Spherical houses weren't a great idea. 

Tom Scott
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The Bolwoningen, in Den Bosch, in the Netherlands, are experimental architecture: the surprising part is that people still live there.
Local producer: Jasper Deelen
Camera: Jeroen Simons
Thanks to @NotJustBikes for the Rotterdam cube house footage
A lot of my history research for this video is based on the 2019 book "Experimentele Woningbouw in Nederland 1968-1980: 64 Gerealiseerde Woonbeloften", by Barzilay, Ferwerda and Blom:
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24 Set 2023



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Thanks to Jeroen for letting us film inside his home: and please remember, if you're ever nearby, that these are homes and not a tourist attraction!
Imagine Tom Scott just randomly showing up at your house and he starts explaining it
Now that I’m older I see that stairs are increasingly problematic. Having to go up and down multiple odd-shaped stairs to go from room to room would be a problem.
Several cultures used to have round houses, but they have a fatal flaw. If you need to expand the house for some reason, it too much of a hassle with round shapes... while with a square house it is simple to build another square besides it and put a door between the two...
I always admired the Dutch for their eagerness to experiment with architecture, city planning and organizing traffic. They came up with some very interesting, innovative and well performing solutions. In these regards the Netherlands are a role model. Although there are also some quirky things like spherical houses: If you don't give unconventional ideas a chance then you'll never make progress.
i think part of the claustrophobia in these is how acutely aware of your confines the rounded walls could make you. if you live in a small, square house like everyone else, its a little easier to trick yourself into believing your space isnt as small as it is. but once you see a rounded wall, you know exactly where the limits of your space are. also, having a rounded wall intrude into your air space where a straight wall wouldnt is definitely a factor
I always thought round houses would be good, but I envisioned them to look and be built like the ones you see in Dragon Ball. Half sphere in the ground, not a ball in a stand.
The neat thing is that spheres have the largest volume to surface area ratio possible of any shape, so I’m not surprised at how warm it is inside.
With experimental architecture for homes, schools, and churches in my area, they all seem to have problems with roofs and windows. A school that was built by an inovative architect had to have the roof replaced with a more standard flat roof. This was after a couple of decades of patching the problems. The architect was very upset, but a school needs to be functional without costing so much money from institution funds.
I love the concept of building these to see if we were, in fact, simply all missing out.
I love how Tom's videos are so short and to the point. Lays out an interesting topic in only 4 or 5 minutes. No huge 30 minute long mini-documentary.
Really would have liked to see more footage of the inside of these
The architects dream is the engineers nightmare, but once in a while the artists win
Space on the ground floor is uniquely valuable compared to upper floors, but these sit on tiny stands like gumball machines. They went through a lot of design effort just to steal that ordinarily free space from the residents for style points.
Seeing as I regularly drive or bike by these houses to visit friends that live nearby it's so weird seeing Tom Scott walking through these neighbourhoods
I'm happy that this experiment took place. I think, that some people are really happy to live in such a non-conventional house. Also I think if you could rent such a house for a vacation, then there would be quite a few people interested.
I freaking love seeing a video about these houses. I actually live just down the street and tried applying to love in one of them myself!
The designers certainly had balls to put them forward as a design.
I could have rented one, when they were build, but saw a few problems an apartment next to it didn't have.
The sphere makes total sense in a vacuum because in a vacuum it is very efficient use space but on a two dimensional plane the square is a more efficient use of space because you can pack squares tightly together. But you cannot pack circles together well, you’re not taking advantage of all the space available.
I thought this rotating house was impossible.
Why don't subtitles match dubbing?
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