Speaking Freely: South Park's Trey Parker & Matt Stone with Larry Divney

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S03 E06

Originally aired on March 1, 2002

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26 Jul 2015



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Comentários 768
The EPICsmudge
The EPICsmudge 2 anos atrás
South park has taught me more life lessons than my parents
Blazeplaysgames 19 dias atrás
I grew up watching south park with my parents
Hayro Carpio
Hayro Carpio 23 dias atrás
reeyees50 2 meses atrás
Your parents dont do acid at the oscars
nintega 4 meses atrás
Unfortunately, parents usually use senseless violence
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 7 meses atrás
@Rasmus Riikonen ̈ BINGO
Dyllan Tyrril
Dyllan Tyrril 3 anos atrás
2019: South Park gets entirely banned in China. To say that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have doubled down on their principles they've espoused all the way back from the beginning of their careers, well, that would be an understatement. That kind of 'tegridy can't be manufactured and sold. Much respect!
Marcus Bones
Marcus Bones 2 meses atrás
Integrity is the word for it
I'm Charming
I'm Charming 11 meses atrás
And Trey is still worth like $300 MM. Having 'tegridy and profiting are not mutually exclusive.
Razyr Anos atrás
@ScoopStacey absolutely! But what we are seeing is growth and change of opinion over years.
ScoopStacey Anos atrás
@Razyr its almost as if you can take 2 different ideologies and believe in certain aspects of both, huh? lmao
Leahflower Anos atrás
if they got banned in China then they are doing something right in terms of their own values it goes along with the subway comment it's like middle finger I'll do what i want this is punk rock lol
Paul 6 anos atrás
What an interesting interview. Really cool to see the guys in the same room with a network exec and hearing both sides of the business.
Bir Love
Bir Love 5 meses atrás
Yes a really great interesting conversation, very insightful stuff. Thanks :)
GargleBuns 10 meses atrás
Especially knowing how matt and trey are, they don't give a fuck, they're brutally honest. And CC knew they had gold, so no matter what they said, south park would stay
C71 Anos atrás
I feel like the exec was there for damage control...
Kate Milroy
Kate Milroy Anos atrás
That's what I was thinking too. It takes the celebrity aspect away from them to see that they have a boss as well.
Colton Westerberg
Colton Westerberg 2 anos atrás
“We have doing it for 4 years and we want to be the cutting edge of comedy” almost 20 seasons later they’re still on top
Justin Bowen
Justin Bowen 5 dias atrás
​​@Daniel Forsythe I both agree and disagree with you on this. I strongly agree that it was a lazy portion for them only because they did an entire season about it and it got old very quickly. But I also disagree because, and this is only personal by the way, I enjoyed watching Randy's character being developed much more he is my personal because he reminds me exactly of my dad whom passed away while he was deployed overseas and randy 110% is a cartoon version of my dad. Also, trey has mentioned many times over that randy is basically him now that hes older he used to portrait him as his dad so I feel like in a way trey really leaned into gum for thr writing but yes I do strongly agree with you that the whole farm thing got old very very fast. My dad used to drink and get into fights in the bleachers when I was playing sports as a young boy and he was always obsessed with how big his craps were and at 1 point he contemplated when he got out of the army to grow pot on a farm and live a slow neutral simple life instead of his fast paced normal one. I'm sorry for ranting but I do miss him and I get to visit him when I watch south park. He died from an IED incase you were wondering. They were in a vehicle traveling and it took out everyone in the humvee him and 2 other people. My mom is not one to get upset over much of anything and to see her crying with 2 men in uniforms at the front door immediately told me he died.
Rando Persón
Rando Persón Mês atrás
@Daniel Forsythe you obviously don’t see the ACTUAL meaning behind Tegridy. 😐😐😐 It’s got to do with China…. And how TV has NO integrity, because they sell out to douchebag assholes. 🤷‍♂️ South Park took the hit themselves by banning themselves from China. It’s soooo much deeper than you assume. It’s a giant statement.
LIFO the party
LIFO the party 11 meses atrás
@Tanish Panjwani but on the other end is that it’s a product to be sold just like all of the others. Like a season earlier where all of the various heroes and villains turned out to be advertisements in human form Tegrity which seems like the answer is yet another ad with products to be purchased. It’s wonderfully done but also dissatisfying in it’s implication. There is no way out.
Tanish Panjwani
Tanish Panjwani Anos atrás
@Daniel Forsythe I respectfully disagree. tegridy farms in my opinion was genius. The fact is that there are so many people who are so tired of modern constructed lives and want things to be simpler. tegridy farms captures that feeling perfectly, and is so relatable for me, and many others.
Leahflower Anos atrás
@Daniel Forsythe they wanted it to look lazy like the typical pothead lol
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 3 anos atrás
I love that when things get business heavy or contentious, Matt steps in while Trey suffers through, when it goes back to topics of creativity and process Trey takes the wheel again. These guys have been so funny. For so long. Still love cannibal the musical.
William Thatcher Kane
Just commenting to make sure you have a shpdoinkle day
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 10 meses atrás
@Erich Severs he also tends to step in when people start asking Trey personal questions I’ve noticed. Like that Fallon interview where he insists (against Trey very adamantly protesting) to talk about Trey’s junior High joke bands demo. I would kill to just be able to sit in the writers room silently and watch Trey and Matt constructing shows. I’ll never forget the writing advice Trey gave when they did the guest lecture at an NYU writing class. If you have the words “and then” between the beats of your story, you’re fucked. It should always be “but, or therefore.” Probably should’ve figured that out on my own, but 🤷🏻‍♂️.
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 10 meses atrás
@KYMAN is Here and Orgazmo!!!! I’ve never seen a theater go that crazy. That was before South Park even. I just got handed a free ticket on the street as a promo, didn’t even realize it was the Cannibal the Musical guys till I got to the theater and saw the poster.
Erich Severs
Erich Severs 11 meses atrás
This is the comment I was looking for. This stood out the most to me as well.
CheotheGeo Anos atrás
They complete each other. The gayest not gay couple ever anywhere
Gerald Hall
Gerald Hall 2 anos atrás
That's what I've always liked about South Park. They never hold back on anyone. Trey and Matt are true pioneers of free speech.
HipnikDragomir 2 anos atrás
Matt making Trey laugh here and there is so pure. Just two knuckleheads making each other laugh.
Leahflower Anos atrás
the "free america" comment from trey was brilliant
redfishradical 3 anos atrás
Parker & Stone, the last honest, objective political/social satirists still standing! So sacred cows equals integrity...
Will W.
Will W. 2 meses atrás
Christopher Morris. Sam Hyde.
Caleb Shows
Caleb Shows 2 anos atrás
What’s integrity? If your talking about tegridy, I know of a farm I can send you a brochure on.
Daniel Forrest
Daniel Forrest 2 anos atrás
Watching the first ever episode with my dad when it aired on sky one for the first time is most definitely the most pivotal Tv moment in my life and helped validate my world perspective as a weird 13 year old
Yourz TruIy
Yourz TruIy 7 anos atrás
Such an honest, open, as fascinating interview
Beave it to Leaver
Beave it to Leaver 2 anos atrás
These two guys, of GENIUS minds, are STILL fighting to protect our U.S. First Amendment. AWESOME!!! 🇺🇸
juggmain 2 meses atrás
@Sharka Waka Orb 😉 yeah that shit was hilarious
Sharka Waka Orb 😉
Sharka Waka Orb 😉 5 meses atrás
He said the n word with the hard r .
Ancients PvP
Ancients PvP 4 anos atrás
Very cool that they mention Kids in the Hall as one of the reasons they went with Comedy Central. Great underrated Canadian sketch show.
Rando Persón
Rando Persón Mês atrás
Bruh that show is so far from underrated. 😂 It’s one of Canada’s most well known properties. They have a Star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. 😐😐😐😐
Mike M
Mike M Anos atrás
I wonder at least twice a year how the kids in the hall didn’t become gods of the comedy world. I was always waiting for them to be at Mel brooks or Monty Python levels
Julie Exel
Julie Exel Anos atrás
michael doherty
michael doherty Anos atrás
Did you see death comes to down?
MrEvan1932 3 anos atrás
Big thanks to Larry Divney being a part of this interview. It's nice to know that Comedy Central is making an effort to be transparent in their views
190miranda 7 anos atrás
What an incredible sense of humor these two spontaneous, just spot on! and it kinda justifies why both are always together...because they have probably never found people having brains up to their level.
JonessN Anos atrás
Trey💜 and Matt are very intelligent men!!
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray 4 anos atrás
Nice to see an overview of points from the artists and a network representative from Comedy Central. The points of view provide clarity and a better comprehension of the outlooks and battles both sides face from advertisers. I agree 100 % with the points of free speech and that a company shouldn't be able to dictate to a network or influence the change of the very freedom of speech that is in the American Constitution. I admire the relationship it has created for those men sitting there and that the context and the envelope has been pushed and will continue to be pushed. The controversial awareness, humorous satire and high intellectual dynamics this show brings is what society needs. Which is a good fucking dose of reality that we can all laugh at. I miss All in the Family. How the Jefferson's were intertwined in with such a controversial show. It set a standard for us as society to address issues. That talking to one anouther about the show and addressing the big pink elephant in the room was healthy. That laughing at our differences was good for us. People are to damn sensitive. But shows like these bring a dose of reality. Married with children was ground breaking as well. AND South park picked up and carried the torch for 22 years. South park has taken it to anouther level year after year. I watch south park with my daughter. We talk about the issues they touch on. We learn things from different perception and about the topics they touch on. The show not only provides a great dialog for us to talk about society. But it provides us with time together laughing and enjoying each other's company. We love south park. Happy it's still around!
Aniket Maurya
Aniket Maurya 6 anos atrás
Matt and Trey are fucking genius
Leahflower Anos atrás
that's what i think every time i hear them talk or watch south park
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Anos atrás
Yea this isn’t just an unbridled positive comment, they genuinely are geniuses of comedy and satire.
Subhumanslug 4 anos atrás
Trey is genius. Matt is his best friend.
Terrence Stewart
Terrence Stewart 4 anos atrás
I love south park too but not as much as i love apple pie with a side of ice cream of course oh yum. But i cant eat it all day or else Ill get yeah (just sayin)
Channel 821
Channel 821 5 anos atrás
Aniket Maurya I can tell you really love South Park (who dosent) by you're profile photo of Kenny
Richard Bexborn
Richard Bexborn 2 anos atrás
I must say, your camera-man is excellent. He should get a promotion. Excellent transitions to who is talking, he follows my attention.
JonessN Anos atrás
@Dan B ahh The ol Tripod trick...golden!!
Dan B
Dan B Anos atrás
Thats the director and editor my dude. Fixed cameras on tripods
JonessN Anos atrás
Trey💜 and Matt deserve a raise!! You have been promoted!! 🤣😂
dark4krad 6 anos atrás
They're so lucky to have a boss like that. The CEO is totally fine with them doing anything :D
Harry 11 meses atrás
@JonessN boy i have some news for u
JonessN Anos atrás
As long as no Racial slurs or discrimination or hate crimes or said it’s all good 😁
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Anos atrás
@128PM they showed him in an episode. The super friends
JB Anos atrás
Watch the super best friends twahhh
Tomi Hakala
Tomi Hakala Anos atrás
@Eskali Dude. I never said a word about religion. My country rarely fucks up other countries (Finland). The reasons for terrorism are deep and complex for sure. My only point was that we shouldn't let fear dictate what we can or can't laugh about.
tezzo55 6 anos atrás
Amazingly interesting, intelligent, informative, entertaining, and real! Great dudes working great art magic! Makes ya feel good about being human! Thanks dudes!
guitargamery 7 anos atrás
best duo on TV show history
Burton Christoph
Burton Christoph 2 anos atrás
@C L18 a prime example of why they are gods. They knew Jerry was egocentric so they purposely offered a "embarrassing" role.
Britt Clower
Britt Clower 2 anos atrás
Rustin Cohle
Rustin Cohle 3 anos atrás
No doubt. Their talent across music, comedy voice work, and writing, is unprecedented.
C L18
C L18 3 anos atrás
NaghaviSystem oh cmon Seinfeld is overrated. He even offered to do a part on south park. When they told him his part - a gobbling turkey, he refused. What a tool! when you have George Clooney and jay Leno scratching to do voice acting and accepting the parts - Leno is mr kitty and George Clooney is dr Gouache
Andy Walker
Andy Walker 3 anos atrás
Jump with the Devil
Jump with the Devil 5 anos atrás
I love these guys. They're the two brightest minds still working on television.
Chi Ngo
Chi Ngo 2 anos atrás
I understand that South Park is just a tv show but Matt and Trey are geniuses. They've kept a brand name solid throughout 20 years, always stayed true to their motto, made alot of money. Hats off to these guys, they should be apart of the illuminati
Kasper 2 anos atrás
I've never seen a televised discussion about South Park where *everyone* present was so intelligent and level-headed. "Great conversation", indeed. 👍
kaleidoscope 3 anos atrás
Trey parker and matt stone are the most amazing guys for real
JonessN Anos atrás
They’re the sweetest!! 💜
lessly carthan
lessly carthan 4 anos atrás
I cant live without this show
Stamford Blasius
Stamford Blasius Anos atrás
wow these guys are great! hope this south park show works out for them
Pungent_Fungalist 2 anos atrás
Coming of age, while watching South Park, has actually taught me alot about America. While, making me laugh. What more can you ask for?
mightisright Anos atrás
Yeah, we have pot smoking towels and Barbra Streisand is a giant robot dinosaur. You jealous?
JD 2 anos atrás
Honestly don’t even love South Park like some people do, but I admire the show because if I happen to see it on CC, I’m usually witnessing something outrageous and brilliant that nobody else would dare animate and air. And Matt and Trey are really admirable advocates of free speech.
Tigers! Anos atrás
This was fascinating. The entire middle stretch was tense, like watching them argue back and forth as if they're in the board room rofl
rivum rejex
rivum rejex Anos atrás
As long as the world stays such a screwed up place then matt and trey will never run out of material to use!
Satya KT
Satya KT 11 meses atrás
Great conversation! Trey and Matt are uniquely qualified to speak about First Amendment rights. National treasures, those boys are!
Gabriel Schleifer
Gabriel Schleifer 3 anos atrás
Their stories about the MPAA and others like it have taught me the important distinction between censorship and creative control. Getting the privilege to create exactly what you want is rare, but it's likely. What's NOT likely is whether or not the people who said you could do it will SHOW it. Think of all of the great movies that became cult classics on home video but had zero promotion in their theatrical run, or TV shows which became a hit in reruns but weren't popular enough to sustain multiple seasons. It's not just about having a voice, it's about someone else letting you hold the microphone.
Suzan Vaughn
Suzan Vaughn 4 anos atrás
“I know a certain kitty, kitty, who’s sleeping with mommy tonight.” 😊
JonessN Anos atrás
@C Luv travels 😂🤣
C Luv travels
C Luv travels 3 anos atrás
MOM, kitty's being a dildo
CJ Anos atrás
South Park hasn't appealed or spoken to me in over 10 years now, but it moulded me, my moral compass and who I am today as a person, it may not talk to me anymore, and may be the voice of a new generation, but it's still one of the biggest influences on me and who I am today and I will always love Trey and Matt for this.
Twisted Mystic
Twisted Mystic 9 meses atrás
26:30 Priceless when they'e both laughing with each other. Funniest guys ever.
Olivia 7 anos atrás
South Park is the least of Subway's problems now...
JonessN Anos atrás
@championchap Trey is handsome💜 Matt is a very handsome man as well!! I want to know your secret Matt..the older you get the younger you look!! 😁 Trey doesn’t even look a day over 31...😱
Kenneth 2 anos atrás
Jared is still enjoying 12 inches til this day, he has become a SUB. I guess you really are what you eat..
BatteredSkullSummit 4 anos atrás
"Do you like 4.8 Inch Longs?"
Denver Walker
Denver Walker 4 anos atrás
Alexandre Silva Oh god I’m dying! Oh shit that’s so funny. We may be sociopaths hombre hahaha
Anthony Pray
Anthony Pray 4 anos atrás
Did Jared have Aides?
utkarsh sankrityayan
utkarsh sankrityayan 2 anos atrás
This sounded more like a counselling session for Trey, Matt, and the CEO to work better rather than an interview
Maria Svard
Maria Svard 10 meses atrás
I was trying to learn english at a very young age and pronunciation, of course, was the difficult part. So, as a teen I started watching South Park and my brain got so used to the American language that I learned pronunciation really fast.. also american slang and history, and not only american stuff, tbh. I always got curious about things they said or did and had to search for them on the internet and they've expanded my interest in learning cool stuff (till this very day).. so, the best part was learning while having a good laugh xD these guys are geniuses and their creation has touched me a lot. I also had a huge crush on Matt Stone (and I think I still have it) ❤️
SE7En666 Anos atrás
I respect those two men they stand their ground with their beliefs
RainmanCT 9 meses atrás
Great interview, this is a great show and Matt and Trey are heroes for free speech.
Deborah Kissinger
Deborah Kissinger 2 anos atrás
Love these guys . ....thank you for saying what everyone is really guys are brilliant
Glinkler 2 anos atrás
Watching this enlightening interview really hits home how even a sandwich shop can dictate freedom of speech.
Glinkler 2 anos atrás
cj johnson
cj johnson 2 anos atrás
By not investing their money in you
Austin 2 anos atrás
One of my favorite things about Matt and Trey is how they basically represent Colorado in so many ways
JonessN Anos atrás
VERY humble, like their small Colorado town they grew up in!
Professa 7 anos atrás
this was super insightful and their comments on freedom of speech are ahead of its time.
emma duncan
emma duncan 5 anos atrás
nice to see how much the boys can still make each other laugh!
GoodNewsGeek 3 anos atrás
Perfect interview, I love this so much
Coda Boggs
Coda Boggs 2 anos atrás
Talking about watching TV at 5-6 years old. I’ll never forget being 4 years old and watching Kenny get torn apart by a bear lmao
LP SP 3 anos atrás
Fascinating 27 minutes with two of my favourite humans, with many interesting things to take from it. Matt's point about the illegality of the MPAA and its cartel operation is salient and applicable to many industries in America. Also, he has a lovely burr on his voice throughout this video, very kind on the ears.
JonessN Anos atrás
I look up to Trey💜 and Matt😘 then my own Father..they always have a positive message to send at the end of their episodes, facts! 💯
placksheep 3 anos atrás
This was a great interview
jarkid1 Anos atrás
I was a young kid (under 10) and was part of the focus group testing. Everyone that was in my group gave great scores to south park when we were there. First time I saw it I was amazed. There was nothing like it when it came out. Still love the show and Matt and Trey did a great job. P.s. BASEketball was a great film too.
Robson Rover Repair
Robson Rover Repair 8 meses atrás
Basketball is under rated, but Tray and Matt seem to rip it to shreds themselves.
JonessN Anos atrás
BASEketball is great!! Deff one of my favourites!! Very well done!! 💜
John Chief
John Chief Anos atrás
All the countless catch phrases this show has made will always stick with me
Chris O'Donnell
Chris O'Donnell 6 anos atrás
I LOVE these men, they've opened my eyes from an early age to the libertarian way!
Jdb 2 anos atrás
@Slam You should know by now they like to push buttons. If you think they were being serious you don't know them
momom0n 2 anos atrás
Politics suck
Draxx Them Sklounst
Draxx Them Sklounst 3 anos atrás
Matt and Trey have stated they have no political affiliation. They do lean libertarian. They are by no means Republicans, though.
Draxx Them Sklounst
Draxx Them Sklounst 3 anos atrás
@Slam show me once
coldguy420 Oh, okay
coldguy420 Oh, okay 3 anos atrás
Yeah they’re republican.... and conservative and socialist and libertarian and the rest or maybe they think all of it has its good and fucking stupid points too. They fully get balance.
Calrissian Steele
Calrissian Steele 3 anos atrás
"You really need to make this movie an 'R'." "Ok, it's an 'R'." Haha.
Hexted Anos atrás
Man this guy who heads Comedy Central or whatever seems pretty cool he seems like he really gets and cares about what makes South Park South Park
Brian 3 anos atrás
It's amazing they figured Subway wouldn't want to advertise for the Jared episode then just a few years later in the WoW episode they featured Best Buy by brand name and not even a week later, Best Buy had an employee training video that featured that clip from the show.
Jacob Schaffer
Jacob Schaffer Anos atrás
9:37 trey parker’s face whenever the exec talks
Zac Bod
Zac Bod 7 anos atrás
Trey Parker doesn't really have a hair style, the dude just has hair XD
Stab dark
Stab dark Anos atrás
@mightisright RIP norm
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston Anos atrás
He had something specific in mind with his BASEket ball hairdo lol
mightisright Anos atrás
He has wavy hair. It's waving him goodbye on account he's going bald.
JonessN Anos atrás
@JB I LOVED Matt’s Fro!! But he also looks like a very handsome man with it short..brings out his face more 😁
JonessN Anos atrás
I find Trey💜 likes to keep it short..I miss his Blonde hair though LOL sometimes Trey puts gel in his hair but all in all he doesn’t need to do anything to his hair..he’s perfect just the way he is 😁
Jason Anos atrás
if Matt and Trey did a podcast it would be bigger than JRE ever was in a few months.
Jason Anos atrás
@Lia Frota everyone would
Lia Frota
Lia Frota Anos atrás
I would listen to that
shaun hittle
shaun hittle Anos atrás
Went from couldn’t say the n word to had a whole episode saying it Matt and trey are America
Moo01100 4 anos atrás
Talking of pc... these guys will probably be known as the last of the great satirists.
Tanish Panjwani
Tanish Panjwani Anos atrás
Dave Chappelle
mightisright Anos atrás
@Cole Trickle As they say, two wings of the same demon.
mightisright Anos atrás
Satire lives on even when the format dies.
Willwildfire 2 anos atrás
For now
Eye Conqueror
Eye Conqueror 2 anos atrás
Comment two years ago. World still here.
Georgie 1611
Georgie 1611 Anos atrás
This interviewer is as good as Jesus in South park.. so entertaining lol 😂
Cory Cole
Cory Cole 2 anos atrás
I hope this cartoon lasts another 20 years.
Dave Brown
Dave Brown 7 anos atrás
Awesome interview
Surfmus 2 anos atrás
Summer 1997, I was flipping through the channels, I saw these round headed cartoons, it caught my attention. I didn't flip the channel. 23 years later and I'm still a fan. Is not as fresh as back on the days but it's still pretty funny to me.
JonessN Anos atrás
@SoLongSidekick Yeah being In Canada we didn’t get the Original cast that was on Broadway, but all in all I was happy they did a very good job. I couldn’t imagine seeing it on Broadway! That would be awesome!! I wanted to see the Book of Mormon again, but they sold out so fast and after the show we went to the ticket holder part to purchase more tickets for another date but they were like ALL sold out it was insane!! Would totally go and see it again that’s for sure!!
SoLongSidekick Anos atrás
@JonessN Nice! I saw it a total of 3 times, with the first time being the OG run on broadway with the original cast and the second 2 times in San Diego on subsequent runs with new casts. I'd say the traveling runs capture 90-95% of the original magic. The only lost components are the undeniably amazing OG cast (although I feel like the traveling casts are still damn good) and a few minor special effects that were designed for the Eugene O'Neill theater and couldn't be easily adapted to the changing sets they'd be seeing on the road. Some shows you can't truly say you've seen with a full heart unless you saw the original run, but I feel like The Book of Mormon is not one of them. I'll see it again the next time it comes through SD, and don't feel like it's any major dip in quality over the original. I mean obviously Josh Gad and Andrew Rannells were one in a billion stars, but it's still excellent without them.
JonessN Anos atrás
@SoLongSidekick I saw Book of Moron in Toronto..LOVED it!! Had to support my boys!! It was a great experience! 💜
SoLongSidekick 2 anos atrás
I was lucky enough to be able to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway during its original run in 2011, and I strongly believe the perceived (by me, and potentially others) dip in quality of South Park during seasons 12-14 was because the musical was their primary focus. Then after they got that "out of their system" the show's quality ticked back up a little, but as time has continued to go on the show has lost a bit of its bite. Completely inevitable in my opinion, and they've created over 2 dozen seasons by this point and as time goes on the quality is going to continue to be lowered as they just flat out run out of potential ideas and jokes. I sincerely hope they identify a good stopping point and end the show with dignity (with a season long plot that sums up the show's amazing run in a deserving way) as opposed to just having the show stop airing out of nowhere. These guys are geniuses but eventually every concept runs its course.
KlohsCalls 7 anos atrás
More relevant now than ever.
Elise 2 anos atrás
Especially now during the pandemic
big money player
big money player 3 anos atrás
More relevant now than ever
K to the P
K to the P 2 anos atrás
I miss “Win Ben Steins money”. Ben was great!
rockerseven 8 meses atrás
I love how they made the South Park movie even raunchier because of the MPAA. That's the best "fuck you" ever lol.
Gorillaz is just Blur for weaboos
Whenever Trey and Matt discuss the industry, they always have something very intelligent and insightful to say that no one else in show business even has the balls to bring up. Even today, I can't think of anyone who are more cutting edge than these two were back in the day. South Park nowadays may be a mixed bag of quality (in my opinion at least), but Trey and Matt's principles that are encapsulated by those first 8-9 seasons hold up so extremely well, especially today. It also really just goes to show in retrospect just how far standards and practices have come in the past 20 years when it comes to how far you're able to push the envelope on TV, and what you can and can't do. If it weren't for these guys, things would be probably still be so much more restrictive in terms of creative expression.
Inward_Censorship 2 anos atrás
I'd like to see a South Park version of Ben Stein's Money where contestants actually win his money and he's slowly going bankrupt
Astro War
Astro War 5 anos atrás
Very cool the CEO of Comedy Central actually appeared in this.
armin38822 2 anos atrás
Heard about a woman named Sherry Lansing in this interview. Googled her. What a woman.
Lucifronz 3 anos atrás
Focus groups are used a lot in video games and it is by far the most useless, homogenizing tool in the industry. It's the reason we have Booker Dewitt in the forefront of the cover of Bioshock Infinite instead of Elizabeth, who is by far the more important character, even if Booker is still important himself. It has done a lot more than that to ruin games, but the point is that it's such a shitty tool that publishers rely on too heavily despite its lack of reliable results. Content gets changed for the worse when you start obsessing over how you can appeal to every Tom, Dick and Harry who isn't even going to buy your product in the first place. South Park's film was a huge success in part because it wasn't focus grouped into submission, it was built from the ground up in Matt and Trey's own personal vision. A focus group would have only blurred that vision to suit non-fans who don't care about the content anyway and potentially ruined the movie, which would have led to South Park being a bit more obscure than it is right now, as the movie was a pretty big boost for the show.
OrbitronFactory 6 anos atrás
15:46 and 14 years later, still going strong.
nosociety Anos atrás
20 years later
W A 5 anos atrás
OrbitronFactory Factory of Faith
WynterTyme 5 anos atrás
Mad Magazine was my first foray into (after Bugs Bunny) adult humor that I didn't compleatly understand until I was older
J B 2 anos atrás
Hope they do more movies
Jake Green
Jake Green Anos atrás
I'm surprised that the executive seems like a down to earth like minded dude. Lol when he was talking about the s word episode and his sister in law was some of the complainer emails 🤣
PhilmoeSlim 5 anos atrás
Man I remember when south park came out I had to go like into the den away from my parents to watch it, and everyone would talk about it at school. Great show always funny as hell. *Farts in wine glass and sniffs it
BL 87
BL 87 2 anos atrás
Kasper 😆 Shadow Ops! 😆 It takes an entire army to watch South Park. That’s funny.
Kasper 2 anos atrás
Same. I was in 5th grade when South Park hit TV, and we had to go through more bullshit shadow ops to watch that show than we did to watch porn. And then of course there were the parents... 😒
BL 87
BL 87 2 anos atrás
PhilmoeSlim I remember going to our relatives house and staying the night. I’d turn on Comedy Central late at night and my parents were in the next room so I had to muffle my laughter in the pillow and I had the volume set to a certain number kinda like how with the 5G gigahertz thing like only I could hear but no one else could. I miss those days before my innocent little mind got corrupted by conspiracies and other perverted things. I miss being happy.
Snake Cat
Snake Cat 3 anos atrás
Thaaaaaaankssssssss ☺️
Popaturdout Mcfartswell
I had to sneak into the living room while everyone was asleep.
Scott Robertson
Scott Robertson 2 anos atrás
Matt and Trey are my life heroes the amount of laughter they give me is unreal! They make the world seem not so bad :)
Souflikar 11 meses atrás
We now need this show heading into 2022 more than ever!
TigreF 2 meses atrás
For a cool $900 million, we still got it!!
Kevin C
Kevin C 5 anos atrás
i never realized what cinematic terrorists and how anti everything they were. i love it.
Jayson Lee
Jayson Lee 2 anos atrás
Well said..its how art should be..
Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan
Cinematic terrorists is spot on!
Justin Candler
Justin Candler Anos atrás
Still grinding in 2021, keep strong lads
Bure Godwin
Bure Godwin 2 anos atrás
Love the end credits
Beastmode Salvia
Beastmode Salvia 2 anos atrás
subway should have worked wit them and ran commercials countering the narrative in the show like " our sandwiches aren't made of shit" or something. it would have been a great marketing opportunity.
Blackulon 5 anos atrás
This interview was 15 years ago... crazy to think about
Richard Sims
Richard Sims 9 meses atrás
TikiTutt 2 anos atrás
This post was 3 years ago
KIDDROACH 2 anos atrás
Now 18 yrs
Blue Cloud Productions
"The MPAA is just there it's like STAR Chamber" - Matt Stone What a reference...
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez 5 anos atrás
To think of all the stuff they've done SINCE this interview.
Walter white
Walter white Anos atrás
No matter what never changed stayed true to themselves.....Thanks guys
Tarrbz 7 anos atrás
they switch their legs at the same time every time
momom0n 2 anos atrás
Matt S
Matt S 2 anos atrás
12:26 nope. not same time every time. surprised no one in the comments noticed OP was either joking or lying over the past 4 yrs.
aakkoin 3 anos atrás
that's gay
Ronnie D
Ronnie D 3 anos atrás
Corky DeLarge
Corky DeLarge 3 anos atrás
Cool beans!
Mo 2k
Mo 2k 6 anos atrás
what a cool show!
SyriusStar Multimedia
SyriusStar Multimedia 2 anos atrás
Some people believe in free speech; just until they hear people speaking freely.
jkingy420 3 anos atrás
Is Speaking Freely still on? If not it should be, and shown at every high school and university in America. It’s needed today more than ever. I love Trey said something like kids are looking for comedy shows where sometimes they don’t even get what’s funny, but it makes them want to go and find out. That’s literally exactly how South Park was for me watching it as a 10-11 year old in 1997-98.
Eric Haynes
Eric Haynes 3 anos atrás
Loved that he mentioned Kids in the Hall. Brilliant.
Dr Blue
Dr Blue 2 anos atrás
Keep fighting the good fight boys!!
Bishop Moore
Bishop Moore 3 anos atrás
Holy fuckin shit I thought I recognized this guy I took one of his classes at college. History of the recording industry
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle 6 anos atrás
Now that they have a 6 day turnaround from soup to nuts it must have changed the way legal and S&P do their jobs.
IRONMANFAN2008 4 anos atrás
Funny i didn't think about cartman being like Archie Bunker
KIDDROACH 2 anos atrás
Yea mostly cuz Peter griffin is actually more modeled after Archie Bunker.
Antti Kettunen
Antti Kettunen Anos atrás
It's very hard not to love Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Coming out with all the bs in showbiz today. And coming out at it hard.
thebeerguybrothaguy 4 anos atrás
Ending on a star chamber reference that was perfect lol
ajmdrake 5 anos atrás
If they thought PC was bad back then...I wonder if I time traveled back to 2002, and told them what 2017 PC was like, if they would believe it.
johnny Anos atrás
What about Mac tho?
yucky skunk
yucky skunk Anos atrás
hey its 2021 how r u feeling
Spooky Laundry
Spooky Laundry 2 anos atrás
Wow, the comedy central dude is pretty cool.
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