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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Spider-Man vs. Mysterio: Spider-Man (Tom Holland) must rely on his "Peter-tingle" to defeat Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).
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Peter Parker's relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury shows up in his hotel room to recruit him for a mission. The world is in danger as four massive elemental creatures -- each representing Earth, air, water and fire -- emerge from a hole torn in the universe. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury and fellow superhero Mysterio stop the evil entities from wreaking havoc across the continent.
TM & © Sony Pictures Entertainment (2019)
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Holland
Producer: Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige
Screenwriter: Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers
Director: Jon Watts
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17 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
Zeeman 5 horas atrás
0:37 That was sick!
Jaxson Schlachter
Jaxson Schlachter 11 horas atrás
Peter: execute them all Mysterio: I came looking for copper and I found gold
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez 21 hora atrás
Ruby Rose She killed nicece Brooklyn ghyalll
Paulo Roberto Siqueira
if wasn’t by the phrase “come on peter tingle” this scene would be perfect. but this is just a detail
Paulo Roberto Siqueira
Ismaeel Mahmood
Ismaeel Mahmood 3 dias atrás
nobody can trick spiderman
Wai Yan Htike
Wai Yan Htike 3 dias atrás
People saying this Spider Man is a Iron Boy. I have to disagree. Yes, he got suits from Tony but Peter never used those tech in his movies. In first movie, Spider-Man defeated Vulture with web shooters and suit he made. In this movie, he could defeat Mysterio with tech but Peter instead used his own original power to defeat. In the end, I think Marvel is trying to portray how Peter is trying to become Spider-Man in a world that’s already filled with super powered people and aliens.
ashley williams
ashley williams 3 dias atrás
DoomBlazer 3 dias atrás
I wish far from home and homecoming is on Disney plus
Peter Hall
Peter Hall 8 horas atrás
Just buy them on 4K like a normal person
Sepia1989 3 dias atrás
2:05 Mysterio did resemble Tony Stark here, with his glasses and beard. Peter had a lot of respect for him because he saw him as an uncle figure, a selflessness hero who cares for him and fights with technology just like Ironman. They even fly and shoot energy the same way. Turned out he's just a fake. Look at Peter's eyes. Sadness, disappointment and anger. That's life, Pete. You can't be innocent forever. Gotta grow up if you want to protect other people. With great power, comes great responsibilities.
BlameItOnVanity 3 dias atrás
I saw this the first time and didnt like it. Just watched it again and I love it (weird huh?) I also understand the message of this movie SMH
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale 4 dias atrás
This is one of the best Spider-man movies ever
S U P E R N O V A 5 dias atrás
Quentin just got shoot on body and arm that cause crtical injuries that doesnt remain death, thats why hes able to recorded the fake video in the first place, that shows quentin is in danger bcuz of spiderman, either way the video that quentin shows is a different position, or in conclusion QUENTIN IS NOT DEAD
Mariocco Argi
Mariocco Argi 5 dias atrás
Good character tom holland bad movie.too bad
Mr. Brodie
Mr. Brodie 5 dias atrás
Anyone wondering how Edith shifted her controls back to Peter should know that tony used peters DNA to conduct a biometric scan to revert back to Peter whenever he puts on the glasses
Envxyツ 6 dias atrás
Gaming Mate
Gaming Mate 6 dias atrás
1:53 what the hell is he holding John Cena's hand
The94Venom 6 dias atrás
0:18 Beck has his hair pulled back 0:58 Suddenly his hair is all messed up. Then he gets shot 2:00 "Messed-up hair" Beck that just got shot is an illusion, the one with the hair pulled back is the real one Yep, not dead
Tacola White
Tacola White 7 dias atrás
Jeffrey Morales
Jeffrey Morales 7 dias atrás
lıllıllı A Random Boi ıllıllı 9 months ago
0:38: My imagination when I was kid be like
M 606
M 606 8 dias atrás
Spider-Man vs Almost Spider-Man. Don't get what I mean? Jake gyllenhall was going to play Spiderman 2 replacing Tobey Tobey got hurt but when he recovered he ended up playing Spiderman again. Can you imagine someone playing Spiderman and then later playing a Spiderman enemy? How incredible would that be?
Dancotta .P
Dancotta .P 8 dias atrás
Try to trick Spider Sense with an illusion....
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 8 dias atrás
As much as i love this scene.... The Peter Tingle ruins it to me. I wish he would've said nothing or just like exhales then proceed to destroy the drones.
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 10 dias atrás
The continuation of the sinister six
Devon Wilcox
Devon Wilcox 10 dias atrás
Is that a straight-up Legend of Zelda sound effect at 0:36
EpicNinja Gamer
EpicNinja Gamer 9 dias atrás
Queen Nobody
Queen Nobody 11 dias atrás
Come on peter tingle come on hat da ah
Anissa Assad
Anissa Assad 11 dias atrás
He's finally done it hasn't he whis goku would be so proud
Timothonics 11 dias atrás
Mysterio basically had a back up plan regardless of whatever the situation would be. Even if he lost.
CindersInTheFire Reactions
0:34 “Activating Instant Kill” Two seconds later murders 4 drones
CindersInTheFire Reactions
Ezzy15 Official Channel yup
Ezzy15 Official Channel
Ezzy15 Official Channel
1:50 Quentin beck pointed the glasses just like a gun so Peter knew
Ezzy15 Official Channel
1:07 Peter knew there was a hole in the ground and he avoided falling, that means his Peter tingle was working Edit: NVM it wasn't a hole
Ian Cody
Ian Cody 14 dias atrás
1:04 and pause his face LOL
Ezzy15 Official Channel
I'm jk
Mandy Koo
Mandy Koo 14 dias atrás
patrick simeon
patrick simeon 14 dias atrás
uptown funk
Belkis Alvarez
Belkis Alvarez 14 dias atrás
Peter has the best reaction
Nicole Lawrence
Nicole Lawrence 14 dias atrás
the royal family
train123z 14 dias atrás
Is nobody gonna mention how the Beck that got shot might've been CGI Beck, and that he was pretending to be hurt, even though he was fine? This could mean he's still alive to be in the Sinister Six
Comedy Bros
Comedy Bros 14 dias atrás
Boy, Jake Gyllenhaal was an absolute riot in this movie. He's always killer in everything he's in! *Side note:* Absolutely loved all the twists in this movie. The use of Mysterio was amazing, and lead to some of the MCU's greatest VFX!
Zak Bateman
Zak Bateman 15 dias atrás
if he just would have added drones at the end of the sentance he would have been fine
Den Zel
Den Zel 15 dias atrás
Quentin was legit ready to shoot a 15 year old kid on the damn head. This film gets darker as it gets
Gabriel Mutombo
Gabriel Mutombo 15 dias atrás
This has officialy made my list of badass hallway fight scenes
이뽀송 16 dias atrás
Solaiman Sohan
Solaiman Sohan 16 dias atrás
Why he didn’t use his spider sense before?He used it at the ending
Mason Wright
Mason Wright 8 dias atrás
He did
Ezzy15 Official Channel
Fact: Peter has more blood on his face than tony
Amelia Diglio
Amelia Diglio 17 dias atrás
Amelia Diglio
Amelia Diglio 17 dias atrás
That was for me
Aiden Snyder
Aiden Snyder 18 dias atrás
I wonder if there going to make a Spider man 3. If they do, I think the Vulture will return.
Hunter2 OP
Hunter2 OP 11 dias atrás
Yes they are making a 3rd spiderman movie
Captain Jakemerica
Captain Jakemerica 19 dias atrás
2:06 when my employer tells me they care about me and miss me after Coronaviruis me not being tricked
Barbecue Dog
Barbecue Dog 19 dias atrás
Everybody gon ignore the fact that spider man IS UNDER GENJUTSU
Jason-Matthew Schmucker
Can you imagine how scary this would be from Mysterio's point of view? This kid is just tearing through his drones like they're made of tissue paper and he's doing it with his eyes closed.
Spider-Man 20 horas atrás
He should be scared of me the next time we encounter each other.
I am a Cinderblock
I am a Cinderblock 12 dias atrás
Huh...i never thought of it like that
Ar 10 productions
Ar 10 productions 19 dias atrás
I wish mysterio would burn I hate him
Anowara Kayes
Anowara Kayes 20 dias atrás
vision is dead thanos took the stone out of him.
Cực Kì Mê Far Reach
1:21 The Spider Stand
Aseem 20 dias atrás
Worst Spider-Man ever
Hunter2 OP
Hunter2 OP 11 dias atrás
Spaide man
Spaide man 20 dias atrás
very good movie
Vincent Fernandez
Vincent Fernandez 20 dias atrás
It would've been cooler if his mask was ripped by the end of the fight and half of his face was shown.
TheAsianCanadian 20 dias atrás
How is Peter even able to use the glasses if he transferred all the controls to Quentin?
Hunter2 OP
Hunter2 OP 11 dias atrás
Because he was the original owner of the glasses
Trizton 20 dias atrás
Why did peter take his mask off in the fight...even if beck knew he was peter...having peter constantly letting people know he is spiderman is kinda out of character or him just taking his mask off in-front of people.
Depressed Dolphin
Depressed Dolphin 21 dia atrás
Peter: EXECUTE THEM ALL Edith: Did you say ‘Execute Order 66’?
drtirtha das
drtirtha das 21 dia atrás
man i really love the new black and red suit it just looks so much better and cooler than the original blue and red
egra111 22 dias atrás
1:57 - 2:06 That violin got me Lion King vibes
Umeed Bandu1
Umeed Bandu1 23 dias atrás
0:28 they could of just shot him here
MrPizza - Games & More!
Look closely, Peter fought all those drones with his eyes closed.
Jamal Davis
Jamal Davis 23 dias atrás
Peter Tingle aka Ultra Instinct!
Kaylan Warren
Kaylan Warren 23 dias atrás
Mysterio: Haha I’m gonna kill this kid Peter: *Im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move*
Hurricane Studios
Hurricane Studios 23 dias atrás
Can someone tell me how beck got shot. I saw him get hit when Peter was fighting the drones, but he seems like he got hit again when he fired the gun
Hurricane Studios
Hurricane Studios 23 dias atrás
If there was a spider-man movie in 2020- Spider-Man: Stuck at Home
Elixe 24 dias atrás
I love how everything went quiet for 2 seconds
FeelEhx 24 dias atrás
Didn't peter relinquish all control of the glasses to beck? Or does the glasses listen to peter regardless?
Guillaume le cam
Guillaume le cam 25 dias atrás
That s strange i ve seen it in french and i feel they are playing badly comparing to french covering actors
Nick 25 dias atrás
Anyone else notice from 1:22 to 1:31, spiderman says 'Beck' exhausted from 1:22, when the camera changes at 1:31 spiderman sounds less exhausted?
Helen Asher
Helen Asher 26 dias atrás
How did you make your web shooters are they good or bad what is your favourite suit iron spider or do you have the ones
Ian Gallagher
Ian Gallagher 26 dias atrás
I like how he survives a gun shot to the head. He would have to have some serious armor if he was mortal.
Anthony •••
Anthony ••• 26 dias atrás
I like that other peter parker way more, the other peter also had cool stunts, but this peter is pretty cool... I like peter
JasminLeblanc 26 dias atrás
So 2 villains know who he is. Sinister six when?
Pugainaction 26 dias atrás
1:05 that how loud I scream when Siri📱 does not want to comply with me
Moisés Ávila Zevallos
All cgi
Aiden Snyder
Aiden Snyder 27 dias atrás
Every time I watch marvel movies, I always keep wondering what are the others heroes doing right now and where are they?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 25 dias atrás
Beck said earlier that no avengers were alerted to come help
Wessel JWZ
Wessel JWZ 27 dias atrás
Venom would destory Tom Holland as spiderman
elliot gong
elliot gong 27 dias atrás
i can't believe mysterio didn't just run away while peter was busy with the drones. Beck even made it super dark with the cgi so spidey wouldn't even see him escape.
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