrás
VTZQW3 -hope everyone has a great time playing
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 20 dias atrás
Stadium feels so good because it's almost an exact remake of "Midship" level on halo 2...another one is Santuary, I swear the developers knew this.
Greggy boy Pascual
Greggy boy Pascual 20 dias atrás
In pc 10/10
Kwazi 20 dias atrás
I've never heard of this game until today, now I want to play it all day
Acy Boi
Acy Boi 20 dias atrás
Ya noobs 🔥
Daniel Knecht
Daniel Knecht 21 dia atrás
doesnt bfb stand for Big Fat Bat
Dror Yuditski
Dror Yuditski 21 dia atrás
Takedown reminds me of Destiny's survival mode in Crucible
Gabriel Gillum
Gabriel Gillum 21 dia atrás
As someone who has played every halo game except halo 5 and infinite I find this game amazing
urachulnan ur mom
urachulnan ur mom 21 dia atrás
SLeptik 21 dia atrás
NO WAY I JUST HEARD THE INTRO SONG ON SPOTIFY, i knew i heard it from somewhere
Osama 22 dias atrás
For some reason this game colours are hurting my eyes
SoMilky 22 dias atrás
I got in on PS4 yesterday and it was SOOOOOO FUN
Artruvius 22 dias atrás
I saw it when it first came out, never got it because I wasn't interested. Now, my friends play it and it has gained popularity, now I want to play it!
gamegenics 22 dias atrás
Why is the teir 100 skin in 0:16 even thought season 0 just came out
Cravendale Archie
Cravendale Archie 22 dias atrás
I downloaded this game recently and having stopped its just Awesome to play
mike 22 dias atrás
I've only played it for like 30 minutes and I found it quite fun ngl. wish the team could fix the minor bugs, but still think its great
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