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⚠️ [SPOILERS AHEAD] ⚠️ It’s time to step up. Watch the new #SpiderManFarFromHome trailer now and get your tickets today:
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Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
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6 Mai 2019



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Comentários 112 740
Beatriz Suria
Beatriz Suria 15 horas atrás
que estupidez...
Art Demjaha
Art Demjaha Dia atrás
Idk how people cant see that this spiderman is amazing! I think they'll see it when it's gone, it's sad that they won't do a 4th
i.m. Me
i.m. Me Dia atrás
That first part with the cops wasn't in the official movie I'm assuming as a deleted scene
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 2 dias atrás
Bad trailer, bad movie
shawn Money
shawn Money 3 dias atrás
This movie was kind of disappointing to me 🤷🏾‍♂️
name less
name less 3 dias atrás
Just realised that MJ stands for Mary Jane. Am I the only one who didn't know that?
isinyan23 3 dias atrás
name less yes yes you are
Vishal Singh Bais
Vishal Singh Bais 3 dias atrás
NoT ThaT TimE NoT ThiS TimE.
Sparc 7610
Sparc 7610 3 dias atrás
IT'S ME OHM 3 dias atrás
2:40 the best
WildWolf0419 4 dias atrás
Didn't really care for the trailer, but still went to see it cuz I love Tom Holland and I trust Marvel and Sony. It was the best Spiderman movie to date, blows Toby Maguires movies out of the water imo
Hashim Hundal
Hashim Hundal 4 dias atrás
Who is here after morbius trailer😍😍 👍👍
Renu Saini
Renu Saini 3 dias atrás
Skywalker Clash Slayer444
Vishranthi Vishranthi
Vishranthi Vishranthi 5 dias atrás
That's amazing
Иσт nedeahS
Иσт nedeahS 5 dias atrás
I noticed that at the end scene there's a person named *DESPACITO*
BOJACK 6 dias atrás
Spiderman homecoming Spiderman far from home Spiderman homeless
Aviva Boele
Aviva Boele 6 dias atrás
can we talk about the fact that spider-man goes to Holland, Tom Holland, I died when I realized it :)
Daniel Elliott
Daniel Elliott 6 dias atrás
Thus film is much better than I thought It was going to be......story turned out opposite to the trailer,one of the better spiderman movies (just my opinion mind you)...glasd I bought it😁
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 6 dias atrás
Why so many dislikes?! This movie is so great!
Liviu Petre
Liviu Petre Dia atrás
Everyone loves Far from home, every video from BRvid has dislikes by haters.
Engku Salman Engku Zakir Hussein
I feel so lucky I didnt watch the trailer before the movie.
On This Day
On This Day 7 dias atrás
A baby spider is called a spiderling.
Hai Le
Hai Le 8 dias atrás
i like it!
abbie cerafica
abbie cerafica 8 dias atrás
best spiderman ever !
Fausto Bernal
Fausto Bernal 11 dias atrás
I ofcourse se avengers end game the final is very sad ):
i'm Arika
i'm Arika 11 dias atrás
Человек паук фильм без Тони Старка ни как не заходит мне в интерес 😭😭😭😭😭 Почему он умер😔 Хотела бы спросить будет ли продолжение Мстителей если финал закончился? Знаете если вы это перевели на англиский я бы была рада! Если что это подсказка😏👍🏻😘 Rassia-English😍
Larry Clark
Larry Clark 11 dias atrás
Way to ruin Marvel, Disney.
Fireboy the gamer
Fireboy the gamer 11 dias atrás
I freaking love led zeppelin
Wassupintroverts 11 dias atrás
----Spoiler---- No one: Literally no one: Happy throws a shield at the enemy: didn’t even touched the enemy’s body Also Happy: “How does Cap. do that.”
HienMinh Chau
HienMinh Chau 12 dias atrás
I have a freaking theory Marvel starts with: Spider-Man Spider-Man 2 Marvel endgame = Marvel ended Then now it’s spider man again So that means marvel kinda restarted from the very beginning
Duhsaka - Official
Duhsaka - Official 12 dias atrás
Give me rent Look like they still don't fix this damn door
Patrick Parayno
Patrick Parayno 13 dias atrás
Whos here after spider-man far from home got released to Netflix?
Skywalker Clash Slayer444
Nice try it's not there at all
strAy cArrots
strAy cArrots 13 dias atrás
omg my period is definitely chocking up and ready to sob about iron mans death and i didnt even watch endgame nor do i know much about the avengers
Daisy_WDW 14 dias atrás
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME if I was going to watch the films: spider man homecoming, avengers infinity war, avengers endgame and spider man far from home (in that order) would i need to watch any more to understand the plot??? PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN!
VENOM I SCAR 16 dias atrás
Spider man:home coming Spider man :far from home Spiderman: Spider verse Spiderman: One inch from home Spiderman:Homeless in the spider verse
Toader Cosmin
Toader Cosmin 17 dias atrás
Woe to you, you broke this movie in the last hall, how much potential it had and how bad it damaged you, you put Zendaya in place of Marry Jane, well Marry Jane is redheaded, plus you think as the actor That's to play Peter Parker and Aunt May ?! Aunt May is older, not 40-45 years old You ruined the movie, from all points of view!
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct 18 dias atrás
Spiderman homecoming Spiderman far from home Spiderman and Deadpool homework
Wait, not so quick
Wait, not so quick 18 dias atrás
Very Racist movie against White Folks .
JiggzZG 14 dias atrás
Wait, not so quick what, how
Luka Franić
Luka Franić 18 dias atrás
Thank you very much Ariel Green, although I watched now the first Avengers movie and then I will watch second, third and fourth movie. After all of that I will watch this. I'm interested in all of previous two before infinity war so, anyways thanks.
Ariel Green
Ariel Green 18 dias atrás
Nice, it's better to watch all of the avengers movies. Also if you haven't, you should watch all the 23 mcu movies.
Luka Franić
Luka Franić 18 dias atrás
Guys do I need to watch whole Avengers series of those 4 movies or just Avengers Endgame to watch this Spiderman movie. Will I understand what is going on if I watch just last movie of Avengers?
Ariel Green
Ariel Green 18 dias atrás
Yes, you will understand far from home if you watch avengers endgame but to understand avengers endgame you have to watch avengers infinity war. So, I suggest that you watch avengers infinity war and avengers endgame. Anyways, spiderman plays in both of them. Glad to help!
Javier Ruz Castellano
Javier Ruz Castellano 21 dia atrás
JET 23 dias atrás
Spider-man : Philippinos are home
Prince Art Matol
Prince Art Matol 21 dia atrás
AATC Alvin Seville
AATC Alvin Seville 24 dias atrás
Zendaya is the best actress for Mary Jane.
AATC Alvin Seville
AATC Alvin Seville 13 dias atrás
@Any Ko Aniko mj is mary jane
Any Ko Aniko
Any Ko Aniko 20 dias atrás
Also her charater name is Michelle soooo. She is NOT Mary Jane
AATC Alvin Seville
AATC Alvin Seville 21 dia atrás
@The Gamorious what do you mean?
The Gamorious
The Gamorious 24 dias atrás
No she's not mj was a kristen
Labyrinth 24 dias atrás
I think Spiderman is cursed because Toby's Spiderman he quit, Andrew was fired, and Tom couldn't be Spiderman anymore because of Sony
Asif Motala
Asif Motala 26 dias atrás
Spoiler alert. Mysterio creating illusions meaning all the monsters are fake and also he fights spidy
Ayushya Tewari
Ayushya Tewari 27 dias atrás
Well just watched the movie and damn I wanted a movie not a lsd trip
Goku 27 dias atrás
Myserio in trailer:I'm nice Myserio in movie: I'm a villain lmao
moosepeach_ _
moosepeach_ _ 27 dias atrás
b * * * h p l e a s e y o u w e n t t o s p a c e
Akshat Abhishek
Akshat Abhishek 27 dias atrás
Can anyone tell what's the name of the soundtrack in the last 40 seconds
Sujit Varadhan A
Sujit Varadhan A Mês atrás
Tobey Maguire will reappear as the spider man from an alternate universe and meet Tom holland (this time for real, not like fake in far from home). And it’ll be revealed to us that the initial spider man trilogy had happened in an alternate universe. Together they defeat the psycho killer and in the climax they accidentally reveal the wizarding world to muggles when Albus Severus Potter screws up something big time. As they’re trying to understand things as they unfold. It appears that in the post credit scene, the ultimate “tech” used by Tony Stark was in fact his magical powers but he wished to be in the muggle world and not reveal himself and this was made possible by a special permission from the ministry of magic. The next part in marvel cinematic and wizarding world would be that how Tony Stark helped Dumbledore at one time in hunting an horcrux. 👀
Mike Dasik
Mike Dasik 29 dias atrás
Annet Braet
Annet Braet Mês atrás
That girl is a legend
Guitar Kid
Guitar Kid Mês atrás
Anyone remember manspider
Hacker Sahab
Hacker Sahab Mês atrás
Twist is great
Hacker Sahab
Hacker Sahab Mês atrás
I see. Movie
kr 852
kr 852 Mês atrás
spiderman robbed from visual effects
Shivansh Chaudhary
Shivansh Chaudhary Mês atrás
Who all have seen this movie I
mace portier
mace portier Mês atrás
1. Home coming 2. Far from home 3. Coming in his home
_Nova_Dropper_ Mês atrás
I went to watch this after 7 months not going to say this is far most amazing like when he cursed
Paskaa Only
Paskaa Only Mês atrás
So is the whole city covered in spiderweb or who collects all of it
Mike Dasik
Mike Dasik Mês atrás
The webs disappear after 2 hours.
Matthew k
Matthew k Mês atrás
the ending was crazy
xXFlamePillarXx •
He protecc He attacc He left... BUT NOW HE’S BACC
Sandeep sharma
Sandeep sharma Mês atrás
Best movie even now
Puppyz Mês atrás
If the third one has a title with the word “home” in it I will litterally die
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